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by Jane CG on Fuck You Comcast!

If there was a no star rating that's what you would get! Everyone is overseas and can't speak the English language- they have two accounts in their fucked up system for me yes paying them HUGE amounts of money on one account for shitty service is not enough- I have two!!!!! I am taking the equipment to the local office and throwing it inside. Fuck Comcast and Fuck Verizon FIOS too because they both should be closed down. They don't give a rats ass about customers just whats in your wallet. Selling internet services to elderly people who don't have or never had a computer- I know becuase I worked for BOTH companies! No values, no respect nothing. They don't even pay unemployment to those who are lucky enough to get the hell out of there!!!

by Lady Screwed Over by Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
We Need a Better Option

These people are the worst. They should be banned. Scumbags!

by Mike Oxlong on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

All I have to say is....FUCK YOU COMCAST

by Michelle on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucking hate Comcast

I cancelled my services over a year ago. They contacted me recently and informed me my services were never cancelled. Just checked my credit score and Comcast marked me for 800$. I don’t get it.

by fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

just cut the cables so they have to send mechanic to fix it.

by Michael Yantis on Fuck You Comcast!
A piece of ...

We have had countless problems with our tv service since we got Comcast in April, but we decided it was too much of a hassle to switch back to DirecTv. We coped, angrily. Here’s why we are done coping:
The only thing we really, really want to watch are Seahawk games. We waited all summer, then recorded Sunday’s game. We started watching it when we got home. The screen assured us, with the orange line, that the entire four-plus hours was recorded. YET, about halfway through the second quarter, the recording simply ended (that has happened a few times before, during lesser shows). We tried every way we knew to retrieve it. No luck. No Seahawks. THEN, the same thing happened a few hours later, watching the Packers game! We are done.

by aguywhohatescomcast on Fuck You Comcast!

I really have cable for ONE reason... college football.. and tonight.. I lost 6 pivotal moments of a great game to some kind of Xfuckupity tech failure. Thanks assholes.. here's my $150 for ruining the only thing I pay you for. Fuck you!

by F.U.Comcast! on Fuck You Comcast!

POS Company!

by Phillyeagle101 on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Thiefs

Finally after 30 years im getting that comcast monkey off my back. They raise the rates whenever they get the chance. Thank God they now have some competition here in Philly. Ive called these bastards every month for 30yrs. about some screw up in my bill. Get ready comcast your losing another customer, whom you have bilked out of dollars for a long time

by Ihatecomcastmore on Fuck You Comcast!
How is this Co. in business?

Absolute worst customer service ever! I am shocked that this company can stay in business. I've wasted a good portion of my life on the phone with these dumb as rocks customer service reps that barely speak English. They have a monopoly in my area and I have no choice but to use them....ugh! As soon as I get another choice I am outta of Comcast Crappyville!

You Really Fucking Suck

I hate who ever in there god damn mind decided that contracting an area so that no one can switch to Fios! Your internet slowly died my TV isn't coming in right. It took me 25 minutes to open this god damn page and I have been paying you your max package. Everyone on my street fucking hates you snobby son of a bitch wiping you dicks with our cash.


by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

I pay $150 for shit internet thats comparable to early 2000s internet in SILICON FUCKING VALLEY... If you call them to tell them their internet fucking sucks all they will do is tell you to restart your modem and if that doesn't work they'll send out a technician that will *REALLY* fix your internet.. for like 2 hours, then it goes to shit again and you just stop caring because its too much of a hassle to ask these useless cunts for help (because they do NOTHING for you).

by Xfinity is a dick monopoly on Fuck You Comcast!
Destroy them

Someone has to use the law or something to stop their shit from going on. I would be in support of the government taking over their shit business just so they could kick out the current shit.

by former fan on Fuck You Comcast!
xfinity internet get worse every year

Ever since Comcast introduced their X1 platform, their internet service has been unstable and seems to get worse each year. I have it both home and office and the problems are similar (across many different devices): (1) have to disconnect WiFi at least hourly to revive lost connections, (2) inability to maintain a Windows remote desktop connection long enough to complete uploads that take form than a couple minutes, (3) need to power down and restart cable modem once or twice a week to temporarily elevate service from terrible back to merely sub-par, (4) appallingly long cable modem boot times . At my office, where we actually use Comcast's phone service, we've had several outages this year, one lasting for the better part of a day.

Comcast's direction hasn't been all bad. Their voice remote works amazingly well, and the X1 DVR interface is good. And when internet is working, speeds have improved over time and are generally plenty fast.

But persistent glitches and general unreliability ruins the service. Planning on attempting to switch to FIOS soon at both home and office.

by BiggestComcast Hater on Fuck You Comcast!
Cut the Cord

This will be therapeutic

Fuck Comcast, Fuck Comcast, Fuck Comcast.

There, I feel better.

Now to sue Comcast in small claims because it is the only way to get anything done with Comcast.

My first two lasuits fixed the problems and netted me over $600

Everyone knows they suck, its no secret yet you folks thought you would be the exception and many after reading these reviews will still contact this disaster .

I use a good and reliable server NOT Comcast . All my neighbors have by now wisened up and left Comcast.

by faggot on Fuck You Comcast!
i cont fuhkin play videojuegos

thes intrenet es shet

Xfinity ( Comcast) sucks

Xfinity ( Comcast) has the worst service by any cable provider. Service is constantly going out. They charge top dollar, however their on line air time is below par. Going back to AT&T.

by CUMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!

FUCK YOU CUM CAST XFUCKITY !!!!! I hate them so much I named my wifi "COMCAST SUCKS DICK" and then got sticky dildos and placed them on every comcast truck I saw on the street. They can rob people so I will humiliate them

Comcast SUCKS

besides bitching/complaining I want to know..............what can WE DO to get our $$$ back or improve this sucky situation with Comcast. HELP

by hateful on Fuck You Comcast!
Constantly dropped

Internet will randomly stop 2-3 times/day for a few minutes. I've tried different routers, my own and one from them. I don't use WIFI, it's corded ethernet, so no excuse. I hate them. Their website is the slowest loading piece of shit jumbled with ads and garbage. They sell constantly even when you're trying to log in to pay. I'd sell my soul for a better provided. In Europe all this is much quicker and cheaper. The USA just sucks apparently and Comcast is only example.

You suck

I just spent hours with three different people on their help line to fix my tv signal. My cable and internet has been frequently in and out all summer in NJ. They suck. Seriously. My DVR still isn’t working.



by Worst nightmare on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast is by far the worst cable company out there! They are like wal-mart, they own everything and constantly screw the people who made them rich beyond belief! If everybody would return the comcast equipment and cancel, comcast would go down the toilet, where they belong! Stop letting them try to fix it just cancel. When we dont pay our bill on time, they dont let us fix it they just shut us off! We the people should return the favor!

by Fuckcomcast on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast/Xfinity/Charter sucks! Oh wait what...they are the same company, my bad! They charge outrages rates and I have shit service. Kiss my ass corporate mofo monopolies who steal from good, hard working people! Hope you sleep at night with my money. :/

by MelKel on Fuck You Comcast!
Installation Nightnare

Installer came tonight and said wires must be run from the outside to the inside to get internet. He said he was not allowed to do that so he'd call and get me rescheduled with that type of tech. He called and next available is two weeks out. I called myself after he left and was told one week for next available. I demanded someone come tonight. Lady said she'd try, but 60 additonal bucks. I told her if someone had asked my questions first about the lines here the correct tech would have been sent in the first place. Then she said they would waive extra installation fee, but she could not find anyone to see me in the next two hours before closing. She voluntarily transfered me and said to ask next rep if someone could come today. I told the whole story again to that rep and she said absolutely not could anyone disconnect me tonight. I told her I needed an install, not a disconnect. I said I wanted my installation fee refunded and did not want their service installed at all. She transferred me. Told whole story again and verified myself yet again with last four digits of debit card. That guy said he would have to transfer me to billing to get installation deposit refunded. Told billing guy whole story and went through verification again. The billing guy told me I was scheduled to have a tech come out a week from now. I told him to please cancel that! I had no idea. They told me that date and I told them all no. He cancelled this unrequested date. He said I would be refunded the $50 installation deposit. I told him I paid $60. We shall see how much I am refunded, if anything. All they had to do was ask me about the cable wiring here before sending someone out. Now I am stranded with no internet. They lost a customer before they even had one.


Every year Comcast jacks up my price and then tries to give me a better deal after 2hours of telling them I will leave, only to get slower internet each time. I wish there was a better service with fast internet speeds out there...GoogleFiber and Verizon are not servicing around me and ATT internet is a level above dial up. Sucks that our Government is corrupt and basically allows monopoly to happen.

why are they even a business

I had a legit breakdown where I couldn't stop laughing and crying from how absurd this company is. Their customer service is a disgrace. Waited over a week and made many reschedulings just for a tech to come install a cable outlet. Rudest man I've ever met walks into my apartment and tells me he isn't going to do the work I had called for. This man, without telling me ANYTHING afterward, walks over to the door, puts on his shoes, and starts walking out the damn door. Looking forward to the bill I'm going to be receiving after NO SERVICE has been provided to me. Been without both cable and internet for over a week. Time for comcast to be shut down for good.

Cutting wires

This is something in a long history between Comcast and I. I have been living at my house for three years with no problems with with my fiber. A Comcast crew comes to bury a cable line that they had hung in the trees over two driveways for the last year. Of course as soon as I get home from work the CenturyLink is down and the Comcast guys lied to my face when they said they didn't cut the line. Two days later, PTO day from work, CenturyLink is here confirming that the line was cut. Liars and assholes, fuck you Comcast.

by George on Fuck You Comcast!
They lied to me

Internet completely stopped working yesterday. They wants to send someone a week from yesterday, and I said fuck that and demanded someone come and fix it sooner, so they said they would send someone out today at 1. They never showed up. Called again, they said they never made and appointment and they would send someone at 6. Never showed up again, so I called again and the same this happened. All they said was that they never made an appointment for me. Twice in one day they lied to my face. What the actual fuck Comcast.

Service never works

I agree with the name of this website.

by Lou in Fort Lauderdale, FL on Fuck You Comcast!

Ever since I install my own cable modem, I periodically experience a time-out where my internet connection seems to pause for 30-60 seconds. It seems my modem is receiving a DocsDevResetNow command from Comcast. Is this because I don't want to pay $11/mo for their POS modem that gives free wifi to strangers passing by? Or is revenge for not paying the extra $15/mo for BOOST?

Nonetheless, Seven times today was enough. I start at 13:15 calling Comcast support. After 75 mins on hold with Advanced Support (what a joke), and another 30 mins after that, I went to a local retail store. They said there was nothing they could do. They called the support number and got someone right away. This guy said there was no way for me to speak with engineering to find out why their equipment was sending resets to my modem. If I wanted a tech to come out to check the line quality, it would be $60.

FU Comcast!! Lets see what ATT can help.

by D's nuts on Fuck You Comcast!
Lying chodes

Their internet speed test displays performance that is 4x faster than it actually is. Also, my household is paying for much faster speeds than we're getting. Also, they are monopoliztic knobheads who can suck my left nut.

by Comcast can Suck a Dick on Fuck You Comcast!
Forced to used CoNcast

They're the ONLY service provider in my area. Not even CenturyLink is available. Yet 3 other providers area literally available across the street. Why? Because Concast somehow tricked my HOA into signing (and renewing) an agreement to be the sole provider for internet services for the neighborhood. Literally a monopoly. Now they twice nearly 3 times the cost for service compared to literally any other area in Colorado. Fuck you Comcast. I have zero loyalty to you. When I move out I will go with ANYone but you.

The worst of the worst of the worst of the worst........

Comcast/xfinity is the worst of everything imaginable. They are what happens when there is a lack of competition. Quality sucks, customer service sucks and frankly everything thing about them sucks. To them the customer is a hostage they can treat anyway the please. The only entity that I can compare them to is government...

by Brenda on Fuck You Comcast!
Phone hell

2 days one cares

Outage Every Storm

Every fucking storm, Comcast goes out for at least an hour and I’ve been sitting here for 3 hours without WiFi because of a 10 minute thunderstorm with a little wind.

by Screw you on Fuck You Comcast!
Bully Comcast

Stop using your business/service/media as a bullying/intimidating/gaslighting tool. Also, all in leadership position should seek mental eval you bunch of crazy fucks. Take your meds. Hipocrites. Go back to school to educate yourselves even more because your brains are all under developed. Educated my arse. S41+!

by Duke Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks big time

Twice in the last week I have called Comcast to explain that my contract had expired and that i wanted to have internet only and no more cable. The first time took about 15 minutes, and the employee said that my new contract would be coming as a text message to my phone. It never happened. I looked at my account, and nothing changed except the rate went up for cable and internet.
Today I called again, went through the same rigamarole, and the employee said he would send my new "package" information by way of email. I asked what he had there for my email, and he gave an email address I never heard of. I then gave him my correct email address, he said OK, and said to check my email inbox, I did, nothing came through, and then the phone disconnected.

by Brian Roberts on Fuck You Comcast!
I'm the CEO and I hate my company too

My Dad got me started working hard to lobby governments to allow us to have a local monopoly on cable TV. That let Dad start jerking off the much poorer and bribable government leaders. Over time, a pile of bribes puts a small army of decision-makers in your pocket. We lock in whole communities, counties and states and they have no choice except to try dish. We spend tons on anti-dish propaganda to make sure most people are a little reluctant to even try dish. So, we plug into your veins and suck out your hard earned money. It's pretty damn gross, but that's what I do. It sucks to be hated, but it sucks less when you make a billion dollars a year on what your Dad built. I'm actually not so bright. I went to Penn, sure, but only because of Dad's money. I bet 90% of the people bitchin on this site are still putting money in my family's pockets. So screw you all.

by Logan donahue on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst internet ever for a nightshifter

Never works past 1 am and forget about your conference calls fuck this shitty ass organization. All they do is credit your account 5 dollars.. who gives. Shit

by Comcast fuker on Fuck You Comcast!
I want to anal fuck all comcast employees

The Title says it all. Have a good day without internet folks.

Comcast shut down my home wifi

I called to cancel comcast when my bill was paid up until and the next day comcast screwed up my home wifi so that I couldn't sign on, I'm still paid up for another week.

Wont call back

The worst. Total worst. I try to give the benefit of the doubt to just about everyone, but this company straight up CREATES policies and systems in order to screw over, instead of help customers.
Sucks, just sucks.

by JG Sacramento on Fuck You Comcast!
Crooks and Thieves

Internet & TV - bill up again this month - $80/month increase in less than 2 years! All the media companies have gotten to be such greedy whores - sick of all of them!!!

by Jacobison on Fuck You Comcast!
Sadly I have to used comcast

Im only 17 and im big into gaming and my parents dont really use the internet so they don't know how fucking disgustingly awful and bad comcast is about 99% of the time so im stuck using this god awful company 🙂

by Ombelline on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast is horrible. All you really need to see is the website, which is the slowest loading on the internet, and greatly resembles the first fledgling attempts of teens to make web pages around 1995. Custom service is not provided in any manner. You can chat with a bot that will recite a few programmed in messages if you like but you won't find answers to your questions. For over a year, we were charged for renting a modem and router, despite the fact we'd never received nor used any of their devices, since we owned our own. It took a year of calling, writing and crying to get the fees removed. During long outages, service was unavailable but the bill was never adjusted. I was charged for a full month of service once despite only 17 working days. We ended up paying it rather than wasting hours trying to find someone to fix it. We also ended up paying for several months of television service that had incorrectly been added to our order even though we do not own a television, by choice, so couldn't have used it if we'd wanted. If you can actually find your way to a human being, they will speak the most garbled pidgin English imaginable, won't have any clue what you're talking about and will find it impossible to help with all but the most basic of tasks. Now, before anyone cries racism or nationalism, I'm an immigrant, I wasn't born in the USA, and English is my 3rd language. I'm very tolerant and appreciative of people trying their best to learn English and I appreciate how hard it is. Companies serving English speaking clients however must have articulate service people with well developed communication skills, and Comcast fails at that. Service goes in and out, with constant "grey outs" on both wired and wireless service. Shoddy workmanship on installation. Wires left all over, huge holes in the wall, no attempt to patch plaster which had been broken to drag out old wires during an "upgrade". They did demand we take down a satellite dish which the previous owners had installed (we don't use television), so we allowed them to, but then they just dumped it in our lawn to be disposed of by us at our expense. All in all, poor quality, poor service, poor business model and most of all, poor, sad unhappy customers.

by MotherFucker on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is so fucking gay

Comcast decides to snap in half like the fucking retards they are during every competitive cs;go match I play, the retards there who were born out of the anus instead need to fucking hand themselves

by FUCK COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!

Fuck comcast and it's data caps. Comcast knows damn well that 1tb doesn't cost less or more than 500tb. They have these ridiculous data caps that only cell phone companies have. Comshit owns the tv networks and they don't like that people don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to watch their shitty tv stations; so they impose data caps when they know more than 1% of their customers use more than that. I have no other option and am stuck with this shitty monopolistic company that has been ripping me off for years. It's a fucking disservice to Americans that want to stay on the forefront of technology and start businesses and companies online. Fuck Comcast. I hope the government and Google lays fiber across this country and ComSHIT loses ALL it's customers. They know damn well everyone will leave them in a instant if they get a chance. No one has loyalty to these piece of shit scumbags. NO ONE.

by I’mSOPISSEDOFF on Fuck You Comcast!

Internet goes off every 5-20 mins then comes back on after 10-30 mins. So basically I have no internet & i’m Paying a company for no reason. I just want to watch my favorite show after a long day of stress but this just adds to my huge pile of stress, depression, & suffering. So definitely getting rid of this shithole company but not sure about which provider I should look into. Probably any would be better then ComASS. It’s literally just paying for no service.

by None Ya damn Business What My Name Is. on Fuck You Comcast!

So, last week my NEIGHBOR (dumb nosey bitch) calls COMCAST because the wire running from the pole to my house is apparently too low for her liking. (We have called about this several times in the past and only one technician did anything about it). Anyway my family was out for the day and the COMCAST technician comes to my house and CUTS 150 FEET OF WIRE FROM THE POLE AND LEAVES IT LAYING CONNECTED TO MY HOUSE IN A HUGE FUCKING HEAP. No note saying we will come clean this up or anything. So this is the first problem WHO THE FUCK gave this douchebag permission to cut the line I PAY FOR. See folks the problem is if you make a service call for a house that ISNT YOURS nothing should be done without the ACTUAL homeowners consent. In this case my nosey fucking neighbor's call to do work on MY HOUSE should have been denied. But gets better.
I call COMCAST and inform them they need to come clean up the mess they left in my yard. The call center MANAGER didnt believe that there was 150 feet of wire pilled up in my yard still conected to my house. The bitch at the call center kept telling me "sir you need to calm down." Ok fun fact boys and girls, when you are angry the last thing anyone should EVER say (unless you are a cop) is calm down....the conversation literally spiralled into customer service hell. Two days later a COMCAST technician shows up ro my house takes one look at the mess of wire and says (AND I FUCKING QUOTE) "Man who the hell did this to your house?". To which I responded " Don't know sir, came home from a family outing two days ago and found this on my lawn after my neighbor decided she didnt like the altitude at which the wire was positioned." The guy LITERALLY looks me in the face and says "professionals don't do shit like this." To which I said "yeah no fucking kidding. Thanks for coming out and taking care of this, the call center MANAGER didnt believe me."

If I could find a provider where I live and switch I would. However here they have a literal monopoly on internet and cable. Satellite tv is NO better so we are stuck with this garbage

FUCK YOU COMCAST. FUCK YOU CALL CENTER MANAGER. Thank you to the pole technician who was polite and professional.

by Fuck Xfinity on Fuck You Comcast!
Absolute SHIT WiFI


by Taylor on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck comcast

Today a tree hit our neighbors garage totaled it’s along with the power line, the the line was fixed within hours Comcast says that they will come next week, meaning that I will have to use my data if I want to do anything on the internet fuck Comcast!

by TMart555 on Fuck You Comcast!
Fkk Comcast/Xfinity

EVERY single fucking Wednesday at 5pm my internet stops working for 30+ mins and I lose everything im doing online....FUCKIN BITCHES!!!

by Fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck em

The service was out for half a week (I have online classes) then they proceeded to block my driveway with their fire truck sized response bullshit to fix their cable they had fixed a few days ago

by Nikki-Comcast Sucks on Fuck You Comcast!

My internet is always down at night even though it says I’m connected and I have internet which doesn’t make sense. Also my tv alway freezes when where watching tv. My mom tried to rest the internet a few times but that didn’t help the problem 😡😤. Comcast sucks they don’t care what people have to say about them. They only care about the money...

by fuckucomcast on Fuck You Comcast!

Fucking worst shit corporate assholes on the planet. Just go out of business already piece of shit assholes

by Steven on Fuck You Comcast!

They charged my 91 year old father ww2 veteran to fix the box they installed that was changing to Spanish. 40 dollars to come out. I call them and they wanted to pimp him dollar by taking 25 dollars off

by C.R. Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
Emailed videos

Comcast is such a money-grabbing cockroach outfit that it won't even allow you to download videos off your own emails and send post them any other platform that isn't comcast. If Comcast was a human the sumabich would be an 18th century elixir salesman or a greedy conniving landlord


I give Comcast 5 stars because they make me want to kill myself after having their services

by ENRAGED on Fuck You Comcast!
cuntcast can suck a fat dick

i WAS going to start taking online college courses but thanks to comcast’s “high speed” internet service suddenly going out every goddamn day i have to rethink my plans as my internet is now rendered extremely unreliable. the sperm that unfortunately resulted in the lives of the retards who run comcast should have been fucking swallowed. the least they could do for us is kill themselves.

by Bubba on Fuck You Comcast!
Take my money

Been dealing with Comcast or Xfinity or whatever they call them selves this week off and on for over 35 years. I have no idea how much money i have paid them for unavailable service. In and out, in and out. Rebate for when they were out? Hell no.
Bad. Bad. Company. Do they care?
Hell no.
After asking why their service is no service....they raise the price.
SHIT customer service.
SHIT service all the way around.
Sitting here without service Again for over 2 weeks.
Comcast "Duh, We are working on it, Duh".

by A. E. B on Fuck You Comcast!
Wtf - biz and home bad

My business and home (2 separate accounts). Both constantly slow disconnecting, reconnecting... Sometimes they tell me I can't connect. BS for the amount paid. Looking into other providers.

by LuckyGuy on Fuck You Comcast!

I am a Customer Representative and I hate Comcast with all my guts, I don't hate Customers, believe me I do not when most of the time they are frustrated and they are very rude. It is just shitty Comcast they don't invest in infrastructure, to provide you the best service and also they didn't give us a good training.
The only thing that the system does is to reboot your equipment. Some times we don't even open your account when suddenly your service go back.

I always provide credit, as much as I can, keep asking for credit because that shifty company is stealing your money.

by red white on Fuck You Comcast!
Sucks in Butte County

There used to be a service center on Eaton Road in Chico , here in Butte County California ,where you could go to re-negogiate your ever-increasing cable bill every two years...Now they closed! They opened up an Xfinity store in the Chico Mall peppered with snotty little brats who are so bad at customer service and only interested in selling you more crap that you don't need.... the asst. mgr. was a clown, the manager apologized as most of what I asked him was "above his pay grade"!! I used to pay $190 for my bundle of phone, internet, and TV, now it's gone up to about $240 a month. So when I went in to sign the 2 year customer loyalty pledge to get a lower rate like I have been doing for years and they told me they don't reward customer loyalty anymore!But they had the nerve to send me a flyer advertising a rate of $189 for the same service I already have, but they will NOT give me that rate! You thieves! After 15 years with these clowns we have had it...Poor customer service in person, idiots who cannot speak English on the phone, and rates going through the roof...We are now shopping for a telephone and internet provider and are going to dump the cable for good.'
COMCAST/XFINITY doesn't give a sh** about long term loyal customers.
Comcast/Xfinity SUCKS!!!!!

by Pissed off on Fuck You Comcast!
Wrapped wire cables around my tree!

One day, my internet goes out due to wires catching on fire, so a technician comes out and rewired the cabled to have it hanging from the pole to my mango tree 3-4 feet away causing a wire to be hanging almost on the ground. This is extremely unacceptable! YOU DON'T WRAP CABLE WIRE AROUND TREES!! IT'S HAS BEEN A WEEK AND NOBODY WILL COME OUT HERE TO FIX IT. THEY LIE ABOUT APPOINTMENTS AND EVEN WHEN I SPOKE TO A MANAGER...SHE DIDN'T CARE. I HATE COMCAST WORST COMPANY EVER!!

by Wondering Willie on Fuck You Comcast!

WOW! Comcast has its own complaint site. Not really surprised since they work so hard to really earn it.

For me, I dumped them and went to Direct TV Now. It's the future of TV in terms of technology. It's also cheaper.

I am writing this comment because I absolutely detest Comcast. Just try to cancel its service. They will grind you into the earth using automated harassment tools and using foreign low cost Help desk antagonize-rs. Finishing with false billings that are sent to collection agencies.

Actually, I enjoy the challenge. I look forward to court and making press releases.

by Ross the Boss on Fuck You Comcast!
As bad as ATT

Your phone service sucks, your website sucks. all the money you make and with the corporate tax cut you just got you can't hire Americans. Fuck You

Let me repeat. Comcast SUCKS!!!

Had a “tech” come out today. He went through my house, removed items and now my service is out in a couple rooms. I had to go out and purchase the items he removed, replace them and now everything is working again.........I THINK??? Can’t wait for the next rate increase!

by Fuck You Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck You Comcast

I just lost service in my god damn house and neighborhoods because YOU SHITHEADS couldn't do your GOD DAMN jobs. Then when I called up you PIECE OF SHIT CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS, one of them asked me for my IP address. I DIDN'T HAVE INTERNET SHITHEAD MY IP ADDRESS WOULDN'T HAVE HELPED YOU. I felt like he didn't know what he was talking about so I asked him for HIS IP address. He said it was HE GAVE ME LOCALHOST. LOCALHOST IS NOT YOUR GOD DAMN IP ADDRESS FOR FUCKS SAKE CAN YOU PLEASE GET SOMEONE WHO HAS USED A COMPUTER AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFE BEFORE YOU SHIT HEAD COMCAST INCOMPETENT MEATHEADS.

Comcast SUCKS

How do I give “0” stars?
But.............They’ll give me a ONE, that’s right “ONE” day service credit for my endless hours on the phone, being hung up on twice, no television for two days!
“0” STARS!

Pure Shit

Tried to stream a show on my computer tonight. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting, nothing!!! Does not work! Xfinity Stream? Where? How? I pay for this shit? Internet goes down every month at home, reboot every two weeks. Wait for 20 minutes to talk to someone who has no clue and no resolution. Why is there no competition for cable and internet? They get away with total abuse! They are crooks!!! The worst!

by Marvin on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck this company

Signed up for internet service this Last Friday. My eq came on Monday. After dealing with their customer service for less than a day. I am already over it. IT IS ONLY TUESDAY.

by Pisst off motherfucker on Fuck You Comcast!
Technology is bullshit

Fuck technology

by Janet L on Fuck You Comcast!
Frustrating Signal

How can signal be fine, then when Xfinity X1 updates all of a sudden there is a “connection issue”? When X1 updates, we lose cable for 8+ hours. For 2 weeks I’ve been changing the update time to avoid X1 from updating. Today I forgot and X1 updated —- so of course NO signal. What pain in the butt. I hate Comcast.

by Diana on Fuck You Comcast!

They have ZERO loyalty to their existing customers, can only get good deal as a new customer! I have always hated Comcast but they are the only option I have in my area when I NEED internet. I pay for the highest speed which is VERY SLOW and for that package I have to have a phone which I DO NOT WANT and am stuck in a cable contract for 2 years for channels I do not watch (or pay 200$ fee to cancel). The customer service, while staying within professionalism, basically says "sorry about your luck!"

by Angry on Fuck You Comcast!

AT 1am Comcast decides not to provide anyone in my city with WiFi, cutting short all of our YouTube videos, and shutting down our online American history courses. I might have to actually read a book. I do not pay this kind of money for this disgusting quality of life

by Comcast can suck my dick on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcasts sucks dick


by JOinDC on Fuck You Comcast!
Sux is too kind

I am hoping I can post this without even one star, but I feel sure when I hit submit it will force me to be a one star reviewer...just don't let that fool ya! I am not on social media, but again tonight, I find myself with zero TV in an area where Comcast has taken over service and we cannot get a lot of the other upgraded bundles like even ATT or Verizon offers, because of corruption in the Alexandria City officials! (and I am not playing politics, I promise, not a swipe toward any party here) We are so tired of having channels not work, fuzzy service, the remotes in the condos around us disrupting service despite being told they have that worked out, and it's ridiculous. Tonight again we have zero service, and everywhere else I've ever lived that was an automatic credit. No sir, not here. We will have to call, hound, badger, and then...maybe we'll get a dollar off for a couple of days of no TV. And, they don't care. Period. Got our bill doubled in less than two years, even calling customer service to review and make changes, no change, no real reduction, just more piddling on the phone. So sad. Now we have basic cable and pay $84 a month and we get about 90 channels, half of them Spanish, half of them duplicate non HD channels, and the great channels like History or some movie channels now gone...but we used to get about 50 more channels and paid about $45 a month. We're moving in two weeks, cannot wait! Yipee!!

internet trick

Be careful about loosing your internet !! they are running a trick so the friking tech has to enter your house to check the equipment they yell you is free but as soon as they leave they post the charge to your account. So dont let them inside your house take router and plug it to the outside cable have the little fucker tech prove it works to the outside cable and NEVER let him in your house.

by aaaaaaaaaa on Fuck You Comcast!
1/5 stars is too high of a rating

dies every 1-10 minutes, sometimes cuts out for hours on end after 2 am (probably just trying to save money by not having their service on at night which is shit) way too expensive, $200+ a month, if you're thinking of getting an isp, for the love of god do not choose comcast, if you do, god will smite an innocent kitten.

One more

Next fucking time my service mysteriously stops for no apparent fucking reason I'm going to start a class action.

by Terry on Fuck You Comcast!
One scam after another

I hate to give Comcast one star, it's 100% over their ethical value.
Petty Thieves.
The newest scam: I've had the same service for well over a year now. Comcast just sent me a letter stating I was "accidentally" given HBO. (These thieves have never made a mistake in the customers' favor)
We're so sorry but we're now going to charge you $15.00 more a month.
So I look up my service plan on their website and it shows that HBO is checked in green as included in that plan.
They forgot to cover every facet of their fraudulence... oops.
I guess $194.85 per month just isn't quite enough to keep the NBC Universal monopolized propaganda machine going.
Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit ?

by Alicia on Fuck You Comcast!
Is the ice age 2 happening?

Because my fucking Comcast keeps FREEZING. I don't pay you $140/month to look at a blank screen. I'm going to run for City Council with only one campaign promise: Get new internet and cable providers in Cambridge. Get your shit together, Comcast.

by Jim pickins on Fuck You Comcast!
What the fuck

God dammit between not being,able to switch the channel for 20 minutes to finally changing it and all it does is start glitching im going to end up dying of a brain aneurysm. Im so fucking pissed off at comcast , if they didnt have my nads in their grubby little money gouging paws of satan no way would i continue this excruciating punishment. If i had a choice of paying one more dime to comcast and licking the jam out between the toes of a 73 year old obese homeless man with athletes foot, id choose the latter 7 days a week. Comcast remotes should double as dildos so you can keep getting fucked by comcast in more ways than you thought you were limited to before. Next time have my comcast guy take me out to a nice dinner before yall decide to get inside my asshole AND FUCK ME AGAIN

by Kevin B. on Fuck You Comcast!

I used to work for these assholes back in 2010, I was also a customer(The only real benefit they offer to employees) anyway I worked in the direct sales department. I worked in the heat, cold rain and was even ordered to work during a dangerous storm! I remember getting screwed out of $1,600.00 in commision and some racist ass area territory manager Brian T. Paciorek Sr. Manager, tried to blow me off and not pay FUCK COMCROOK$!!

Bullshit slave job and overpriced cable and internet! Ralph Roberts (The Founder and Late Chairman) must be spinning in his grave, to see what his greedy son has done to this company!

by Puddin' Tain on Fuck You Comcast!
Shitty Expensive Internet

My expensive comcast internet is very slow to connect and frequently and inexplicably does not work at all for hours at a time. I will be moving to my hermit hut in the mountains soon when I retire so I am looking forward to the time when I will cancel my Comcast internet (I already had the pleasure of cancelling my comcast cable). Hey Comcast, eat your shitty internet.

Fucking Dumb

There you go fat stupid cuntcast. Make the intenet go out for no fucking reason in the middle of the night and not listen when i try to restar it. Well guess what? I deserve to watch my show and Comcast is a fucking useless cunt.

by Timmy on Fuck You Comcast!
Why the fuck!?

Comcast is constantly going down in our area, which happeneds about three times a week. It sucks because our cellular plan has its weak spot in our area so we just get fucked by weak service and shitty internet. Once we were leaving our house and saw a bunch of those idots standing out in the middle of the street clueless as fuck. Good job.

They shut off my service for 4 days straight, required us to call them 4 times to finally turn it back on, and are now slowing down the internet every night. I'm switching to AT&T.

nothing could be worse

their fucking website doesn't let you do ANYTHING ("sorry! you'll have to call us for help"), and their customer service blows.

by Shelley on Fuck You Comcast!
Terrible service

So the Internet is down, the phone doesn't work, AND I can't change the station on the TV because the remote doesn't work. This happens at least 4 or more times a week.

by Mitch on Fuck You Comcast!
When is fuck you Xfinity coming?


by CustomerDeservingBetter on Fuck You Comcast!

COMCAST/XFINITY SUCKS!!! I waited around for 4 HOURS this afternoon/evening for Comcast/Xfinity to install in my parents' new assisted living community apartment and they never showed up. This was even after Comcast called me and told me that the service tech would be running about an hour and seven minutes late (past the window I was originally given.) Two hours and seven minutes later, still no installer, and my parents still don't have cable TV or phone service. (I was told by customer service that, since the technician didn't show up, they could just reschedule an installation appointment for July 31st, almost two weeks later! That is totally unacceptable. I need to check out AT&T's plans now....

by Fuck you on Fuck You Comcast!

Literal fucking bullshit. I'm a loyal customer of Comcast for 15 years and now they can decide to charge me 320 dollars a month for cable? WHAT. THE. FUCK. I gave up their fucking cable but kept our routers because, well I need internet and don't feel like going through the process of hooking up another router. It must be some shitty coincidence that the week we stopped buying cable our internet speeds slow down dramatically. fuck you comcast

by Randal on Fuck You Comcast!
The Worst

Just spent a week trying to get these clowns to acknowledge that I own my own modem and that they need to stop billing me for a rental. Clueless customer support stooges couldn’t get it right. Called them four times to get through, then spoke, finally, with a useless person who couldn’t seem to find any of my information relative to the modem I now own, installed and use. And they claim not to have received the one I sent back, though it’s been with them for a week, per tracing info from UPS. Honestly, they claim to be focused on improving their shit-sucking customer support, but it blows just as badly as it always has. If they didn’t share a virtual monopoly with Verizon, we might all get some actual value for our dollar. But I sense that as long as this market is allocated between these two, we all will just be screwed, ripped off, lied to and cheated, as we have all along. Attaboy, Comcast. We’re all counting on ya!

by Tanner P on Fuck You Comcast!
Those Bastards

I had three different agents tell me that I will have 300+ channels with my package. When I set everything up, turns out I have NINETEEN FUCKING CHANNELS! NINETEEN! Not only were we blatantly lied to about that, but the internet speed as well. We were told we are to be having 60mbps, yet any time I check it on my laptop (which is connected via Ethernet) it shows up at around 7mbps.
Also, I work from home dealing with sensitive information. Guess what, I can’t do my job without internet. Guess what else, THE INTERNET IS DOWN HALF OF THE TIME! I have spoken with probbaly 30+ people at this company in the last month, and nobody has been of any help besides one guy named rob. I will give rob two thumbs up and I exclude him when I say that I hope every single Comcast employee stubs their toe with every step they take for the rest of their lives.
Fuck you, Comcast.

Every single one of your customers

by Brad K on Fuck You Comcast!
Shit Shit Shit

I really appreciate when I don’t a payment reminder and I come home to no internet or television. Really? A simple call or email was to damn hard. Paying $221 for 480p channels is real worth it too... it’s like that episode of South Park where everyone is complaining about the cable company and the employees do nothing but “apologize” while they rub there nipples.

by Nutdriv3r on Fuck You Comcast!
Working at Comcast

So I’ve working here for 8 years now and I’ve had it with this place they setup promises that they don’t keep
we cant get a lunch and have breaks but we don’t
Also they say we get raises but they set us techs withimpossiable metrics to meet every month ! So go F yourself Comcast Xfinitysamebshit

by comcast is trash on Fuck You Comcast!
its the worst

ANYthing else is better a wire taped to a rock will be better

by Frank on Fuck You Comcast!

They are the worst. Stay away. Find someone new. If only there were a way to obtain free. Hope they get buried

by Chase on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast is the worst thing ever

Comcast seems to think it's alright to deliver packets by throwing usb sticks in my fucking window. my ping oscillates from 40 to 400 every other second. worst internet service ever

by Khalil T on Fuck You Comcast!

Goes out atleast 3 times a day, but it tries to out-do itself sometimes. Today it's gone out once every hour and this hour it went out twice. It's like comcast is trying to prove to me it is the eorst fucking provider out there.

by Comcast’s Bitch on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck this shit

I live in Alabama. Whenever we get a storm here, which happens a lot here during the summer, my internet goes out. They bullshit thenselves out by saying that it is “scheduled maintenance.” When in reality, it’s them too fucking cheap to invest in better equipment. There is no way to voice your opinion because they use an automated messaging system on the support line and try to make you feel like you’re talking to a real person by mimicking keyboard sounds over the phone. They control the majority of internet and cable across the whole city of Tuscaloosa as far as I know. I’m a college student. I have a huge exam tomorrow. I can’t even fucking study online because of Xfinity. I actually have to plan when my internet will work in order to find time to study. If my local forecast says storms all night, well fuck me, no internet for 6 hours or more. Scheduled maintenance in the middle of the fucking afternoon? Fuck you Comcast. It honestly makes me sick to my stomach on how organized Comcast is when it comes to making money. Yes, their site is very user friendly and looks great when purchasing a package. But then you’re stuck with them. Go ahead and watch their videos trying to marlet their message that they “care.” Read the comments and tell me that they care. I’m so lucky that I dont have a business depending on their shitty service. Fuck this shit. Elon Musk, help us.

by Miamagee on Fuck You Comcast!

internet slow as hell, called the automated number, cracklin away, took 5 minutes to get to talk to a customer rep, darn thing hung up on me. I'm on their website: Thank you for using Comcast Chat, where you can get instant answers to your questions 24/7. You may experience a slightly longer wait time due to increased volume of customers who are also contacting Comcast. A Chat Specialist will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Blah, left that up for last 30 minutes nobody has CHATTED ME yet.

Just wanted to ask for one day back. Take my bill divide by 30 days and give me a refund today for crappy internet.

Yes, I restarted the modem - uuuuggghhh. Why are we hostages to these assholes?

by Quisp on Fuck You Comcast!
screwed again with their packages

Called today to cancel the TV and voice (that I never asked for and have never used). Well, guess what? It took forever with the threat of going to AT&T before the CSR would tell me the monthly internet fee of $90 / month. The bigger issue with all of this is the monopoly the cable companies have. I don't have any choices for cable - they are the only provider allowed in my area. Government mandated monopoly - so much for free market and competition. I've been a blood donor to Comcast for 20 years and they constantly change packages, increase prices with zero notice, and then make it very difficult to get straight answers and basic service. The last two were the increase in the monthly fee for the DTA outlet box of $5.99 per month. Used to be free. Then it was 1 free but others are a fee. First the fee was $1.50 per month then suddenly jumped to $5.99 per month. Comcast just takes and takes and takes but again, only because they have a monopoly. I can get any long distance service over the copper wires coming to my house (well, just a couple since AT&T ate the world) and I can get multiple natural gas marketers over the same pipe to the house. But can we have multiple cable providers coming in over the exact same copper cable line? Oh no, can't have that. I detest Comcast, detest talking to them, detest paying them monthly, detest the quality of their services, detest the quality of their signal (TV and internet), detest the downtime (remember POTS telephone service used to be five 9's of availability?), and detest them living off a government mandated monopoly. Next step is an alternative internet provider and cancel cable TV entirely

by James on Fuck You Comcast!

Whoever owns Comcast needs to put on death row

by Kevin F on Fuck You Comcast!
X = Past Tense

So the World Cup comes around every 4 yearsI watch all the knock out games prior to the final 32I look forward to watching the finals in Russia because work and lack of funds don’t afford me the opportunity to go to the gamesI do save enough money to get a new modest size 4K TV so I can watch the game in the best quality imageI make the purchase in time to watch the quarter finalsI call infinity and a very nice young lady says I can go to the store and get the new 4K box I need. It’s a free exchange she tells. Awesome I love free. You can take your box to the nearest store and they will exchange it.The next day was the 4th July so I went on the 5th only to be told that they don’t stock the boxes in the store and I had been misinformedNow I’m pissed England are playing in the quarter final and the box will be mailed to me in several daysOK, still counting to 10 I resigned myself to watching it on the new TV but without 4KEngland VS Sweden 7am on Saturday morning and I set my alarm for 6.45I’m all set coffee toast awesomeEngland have not won the cup since 1966I’ve waited 50 years to watch this. Last time we won the cup we hadn’t landed on the moonConcorde has not taken its first flightI run on the TV to see a messageSomethings not quite rightOMGI ran to the othe TV in another roomSame messageI call the 800 number on the screenThe electronic robot says we are sorry for the inconvenience your system is down until TuesdayI don’t normally swear but I think I just taught my son some new words

by Fuck Ajit Pai too. on Fuck You Comcast!
Net Neutrality

Fuck you, Comcast. 480p is FUCKING BELOW EVEN FUCKING NORMAL HD and the general populous of Comcast users are used to watching in FUCKING FULL HD. 1080P TO 480P IS PATHETIC. FUCK YOU, IM SWITCHING TO US INTERNET (and you should too (fibre 🙂 ))

by Chris on Fuck You Comcast!

I pay a ridiculous amount of money, for laggy and glitchy cable signal. All the effing time. I can't wait to get rid of this b.s.

by Why??? on Fuck You Comcast!
Who's in charge of this crap?

Why would Xfinity schedule a 3-4 hour internet outage on a Saturday? I can't fathom the amount of disregard for customers or complete arrogance that we will be willing to continue business them after this. If this type of incident was isolated that would be understandable, however Comcast Xfinity seems to make it a regular practice of mistreating the few suckers that still give them a chance. With so many other options now why are we still bothering to engage with them?

by Rockhopper on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Corp. Responds

Showing up at shareholders' meeting, urging divestiture... something in my email got phone call with 1.5 hours, not satisfying despite $50 credit. Don't want to be silenced.. Suggested they read the web's customer complaints. Emphatic about that. (Most hated company, etc.) So, folks ORGANIZE. Think outside the box. Do the unexpected. They aren't scripted for that. (Facebook referral a start?)

by rockhopper on Fuck You Comcast!
fight back

Comcast slowing down this site? Unite. Centralize effort. Class Action lawyer? Show up at shareholders meetings? Pool resources hire P.I. get goods on Roberts Demonstrate outside offices. (Comcastcustomersmatter!} Start avalanche of media awareness... turn anger into action! 1 person ineffective; need louder voice of the many...need someone with web/PR savvy. I am looking into urging divestiture by major shareholders. TAKE PAGE FROM OPERATION RESCUE playbook--show up at exec's homes. Inundate your state consumer affairs; file FTC, FCC en mass complaints and your congressional reps. Less work than dealing with Comcast dicktards. Might even get results... keep 'em up at night. Don't just say "fuck 'em", do it--it's way more satisfying. I helped put one scammer in jail for 14 years. That was some satisfying "fucking"!

by Will Nilly on Fuck You Comcast!

The shit I own is pricey, like wtf

by EAT SHIT COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!


by Suck Myasscomcast on Fuck You Comcast!

Runs like fucking shit consistently at night from around 7pm to 6am. Ping will often spike near 2000ms. Online games are unplayable and some websites are painfully slow to load. We've called them and they give us the usual "everything seems to be working fine in your area" bullshit. Its been doing this for over a month now, and the rest of the day its fine, but when that certain time strikes ComcASSt strikes again. Fuck you comcast.

by Chuck on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck comcast

So its the week of the 4th of july and my internet/power went out for 30 min and eventually the internet never came back on..... this has happened before . So i call comcast support and ask if a technician can come out and fix this problem and the earliest day that someone could come out was SUNDAY idk how they are so understaffed that they can take a max of 30 min to come out here and fix their fuck up..... when this happened the first time the guy was here for 10 min max. Plz for the love of god if anyone from comcast reads this ebd yourself 🙂


bandwidth limiting by comcast. Noisy line signal. FPS sucks. not even close to the speed they promised.

by Fucking Xfinity full of bullshit on Fuck You Comcast!
This company fucking blows

God, fuck Xfinity. Aside all their shitty bullshit they pull, can we take a second to talk about how fucking On Demand is a misnomer for their shitty shifty fucking service? I went to rent A Quiet Place and apparently I can only buy it on Xfinity and I can't stream it anywhere else, so I went to see what other movies I liked were on there, and they're all for fucking purchase. I'm never gonna watch those movies again, they fucking know it, they just buy the rights for your favorite fucking movies so you can't watch them anywhere without shelling out 20 fuckin dollars for em. They're a shitty, money-grubbing fucking company and whoever is running that joint needs to be fucking stabbed

by FellowComcastHater on Fuck You Comcast!

Literally trash. It runs absolutely crap most times, hard to stream anime and it always tends to go out when it runs good. As a gamer being lucky to be under a 100ms delay is rough.

by Xfinity Hater on Fuck You Comcast!
World Cup fucktards

What the fuck is the point of avoiding World Cup scores so you can come home and have comcast tell you the outcome of the game on the fucking title screen. Fuck you Comcast.

by I hate Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

I would give it 0 stars, and I tried

by Mary Dickerson on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Off Comcast

Stop coming to my fucking door and then arguing about how I don’t “really” have fiber from another provider. Bitch, were you there when they installed it? When they pulled the line because you couldn’t provide it in my neighborhood? When I get 900+ Mbps for less than your shitty-ass Blast package? Thanks for being a condescending piece of shit and making me glad I switched.

by Ben Putonholdtodeath on Fuck You Comcast!
Unresettable Passwords

If you sign up for paperless billing, Comcast and Wells Fargo Bill Pay service will only send or show you the last four digits of you 16-digit account number. In typical Comcast fashion, when you forget your password, and you can't use your mobile for a text verification code (because Comcast only lets you associate your number with 1 account and I am locked out of my 2nd account), Comcast requires you to give your full 16 digit account code for verification -- the only identifier their "computer" will accept. How in the fuck can I get my 16-digit account number when they only show me the last 4 on all communications. Alternatively, they can send the code to my fucking Comcast email address that I never use and can only access when I log in, which I obviously can't do.

Fuck you Comcast.

by Denise Strowbridge on Fuck You Comcast!
No channels for your money

Comcast in Jefferson County sucks. You get no good channels and what you do get they dont play clear. We pay over a hundred dollars a month fir cable boxez and they dont work. They are si out dated. And its hard to contact them about the situation. We dont yse our. Cable boxes but we still pay for them every month. I would like if we were offer more channels

by Austin on Fuck You Comcast!

Monopoly charging whatever price they want

xfinity service is terrible

Moved into a new apartment and had to get comcast because no phone service available. Wifi service is terrible. Bandwidth ranges from decent to 0 mbs. Service fluctuations are unpredictable, but it is down more than up. Already had one service call, no improvement. The worst internet service I have ever experienced. I had UVerse in my other place and it was much better, much more reliable.

by Brad w on Fuck You Comcast!
Xfinity mobile bait and switch

I got an email today stating that after the 16th Xfinity mobile will be limiting video resolutions to for ‘ATPC and limiting speeds for hotspot to 600 kb per second for unlimited users their tagline is to save you money and prevent you from going over your 20 gigs per month however I’ve never gone over 20 gigs per month at full speed now they’re just limiting my speed but they are going to be offering the add-on service fee to have 720 P video

by Jillhatescomcadt on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst service ever

What a disgrace. I hate being affiliated with this company. It kills me
To pay the monthly bill. The service is maybe worth 1/10 of the bill due to the connections continually crapping out. I can’t even work from home because of this unreliable service. I hate Comcast (I had to rate them. They don’t deserve the 1 star I gave them.

by Comcast sucks on Fuck You Comcast!
Sick and tired

I am so fed up wth Comcast!! Customer for years and every year gets more expensive and less service. On demand drops episodes then tells u to subscribe. I'm not giving you more of my money assholes! I already pay too much! Prices change behind your back. Next best offer they can find you just removes the channels you watch most. $60 to get 1 channel you like back?!? Wtf. Who do they think they are ripping people off daily??? Greedy jerks!! We pay you for tv and internet- just give us that!! Stop finding new ways to screw us and do your damn job! I'm so sick and tired of Comcast right now. Thank you for making this website!

by Jason on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you comcast

I used to work for comcast, i was amazed when i saw that only the 3% of the total customers of comcast are the one's that call, and guess what that's you all you people that say comcast is shitty but when we get to open you all accounts you always have a past due balance bills of even only $100 that customers cant even pay for 2 months in a row without being late. So stop bitching and if you dont like youre bill yoi can go get other shitty service with another company.

why don't you work there anymore Jason?

No new service

Waiting a month and no internet hookup cancelled. Looks like I am lucky. No timeframe promises kept.

by hamza on Fuck You Comcast!
The hate is real

The problem is the monopoly that Xfinity has over this industry. I am so upset that we have only two big providers feeding the market with unfair offers. Fuck you Comcast

by angry bitch on Fuck You Comcast!
fucking horrific

my internet is ALWAYS going out in the evening when i'm trying to surf the net or watch some goddamn netflix. i'm typing this really fast before it shits out again for the FOURTH time tonight alone!!! if i had a dick comcast can suck it till they choke and die on my load!!
i hope you read this someday, comcast, and jump off a bridge while you're at it.

by Dale dalrympke on Fuck You Comcast!

They suck. I was with them for over 20 years but they would not give me the same price as a new customer. That is wrong. I bought an antenna and cut the cable. It is better than them.

Fuck comcast

I agree with all of you and am happy to have came across this site and to see so many people out there that feel the same way I do about Comcast. They think that they can run things because they have the market cornered in most places but just like everyone here, there are a lot more people that hate Comcast that don't speak out and we need to band together and make a difference. I support this website and Facebook page please do the same for mine. On FB its call boycott comcast. comcast suxs

by Kevin on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast has 1 job - keep the network flowing. They have billions upon billions of dollars to do that. Too bad they suck the sweat off a dead monkey's balls.

The absolute worst.

They don't even deserve one star. Between selling me packages that don't exist, billing me for installs that never happened, incompetent sales representatives and technical support agents that like to argue with the me rather than helping resolve issues...

I've settled in house twice now, receiving over $1,000 from Comcast due to illegal business practices. Could have gotten more in court, but I am just seriously tired of having to deal with them.

All I want is the service I pay for without all the bullshit. Thanks Comcast.

by neversurprisedbycomcast on Fuck You Comcast!

UPDATE: Comcast tells CNBC that a "fiber cut" at a "large backbone network" partner has caused a service outage affecting its business and residential video, internet and voice customers.

This is the fall back answer for "we don't know what's going on"!

by kevin on Fuck You Comcast!
This is the best website

Comcast does NOT GIVE a Fuck about me or my business account. They just want that money... so FUCK YOU COMCAST.

I'm cancelling my Comcast at home this weekend. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS

Comcast blows

Where is the negative star option? This company is the absolute worst. New gateway installed. Can't log in anymore. Can't use printer. Second phone line doesn't work anymore. Prices go up, service/channels/app goes down the shitter.

by MR. R on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Fuck Comcast fuck Comcast fuck Comcast worst fucking provider ever I've been trying to get ahold of somebody from Comcast now for the last 3 days just fucking calling a number that's always busy telling me there are circuits are busy right now then today I finally get through and I fucking get hung up on fuck you guy working behind the counter sitting in your little pissant has been no life fucking cubicles eat shit hope you fucking choke when your little piece of shit fucking company finally folds up and you are all sitting around with your fucking thumb up your ass is wondering what you did wrong hopefully you will see everybody's comments and what the people had to say about Comcast and that's why I'm going with Verizon now suck my fucking balls Comcast you fucking donkey raping shit eaters you long banana nose looking motherfukers can't wait to crack open a cold one when the day comes that you're out of fucking business🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

by FuckComcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is a bag of dicks

Down again! That's the Comcast way! They always seem to be aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. I've been hearing that for over 25 years from Comcast or whomever they need to change the name, trying to lure new fools into their sespool.

Unqualified Call Center Employee's

Read Chat Log,
Names Censored for Protection.

Jean Doe 9:17:12 PM
You are now chatting with Leonard John
Hi Monique. I'll go ahead and open your account so that we can help you replacing the modem.
Leonard John 9:17:54 PM
Is there anyway to perform a firmware update on the current model?
Jean Doe 9:18:37 PM
This issue is affecting your internet service?
Leonard John 9:18:59 PM
We never receive download speeds higher then 8mbps
Jean Doe 9:19:16 PM
we average 2.
Jean Doe 9:19:19 PM
We've sent in multiple tickets - no callbacks or resolution. I'm honestly about ready to go with AT&T fiber.
Jean Doe 9:19:42 PM
I totally understand having a working service all the time. I would highly recommend to swap the modem because the issue can be with the equipment.
Leonard John 9:21:06 PM
We can actually ship you the new modem but there will be a one time shipping fee of $15.00 and it will take for 3-5 business days before the equipment will arrive.
Leonard John 9:23:09 PM
That's not going to cut it for me.
Jean Doe 9:23:26 PM
We pay a monthly fee as it is already.
Jean Doe 9:23:34 PM
Other option is you can pick it up to the nearest local office on your area for free and to help expedite the process.
Leonard John 9:23:46 PM
Not to mention the last represenative promised to have someone come by and look at our lines
Jean Doe 9:23:53 PM
No one called us
Jean Doe 9:23:57 PM
My only last recourse is to cancel and switch providers.
Jean Doe 9:24:18 PM
Since this has been an on going issue, I can actually ship the new modem and waive the one time shipping fee.
Leonard John 9:24:41 PM
And what about the technician promised to come by and look at our lines?
Jean Doe 9:24:58 PM
If you check the logs, we've been complaining since may.
Jean Doe 9:25:13 PM
If you want, we can also send you a technician to check the lines.
Leonard John 9:25:50 PM
It would be the third time someone's been out here to check them. Dating all the way back to 2016.
Jean Doe 9:26:41 PM
The great news about AT&T fiber is that they run brand new lines to the house.
Jean Doe 9:26:53 PM
Isn't that neat?
Jean Doe 9:26:56 PM
I understand Monique. What we can do here is to swap the modem or send you out a technician to fix this once and for all.
Leonard John 9:27:46 PM
Why not do both? the Tech can bring it with him!
Jean Doe 9:28:07 PM
Hopefully this one's actually Network+ or A+ Certified.
Jean Doe 9:28:19 PM
If our technician will find out that the issue is with the equipment, we will definitely change the modem.
Leonard John 9:28:45 PM
So when can this technician come out?
Jean Doe 9:29:15 PM
I can also prioritize a note here on the account that the technician can bring a new modem if ever the issue with the equipment
Leonard John 9:29:33 PM
Just to confirm, your internet is working fine right now?
Leonard John 9:29:51 PM
Jean Doe 9:29:57 PM
it's only 8mbps
Jean Doe 9:30:00 PM
we purchased 100mbps
Jean Doe 9:30:13 PM
You're actually experiencing slow connection.
Leonard John 9:30:38 PM
I can troubleshoot the issue first before sending out a technician because this issue can be fix remotely.
Leonard John 9:31:03 PM
No it can't be.
Jean Doe 9:31:38 PM
I've attempted multiple times, and I can assure you I'm plenty qualified.
Jean Doe 9:31:56 PM
When can you schedule an appointment?
Jean Doe 9:32:11 PM
I can set up an appointment here but it will take for few minutes.
Leonard John 9:32:51 PM
Please provide me all the times available for Saturday
Jean Doe 9:33:16 PM
Sure. Please provide your best contact number.
Leonard John 9:33:49 PM
Jean Doe 9:34:03 PM
Thanks! Please give me few minutes.
Leonard John 9:34:34 PM
If you can allow me to send a signal to the modem, that would be great.
Leonard John 9:35:09 PM
Listen, I've gone through this nonsense a bunch of times.
Jean Doe 9:37:13 PM
If you don't want to schedule an appointment, I'll schedule an AT&T van to come out.
Jean Doe 9:37:32 PM
We'll I am just trying to sort things out and it does not mean that I don't want to send out a technician.
Leonard John 9:37:59 PM
John, We're getting 8Mbps
Jean Doe 9:38:21 PM
For months now
Jean Doe 9:38:30 PM
Do you honestly think this is something you can resolve with a simple modem reset
Jean Doe 9:38:41 PM
There are some reasons why you are not getting correct speed.
Leonard John 9:38:44 PM
as if we haven't done that a bunch of times?
Jean Doe 9:38:51 PM
That can be a signal congestions, number of devices connected at the same time. It can be a line or equipment issue. That's why I am trying to sort things out before sending you our a technician.
Leonard John 9:39:51 PM
I'm directed straight to the router
Jean Doe 9:40:27 PM
and fyi - we have 5 connected devices
Jean Doe 9:40:41 PM
Are you going to tell me the crap ass hardware I rent monthly cannot handle 5 connections?
Jean Doe 9:41:09 PM
Connected* Via ethernet cable.
Jean Doe 9:41:57 PM
Just a heads up, your internet speed which is 100 mbps will be divided into how many devices connected at the same time. Also, wireless connection's speed will vary due to factors like your range from the modem. Wireless connection will usually provide you 80% of your actual speed while connected wired to your modem.
Leonard John 9:42:17 PM
the first part of your statement
Jean Doe 9:42:37 PM
is incorrect
Jean Doe 9:42:40 PM
I'll actually screen shot that and post it on a forum
Jean Doe 9:42:47 PM
it's pretty funny.
Jean Doe 9:42:50 PM
Second, I'm connected straight to the modem via 6ft cable
Jean Doe 9:43:10 PM
So you have any other crap you want to read out of your "Common Help" pages?
Jean Doe 9:43:36 PM
or are you ready to schedule a technician for saturday
Jean Doe 9:43:45 PM
I understand your point of view but your internet speed will really be divided into how many devices connected at the same time.
Leonard John 9:43:54 PM
No it won't
Jean Doe 9:43:59 PM
It's completely based by the active download being pulled
Jean Doe 9:44:08 PM
all the other devices aren't even active
Jean Doe 9:44:15 PM
and even if they were, 100/5 = 20
Jean Doe 9:44:24 PM
none of our devices get more then 8
Jean Doe 9:44:29 PM
they normally get 2
Jean Doe 9:44:32 PM
Where did you get your Network degree john?
Jean Doe 9:44:40 PM
It does not require a network degree to understand the wifi connection. Wireless connection will not provide you an exact internet speed that you are paying well in fact you will only get up to 80%
Leonard John 9:46:34 PM
No it doesn't, and you also don't need a network degree to apply common sense
Jean Doe 9:47:14 PM
and you also don't need a degree to try to argue networking with someone who IS a network analyst
Jean Doe 9:47:38 PM
and HAS a masters degree in networking
Jean Doe 9:47:50 PM
John, as much as I love to debate a subject with an unqualified call center worker. I'd much rather you read off to me the times you can have a technician come out on saturday.
Jean Doe 9:49:45 PM
I am now checking for the soonest appointment.


Fuck yoooo comgast

by Tracy on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst company in AMERICA

I hated even putting one star.... I work with companies for a living, and can say that Comcast is by far the worst yet. I have been trying to get service since June 6th, after three weeks of talking to supervisors, false promises, no call back, and “tickets”.... a tech came today to finally install. Caught him trying to put in crappy equipment (I paid extra for all the best) because “it’s all he had on the truck”. Then he proceeded to inform me, he could either continue to install the wrong equipment, or I would have to drive to the main Comcast headquarters (he said he didn’t know where that was) to get the right box since no other tech will have it locally. Um, no thanks Comcast!

I don’t care if you are the biggest...

No one should use you because its very evident that you stopped caring about your customers a long long long time ago.

by suck my wiggly dick on Fuck You Comcast!

fuck comcast and everything about their shitty company

end of the internet

comcast screwing everyone over as always, net neutrality officially ended days ago, and my internet speeds hit 1mbps. -_-

I'm paying for 250. I call the line and after an hour of testing, "suddenly" it shoots up to normal. 4 hours later, back to the pits.

I can watch youtube, but my anime streams won't even load 1 second.

The end is here.

by Fffff on Fuck You Comcast!
It's Just suckass

Ping spike for weeks now and the service won't even bother helping. Fuck you Comcast.

by Blaine on Fuck You Comcast!
Modem/router combo is straight garbage

Xfinity WiFi hotspot is contributing to the garbage experience I have with xfinity. I’m posting this on my phone because I am currently having internet speeds of 100bytes/sec! I AM ON ETHERNET AND FOR A YEAR XFINITY HAS BOUNCED ME AROUND CUSTOMER SERVICE. Worst company for sure.


the wifi is always going out and even when they say they’ve fixed it in my area they haven’t done shit

by FUCK Comcast. on Fuck You Comcast!
FUCK you, Comcast!

Nothing but absurdly high prices for abysmally slow internet.

Piece of shit

Comcast's service to play games in totally unacceptable. The lag is absurd.

Comcast fucking sucks

My fucking internet has been down for 12 fucking hours thanks to this fucking god awful bullshit company that is run by inbred apes.

by Kevin on Fuck You Comcast!
Dumb shit

Why in da fuck would you make your service set as to if the main tv box don't work none of them will???????? Has to be the dumbest shit a cable company has ever thought of storm zapped the main box now I can't watch none of the others??? Love the apps and the talk button and all but clearly someone needs to be fucking fired to have customers stuck like this I have 4 boxes 1 don't power on and I can't watch the others. Dumb shit!!!!!!!!

by Fools on Fuck You Comcast!

You people are idiots. Majority of the time you cause your own issues then blame Comcast for your ineptitude.

Fick comcast

Fuck you comcast you fucking idiots dont know how to do anything rigjt your a shit service going out all fucking day and dropping speed, ever fucking time i try and do something services magically fucking goes out

rip off

con artist of the cable industry


Comcast is awful... Tried getting them to do some repair work. Scheduled me for a month later. I got it escalated and they rescheduled for 1 week earlier. On the day the repair work was supposed to happen, I came home early from work and waited...... and waited...... no call or no show from any Comcast technician. Called them back later just to find out they rescheduled for 2 weeks later because of weather. Didn't even call to update me. WTF??!!! So, i am currently still without cable... Honestly, FUCK YOU COMCAST. AT&T it is. They show up the next day..... Comcast assholes.

by nigger on Fuck You Comcast!
go fuck yourself

Comcast can go suck donkey balls. Fuck you comcast jews

by Alyssa on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

How is there no clas action lawsuit already for these fucks stealing our money? The prices go up randomly whenever they feel like it and one person tells you one thing and promises you great deals then a bill comes and BAM hundred dollars more. Oh sorry mam he was new and quoted you wrong.. wtf!? everytime i goto watch on demand my tv freezes. You try to call them and you’re on hold for over an hour just to speak to a complete moron. I HATE COMCAST SO BAD!!!!

Speed Test Lies?

Speed test ran on Google, CNET, and all said 2 MBPS. XFinity Speedtest says 90 MBPS. Coincidence?

by fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck you comcast

2MB/s download when all speed tests say it should be 25 fuck you for throttling my download fuck you comcast and suck my nads

by Harbold on Fuck You Comcast!
Damn third world

Low quality service , should go back to the gerbils running on the wheel !!!!! Much better off

by Comcast Hater on Fuck You Comcast!
Back to Dish

Comcast is fucking clown shoes! I hate Comcast! This shit goes out more than Dish?! Go Fuck Yourself Comcast Workers,Owners,Stockholders,and anyone that is related to them people. P.S I gave 1 star cause it made me.

by ur mom on Fuck You Comcast!

comcast big penis

by Angry on Fuck You Comcast!
Actual Garbage

The worst part about living in a small town is that the only internet provider is Comcast. And OH BOY does their interner suck complete ass. I cannot go a day without my internet cutting out for 2-4 hours a day every fucking day. It’s truly disgusting. They say it’s fixed and working so I reset my modem and my router and all that fun stuff, but it’s either A. Not working or B. Slow as fuck. It really pisses me off too because when theydo fix it, it only works for [AT BEST] 1-2 months without any mishaps. This is just insane. Especially now, I have places to be and people to see so on my busy days Xfinity likes to work perfectly fine, but when I have nothing to do and decide to game or use wifi, it literally walks to the store, buys a baseball bat and sunglasses, slowly puts the sunglasses on, unplugs all of it’s wires, grabs the bat, walks to the modem, beats the shit out of it, gets a homerun, proceeds to pick up the bat, and turns it around on itself to start destroying its already useless and incapable router body. It pains me.

by bullshit on Fuck You Comcast!
A pleased fuckoff!

I fucking pay a ton of money and what do I get?! A piece of your middle finger coming from your greedy money fuck-face xfinity/comcast! Every fucking single day, I come online trying to send my god damn money to a relative or someone else and guess what?! Internet crashed... I have to go to my bank to tell them that my money is somehow stuck in the internet! I fucking wasting my fuel and damaging the world! My files are already thick like a fucking shitty roman! Am I seeing right, "no service, please wait for a few minutes." I waited hours

by Harsh Selokar on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast needs to suck a dick so hard it needs to come out of their ass

I have had their shit service for years and it honestly makes me want to kill myself. I get get out because my city has a fucking shitty deal with them.

by Kiah fortin on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks balls

Internet is faulty atleast 3 times a day. Their troubleshoot system is a joke! And the bill is always way too high! Fucka comcast and their shitty service

by FuckComcast on Fuck You Comcast!

If I could give negative stars I would. Fuck you comcast

by Zachary on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast can suck a PHAT one

Piece of shit internet for a ridiculous price!

by rathernotsaybutagreeotherwise on Fuck You Comcast!
avoid like the plague

I purchased cable for my elderly mother who is 76. she watched CNN, FOX, MSNBC and local news in Meridian MS. it cost $164 a *()&*) month for that. i asked them if they had a lesser plan. I was informed that they don't have a lesser plan that lets you watch national news AND local news. i have spent hours on the phone with their horrible customer service. Bottom line is I WILL find a way to cut the cord and ensure they no longer benefit from my hard earned cash

by Pissed Off on Fuck You Comcast!

Go fuck yourself comcast

by Karl Melange on Fuck You Comcast!
I HATE comcast !

Their crap, that they charge you money doesnt work. They expect the consumer to fix it. They want you to pay to send it back. They want you to pay for a service call, to fix their crap that doesn’t work. I just don’t understand how they can expect to stay in business. Or, there just too big to think they can fail. WOW, here I come!!!

The Worst Internet Service

When Comcast is the only service available in the area, they have all the power to jack up their prices for the worst internet service imaginable. The largest drawback to moving to a new house was the major downgrade in internet. How does it make sense that I used to pay the same price for internet service that provided 3 times the download and upload service than the crappy Comcast one I have now? Along with wifi randomly going out weekly and calling a technician and throttling just ever so slightly literally every ten minutes. Worst company in the world with the least care for their services, your ass Comcast.

by ComcastCuntFuck on Fuck You Comcast!
Complete Shit

Our internet has been going out every ten fucking minutes every fucking day. I am getting sick and tired of this cock ass internet service that we have to pay a fortune for. There prices are shit and that goes along with their internet service. I fucking hate Comcast.

by cant tell you on Fuck You Comcast!
Don't use Xfinity cable modem!

The Xfinity cable modem is not safe... it's totally hackable by my neighbours who can remotely turned on the wi-fi without my consent!

by everyone. on Fuck You Comcast!
Absolute garbage.

We pay for 150 mb/s download, tonight, we were getting .4 mb/s. That's slower than dial-up. The internet goes out far too often. Imagine the outrage if you didn't have water or power for hours pretty much everyday?! Internet is a necessity, and comcast has a near monopoly, charges outrageous prices, and we as consumers can not do anything about it.

by Chris f on Fuck You Comcast!

I mentioned Speaking to a guy from India and they deleted my post on their forums. I guess you can't mention India. Where's is that policy? I can't get a local number to speak to an English speaking agent in my area who understands my problems. Years and years of crap. Worst company in America. Ass clowns

by Humphrey Chromefinger on Fuck You Comcast!
Just Fuck You, Comcast

Internet goes out daily, multiple times, between 9 AM and about 4 PM. Neighbors report same. Comcast wants to send out a tech - like that will do any good. Problem is in their system and they know it. For all I know, it may be intentional. We have the very basic cable. Lousy selection of channels, standard definition. They could give us more channels at no cost to them, but they don't. Our cable installer? Shithead ran a wire right through the siding into second floor bedroom - left the cable just flying in the wind outside the house, and didn't even put in a box where the service enters the house. Fuckers know they're the only game in town, and they pretend to care. Can't even understand their service techs on the phone, between the foreign accents, low volume, and background noise on the line. FUCK. YOU. COMCAST.

by Terry on Fuck You Comcast!
liars and thieves

Internet never worked as claimed by Comast. Unreliable . Worst customer service ever. They try to upsell to more expensive plans before resolving current problem. Unable to understand them anyway.

by AngryCustomer-Randy on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucking Throttling

You know how net neutrality has been repealed? Well, not a day after this repeal happened Comcast decided to throttle many sites like this one, and throttle the DNS's I use so they could collect data. I now use a VPN and a proxy, just so I can get the 75mbps I paid for.

by daniel currie on Fuck You Comcast!

genuinely just want to fucking google play some vampire milk bukkake youtube video porn to my crt television. fuck netflix & fuck cumcast #releasethememo (_)_)::::::::::::::::}~~~~ the jews faked the moon landing

Burn it to the ground

My wifi legit goes out every 30 fucking seconds I have to un onnect and reconnect every god damn time or else it stays off for about 2 mins. I can't do anything unless I'm connected to Ethernet literally as I'm writing this it's gone out twice. I have to keep an extra tab open with like minesweeper or something so that when the wifi goes out (and doesn't come back on) I have something to do. Fuck this company I want it to burn to hell

by trongeno672 on Fuck You Comcast!
if Comcast buys Fox

If Comcast buys Fox then... there will be a goddamn angry mob going at them.

Shifting stories

Internet went out for the second time in 4 hours. Called and was told it was my outdated modem. Told them I had the same trouble at work (a major university). Suddenly it was my router that was the problem. Then back to trying to sell me a new modem. They can't even get their bogus story straight!

by FiOS RULES on Fuck You Comcast!
unbelievably BAD

So, I'm a Comcast customer since 1994 for cable and a broadband customer since 2002. In 2016, Verizon has contractors run fiber throughout my neighborhood. I resist their sales pitch since they dug up my yard without actually telling me they were going to. All the while, my comcast broadband service has been down or very slow for 3 - 10 days / month for most of the last 2 years. Had the service guy out, he replaced a splitter and some coax, said it was fixed. Of course it wasn't. Next service guy comes out and says its in the junction across the street and it'll take a few days. They do whatever to the junction box and it's good for about a week. Basically, I had 4 service calls over a 3 month period and shit never got fixed. Also, I need to reboot the modem about 4 or 5 times per week, which I thought was "normal" for broadband. Now, I'm disgusted so I start looking at what Verizon is offering. They offer basically the same thing ( "I had the Triple Play") for almost 100.00 less per month, plus, a 400.00 gift card, if I sign up for 2 years. I call comcast to let them know I'm looking to maybe get a little lower bill as well as get the connection issues fixed. They try to upsell me saying it will "save" me about 20.00 a month. (for about 6 months if you read the fine print) I say I don't want an upgrade, I just want a lower bill by maybe removing some specifics from my package and they say the bill would be higher cuz I have a "package" deal. I made that phone call to them 3 times, hoping I might find a sympathetic ear, nope. I call Verizon and get my install date setup and then called crapcast to have them disconnect my service on that day. Then I get the guy who makes a weak effort to retain me as a customer, sounding not terribly interested that they're losing a customer who has paid their ridiculous rates for 22 + fucking years. He recommends upgrading my package, I fully explain how much money I will save in the next 2 years to which he apparently doesn't give a fuck. I tell him, I will NEVER come back if you guys don't take care of me, he offers me a 10.00 per month discount for 6 months, I tell him forget it.

Verizon installs their hardware and runs fiber along my driveway from the box in my yard. I have a minor issue with rated speed on install and the guy who installed it fixes it in 5 minutes. Fast forward to today and I've been a FiOS customer for 2 + years. My internet has been down for a total of TWO DAYS, and that was due to a power failure. I reboot the router about once or twice a month although I don't know it even needs that done. The picture clarity is soooo much better too. Forgot to mention that with crapcast, the picture on my TV's would regularly get pixellated and would go out, but not as often as the broadband. Thank God we now have a choice! Crapcast, you fucking suck. I love that you're sending me all these promo papers via mail. I like to send them back as "delivery refused" so you bitches can pay postage twice. I'm disappointed the lowest I can give you is ONE star, should be ZERO stars. Fuck you comcast!!


Its time i be able to stream a show and have the page work right. You internet is fucking garbage as usual.

by chris bakalekos on Fuck You Comcast!

Damn NO FN STARS.........................................HORSESHIT SERVICE

by EVERY IT GUY IN THE WORLD on Fuck You Comcast!

The hardware and software manufacturers of your infrastructure and management systems need to pull their heads out of their asses and think about how this fucking technology SHOULD work, not how you think it should, you fucking useless pieces of shit. I hope you all end up jobless and homeless and staving. Truely. I hope all the bad things in the world happen to you all and no one else.

by Anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!
Terrible business, products & ethics

Extremely poor customer service and products. We don’t get the high speed internet that we paid for. Just spent another 1.5 hours on the phone with customer service with no solution. Still costs $130/month for mediocre internet service from an extraordinarily lousy company.

Also Comcast doesn’t support net neutrality.

Overall, one of the worst companies ever. Borderline evil. Can’t wait to have other ISP options!!

by Maria on Fuck You Comcast!

Dumbass fucking remote unlinked from the cable box, have not been able to watch for a week. Fuck your shitty unnecessary remote codes.

by Verydisatisfied on Fuck You Comcast!
I’ve Had It

Paying $260/month (which is a lot of money, you out-of-touch bastards) because we have more than 1 tv. Promised super-fast download speed. What they didn’t tell me is that 2 people can’t watch at the same time from w different TVs. Unfortunately I live in an area in which Fios not available, so over a barrel. Hate this!

by Frank on Fuck You Comcast!

(There should be a category with - stars)
Ever since I upgraded to xfinity 1 (2.5.yrs ago) service has been crap. It NEVER did this b4 upgrading to xfinity (or should I say Downgraded) Picture freezes and internet goes out at least 2-3 times a day.
I've had comcast tech rep out to the house 3 times (of course all in normal), ALL my components replaced 3 times, I even had my motherboard replaced on the LG TV. Still.........Absolutly Horrible service!! Ok there I vented!
(Oh by the way....FU Comcast. Grow some balls and admit that the are tech issues with your equipment, credit the customer and fix your junk..JUNK )

by Larry on Fuck You Comcast!
Your prepaid wifi is garbage

Xfinity prepaid wifi is fucking garbage you cant watch a fucking show without it having to load twenty times a fucking hour. Fucking garbage i repeat

Comcast worst provider

I pay $180 a month for this shit! The absolute worst i have ever had! Internet and tv go out multiple times a day. I can't wait until my contract is up!! I only went with them for the BigTen network, and they took that channel from us! I am looking into other providers even if it means breaking this shitty contract. I make sure i tell everyone i know how horrible your service is, and they don't have the BigTen network anymore. Comcast you absolutely suck!!!!

by ComcastSUCKS on Fuck You Comcast!

These assholes for the last 2 days in Harrisburg PA there is NO internet, anywhere. I've called 4 friends all in different parts of Harrisburg, NONE have internet or tv.
I call Comcast and they want ME to jump through hoops, read this number off of your router, it's you, no one else, we can have a tech there in 72 hours blah blah blah. If murder was legal, I'd pull a youtube on Comcrap.

by ex-xfinity customer on Fuck You Comcast!

Had Comcast/Xfinity for two years. Internet service ONLY at 49.95/mo. Pro -speed was plenty fast for gaming , could understand the customer service people with no heavy accent. Con - it was like some kind of g'dam game when annual renewal time came. They wanted to raise my INTERNET-ONLY rate from 49.95/mo to 79.95/mo. NO. Concast could not come to their senses and lost another customer to corporate greed. I can't see spending more than 50 bucks/mo on just internet. Comcast/Xfinity and I parted ways for ONLY that reason. Their competitor must be thrilled as they offer a 45/mo internet rate for as long as you renew with them and I now happily have another internet svc. When I was comparison shopping the only worse company than Cumcast was Direct/TV/ATT - They couldn't quote a fixed rate per month to save their job (call em and see for yourself, it's ridiculous!)

by Jimbo on Fuck You Comcast!

The link that they gave me to download the internet was a virus.

by W Lampur on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks

I'm paying about 3X as much for the same internet speed I had almost 20 years ago. I even had to pay an extra $60+ for them to switch from the internet company of a previous tenant in my apartment. The rate of each package isn't even the same, depending on what area of the country you live in. What the hell is that all about? They're using old infrastructure and charging top dollar. Not impressed.

by Mike C on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast (or Xfinity) is the absolute worst

They deserve zero stars. Have had to deal with them for 25+ years. Ever since they took over from Storer Cable. There is absolutely nothing good that I can say about this company. Unfortunately they have a monopoly. There is no other option, besides satellite TV.

by C. R. Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks big time

The most irritating blood-sucking-capitalist-cretin-fee-gouging-reprehensible-arrogant-asinine-money-grubbing bunch of scrooges in American history. These pick-pocket-snake-oil-double-crossing-two-faced crooks would make a herd of 19th century elixir salesmen cringe with envy.

I hate comcast

EVERYDAY I am dropped from the interest at least TWICE, sometimes more. And that's when it's not being as slow as molasses. Every time I bring it up to Comcast the only thing they do is remotely reset my router (something I can do on my own without their help) and then tell me to make an appointment for someone to come out. Even getting someone out here to look at it does nothing, I still have horribly slow internet that drops constantly.
The second that any other provider of equal speed becomes available I am going to get rid of Comcast.

by The Central Scrutinzer on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Rein of Terror

They deserve zero stars as they suck so bad. Their internet service is the worst ever. Even when I go to the store down the road I cant use the ATM or buy things half the time as it has Bumbblast as a service. They however donate to political parties so.... That's the end of that.

New Boxes Are SHIT

Where's the fucking 0 star option? I have Comcast come to my house to install these new amazing X1 boxes, and guess what? The second that fucker left, the box stopped working. It then turned on but it had to "update" every hour or so. Had to go back to the old box.

Also, my internet never reaches 10 MB download speed when the package says it should be 250 MB. I called and they coudln't do shit and blamed everything but themselves for the low speed.

The FCC is clearly paid off my Comcast to keep their mouths shut.

by Customer on Fuck You Comcast!

I work in a field of computer science... I have projects that require internet to transfer to the rest of my team. Thanks to xfinith I am unable to complete my work. And now the internet is out almost every week when I picked xfinity I thought I would pay for internet.... but I seem to be paying for a bunch of jackasses to tell me how to reset my modem.... I Hate You Comcast

by Frustrated in Illinois on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast the worst at CS

I really do not waste my time dealing with Comcast customers service. They rarely know what's going and can't tell me anything about my service issues other then do basic diagnoses that is a waste of everyone's time. Best just to wait it out, or find a better service if you have that option.

by on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast SUCKS

COMCAST FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by MANNY on Fuck You Comcast!

I have 4 separate Comcast accounts & Comcast truly sucks! I would get rid of them in a heart beat. Having 4 accounts with them is of no advantage whatsoever. You would figure they would allow you to link accounts together, which would show them what a valuable customer you are, but no they will not do that, they do not see any value in your patronage.

Secondly every time you have to seal with any issue you have to go through a million phone prompts & usually by that time the phone line drops. Secondly, they push you to use the internet to report problems & this has to be the stupidest idea. Afterall, if you are trying to call & communicate with them it is usually your internet or phone service which is out thus, what is the point.

When you do finally get to speak with someone, they are usually more lost than you. It is incredible that this company is so poorly run. Just think the day they get their shit together it might be a good company. In the mean while I continue to search for alternatives to cancel my four accounts with Comcast.

by oogalanta on Fuck You Comcast!
great paperweight

five stars! My cable box keeps my papers from blowing away. Wish it did more, though.

Nothing works

Problems with phone service constantly. Horrible TV channel selection for local provider, The only thing this works 6 out of the 7 days is the internet. My business runs on the phones and they fail almost daily. Today I have no phone service and I pay for the phones to transfer to my cell phone. Guess whats not happening. The contact line has a 48 min. wait. All I want is my phone to transfer like it is supposed to, and get this. The online chat is not working, nor is the email or any online service which they tell you to go to since the phones are such a long wait. Fuck Comcast.

Honestly just fuck you

Fucking every hour this shitty service goes out. Fuck you, you ruined my life comcast.

by Mandy on Fuck You Comcast!
Stupid Comcast

Called Comcast on May 30, 2018 3 times and each time was told different prices. We were paying $230 per month for Triple play and needed to save money. Christine priced us one quote. Then I called back and another lady (didn’t get her name) but she couldn’t help us so she transferred us to Dana and she was not helpful at all. First she said she could get us to $194.75, I said I needed something better. She quoted us 20 basic channels and internet for $175.77. I was not happy cause saving us $40-$50 was not enough. I told her just to give us internet and we’d get an antenna. So, we are to pay $102 (we shall see) a month for internet. We hooked up the antenna and have over 20 channels. I’ll take saving $125 per month.

My friend who lives not to far from me says she pays $140 with tax for triple play and gets the best internet and all the channels they offer. We were quoted $195 after paying $230..

My uncle pays $89 plus tax for internet and basic TV (not HD) and they also get free HBO and On-demand. We were quoted $175 and wasn’t offered hbo or on demand.

How can they get away with offering people different prices?
We’ve been a “loyal customer” since 2009. Loyal customer means treating us with respect and actually trying to assist us when we call. It also means they want to keep us as customers and try quoting prices that make since.

Fuck Comcast

Fucking internet goes down every goddamned day. Several times. It's so fucking annoying but it seems to have gotten marginally better recently. Whoever fucking made Comcast should die in hell. FUCK COMCAST.

Charge you for everything

I wanted to switch to fios but they charge $60 for them to send some asshole to your house to un-plug and bring back the router they lent you. Why cant I just do that myself you pig company. Hell, i'd even drive it to you for free.

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

worst provider EVER. Would give 0 stars

No other option.

I moved apartments and of course the only provider in my area remains Comcast/xfinity. I tried to hook up the internet myself but since it is a new complex of course it doesn’t work and I need a technician. I called in hopes of being able to fix it on the phone. Nope! Can’t do it. They have to schedule a technician to come. Ok that’s fine when is the soonest they can get one out? 8 days!!! Ridiculous. Guess what? There isn’t a damn thing I can do about it since they are the only internet provider in my area. I work on the computer and now have to spend several hours a day at somewhere I can access internet. Really wish I could cut them off and sign up for any other company besides them!! Can’t wait til my lease is up. The new area I move to will have to have to have a different service provider in the area. I’m tired of being forced to pay their ridiculous prices and get shitty service from them in return for my forced loyalty. FUCK YOU COMCAST.

We cancelled TV service 3 years ago, bought a 25 dollar antenna (RCA) and get better picture quality all for free. We get all of our local channels and then some (52 in total). Best thing we ever did.

I had to give 1 star, no place for minus star.

Terrible internet signal

Service has been going down several times a day for a month. I call to reset the signal, it works again, then it goes down. Technician comes to the house. Moves the modem. Seems to work, but then it goes down regularly like before. A customer service agent says I need to get a new modem (even though my modem is less than a year old). Ok, I get a new modem -- Comcast certified, DOCSIS 3.0 and all that. Service still goes down three times a day. Did a before and after speed test with the new modem -- and speed actually went down from 86 MBS to 80 MBS. I pay for "Blast" service, which is supposed to give up to 250 MBS. It is like paying for fillet, but the waiter gives you a cheeseburger. Comcast SUCKS!! And, there is no competition where we live, so we have no choice. F*** Comcast and all its offspring for eternity.

Comcast sucks

My wifi connection is constantly interrupted. Very inconvenient. I'm going back to Verizon.

by RJ Mo on Fuck You Comcast!

I review all the time. Yelp, Talk to supervisors. Give plenty of positive as well as negative feedback.

Honestly, I have been on the phone with Comcast for 2.5 hours. They are idiots over there. They fucked up my entire login information. Inept people. They dont know how to do shit and just confuse people. Fuck them for having a monoply and the goddamn CEO roberts. You are an idiot too. lets take an IQ test. I am sure i would win. You just know more about diplomacy and climbing the corp latter than I do. But you are running a piss poor organization.

by Pissed the hell off on Fuck You Comcast!
I’m switching to metronet

I can’t do jackshit because every 30 fucking minutes our internet has a stroke and dies for another 3 hours until it gets back on for another half hour.

Can’t win.

Call them up and try to be polite and pleasant. Guaranteeed whomever answers the phone will go out of their way to pick a fight. Rude and condescending until you are miserable like them. TODAY I GOT TO CANCEL! BYEEEE!!!

by David Price on Fuck You Comcast!
Brian Roberts VS Customers in UFC Cage Match

So, I've met Brian Roberts. He's a very average person -- only able to rise behind a disgustingly corrupt father -- a quintessential modern American success. Frankly, he is feeble — intellectually, physically and emotionally. My fantasy would be to have him placed in a UFC cage match with each customer given 10 seconds to pound on him until he is no longer recognizable -- not as Brian Roberts, but as a human -- for he is not. A crushed skull, flattened ribcage, disjointed limbs, dark blue bruised flesh soiled with dried blood is the image I have. I would like him to feel the collective insult of paying what we all pay for a zero-confidence product suite with no competitive alternative. Does that sound angry? Of course. But what do we have when all recourse in honorable legal channels yields nothing? Pay-per-view public execution anyone? Now that would get some ratings. We could get President Trump to MC.

by Henry on Fuck You Comcast!
NBA East Finals

Missed the last 6 mins of the finals....fucking bs. The service is so night and day its not even funny. Fuck you comcast you monopoly having mutherfuckers.

by Margaret Rayburn on Fuck You Comcast!
Indy 500



My mother died back in Sept. She had comcast for phone, internet and one cable box. I was not allowed to cancel her account over the phone as I was not a listed agent on her account. I went in person to the comcast store (something we all love to do especially since it closes at 5 pm on weekdays).
I was told by an employee over the phone I would need her death cert. and my birth certificate and a copy of her will making me the executor to cancel the account, along with all her equipment. I had an easier time cancelling her credit cards.
I bring all this stuff with me and the employee doesn't even look at the will, birth cert. or death cert. The guy accepts the equipment and gives me a receipt. I leave thinking ok that's over. I had already had her mail forwarded to my house and about a week later I get a final bill for all the equipment plus October, it's ridiculous.
I call and of course it takes hours of talking to useless people, hanging up on them and getting another useless person. I read off the serial #'s for the equipment on my receipt to one guy and he says he'll have to route that info. to the proper department for me. Not very reassuring.
I wounded up shaming them by posting the situation on their website. I found another post by someone who had the same thing happen! I added my post which was not flattering about how they were trying to rip off my deceased mother and mess with me when I just lost her.
Finally someone online helps me (they really wanted to put that solved stamp on my post) a month later I get a bill for $7 something and I pay it. Thanks for making a shitty time even shittier comcast. BTW comcast pays our city a fee to be the only provider. Politicians are not going to help, they're all paid off.
Unless enough of us call our representatives and local officials and say we're voting you out unless you do something. But that's a long shot.
FUCK YOU COMCAST!!!!!!!!! ROKU for me.

by Terry Henderson on Fuck You Comcast!
composing email using Xfinity Connect sucks

I noticed an annoying issue that happened when I copied text from the bottom of an email I was responding to and then pasted it into the same message using Comcrap's Xfinity Connect web-based email. I copied links that appear in a Yahoo Group message and pasted them into the body of the message I was composing.

Annoyingly, doing this causes the message to jump/scroll to a point midway down in the message below the area where I was currently typing. Then you have to scroll back up to find your place in the message in order to continue typing!

Fuck you, Comcast!

by Jesse on Fuck You Comcast!
Can't keep stable connection with comcast

For the past 30 minutes my internet has been going out for about 2 minutes every 5 minutes. It's like someone at comcast fell asleep on the 'reset server' button and it just keeps resetting. They are the greediest and least caring company out there. I every comcast executive is raped by a silverback gorilla

by Brian on Fuck You Comcast!
How Convenient...

It's a great time in my life. This is the month that I get to tell Comcast to fuck off and cancel their shitty service - but guess what - their cancellation department "the loyalty department" is closed at 8:30pm on a weekday. But you can still ORDER NEW service? That's charming. Fuck you, Comcast.

by Denise on Fuck You Comcast!

send mail to my address to sign up for Comcast. Shows I have service for this address. ....but want to charge me 6,000.00 for service.
been a customer since 1991.

by Truth on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst company in the WORLD

Channel line up reduced every year of contract in our community. Rates increased every year. Now only gud channels are subscription. Internet continuously drops only to reset at much lower speed then we pay for. The only reason this company exists is that they contribute tons of $ to politicians in WAshington to ensure their monopoly.

by Holmes on Fuck You Comcast!
an abusive relationship

I sent the following email to Brian Roberts to get a simple change of service completed. Maybe your Rating system should have negative stars.


Comcast still has the absolute worst customer service. I shouldn't have to contact the FCC just to address what should have been a minor issue.

My account number is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. My cell number is

I spoke to an online agent today to downgrade my Performance Tier internet service; 60MB download to the 25 MB download tier. The agent explained that I would need to speak with the retention dept. because of downgrading my service. He explained that he was making notes in my account so that the retention dept. would know what I wanted to do and I would not have to tell my story over and over again. That would have been a wonderful thing, but alas it was all for nothing. His name is Jerry and he provided more help than the next four people at Comcast.

I next called the retention dept. and spoke to a female that seemed to be lost. Even though the number I was calling from is on my account, she repeatedly asked for my telephone number and the name on the account. I realize that your agents need to confirm customer data at the start of the call, but I don't see the need to have to repeat this information at multiple points throughout the conversation. She wasn't very sure of what she could do. She offered to send me to Technical Support to resolve my account change. I explained that "I was told I needed to talk to Retention. I didn't need to talk to Technical Support because the service is working properly. I just needed to change the rate I pay for my service”. She then proceeded to try and upsell me... telling me I could get a free cable box and video service. I told her I did not want video service or a cable box, just change the speed tier for my internet. She then transferred me to Technical Support.

I next spoke to a female from tech support. She was just as puzzled as I about why I had been dumped off on Tech Support. She apologized and explained she would get me a retention agent.

Now I'm speaking to a male from retention. Because I was so exasperated at this point, I demanded to speak with his supervisor. He attempted to gather my account number, name, etc. while ignoring my demand. I restated my demand to speak to a supervisor. He stated that he would not get a supervisor until he had my data. I can appreciate that your supervisors are extremely busy apologizing for your horrible customer service agents, but no one seems to care about the customer’s time. About having to speak to one person after another and getting nothing resolved. Comcast does absolutely nothing to keep its customers. Reduced rates are only to entice new customers. This is like an abusive relationship. I could always go elsewhere. Oh, no! I can’t because there is no other provider in my area

I next called a number for your Comcast Corporate Customer Service. Surely this will get resolved now. Imagine my disappointment. The female I spoke to was efficient and quick and said that she could give me the 25mb speed for $49.99 for one year. Excellent let's proceed. Imagine my surprise when the link she sent to me was for a 2-year term, and after the first year, it would be just as expensive as the higher speed Tier that I currently pay for. She tried to tell me that the higher price, within $5 of the performance tier, was the regular price. That must have been another “alternate fact” that seems to be floating around.

Next, I start looking for an email address for customer service at the corporate level. No surprise that nothing was listed.

If you had a competitor in my area, I would never have Comcast again. What is it like to have your customers hate having to deal with you? I shouldn’t have to email corporate executives to get a simple change of service resolved. I am hoping that one of you can direct this email to someone that can assist without being inflicted with further mental abuse.

Painfully, Holmes Lewis

by Bryan on Fuck You Comcast!

This company sucks, i rent so i cannot choose another cable/dish network, i cannot explain this enough, but xfinity/comcast sucks huge hairy balls! Internet cuts in and out every day, tv doesnt work right, always having problems, whenever someone is ready to look at the box, it magically starts working again

by SooooAngryyyy on Fuck You Comcast!
Dry humped

ARRRRGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHGHG!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO ANNNNGFGGGRRRRYYRYRYYYYY!!! We call to see what is available, they switch us to another package to save a couple of bucks. We lose truTV and we can't get our previous package back because it was previously grandfathered in!!! Fuck you Jekyll Comcast and your Hyde Xfinity! Dropping to just internet access because we can't get anything else where we are, picking up OOMA for phone, and will just stream shit. I'd rather pay a per episode purchase fee than put the $$$ in their pockets! You don't deserve the one star that I am forced to add!!

Comcast reps lie

Comcast reps lie. I had 2 boxes to go with my 2 televisions and suddenly my bill more than doubles. I call and talk to one rep after another saying I DO have 4 boxes (and the modem) and I upped my internet and I WILL pay for them. No one can tell me who or when i got the additional ... just that I gotta pay if I want cable and internet. SCREW THEM. I told 'em to shut it ALL down. Then I began to get calls on our 2 cells AND my work phone and along with home and work e-mails saying I have 5 pieces of equipment and must return them. I had my hubby go there and talked to them ... several times and he left with our 3 pieces cause no one would take them if we didn't have the mysterious "other two." After 4 trips he finally went when a supervisor was there and they guy took what we had and said OK. I was told I would get a receipt ... never happened ... and I am still getting the phone calls to return the 5 pieces of equipment. I WILL NEVER USE COMCAST AGAIN! THEY LIE AND RIP THEIR CUSTOMERS OFF! I HATE THEM SO MUCH AND CANNOT GET THEM TO STOP CALLING. I got an e-mail for "A few questions about your recent store visit" and "We'd like your feedback". I was asked this ... "Thinking about the whole experience of having an issue and contacting us to fix it, how likely are you to recommend Xfinity from Comcast to friends and family?" When I hit ZERO on the scale, suddenly I got this huge pop up saying "We're sorry. The survey to which you were invited has expired." IT WAS SENT MAY 17 AND I RESPONDED TODAY ... MAY 22. IT HAD ONLY BEEN 5 DAYS EVEN COUNTING THE ACTUAL DAY SENT AND DATE ANSWERED. I think they have the scale set so if you give them a low score they can reject it. More lies. IT IS WHAT THEY DO!!!!


They have been upgrading there e-mail system again. So what does that mean. It means they loose customers e-mails or don’t deliver them at all. In this case it appears they can’t find a way to deliver to Apple products. Right now I have been on the phone with customer service for over 45 minutes What FUCKIN IDIOTS!!!

by Rebecca Etzler on Fuck You Comcast!
taking away even more channels

Comcast took even more decent channels away from their expanded basic lineup, Disney, food network, the weather channel, trutv, cartoon network, etc. They have a bunch of shit channels with old, old unwatcheable crap besides just the basics. I'm so lucky. I can watch Gomer Pyle and D movies from the 50's!

by LilEli on Fuck You Comcast!


by Joe cool on Fuck You Comcast!
About time

About time someone did what I've always wanted to do. You implemented my idea.

Fuck you, Comcast

Approximately 20 minutes ago Comcast remotely reinitialized my network for whatever reason I haven’t a clue. I guess my $204.00 a month isn’t enough to deserve a consistent connection any longer. WiFi now keeps cutting out..... every several seconds for 2-3 seconds then back for a bit then down for 30-45 seconds at a pop. Wonderful. You suck, comcast. Sure glad you’re patting yourselves on the back again for generously increasing upload/download speeds. You are so full of shit. I just want my 25 mbps to fucking work. You fucking assholes. I will be canceling my x-fifty home and cable. I am forced to keep your wifi until I can find another provider. Fuck you, you dirty rotten sons-of-bitches. Go fuck yourselves. Trying watching programs yourselves with the shitty connectivity you provide.
And I have a good router/modem, too. Fuck you, you fucking fuckers.
Fuckers. Fuckers. Fuckers. 40+ years of your bullshit is enough. So long fucktards.

by Steve W on Fuck You Comcast!
Destroyers of constructive capitalism

Disgusting company. Here's an idea I'd like to float: California loves its propositions. What if there was a proposition called "Make Comcast pay a monthly $1,000,000,000 equipment fee for destroying constructive capitalism in America".

They just suck

Bunch of f'ing crooks. But LOL I'm using an "unsupported" cable modem and avoiding their rental fees. I am using their cheapest plan here in Vermont,
which is 49.00 for 10 Mbps. More than adequate for my own VOIP (not Xfinity)
and other services. Of all the bills I pay -- I hate paying Comcast every month the most. 49.00 for a basic connection is a rip-off. Service calls? I avoid them like Ebola.

Where's the Competition?

Where's the competition? Where's the FCC stopping this monopolistic company from operating? FU Comcast. Burn in hell! Die MF. They made me give one star to post, or they wouldn't have gotten that!

Comcast taking away channels

COMCAST SUCKS AND ARE LIARS AND STEAL THE CONSUMERS MONEY. They recently just took away channels from the basic package that for the last year they havent billed me correctly any month. THEY took away Food Network, The Weather Channel, Cartoon Network and who jnows what other ones. This is just wrong. Shameful. They already rip you off and they just keep it up. HIW DOES THE GOVERNMENT ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS. THEY MUST BE PAYING THEM OFF OR SOMETHING. These channels were part of the package of what i was told. How can they be allowed to do this? I bought a Roku yesterday and an antenna for local channels and will be cancelling in the next week. I AM DONE

by Steph on Fuck You Comcast!
Unreliable Liars

Scheduled THIRD visit for install from 3-5pm, they give ZERO notice that they moved it to 12-2pm and told they're on way at 12:15pm, got into a VERY expensive Lyft ride from San Francisco (office) to suburbs (home) and they would not wait...FUCK YOU COMCAST!

And of course no other options but their evil, shitty monopoly, so get to do this for the FOURTH fucking time on Friday. I hope their executives, along with Ajit Pai, all burn slow, painful, excruciating deaths for all their bullshit and money hoarding.

P.S. This does not include all of the issues I've had previously with Comcast, just their latest round of bullshit. Ugh.

A pig with lip stick

Exfinity ,It's still Comcast. Whatever!


Shitty ass internet paying for blast pro teir and yet i cant even have good connection ever cant evem stream hulu

by Ihatecomcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast!

We should be able to give minus stars for this awful company! Their bait and switch tactics should not be legal! I can't wait to move far away from this greed!!

Fuck you Comcast!

Beware Comcast latest scam: late fees!
-10 stars rating.


FCC do your job and finish this crooked company! Comcast was changing the biller and my payments were not posted on time. The new biller was not sending the bills and the old one was rejecting payments. Comcast conveniently charged me the late fees, reversal fees, etc.

Forget Comcast

I had my internet connect go out five times in the last hour. It is so fucking annoying my mother had to leave to get her work done because the internet is so bad. I hope comcast serves all government officials and its so slow for them they shut you down. Fuck your monopoly comcast, fios is better.

by fuck you on Fuck You Comcast!
fucking comcast can go bankrupt for all i care

internet goes out, the fuckers wont even reimburse you unless you call them to tell them to. 20 years, and they still have the worst fucking internet ive ever used

by anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!
even their 1 hour free pass is shit

every time I use their 1-hour pass it keeps cutting off and it acts really slow.


You suck and if I had another alternative I would take it in 2 seconds

by Pale Scoot on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast makes it absolutely impossible to change or terminate service.

I have had a hell of a time with comcast. Last year, I lived in a 4 person apartment that had Comcast (I mean, Xfinity, because they want you to believe the two things are entirely different) internet and TV service. I was the lucky bastard who got to set up the account and pay the bills. So, come moving time around June 2017, I figured I should transfer the account to one of my roommates. Easy, right? NOPE. There wasn't a Customers Ser-Gofuckyourselves-vice Center anywhere near me, and I work long and sometimes weird hours anyway, so it would be near impossible to make it out there. So I request the forms using the online chat (because having an e-mail for support would make it too easy for us), get the forms, fill out the forms, roommate fills out the forms, all set, right? Nope, wrong again. Luckily, my ex roommate was added much earlier to that account so he could pay bills and stuff, because even though I had moved out, I was still apparently the account holder. We tried getting the RIGHT forms and sending/signing them again a couple more times, each time thinking "oh, this is taken care of now". Nope. Finally, after 9 months of calling their customer disservice lines, I tried making the time to schlep over to the customer disservice center near my new apartment, only to discover they are only open during weekdays, and only from 8 am to 6 pm (which, if you've ever worked a 9-5 job, you would know makes it impossible to go there without blowing off work), except on Friday nights, where they're open til 8 (because that's what people would love to do, get off work on a Friday and go to goddamn Comcast). Marched down there again on Friday evening, and was handed a couple forms that HAD TO BE NOTARIZED (because yeah, you can totally find a notary public at 7 PM on a Friday night). I won't even go into the ordeal of finding a notary (even though they're in banks, and even though state law says a notary public cannot refuse service to someone due to being a non-customer/client of their employer, it happens anyway). So I get these forms notarized, bring them back (leaving work early to get there on a Monday by 5:30), and am told that I would be off the account. Well, I was, except that now they created my own account (or maybe created a new one for my ex roommate? Not sure, and of course they love when they can obfuscate enough that even the customer has no idea what's going on), keeping my address (although they wrote the wrong word and have a non existent address on file for me), phone number, name and Social Security digits (not sure if all 10 or just last 4, either way it's at least 4 too many). And of course, the guy who couldn't possibly be moved to give a fuck in India (or wherever) told me "I would advise you please to use professional language" (because yeah, I'm pissed, I'm gonna swear, and oh by the way if you want your customers to act professionally you could start yourself, it is not the least bit professional if an organization does everything in its power to keep you in the dark and either continue to take your money or fuck up your credit when you stop paying). I finally get him to tell me the number to call to cancel my damn service, and the robot of course doesn't understand what I'm saying. Took 5 minutes to get me an actual human, who informed me that it's policy to keep customer information on file (even when the customer wants absolutely nothing to do with them anymore)... And now for good measure I get to trek back to the customer disservice center this Friday night to confirm that they have absolutely none of my information.

TL;DR it's taken nearly a year to remove myself from Comcast and it may take longer still and this is beyond infuriating.

by ZoXoX on Fuck You Comcast!
Hell on Earth

Earth is hell and Comcast is the devil.
A data limit on all home internet plans? and they never tell you this when you sign up.

Also they raised our monthly rate by $5 per month with no notice and then have the balls to tell me I'd be breaching my contract if I closed my account early.

This company is gonna burn so hard.

by Sandi on Fuck You Comcast!

I was offered a $200 rebate for signing up but Never received it and was charged $200 for cancelling after a year of service. Then after accepting my payments they sent me to collections for a mere $78.00. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. Not to mention, I believe that if you are dealing with a local company, you shouldn't have to talk to someone in India when you call customer service. FUCK YOU COMCAST and GOOGLE and YOUTUBE and the rest

by Mr Bill on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Fuck you comcast. What is channel 9 in HD? No problem, scroll through over 1000 channels of bullshit 4 at a time until you find it.


i been with comcast 1 year 7 monthes!! Not one singles month has my bill been close to what i signed up for!! price between 600, 299 bucks a month!! the CS WILLL OUT RIGHT LIE TO YOU OVER THE PHONE,,, MAKE SURE you save your paper bill,, doesn't matter much because it always something you did to didn't do!! i cant wait till this company goes under bankrupt off the face of the earth!! just like version!! its a sad day when hard working people are being taken,,, what a bunch of shit sticks stay the fuck away from the contacted,,,, question,,, if i rent a box,,,, at 25 bucks a month for 2 years it shouldn't be mine,,, since they alway seem to upgrade as soon s u think you have the latest one,,,, no,,, they will charge you couple hudred bucks if not returned,,,, i hope you like watching the same movies and shows over and over,, and having you shows turn payed only right in front of your eyes,, i could go on for ever fuck COMCAST!! I WISH I COULD GIVE NO STARS,,, FUCK COMCAST!!

by C. R. Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
Too many ads

Ever try watching a movie on comcast. Try watching Bourne, the Ultimatum. Seriously, an ad every 10 minutes. And the ads themselves run several minutes. You can't keep track of the movie, you lose interest, and get frustrated by the constant ads. So I went to Amazon Prime and rented the movie for $4 and NO ads. Wish I had done that sooner.

by F*ck_Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

Their service is shit. It goes out all the time, most likely due to someone stealing bandwidth yet the idiots at Comcast are too stupid to figure that out. They are just interested in getting paid and not fixing their shitty network.

Good Leaving Comcast

Just wait until you want/or leave Comcast. Small Business Owner who moved Locations and asked to have my Phone Number Ported over to new location (Comcast not a choice to use)...For 3 weeks, my Biz Phone says "No Longer in Service"...Imagine you move your Business and your phone says this when someone try's to call. Theytjink mt Biz has closed all together. I've had this number for 7 yrs.

Now...I have had 4 Seperate Calls. 3 on hold for 1:45 minutes and had to drop. 4th call today...Women finally tells me that Number has been "Released" !? Meaning gone. She was going to try to help me. I told her about other Calls and asked her to please just check in so I know I am still on hold (no music). She also takes my Cell Number for any issue.

THIS time, we left my Speaker on for 4 HOURS!!!

Issue still not solved.
That's my with it what you will.

by I Hate all of comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
I Hate all of comcast

They don't even rate as a 1 one!!! I read a few of these reviews and I agree with what I read! They have us here in a bind because they are the only ones with the service other than satellite! If I went with satellite I would be jumping from the fry pan into the fire for ripping off their own customers! The thing is that the government in this messed up state brought them here and is allowing them to rip off us! They don't care about its own people all they worry about is how much money they can fill there pocket with! Comcast helps this to happen by giving the state a little extra! Pay off!!! Ya I am talking about vermont! Were on to you vermont gov! How do you think you kidding anyway? It's getting so only the rich and live in this Fed up state! Yep the ones that work in the government! Or the head bull crap at comcast! Wow I could go on and on about this! F-U vermont!!!

by Simon C. on Fuck You Comcast!
Plausible Deniability

First representative: You have a grace period of 10 days before you'll receive a late charge fee.
Me: Do you have that in written form? (I'm trying not be be a fool)
FR: Sorry, I can't send you an email on that.
Me: I'm not asking for an email - just any documentation that what you're saying is accurate.
FR: Sorry, I can't provide that email.
Me: May I speak with a manager who might be able to provide any documentation?
FR: Certainly, hold on.
Me: ...
Manager: blah, blah, blah - How can I help you?
Me: The last representative just told me that I have a grace period before I'll be charged a late fee. I just want written documentation for that.
Manager: You have a six day grace period before you're charged a late fee.
Me: That's why I need documentation - the last rep just stated that it was a 10 day grace period. It seems like the information provided changes with the rep with whom one is speaking. I need some sort of written documentation that I can turn to when the next rep says there is no grace period.
Manager: We can't send an email to confirm that.
Me: Still not asking for an email - just any documentation whatsoever.
Manager: But we don't have the ability to send an email to confirm.
Me: Fuck you, Comcast.

by Terry tweed on Fuck You Comcast!
Burning bag of shit

Would have been better if you took a shit on my porch and run away..Instead of hooking your services up

by Terry tweed on Fuck You Comcast!
Eat a stinky sausauge you twat

Zero stars and zero fucks..I hope your servers explode..and your shitty company goes down fast

by Carney on Fuck You Comcast!
Monopolies hurt consumers

In my area, if you want high-speed Internet, you hare pretty much at the mercy of Comcast. They certainly know this and treat customers accordingly -- meaning very badly. I have been fighting with the company for three years and have made zero progress. Every single night, while attempting to unwind in front of the TV, we lose audio, video or both at least several times. The audio is always out of sync, much like the early "talkies" where you hear the words and then the mouth moves. The feed is choppy and often pixalates into nothingness. We also constantly lose channels --often in mid-broadcast. Meanwhile, it has now been four days and we can still not retrieve any voicemail. Our phone service is prone to crashing at least two-three times a week. Friends, co-workers, clients and family all know to call the cell since the Comcast phone is so unreliable. Then there is the Internet...yeah, about that high speed: many times the connection is slower than old dial up and much less reliable. Try listening to music or watching even the simplest video and good lucj --90% of the time it doesn't work. We lose connection at least 4-5 times a day when I'm trying to work online. It's gotten so bad that I often go to the coffee shop to work instead of fighting with the system in the home office.

So, we've tried contacting Corporate, all the way to sending carpet bombs begging for help. When they even bother to respond, it is lame. They send the same idiot techs out who try the same approaches every other tech tried and that failed to fix anything. Bottom Line: Comcast is a monopoly and knows it doesn't have to deliver on their contract or assist customers. They simply DO NOT care.

by Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck comcast!!


wow big fan of hairy dick!

me myself, hairy dick is good. i love hairy big sloppy loppy dick!

by Fuck you comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Shitty internet quality

They say unlimited, then you get fuck on the interent and other tings with it. When you are only paying 200 plus for it. Fuck you comcast!!!!!!!!

by Austin on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast you fucking cunts

Fuck you comcast, you bullshit your way into peoples homes and for what? To give them shit fucking service for the remainder of their contract? Then to top it off, you FUCKING CALL MULTIPLE TIMES PRETENDING TO GIVE A SHIT JUST LONG ENOUGH THAT YOU CAN TRY TO SELL MORE OF YOUR BULLSHIT. SINCERELY, go die in hell. I hope Satan fucks you all in the ass for eternity. FUCK YOU

by sebastian ravitz on Fuck You Comcast!
im a skid

someone took my comcast because im a massive LOSER

My story.

I had the triple play (phone, internet, tv) with the rate guaranteed forever. They put a filter on the line so I got nothing, and said that I had to get a new deal to get the filter taken off. The price went up $50.00 a month and I even deleted the phone . They cheat and lie. I can't wait until 5g puts them out of business. Everyone I know hates them but they have a monopoly until 5g comes out. They function as a practicallyunregulated monoply that abuses their own customers.


My damn bill changes each month for the worse ! I have a 2 year contract--some months its $3 more next its $18 more the $13 WTF--then I call and explain to the bafoons (everytime I call I get a Filipino in Manilla) they always quote that taxes went up-5 straight months ? I ask what my bill should be I get different answers-I go to a supervisor or solutions team and they give me a credit--the next month I am charged the creit this has gone on for a year. And I have lost some of the channels I had--fuck them

by dcsfly on Fuck You Comcast!
Piss Poor

No stars. One person tells you one thing, another says the exact opposite and a third even has a different answer for the same issue. When I asked to have the phone number to Comcast Corporate Customer Relations, I was told “we are not allowed to give that out because they don’t want to deal with complaints, that’s why they have us. You can write them though!”

Hate Comcast

Today is the day I have waited for. I have wave G internet, and Direct Tv Live (streaming live and on demand - all the same channels). Tomorrow I can take all my equipment back and say “fuck you Comcast!”

by Lynn Fischer on Fuck You Comcast!
con artists

They have an option on their web page for you to view different packages, but when you try to access it, they tell you to call customer service. The last time I chatted with customer service, they pressured me to buy a (temporarily) less expensive package with crap I didn't want. Was obnoxious. They should have to take down the shopping option since they deny use of it. I hate to take out a new service because of the hassle, but Comcast is ripping me off. My service is way too expensive and they do everything they can to keep it that way. Someone needs to jerk them into line. They shouldn't be able to get away with this.

by AjitPai on Fuck You Comcast!
I want to die


by salami boy 1 on Fuck You Comcast!
lube makes it no more comfortable

Y'all got about a month. Cause that's how long the dry reaming has been turning my bunghole a bright comcast red with shades of x1 box blue. Picture a bloody plum, throbbing 12 beats to the bar in a boogie woogie swing time tune
It all started when I was having to reconnect to my wireless network every single time I was away from my PC more than 20 min. Then it was whenever I changed sites. Meanwhile the so called X1 Box was canceling and changing DVR settings at random by some mystery force of unknown origin. Comcast genius bar tech declared it was neighborhood crossover programming of which there was no control. And the Comcast Internet Wizards informed me that they had no control in a network of wireless nature which took me off of my network and put me on their's.
Somebody is full of dog waste here and I do not have a dog. So I guess this should be chalked up to a mystery mutt who wants more than just some leg to get his jollies!!!!!!!

by comcasteatshit on Fuck You Comcast!
Throttling Fucks

Comcast i hope you company burns to the fucking ground. Been throttling me everytime I stream a show. According to google speed test i have over 200Mbps down.. but why when im the only one on the internet my 720p netflix, hbogo, hulu all starts to buffer?

by I hate THEM on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck them

So they are trying to charge me 175 for an installation fee when installed my internet myself. Then when I call to tell them stop for the fourth time, the guy tells me to block my card. Are they retarded? Nvm. Have to be. I suggest if anyone can get spectrum use them. I have to use google fiber cuz spectrum isn’t where I live. But fuck Comcast they are all scammers and idiots ran by a scamming ass CEO.

I honestly have no fucking idea how this company has managed to stay in business. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t hate Comcast. In fact, i could be trapped in a room with a person who is the polar opposite of myself, yet still somehow manage to get along with them because the single similarity we’d share would be our hatred for Comcast. They should call it Concast cuz THEYRE A BUNCH OF FUCKING CONS AND WHORE-SONS.

by FUCK COMCAST INTERNET on Fuck You Comcast!

Out of the blue the router stopped sending WiFi signal.

by Person on Fuck You Comcast!

I see lots of email complaints here. To those of you complaining about the email:
Are you fucking retarded?

Who the fuck uses their ISPs email? Fucking dumb 90 year olds that who.

U suck

Why the fuck do u bitch mother fuckers block out every cubs game played on your bitch ass sport channel when is on other station like tonight it on ESPN but u bitch mother fuckers got it blocked stop being suck fucking bitches

by Zulma on Fuck You Comcast!
nice job

We called a while ago asking why its so slow and sometimes the connection is bad. All they did was change the name of the wifi. Thanks, still shitty.

by C. R. Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
Fees for nothing

Comcast doesn't give a rip about anything but its profits. The company is a rip off, service sucks, and it the biggest miser on the planet.
I'm OUT as SOON as my contract expires

by Douche Whittikar on Fuck You Comcast!
Cuntcakes & twats

These muther fuckers are so fucked up with their Indian customer support, hate those Indian muther fuckers. They will fuck up the smallest request.

by Cindy riley on Fuck You Comcast!

This is the worst cable company ive ever had to deal with..cable freezes up all the time and they put service charges of 60 bucks on my bill..a tech had to bring me a new box as the one they gave me was bad from the get go im looking for a new cable company.

by Seeya on Fuck You Comcast!
They hang up on you

Called to add phone service added, they said my bill would increase $20. My bill $150, I’ve called to correct and have been hung up on 4 different times.

by Steve on Fuck You Comcast!

The worst equipment by the worst cable company. Piece of shit does not work a day without freezing up or just shutting down in middle of program. Only thing worst that than is Habibie in service. is your cable box plugged in ? In what 3rd world shit hole do they find these asshole.

by Hoosier on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks

The internet goes out ALL the time in turn wipes out my cable. When you call tech support cannot do anything. This happens at least twice a week sometimes more than twice a day. I am on 3rd reboot in the last hour. Ugh i hate this overpriced bullcrap.

by Can never connect to wifi on Fuck You Comcast!
Can never connect to wifi

One thing. Three people are using the wifi and xfinity can handle it. I can never get any of my work done due Comcasts' inability to handle three people on wifi network. Unbelievable Comcast. Maybe listen to your customers and make quality wifi instead of cheating your customers. You had one job Comcast, and you just lost yet another customer

Fucking shit tier fucking shit

I pay for a fucking service that goes out regularly. I should expect this shit to work, not to go out between 4-6 every day. What the fuck. I'm pissed beyond belief.

by anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is super greedy

Comcast is a very greedy company and they will nickel and dime your bill and charge you for stuff that doesn't warrant a charge.
Trust me ppl, it happens to literally millions of their customers. Comcast is plain and simply a poorly ran company that has garbage management and piss poor outsourced customer service.
They dont give 2 craps about their customers or their employees. All they want is your money. Mark my words people and check your bill monthly for hidden service charges and fees.
May God help you if you need a service call, because most of the time they will slap you with a 70$ charge and will do it every time a technician comes to your home. This happens literally everywhere in the US. Their shady billing practices need to be investigated by the FCC.
Lastly, you dont need Comcast cable. Go to streaming services like Netflix, Sling, KODI. You will find that streaming is actually pretty good and it cost a fraction of the charge of what those greedy crooks are billing you.

by comcastgay420 on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Fucking stupid shitters at comcast won't give me internet that can consistently work. It's hard enough to even type this review when I pay for 75 mbps and get fucking 1 mbps. The speedtest can't even start up now because internet is so slow. Fuck you. I hope everyone at comcast gets raped and dies of AIDS.

by SLOW DOWN INTERNET on Fuck You Comcast!


by Sandra on Fuck You Comcast!
I want FIOs

i would kill to get Verizon FIOS in our area.

How does Comcast get awy with ripping off half the country?

by Nikoman on Fuck You Comcast!
Phantom modem rental

They claimed I had a modem rented but I own mine. They showed two modem serial numbers on one account. It took about 6 hours over several calls to convince them no rental modem existed. Is Phantom modem appeared on my account around month three of my service. They never disagreed because you technically cannot have two modems on one account and they see my modem was active since day one. Considering they agreed, it's ridiculous how long it took to resolve. They have the most worthless customer service I have ever experienced.

by Jozi F on Fuck You Comcast!
Literally. Go fuck yourself

I can't even begin to explain the hate I have for your company. You ever get 12 kills in a solo match of pub g? Then shuts my damn WiFi off. Like bro. Why pay for 50-75 mb/s when I can clearly see it goes down to like 15 and kicks me offline

by WhyTho on Fuck You Comcast!
I cant connect

I cant even fucking connect to my home wifi. Asked xfinity, sent a guy to my house and he left without doing fucking nothing. Said the problem was outside. He fucking left and my wifi has been pretty shitty since then. Payed $80-$90. Like come on. Since I removed the TV pack that made me pay more money the wifi fuckig sucked.

by Terrible Commercial Song by Daphne Willis on Fuck You Comcast!

I HATE THIS COMMERCIAL SO MUCH!!! This features some actors bobbing their heads and swinging swords to this terrible Daphne Willis song. WORSE THAN FREAKING ANACONDA. IT MAKES ME SICK TO MY GUT.

by Calling the news on Fuck You Comcast!

make a make a call to fix billing problem get sent to voicemail great customer service

by RWBailey on Fuck You Comcast!

out rageous that you have refused to include BNT
must now search for another carrier who cares for customers instead of cheap chiseling with BTN

fuck comcast

FUCK COMCAST !!!!!!!!!!!

by Brandon on Fuck You Comcast!

One star is way too high, my dad's wife has Xfinity (she had DirecTV but her dumbass thought Xfinity would be better) anyways everyday it always updates for no reason it's not improving anything, you have a limited amount of channels to watch, like for example MTV you need a subscription a fucking subscription to watch MTV what the hell is that? Now this morning I tried to turn the TV on to catch the news some reason it says no signal and won't let me change the input smh I can't wait to get out of here FUCK YOU XFINITY FUCK CUMCAST YOU ARE A TRASH BRAND MAY YOU ALL GO BALD!

by Anthony on Fuck You Comcast!
Try to do the right f*cking thing

Friend is hospitalized & unable to return to apartment with Comcast. Lease expires at the end of the month so I offer a room in my home to return to and call the f*ckers to stop the service. Took over 20 minutes to get out of the automated phone answering system - your (phone) number is not associated with any known account - are you calling to set up service? - (NO) - person wants to know the same thing 🙁 I ask to stop the service and 3 times am questioned as to why. (Didn't I just tell you?) Script allows 'moving' - I beg that we MOVE on. Script wants to know if I want service at new address (Didn't I just tell you?) - (NO) - Why not? (Didn't I just tell you?) - (Kill me now) More script dribble leads to the conclusion that I am not authorized to stop the service since the (phone) number I'm calling from doesn't match the one on record. - BITE ME! Tried to get a supervisor - Please hold... They're all busy now. (No doubt) Try to help out a friend and do the right f*cking thing and I waste my life on THEM? Never again. BTW you miserable low-life f*ckers your service box is at UPS where they know exactly what to do with it. Hope you do too!


by Justsaynotocomcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Walmart could do it better

Walmart couldn't do any worse. maybe they should try their hand at this .Comcast Cable tv in the crapper already. Better keep your internet service cheap or I say goodbye forever. Many many years experience with Comcast and they have never changed. I'm at my Breaking Point

by robert brumfield on Fuck You Comcast!
children will die

i will mutilate the children of comcast users globally

Yes. Comcast sucks

Their equipment is total crap. Their internet is slow, even though we PAY for 50 mps, we never get that fast. My cable box freezes up literally daily & I have to reset it. I hate Comcast.

Installation nighmare

The following documents the hellish experience I had getting my TV, Internet, Phone and Mobile services working”?

3/9 – Visit Xfinity store in Morton Grove (1 hour roundtrip) to evaluate options
3/13 – Returned to Xfinity store and placed order for X1 TV, Internet, Xfinity Mobile and Phone; told to come back Thursday to get mobile phones activated
3/13 – Purchased Motorola N450 as it is “certified by Comcast Xfinity”
3/15 – Returned to Xfinity store to change phones over to Xfinity mobile; informed I cannot change 3 phones over until Internet installed
3/16 – Installer said I cannot use the modem I purchased and directs to purchase Arris TG862R modem; also told me Xi5 modem would not work on 3rd floor of my home and I would need to run a cable to make this work (false)
3/16 - Purchased Arris TG862R Modem at direction of installer
3/19 - Installer wires house and attempts to use TG862R; after 2 hours of attempts, cannot get it working so grabs Arris TG1682G Xfinity modem and gets TV, phone and Internet working
3/19 – At installers’ direction, I purchase an Arris TG1862G modem from
3/20 – Returned Motorola N450 Modem
3/20 – Returned to Xfinity store and get 3 cell phones activated; was told that data is not shared amongst phone even though I showed them that Xfinity is marketing that data is shared; very rude service
3/21 – Returned Arris TG862R Modem
3/23 – Arris TG1682 modem arrives but family leaves for vacation
4/8 – Had 1 hour long chat with Xfinity tech who said I couldn’t register the Arris TG1682G Modem I purchased as it’s a Comcast only modem
4/8 – Had 2 different calls with tech support and was told I couldn’t register the modem as it was not approved by Comcast; told them that I purchased it, had the receipt and that it is branded Panoramic, not Xfinity
4/8 – Received call from supervisor who said the modem was registered with Cox and that the only way for me to register it was to take my Arris TG1682G and receipt to the Xfinity store; told him this was a waste of my time and would not work
4/9 – Took modem into Xfinity store and was rudely dealt with, told it was a stolen modem still registered to Cox and that they could do nothing
4/9 – Called to cancel all services and was talked out of it and that they would escalate the issue
4/9 – Called Cox and was told that they do not have the modem registered (confirmed no instance of CMAC)
4/9 – Called tech support and magically, the modem was registered; spent 5 hours, speaking with several techs who attempted to get the modem working; only the Internet and the main TV worked (no phone, could not connected to Xi5 boxes)
4/10 – Get call from top level support (Steve) who concludes that my Arris modem is not compatible; purchase 4th modem, Arris SVG248AC (for $110 more than the one I had) and eventually get all services working.
4/12 – Returned Comcast Xfinity Arris TG1682G and the Panoramic Arris TG1682G modems

If their services weren't so good, I cancel in a minute. They offered me $6.45 compensation for spending over 16 hours dealing with their incompetence. Sucks!!!!

by I can't believe it!!!! on Fuck You Comcast!
Where is my channel ?????

I'm tired of channels disappearing all of a sudden . I can only afford limited basic and all I get now is real crap or spanish channels. They took off wrnn NHK the Japanese channel I watched. There are tpo many Spanish channels !!!!! They have much better programs and aren't even subtitled in English !!!!

by Bob Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
go fuck urself comcrap


by Comcasted on Fuck You Comcast!

Oh thank god a forum where I'll post a frustration which will get nothing accomplished. I check a channel on my service, I need a subscription change, the popup tells me check and then Shop/Upgrade. I go to the site, then the s/u section, and it tells me to call. I call and wait for 40 minutes to no avail and hang up in utter frustration that I can't tell the rep to go f themselves. The tv sends me to the internet which sends me to the phone which goes nowhere. Humma-yummma I pray Amazon bends this company over and taxes them endlessly. What a clusterfuck.

by Bucknut on Fuck You Comcast!

One star is too much for thiese greedy, zero customer service having imbeciles. Cut off Big Ten Network right before spring football to every major metro area outside of Ohio. They even cut it out of Cbicago where 2 bjg ten schools are. Ive always disliked Comcast, but now i really hate them.

by PRINCESS on Fuck You Comcast!




by spongebob fan on Fuck You Comcast!

pay for high speed, can't watch spongebob

by Lao Shi on Fuck You Comcast!

ur fukin latency sucks dick niggers

by Worst Company Ever on Fuck You Comcast!
Nigger Comcast

I can't play League of Legends with my friends. They are niggardly. Constant packet loss.

I do not care about scheduled maintenance, stop fucking with my internet connection. It was fine until you disconnected it, fucking ignorant company.

by Kylee on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast sucks!

I HATE COMCAST! I bought a few seasons of one show and watched them and started recording the next seasons but now everytime I record it to watch it for free, it is deleted before I can watch them. Like they want me to buy the rest of the seasons.


i sign on and everythings changed, i cna't find my fav channel. these left wing assholes.

by DirectTV on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Supports Nazis

Comcast supports the likes of the KKK and Liberals.

by NowaytorunaRailroad on Fuck You Comcast!
To Stupid to Even Cancel Account

I posted a review below about them charging me for internet usage when I wasn't even home. I've called 6 times just to cancel the account and they can't even do that correctly.

The average IQ of a Comcast employee must be 25. Comcast is like the Hotel California....You can never leave AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

by Satan on Fuck You Comcast!

Fuck you fucking comcast go die and burn in hell, with the rest of nazis.

Comcast is the worst, I don’t reccommend it.

by Comcast? NO! on Fuck You Comcast!
X1 is annoying

I got X1 on Wednesday, and service upgrades. The day after, a employee showed up, said he is putting a filter on my line, but he made half my channels need a subscription? WHY?

What Can You Say?

What can one say? Really.

Being the only game in town, one is forced to do business with the Devil.

Do they listen? Nah, but they pretend to.

I've decided there is absolutely no rationale reason to try to even ask them a question as I know what the answer will be.

I'll be gone the summer and came across the Seasonal Convenience Plan but on a little investigation discovered, "Account cannot go on Seasonal. Currently not available for customers in geographical location." What a surprise!

by Fireman Freddy Fuckstick on Fuck You Comcast!
New customers

Whenever Comcast gets a new customer their corporate executives tear the wings off of an eagle. Don’t get Comcast.

by Nowaytorun arailroad on Fuck You Comcast!
Wireless Hacked

I've got a password protected wireless modem that apparently was hacked. We were charged $100 in "over limit" internet charges", but haven't been home for 4 months (snowbirds).

When I called to ask what could be done, I was told "nothing...I was responsible for the charges". I told them I wasn't home to change passwords, so had no recourse but to cancel my account. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, the agent hung up on me.

Hope they enjoy the $100 bucks...I just cancelled everything with them and will go to AT&T Fiber Optic when I return.

I'm honestly not surprised given my dealings with Comcast in the past...

by Freddy Fuckstick on Fuck You Comcast!
All services suck

Comcast is the kind of company that will rush a tech out to your house to get you initially hooked up the same day you want service started. Once you start their service they don’t give a rats ass. If your system goes down they tell the customer to troubleshoot it by direction. If you can’t fix it they will send a tech out two days later and you will be lucky if they come within the time frame they give you. My entire “service” has been restored three times this week, the tech comes by, gets it up and running closes the ticket, leaves and two hours later it goes out again. I call customer service back and they say they could have had someone come right back out but the ticket was closed. I am a college student, some of my classes are online and I am disabled. It is Saturday and I have homework due Monday. Comcast does not give a shit about their customers, and it’s because whatever the area they are in, they are the monopoly provider. The calls we make to their agents are recorded but apparently instead of improving their business model.......

....Here is what they do...

The Comcast executives have a daily brunch with crepes and mimosas. After stuffing their greedy little heads the entertainment comes in. Each exec gets a pair of tweezers and a bowl full of live flies that have been sedated just enough where they cannot fly or get away. Then they start laughing and merrily tweezing the wings off of the flies while pretending that the flies are Comcast Customers. For added pleasure the recorded calls of pissed of people who call in about intermittent service, service interruptions etc. are played in the background. That kind of shit gets them really going and then they start slapping each other on the back and congratulating themselves for a job well done. Then a half hour later after a few more mimosas everyone is drunk, then they strip naked and start an old fashioned game of Grabass. All of this continues until lunch at 1100.
After lunch, the corporate planning meeting starts. This is the time they get together and make up shit that they have their customer tech support people tell you over the phone.
Things like... I am so sorry that your internet and telephone service is down, would you like us to call you when it comes back up? -duh
How about this one... you can check the status of your trouble ticket by going online to anyone at Comcast even hear what I said?

Comcast Sucks

Fucking Retards

Our fucking router stopped working so they were supposed to come in today with a new one but nope. Fucking dumbasses forgot to confirm the order and now they have to come tomorrow. How can you fuck that up? We’ve had no goddamn WiFi for 2 days now.

by Comcast sucks plain and simple on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast service drops out, help desk have zero training

The real issue is with Comcast's management for poor quality of their equipment and for putting their help desk staff in frustrating situations where they can't help their customers due to lack of training, or the help desk farmed out to Russia where they don't understand English.

by fuck xfinity on Fuck You Comcast!
worst fucking "service" ever

Their pure existence is to scam you more money.

by Fucking hate comcrap on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks fat dick

So i got a new set top box that was hd compatible. Cable was working fine as in i could watch most channels but cnbc and all the mtv channels lagged for some reason constantly. Unplugged old box plugged in new one. Error could not connect. Called tech support and they sent a new signal or some shit and it still didnt work. Was on phone for an hour. Decided to just plug in the old box but for some reason it no longer worked. Called tech support again and got a fucking idiotic jack wagon that aggressively insisted i need a tech to come out. WTF my cable box was just working, NOTHING has changed except whatever your last dipshit did to my service. WHY THE FUCK DOESNT MY FUCKING BOX WORK ANYMORE YOU GREEDY FUCKING SCUMBAGS??!!

Stupid is as comcrap does

How damn dumb is this entire so called company? They have an ipad offer for $120 for a 128gb ipad. They process your order, charge you for it on your current bill, tell you it will be 5-10 business days, never send a tracking number and no one there can tell you anything about your order. No one can find an answer for you. In person, they have the deer in the headlights look down to an art form. Shit for brains, look it up in the dictionary and you will see all of comcrap smiling and waving. Suits them just fine. They do not care about customers unless they do not pay. What a joke.

by Brian on Fuck You Comcast!
Infuriated customer

This service sucks on all fronts. I could chronicle the story but I'm too tired. The service just all around sucks.

by dick lick on Fuck You Comcast!
still trying to get you to correct your billing error

been on phone line 6 times, tried to enter my account 8 times, been to your mall outlets 9 times and you morons still can't correct your billing errors. YOU SUCK

by Braveheart on Fuck You Comcast!
Evil Corporation Comcast

We have all been through hell at the hands (claws) of this greed monger. The time of companies taking care of loyal customers is over. The only time these money whores treat you well is to sign you up. The same way predatory psychopaths behave by the way. Nice at first meeting then deadly. Comcast is a corporate psychopath. All of their employees are spiritually responsible for the harm they cause just like the low-level lackeys working in the Nazi camps could not claim immunity after WW II.

Please cut yourself free of them. It is the only choice. They are supported by all consumer groups, attorneys and governments. The greed machine has many arms. Sever your service. Sever your viewing addictions. They bring out the worst in us. I get off the phone with them shocked at how angry and depressed I feel. Cut htem off today. You can do it!

by fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck comcast

FUCK COMCASt why the hell can i watch live tv abc nbc espn hbo showtime stc but when i go to on demand it says i need to subscribe or buy the season!!!!!!! what the fuck u fucking suck u cock suckers!!!!!!!!!!! it sucks this is the only thing available here

by rich allen on Fuck You Comcast!
service sucks

They forced me to give them a one star rating. they're not worth that. this service Sucks!!! My internet goes out through out the day. My cable goes out. No answers from this sorry group....

Regulate Comcast

Our society has become too dependent on internet access that it must be regulated like a public utility. Then, if Comcast wants to triple your monthly internet bill, they have to go before the PUC and get it approved.

Fucking Garbage

I'm going to unplug this piece of shit xfinity modem, beat it with a hammer until my arm gets tired, then piss on it.

worst service in the world

Rating zero. This is the worst service in th e world. Even in africa they don't provide this kind of bad service.

New idea for Comcast

I suggest we provide North Korea with all Comcast's addresses with the idea that the North Korean use those address for target practice for their next ICBM launches.

by Tkern on Fuck You Comcast!
3.5 weeks and counting to get cable

We have a new house I’ve been waiting 3 1/2 weeks and five technician visits to get cable dropped to my house the people across the street have cable but people down the street have cable but for some reason concast cannot get a technician to come and hook up and drop a line so I can have my cable I’ve never seen such an incompetent company in my life the do not talk to each other and all I get is well I feel your pain. It would’ve been WATT easier if I just went with satellite but I need the Internet so I soon as they get the cable run I’m just going to get the Internet through them and go to a satellite company

by Frank on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast must die

Constant outages erroneous charges terrible customer service. Oh the benefits of a monopoly Comcast u really must die!

Worst Company on Planet Earth

Comcast customer service is the worst experience (short of having a brain tumor) that anyone can have. They are rude, stupid, and the most fucked up people on the planet.

by Screw C0mcast on Fuck You Comcast!

If you're a pirate like me that torrents EVERYTHING, God Bless your soul! If you don't use proxy or VPN, you're going to be in HELL. Because of C0mcast, I can't Torrent Farcry 5 now. My poor ass can't afford a VPN, and proxy alone isn't enough. So I'm fucked.

by Charlie Buckett on Fuck You Comcast!
They have the scam down to a science.

We just recently completed a sale/move. Closed on March 19th and moved(slowly) over the course of the past 2 weeks. We put a hold on our service February 24th and restarted March 23rd. The bill was only $170 due on March 28th. We pay thinking everything is fine. But it's Comcast, so of course it isn't.

Somehow, in less than a week, It shoots up to $450. We call and ask what the fuck was going on and somehow we were getting charged for the month the service was on hold. So we scream at them a bit and we get credits for the days the service was not used. EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS A HOLD IN PLACE AND WERE TOLD NO CHARGES WOULD BE MADE. They even tried to tell us that there was never a hold in place. Even though the bill stayed $170 the whole time.

Of course, it didn't stop there. Somehow the bill is still $225 dollars because, get this, WE STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE MONTH NO SERVICE WAS PROVIDED!!! Why, you ask? BECAUSE IT'S THE NEW ADDRESS!!!

I told them the service is the same regardless of the address. It didn't matter to them. They put the billing cycle down as 3/3/2018 to 4/1/2018. The hold was 2/24/2018 to 3/23/2018. I was curious why we needed a new account number and password. They just make you a new account for the new address.

We got credits for the days of no service and still charged for the month... of no service. Our bill as of right now is $225 after the credits and the $170 we thought was the payment due. It was $450 before that.


by Pissed on Fuck You Comcast!
Seriously what the fuck guy

Half of the time when I’m home alone on internet that shit doesn’t even work. Protected WiFi btw

by Alex Mendez on Fuck You Comcast!
Transfer issues

Comcast claims their transfer service is easy. I only had comcast as an option for my current building. I have all my own equipment. Despite telling comcast numerous times that I am only interested in internet, they still ask me how much I'm paying and offering me cable. Despite the fact I have my own equipment, they are stating that I have to pay for the pro install. Not only that I have to wait 5 days before they could come.,Despite the fact that other internet companies told me they do next day installation. The only other option in the building would require me to buy a new router, which is more expensive. The rep kept telling me that their company does their best, and that they do weekend and holiday instals and I should have called earlier, but that doesnt matter BECAUSE YOU CAN:T provide the service. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY YOU TO INSTALL MY OWN EQUIPMENT?

by Neil Smit on Fuck You Comcast!

"I just wanted to add to Brian L. Roberts comments here. He is a fantastic boss and I am glad to work for him and Comcast each day. Comcast is a great company that provides our best and most popular product ---- customer service. Thanks guys!"

Congratulations on being in the 0.1%

by Trevor M. on Fuck You Comcast!

Fuck comcast. They force data caps on us consumers just for the sole purpose of gathering money from our pained wallets. Not only that, Don't even mention their uptime as of late. (it has been god awful.) They don't "allow" (Based on their "Acceptable Use Policy") people like me who are network and server guru's hos our own public facing services! You cant even host a simple fucking website without comcast having the right to kill your connection. Fuck them, go with anyone else. They are the biggest corporate douche bags and the worlds most scummy and hated company.

by Andrea on Fuck You Comcast!
Don't give a crap about customers

I would give no stars at all if that were an option. We have a business account. They had to make repairs to THEIR equipment, and insisted on doing it during working hours. Our entire company shut down, then they were 20 minutes late, then they didn't bring the right equipment and after over an hour they left without doing anything. They came back the next day (late again but we learned from the first time and didn't shut down until they got there), and again the entire company had to shut down for over an hour while they worked. They REFUSED to make repairs after business hours. We are checking into other options for communications.

by Fios Here I come on Fuck You Comcast!
Can It Get Any Worse

I have invested hours speaking with one dim bulb after another - I cannot believe that they can find new and inventive ways to screw up. I have enough material to write a book. - The latest - canceling my service for non-payment WHILE I HAD A CREDIT BALANCE


I live at 225 Glenwood ave. U guys came out at night, screwed with our wires on the pole all down the street without any of us knowing, took off our internet which worked perfect before. And now ur telling me that I need to set an appointment for Thursday, during work for u to come out and try to fix our problem which we would have to pay for. No wonder why u guys have such a shitty fucking rating because u guys rip us off and don't give a flying fuck. We're not paying for service so u guys can come and screw with our connection whenever u please. I am going to complain to NBC news soon so they can have a clooser look in to what u guys are actually doing.

by Gwen Plink on Fuck You Comcast!
So slow

Comcast is slow. It buffers all the time on sunny days for no reason. I have brand new computer, with 16GB of ram yet the internet is slow af. Half the time i use my iPhone hotspot because its faster with two bars then Comcast is. My boyfriend’s Walmart phone plan has a faster internet connection than comcast. I cant wait to move for grad school because then i will get anything besides comcast, and my grades will impove because the internet connection goes out when i do my homework. I will have 4.0 instead of a 3.8 so thanks for nothing comcast. Your internet blows chunks

by SHINJI (Go drown in bleach Brian L. Roberts, son of the satanic Comcast) on Fuck You Comcast!


by FuckingTiredOfTalkingToComcastTechSupport on Fuck You Comcast!
Bunch of bullshitting assholes

They get one star because that's the only way to leave a review. We've been on the phone for 3hrs+ per day for the last 4 days. It's fucking ridiculous and I'm now researching... when the internet is actually up and live... who to replace them with. I don't care if everyone in this house loses their channels they love. I can't take it anymore. We got sold some super speed and you have to be sitting on the fucking modem for it to even get to half of what they promised. The service in San Francisco has always been shitty, but now even more. New modem. Yeah. Worse. Oh here, take an old modem. Well...WTF. What is it? It's system problem and clearly you all don't give a shit over there. You know people will stay because it's such a pain in the ass to switch. Well.... fuck you, you fucking fucks. I am not going to pay premium to be fed your bullshit service anymore. I may get less, but I won't have the fucking headaches and stress I get from dealing with you. Fuck off comcast.

by Brian L. Roberts on Fuck You Comcast!

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Comcast is doing a really good job. I’m glad I decided to use Comcast . It’s really great how easy Comcast is to update and manage. I never have any problem at all. My Comcast is so much faster and easier to work with than other who are not Comcast . It used to take me an hour or more to update my social status and I would still sometimes screw it up. Now it’s almost like having the internet right here with me. I just choose the page, make the mouse click and watch lots of porn. It’s so simple. Thanks, guys!”

by Business User on Fuck You Comcast!
Paying for things you don't use

I am really getting tired of this whole thing of paying for stuff you don't use. This whole idea of bundling is stupid for the customer. For the life of me I don't get it when you pay 79.00 for a bundle that is for two years and then they want to charge you more for just ONE service like Internet at 99.00 and then want to charge you "rental" fees for the crappy modem that they "control" it's not right.It's about time that we consumers go after the State Utilities Commission and our State Representatives. Have you ever heard the line from someone at Comcast or PECO or even the water company say, "We only follow the rules of the State Utilities Commission." WHAT BS. The Utilities OWN the State Utilities Commission. They tell the State Repres what to do.. All Utilities should be made to serve in the interest of the consumer and NOT the "shareholders" and the overpaid corporate officers. They should be made to answer the phones and hear what the consumer has to say.But do we, the consumer, have the guts to do it. NOPE.. We just roll over and keep voting the same assholes back into office.

by Daryl on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast lies

Comcast has promised to credit my account for lack of service. However they do not follow through even after repeated calls.

by Benjamin on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is planning the end times

SOOOO for the past few years, my parents have been with comcast. I left my house about a year ago primarily due to the shitty internet at my house. I couldn't fuckin be bothered to deal with the worlds slowest down and up speeds. I live in barracks now, with plenty of guys and let me tell you, the internet here is waaaay faster. It doesn't make any sense at all since there are so many people in here. I've been home for about a week and I am now back on the shitty internet that is xfinity. They haven't fixed their shit and I have been gone a year. I checked their service maps and they say that my speeds should be moderate but all I can get is the ability to send an email. I tried to watch youtube earlier but neither my laptop or my phone can't seem to be bothered. Comcast is the worst, I hate all of their service operaters because they don't do shit, and I have to be home with slow service for the next week. No streaming while people are at work. No playing Xbox with friends. No downloading a book to read. I hope comcast reads this and understands that I hate them. I'm going to get my parents to switch to a different provider. I hate you so much Comcast. I was gone for a year. Understand that this has been a run on thing since 2012. Fuck you and your shitty internet and cable.

Count on the to Screw it up

Want to watch 60 minutes tonight - Stormy Daniels interview. Basketball running 1/2 hour into 60 minutes. Tech support shares there's an outage in my area... Who's on 1st? Tech support is a moron. TV and internet are working fine. Cannot answer question about watching 60 minutes program in its entirety.

by C. R. Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
I Loathe Comcast Clean to the Bone

This is the quintessential money-grubbing company. Constant increases, and limiting the consumer to 2yr "packages" of which 90% are bottom fish that no one wants to watch. Over the yrs I have taken great pleasure in turning the tv off whenever a commercial happens or is about to happen.

by fuck you on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck you

fuck you. I can't believe I give you money for this shit.



by Comcast Xfinity are thieves on Fuck You Comcast!
Thieves and liars.

I hate everything about you bastards. Wasted thousands of my hard earned money to you. Hope all of you disappear off of this earth. You bastards are worthless humans.

by Shittiest internet of all time on Fuck You Comcast!

I’ve had Comcast for about 6 months now since I moved to Arizona.. my internet literally goes out every night and just doesn’t come back on. I honestly had more reliable internet in deployed locations. This is ridiculous. Customer service always feeds me the same bullshit reaponse, “oh we are very sorry about your internet outage, we will get that fixed for you permanently” it’s all a bunch of fucking poppy cock bull shit

by YourSavior is a moron on Fuck You Comcast!
what an idiot

"1. All cable companies are shady. All of them."

Yup. Better rate it higher because they are just as shady and shitty as everyone else. Oh wait, no, that's fucking retarded. If service is bad, service is bad. If prices are bad, prices are bad. Comparing their services and prices and business practices to others doesn't raise their ratings. They are worse than a lot of providers I've had, so even if I did that, ONE FUCKING STAR. Moron.

"2. Internet is more expensive by itself. all companies."

Again, not raising the rating because everybody is a piece of fucking shit.

"3. Customer service agents are not gods or programmers, they can't magically fix a real issue, bugs, system failure, outage. etc.. Just forget it. Deal with it"

Anybody that works for a company represents that company. If Comcast can't train it's employees to properly deal with fucking garbage service, then they shouldn't give out garbage services. I worked as a CSR for Frontier, one of the shittiest ISPs in the country, and almost every one of my coworkers was a fucking moron that didn't understand what they were doing, despite a training course. If they can't learn from a pretty basic handbook and training course, then they shouldn't be working that fucking job.

"4. Nobody purposely take your speed away. Your line has an issue, get a tech out. That's Ur only solution. deal with it."

Incorrect, Comcast has very publicly been guilty of throttling multiple times. Idiot.

"5. If there is an outage, there is no estimate. period. They don't give time frames so you don't call back and say they said it will be back in x amount of time. They are not gods. customer service are not field tech."

It goes beyond tech and customer service lack of communication. The techs don't even fucking communicate. It's run very, very poorly. You'll call to complain about your service being out, and they'll try to replace your modem... while a tech team is fixing the lines down the street. I've had a tech at my house try to sell me a new modem while techs were fixing lines down the street. They don't fucking talk, nobody has any idea what is happening. That's not how a business should be run. I would know, I run a business. I doubt you do.

"6. Wifi range issue is not companies fault. You are just ignorant on how wireless signal works. Do some research."

Comcast lies about WiFi to it's customers to upsell them on stupid peripherals and routers. You can't blame the customer for not knowing that they were lied to.

"7. U have bad internet service, call for a tech. it happens. human get sick, systems fail. take a pill. it is not rocket science."

Pro-tip: the tech will almost certainly not fix your problem. Almost all internet problems happen at the ISP level, and it can take them a long time to figure that out because... every person who works for ISPs do not know enough about what they do to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. You're just a complacent moron that doesn't know anything.

"8. You don't pay for emails. they are complementary/"

Not always, sometimes they cost money.

"9. LOL speed and your internet shutting down or losing connection are not related and have nothing to do with each other. You just compare potato and sugar. Don't they have i have the fastest internet but modem still shut down idiot."

Half of this is nonsense, the other half is just fucking wrong. Packet loss can lead to slow speeds and outages. It's a major problem with outdated infrastructure and equipment. It's very common, and is often the cause of peoples annoyance with their ISPs. If you say "packet loss" to a tech, there's a 20% chance they'll know what you're talking about, and a 80% chance that those that do know will try to upsell you a modem and charge you out the ass. The problem is almost NEVER the modem or your equipment. It is almost 100% of the time the ISP.

"10. Best advice, make sure you are not paying when internet is not working. they can credit you for your days off. Make sure they don't raise your bills. Scream at customer service only when they are taking your money unfairly, else ask for a refund."

That might work, but mostly you're being the exact person you were trying to prevent by saying "Customer Service Agents aren't gods." If you scream at CSRs, you're a fucking prick.

Well, as you can see, this dipshit doesn't know anything, and people like this are the reasons ISPs get away with awful services and practices. Go get actually educated, you misinforming, lying prick. Bye.

by Xtremely Mortified on Fuck You Comcast!
Xtremely Dissappointed

All I can say is, Crooked Comcast takes the cake. I’ve never dealt with a company that refuses to waive early termination fees for an authorized move. Just slapped in the face with $1000 in cancellation fees for a move I had no control over. If you’re considering Xfinity - don’t do it!! Zero stars fuckers!

I hate comcast

My apartment forces me to use comcast. I had AT&T before. I am absolutely miserable as a comcast customer, to the point I am thinking of moving out. Consistent service interruption with no reason, terrible, terrible service. And no contact email! FUCK YOU COMCAST right in your ear. You suck.

by Ted Bundy on Fuck You Comcast!
F you!!!

For all the reasons below. Horrible product, outrageous prices, horrible customer service. Shameful on so many levels.

by bernard carr on Fuck You Comcast!

comcast xfinity sucks as my computer stays down down more than up. I am ready to give up and try something else. I will not use dirty words to describe my feelings as i am a christian,

by BOUNCY BALL on Fuck You Comcast!
100% Fiber to my door...90% failure rate

FUCK YOU COMCAST! You bring Internet to a brand new town home development of over 100 units. In an area that is COMPLETELY surrounded by VERIZON FIOS. You offer Asymmetric speeds of 200/10 and also have the balls to advertise gigabit speeds in my area. YOU STUPID POS its not gigabit unless its symmetric. 900+/20 is not gigabit speeds. Fucking constantly unexplained and outages. up to 4-8 hours of downtime for over $100 a month. Your best effort service is out shined by fucking DSL. Oh wait, we have no copper in my brand new neighborhood so THERE IS NO DSL!!! You shady fucking scum! DIE IN A FIRE!

by Fuck you on Fuck You Comcast!
I hope this company goes under

Comcast like version will go up in flames,, there over priced bullshit of a racket tv programing sucks, they play the same movies over and over,, now hoping your so hooked on the latest tv show , they now change you an extra 5.99 a month for amc, history, u name it.. the kicker is 4oo bucks to rent movies 15/20 years old!! When i can see 1 or 2 bucks... or 5,6 bucks for new movies.. it gets better if u happen to loose service no fault of your own... you loose the movies bought for 15/20 bucks.. the best part is when it updates you can also loose everything.. i dont know about u but who remembers all the movie u buy, when u call in thats what you will be asked!! It gets better thanks i had teenagers i own most the movies they show on there bullshit line up... if iam gonna pay for cable tv.. or say 150 a month.. they cant control the shows,, the on demand future should help with the line up... and since they have commercials any ways... only paid or rented ones dont have commercials.. the internets suppose to be the best.,, what a joke... its good if your home it works inside your home... doesnt work worth a fuck around town... i have to use what ever business i may attend that day.. crazy thing is i live in new mexico,, the city itself is located in a hugh hole.. with mountains too the east!! The service sucks ass.. for what the cost off living is you thing companys that are supposed to be of a comfort! They would ha9ve reasonable prices but they only give free service to Major hotels and what not.funny how that works... the drifter has more respect than the home owner!! Thsts why this company gonna fall to pieces... i cant wait.. fuck comcast, insurance companys... they have the backing of the mother fucking goverment.. everytime i pay them i think is this how a rape victim feels.. least they could put a gun in my face!!!! I wish the people who keep these company alive would come together and force these fucks too be fair.... heck!! reasonable!!!

by Comcast Hater on Fuck You Comcast!
Bunch of Ass holes

Bought a modem on ebay and they refuse to activate it saying it was registered as a rental. Told me to visit a comcast store to verify ownership and promised to activate once I returned. So, I go to the comcast store (took me 2 hrs. to get there) return and call them back and they refused to activate it after running me all over the place for nothing. Hate those bastards!

by Duke Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Sucks

This company will raise the cost of your so-called "Package" whenever it wants. A two year contract is a license to steal, because your cost WILL be raised. Buy a package and watch 10 out of a hundred crappy channels. Comcast could not care less what you think.
Whenever a commercial is broadcast, I take great pleasure in shutting down the tv in order to deprive this money-hungry reprobate company every cent I can.

by 1smartkookie on Fuck You Comcast!
Dump Em!

I'm at a friend's house right now and her internet has been cut off because she couldn't afford to pay her high Comcast bill! I don't get why people keep giving this company their hard earned money. There are other alternatives out there. Even if you must have Comcast then use their prepaid services pay as you go where they have no access to your credit and can't screw you over! Comcast will never go under because there's too many people willing to give their money to them despite Bad service, Rude and lying reps, bait and switch and tons of other illegal things they get away with. If you really want to hurt Concast (should be its name) You need to take your money and your business elsewhere. Dump them like you would a two timing, lying, spineless, crappy cheating spouse and move on.

by Melissa on Fuck You Comcast!

One star is to good!!! This company doesn't improve their lines. Adds onto other customers service to service you. I know. I have an apartment building and have seen it! My Internet has been down 3 times this week and I finally got a credit of a whole $8.06 because I insisted on it. I'm so fed up with them being the only option and having to pay over priced rates for inadequate service! If there was another service in the area I would certainly use them!!!

Comcast Third World Tech

Speed and allegedly fancy features don't matter when service is down so frequently. I hate to think how often I have to reboot my modem/router/pos, even multiple times in the same day. If I only paid for actual usage my bill would cut by two thirds.

by DONE!! on Fuck You Comcast!
Email Platform SUCKS!!

SUCKS!! Always, down can never get your fuckin email!! What a PITA Pain In The ASS!! Comcast SUCKS!!

Purchased Content

When I access my Purchased content, it says I have none. I have over 100. After an hour with Customer Techs, they said, Oh there’s an outage and we’ll tag your ticket. Please give us 48 hours to resolve. Really? An hour to discover I’m one of likely millions affected and the answer is an outage after countless signals sent to the box? We’ve hit bottom. Oh, I checked that I’m human

Comcast Xfinity 0.47 mbps

Comcast speed test tells me I'm running at 65 Mbps. Other test tells me I'm at 0.47 Mbps. I can stream video, web pages time out. Now I can't even get internet access after rebooting the router. I wonder which speed test is a fucking liar? Suck my ass xfinity. AT&A was way better. Also you need Roku to stream video as only one type is smart TV has an Xfinity app. Another lie told by Xfinity sales.

by Brian on Fuck You Comcast!


by To hell with scamcast on Fuck You Comcast!

Over $200 for triple play, really??? So I followed the instructions I read online how to lower my bill to $175.a year and a half later I am paying close to $200 again. It was a "contract" and yet the fees kept increasing. I call and complain and am told sorry for the misunderstanding but there's nothing we can do. Not to mention service disruptions, pixelated channels, and having to pay extra for on demand shows on channels I already pay for.

by Mike C on Fuck You Comcast!
And the Horse You Rode In On!

The horse's name was Comcast too....

by Jeff P on Fuck You Comcast!

haven't had ANY service for almost 48 hours. i have tried calling 5 times today... twice i was stuck in an automated loop, and no matter how many times i said "agent" or hit zero, i couldn't get anyone. the 3rd time, i was hung up on. the last time i sat on hold for an hour. the last 2 they basically told me "sorry... thats the earliest we can get there" (which wont work, as ill be in memorial herman woodlands for 7-10 days for spinal surgery)

for a while, i thought things were getting better. you were our only option when we moved in here. the first couple of years were bad. constant issues with latency, packet loss, etc. then, it started getting better. i was even surprised when my bill went DOWN (now come to find out, you are saying i re-upped my contract, which i never did and never agreed to - ive had the same equipment here for over 5 years now)

and to top it off... as i try to get someone on chat... i cant. "Phone Number is not a valid phone number" - THERE ARE NO FIELDS FOR A PHONE NUMBER!!!!!! ridiculous. back to the same old comcast (or maybe it never changed, and i just got lucky)

im done. this is it. you are no longer our only option, and even if i pay more... im leaving and finding something else.


I can't escape the nightmare that is Comcast. They come in my dreams... Their trucks are everywhere. They even harass me at work asking if I want to upgrade a package or add more services. Everything is broken. I'm writing this from a friend's computer - she does not have Comcast. They want to be an aggressive company and are doing everything they can to keep me where I am. I just wish they would stop ringing my doorbell late at night.

by Spectacles on Fuck You Comcast!

these hoes keep showin' up my door. they offering service. I say I already have service, are you here to fix it? they ask what wrong and leave. quit wasting my time and leaving flyers on my lawn

I say fuck you too

tired of you motherfukers giving me updates when I don't want them and shut my shit off anytime you want to this shit ain't cool at all

by YourSavior on Fuck You Comcast!
Some of you just don't understand anything of anything

1. all cable companies are shady. All of them.
2. Internet is more expensive by itself. all companies.
3. Customer service agents are not gods or programmers, they can't magically fix a real issue, bugs, system failure, outage. etc.. Just forget it. Deal with it
4. Nobody purposely take your speed away. Your line has an issue, get a tech out. That's Ur only solution. deal with it.
5. If there is an outage, there is no estimate. period. They don't give time frames so you don't call back and say they said it will be back in x amount of time. They are not gods. customer service are not field tech.
6. Wifi range issue is not companies fault. You are just ignorant on how wireless signal works. Do some research.
7. U have bad internet service, call for a tech. it happens. human get sick, systems fail. take a pill. it is not rocket science.
8. You don't pay for emails. they are complementary/
9. LOL speed and your internet shutting down or losing connection are not related and have nothing to do with each other. You just compare potato and sugar. Don't they have i have the fastest internet but modem still shut down idiot.
10. Best advice, make sure you are not paying when internet is not working. they can credit you for your days off. Make sure they don't raise your bills. Scream at customer service only when they are taking your money unfairly, else ask for a refund.

by KarenFromComcast on Fuck You Comcast!

You may remember me from the xifinity commercials Karen from comcast, We are JUST NOW getting in to customer service, you remember? I am the balheaded guy.. Karen.. uh.. from comcast??

by George L. on Fuck You Comcast!
faulty modem

During an Avast network scan of my office network, I got this message about my Comcast Cisco router: DnsMasq heap buffer overflow vulnerability. Reading further and checking with Avast I learn this is a serious problem for this modem. I call Comcast and they refuse to do anything! Too bad. No firmware update. No modem replacement. Nada. How can they get away with endangering so many businesses with this kind of unwillingness to help.


Had a repeated issue with Comcast and a nice rep gave me a $75 credit. When it didn't show up on the next bill, I called to ask why, and even gave the name of the rep who promised it and the date I called. Was told that there was no record of of our interaction, but that I would still get a credit "for my trouble": of $25.


I speak clearly, at a good speed, not too close to the remote, and it often STILL doesn't understand what I'm requesting. Example: we like horror movies, once requested "witch movies", and got the on-screen reply, "I'm sorry - I don't use language like that!" It not only mis-heard "bitch" (which I did not use), it gave me a reply that was judgmental!

fuck this garbage internet

Stupid overpriced trash for 150ping cant watch youtube in over 240p servers are full what an absolute fucking waste of money. hope the company tanks and they take all the overpaid assholes at the top with them. garbage company die in a fucking fire

by Arthur klein on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks cock!

This is by far the WORST cable company the greater danbury ct area has ever had..theyre a totally rotten company.the service and repairs suck,and theyre just unprofessional...they charge top dollar for BULLSHIT have to keep going through the dial a million times and even then sometimes you cant find a thing..its an unreliable company,they should be put out of business..the equipment they give you is junk...have to go back and forth with faulty equipment to finally get one that works.COMCAST SUCKS BALLS

by Mat C on Fuck You Comcast!

Tallahassee Fl download speefs 12.

by Mat C on Fuck You Comcast!
Internet sucks

Paying Comcadt for over 100 mbps download. Everyday gor a few hours I get less than 12. Each rep blames the previous rep and wants to renter my mac addresses. Incompetent!!!

by Georgia on Fuck You Comcast!

Fuck you Comcast you raise the prices to unbearable heights, you have no speed. It is disgraceful.

by Roland on Fuck You Comcast!
Horrible Customer Service

I just got off the phone with comcast. Tried to lower my bill from $170.00 for basic cable no movie channels and a couple of boxes. I had to do this every year after the promotion was over. After my conversation with 3 different reps one being very rude. I decided to cut cable and just use their internet , which I will get rid of very soon. Now they're going to charge me $99.00 just for the internet service. I have netflix just ordered an antenna for $70.00 that will get me locals programs for free Netlflix costs $11.00. Now time to shop for a more reasonable internet service. I predict Comcast/Xfinity will be out of business 10 years from now. I was a good customer for years always paid my bill on time and they treat me like that? Can you say, %%#I(()(#@ YOU!!!!!!

by Screw Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast SUCKS!

We've been loyal customers for over 10 years. The recent "Upgrade" to their internet/email platform has numerous "bugs" that they are still working on. In the meantime my email that is critical for use in my business won't allow me to send emails to my clients.

Was on the live chat for an hour last Friday and before I could obtain an explanation or a fix for this problem the chat ended. Spent another 45 minutes on the phone with Comcast and ultimately their "solution" was to call Comcast Customer Security Assurance Center.

Spent almost an hour on the phone with them this morning (Monday). Yes, they confessed, this is a large problem, they opened a service ticket and usually withing 72 hours, 3 FUCKING DAYS!!??, the problem gets fixed.

This is on the heels of their recent "upgrade" breaking over 100 of my group email chains which consists of over 1,700 clients. I had to recreate all of these group email chains which took almost 5 days.

I will be switching providers and will never give comcast another dime of my money.

If you're thinking of using Comcast for internet service DON'T DO IT.


Not getting what I pay for

I get 0.009 MBS. I pay for 100MBS. Why is Comcast unable to provide even .1 percent of what I pay for! And there is not any other company in my area. I'm forced to deal with them! How is this not considered a monopoly! It also goes out like every five minutes, is completely down every day from 10:30 pm to 12am, and forces me to download things at 12Kbs.

Hate Comcast

Don't even want to give a stare. Ok I understand we have a outage. But they tell u it will be dack on at. 4:40am than5:31am than 3:31 pm than 9:55 pm next day 1:35pm. Really

Suckiest sucky internet that sucks ass

I fucking hate you, Comcast Xfinity! I wish i had Google Fiber. I’m moving to a location just to not have to have fiber and not this shitty internet. You guys fucking suck!

Comcast sucks

Comcast is SO bad, even with the router in my room right next to my computer I still get horrible connection!

Intermittent Outgoing Email

I can't send an outgoing email with an attachement or an email with a URL address in the body. I don't get an error message and the messages are in my "sent" folder. Rep says Comcast's system thinks the emails are spam and "blackholes" them. And that's it. No solution. Ahhh, but there is a solution. Verizon FIOS is available in my area and that's what I'm going to do. Next door neighbor says it works fine.

by Steve on Fuck You Comcast!
Email migration & speed

I’ve used Xfinity for 20 years but switched to AT&T because their speed is much faster and their email is much better. Xfinity has been migrating their email for over a week now. There are all kinds problems, you get mail but it doesn’t download, says you have mail but nothing there, complete outages, etc. Sorry I’m done with Xfinity forever.

by Michigan on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks

Fuck you comcast

by Unfortunate Student on Fuck You Comcast!



Cancelled them after being a faithful customer for years. Same reasons as everyone else.
I was just recently thinking of coming back. All I had to do was pull up some recent reviews. I'll never go back!

what sucks is feeling like I used to have access to better internet than present day. 2007 to 2015 it was high speeds online gaming, no data caps or obvious bandwidth throttling. Tax dollars already paid for the fiber infrastructure yet he we are still paying them a premium for sub par service.

Email Out Again!

Email is out again. Just rec'd an email letter talking about switching to a new server and having problems. Comcast is so sorry. Yeah? Tell me about it. And all this comes under the title of "The Better To Serve You." I pay for a service. If you can't provide it, at least provide a credit. But noooooo. God forbid. This is February 25, 2018. Either be a tech giant or not.

by Steve on Fuck You Comcast!

Xfinity box locks up 2 or 3 times a day equipment and company is piece of shit
Should be shut down

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

This is like the 3rd time my wifi has shut down on me and they say I have the fastest one that can be provided in the area. Fuck comcast they fucking can go to hell.

by Who Cares? on Fuck You Comcast!
Yeah Yeah....

I just entered this URL because Comcast collects them. Here ya go!

by johnson on Fuck You Comcast!



I wish i had ATT again. i thought comcast would be better since theyre always bragging about their speed, and it is fast.... when it works. My internet goes out like every 5 fucking minutes literally everyday. Fuck you comcast and everything that you stand for. Piece of shit company cant let me do my online hw or play games

Comcast/xfinity destroyed my brand new MacBook Pro, 8 gigabyte, with some sort of virus that took over the whole screen with the word xfinity, that would not let me cancel it or even shut off the computer, before my computer made a horrible noise and went blank, never to turn on again. It was only a week old. Of course, the local Comcast office denied it by saying "We've never heard of that!" BS! I've talked with enough people to find out it's happened to 2 other people. And that's in a very small town . . . I won't have the money to replace it for years. 😡 Has this happened to anyone else? Can there be a class action lawsuit against Comcast?

Wish I could put a minus 5 rating for Comcast!

by Xfinity is shit on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck xfinity

I wouldn’t even rate it with one star because these cock suckers can’t
Even pull their heads out of their asses of their life depended on it. It’s taken me 45 FUCKING MINUTES TO DOWNLOAD ONE EMAIL. One fucking email ! WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY . I wouldn’t suggest this for even my worst enemy . Fuck you comcast. Shit head fucks

by Compton on Fuck You Comcast!
Internet Outage

Internet has been down for days. Fuck Comcast.

Choppy Ass Internet

I paid for speed upgrades and it is actually slower than it was at the lower price.What a scam.

by i dont understand on Fuck You Comcast!

why does the technician not know what "PoE" means... He thought it meant to hvae literal "power" over your ethernet, while it just means to supply power through ethernet. ??????

by Throttled this site on Fuck You Comcast!

Just why? 10/10 idea xd


I paid 50 dollars a month for "75 mbps" internet, they wouldn't turn off auto-broadcasting Xfinity-WiFi, and the "slow" XfinityWifi I had to keep on was faster than my home internet. Switched to at&t and suddenly their 50-mbps plan is around 500 times as fast (because in my home network the speed was literally 13Kbps, slower than dial-ups) and it was so much cheaper, from $90 a month to $40 a month. However, there is a silver lining. I figured out flashing a custom modified firmware on a different router kind of fixed the solution. Maybe its their shit router they sent us, but at least then it wasn't dial up speed, and at least ~0.325Mbps. However, I had to pay money for a router that worked, in addition to the router they made us pay for. Hated it, will never love it.

by C. R. Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcase sucks

In addition to the indentured-servitude of a two-year contract, Comcast will raise the costs WHENEVER it suits them. Sign up for their scam and get hosed by way of steady increases. Not only are you locked into 100 channels you never watch, but they stand around like vultures waiting to suck up a fee for anything and everything they can conjure up.
Sign up for internet and then opt for a different package? And then you want to revert to your old agreement? HA! Forget it. You are told that your "old" service had an update in cost.
Want to watch a movie? Get ready for ads ever 6 to 8 minutes. Just as you are into the movie at a critical moment, up pops a 3 minute ad that takes you out of the moment.
I hate Comcast with a passion.

by 4.87mps on Fuck You Comcast!


by motherfucking monopolies on Fuck You Comcast!
this is dialup

I allegedly have the best internet they provide, at least that's what they're charging me for! speedtests across a variety of devices) consistently show rates nobody has advertised since 1998, i can barely load youtube videos.

if there were any other option I would never buy from them again but what the fuck america, of course there isn't. somebody should start a class-action lawsuit

by DIE! COMCAST! FUCKING! DIE! on Fuck You Comcast!






by Greengroovy on Fuck You Comcast!

Hmmmmm I'm connected to internet but Pandora Music won't load FOR TWO DAYS NOW....ironically, I get an "offer" in the mail from XFINITY/COMCAST to "upgrade" my service today for "faster internet speeds" it just me or does everyone get the feeling that they are fucking with my current speed internet so that I will get desperate and "upgrade" to their more expensive service. I swear to Buddah I want to rip their dicks off, shred it and stuff it up their assholes. Motherfuckers.

by Kill Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
What the hell is going on?

I pay over $160 a month for just internet and supposedly the best and fastest and yet somehow my shit is still constantly fucking up?? It’s actually gotten worse. I’m going to switch to any other shithole company but theirs. Raping ass mother fuckers.

by jenjen on Fuck You Comcast!
Don't even have Comcast service and I hate them

That's right. I don't have Comcast service and never will.

The cable guys are running line to my neighbor who wants service. It has taken these 2 teletubbie guys 3 days (and counting) to run a line from the road to the neighbor's house. Why does this irritate me? I'll tell you. They have come through my front pastures numerous times, leaving tire ruts, to the point that I left my car at the end of my driveway to prevent access with vehicles. The teletubbies had to actually walk. Then they left trash in 3 places - wads of white tape, water bottles, unknown plastic material.

I complained to the chief teletubbie and his goofy response was to ask didn't I want Comcast. I said no way do I want Comcast, they have the worst customer service in the country.

by Comcast Fucking Sucks on Fuck You Comcast!
Same as my fucking name

Comcast fucking xfinity now , cheat scamming shits . Are worse the. Owning metro piece of shit. I pay for a service that turns off on me every month and only I promise Only TRY TO STEAL YOUR MONEY EXTENDING YOUR FIRST MONTH TO TWO MONTHS SO YOU CAN WASTE ALL YPUR STUPID hidden SHITTY 300GB ON ALL YOUR NETFLIX NEEDS. why is only video streaming so Michael? Fucking stealers. Maybe you will win the Super Bowl next year . I hate this provider with a passion right now I’ve been without internet or cable for 2hpurs fucking dip shits don’t even warn people . We need to be a group of fucking humans who actually want to change the world instead of living under these fucking bullshitters noses . If you can’t lead but believe then follow me and I will make this world better . The only thing that can change the world is everyone who uses their brain to see what’s really happening in this world . Comcast is a n example . They change their price every day without limit sto control your pockets . Can you get a job that pays more then 10$ an hour ? No because it’s the fucking shitty government controlling our lives with COMCASTS HELP. Stand together and nothing can stop you . Stand alone and your facing the world . Don’t be a government project be yourself and don’t be controlled. I’m probably not human but I have to check that box . ComcAst is a 0-5 not even a 1 .

by FuckyouComcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you

Guess who has shitty internet? Thia guy! Why? Cause Comcast sucks dick.

by Comcast Slave on Fuck You Comcast!
Slow as FUCK

My internet cuts in and out at random times and falls below >1mb/s whenever it's on. Fuck comcast and everything they stand for.

by Myman on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast casting

Fu Comcast, block my app from a larger screen for what, control, fu I’m done.

by Davis on Fuck You Comcast!
"No Common Sense Company"

My stepmother has had Comcast for 20+ years. She is 88 years old. I manage her bills, utilities, etc. online here in L.A., CA. She resides in Kenmore, WA. My wife throughout the years has had to call on numerous occasions about the constant increase in her monthly bill for no apparent reason. She resides in a trailer and only receives social security. Recently 2/1/18 she was placed in an Adult Assisted Living Home due to her age and health conditions. When I went to cancel her account due to her relocation "it was impossible". Since I was not on the account, they could not help me. I explained the circumstances to the Customer Service and to a Manager. I even offered the Adult Assisted Living Home's telephone number to verify my claim. I offered the trailer park manager's phone number so they schedule a time and pick up their equipment. They still would not cancel her account. I was told that the only way this can be cancelled is to let the account "go into default". How "unprofessional". Absolutely stupid. Now the ironic part... When I cancelled her water service, which I am not on the account, no problem. When I cancelled the electrical service, which I am not on the account, no problem. When I terminated the monthly rental on her trailer, which I am not on the account, no problem. We'll Comcast since I am not on the account of her finances and am not a legal guardian, try suing an 88 year old woman in a court of law. Once again, "Comcast You Have No Common Sense".

by Comcast CEO on Fuck You Comcast!
Thank you everyone

I first want to thank everyone for signing up with our great company, it is a real honor to know so many of you appreciate all that I and my minions do to achieve our stellar customer service ratings.Just to answer some questions, yes Satan and I are bff’s, and I have significantly cut back to only “occasionally” snack on living fetuses.I’m trying to get into a new spotted owl Speedo for swimsuit season on the Gold Coast, and in case you were wondering, not all of my fourteen winter homes have an Olympic size hot tub filled with the tears of a billion babies.It’s so embarrassing when George Soros and the Koch brothers remind me of that at our weekly Siberian tiger fight, when we try to act surprised about how cheap the senators and members of Congress are, those fucking whores are amazing.This winter, at billionaire summer camp, I learned that the head of the fcc loves the taste of my dick, and I’m above the law. Then, in Washington, I learned that the whole town belongs to nambla and they can barely stop circle jerking long enough to give interviews and put rolled up sheets of uncut 100$ bills in the asses of the hookers they spend “your tax dollars” on, ha ha, and they let me use the money I would’ve payed in taxes to burn in the furnaces to heat the factories in North Korea where all our top notch equipment is made by a wonderful group of forced labor volunteers.I got to tour the factory myself, and man, do these people know how to work. I’d love to talk about how hard my life is all day, but I have to get back to my black diamond and ivory encrusted blue whale upholstered flying throne that runs on unicorn jiz extracted by starving six year old Brazilian girls, and, well, they aren’t going to do themselves, I have to whip them, if not for my complete lack of empathy for other living things my job would be really hard. Well, I hope that clarifies some things when we occasionally flip the switch, cause we’re bored, and you loose your service.I suffer too! #Blessed #Hail Satan

by Brian on Fuck You Comcast!
The WiFi is fucking shit

There’s not much to it except the WiFi is fucking Shit. Every time when I get on my phone or try to play a game the WiFi won’t do shit. I check the diagnostics and it says everything is fine. Yet the shit won’t even work. And when it finally admits something is wrong it doesn’t tell me. It just acts like I’m some fucking mechanic that can fix this problem. And xfinity claim to be the best isp yet the WiFi won’t connect to a single fucking device in my house. Bull fucking shit.

Fucking Shit

I have had 4 techs sent out over the past 1 1/2 months and I still get fucking 45% packet loss. They are absolutly useless. We have had so many problems with their shitty service and its not like we can change providers as no one else in my area has decent speeds.

Gypsies, Tramp's, & Thieves!

Why would any business be allowed to steal, lie, commit fraud, & extortion? My guess is that Comcast, like many others, is bribing the government elected individuals we have voted in to protect us. Million dollar beach homes, yachts, free tuition. Great motivation to allow a company to commit fraud. Breach of contract, and run a monopoly. The government protects them & allow s them to operate this way. If you bribe our government you can do as you wish. It doesn't cost Comcast anything. They just pass the cost on to the American citizen & funnel the money directly to your elected officials. Just label it a " campaign contribution" & then operate with impunity. Comcast has stolen more money from the American citizens than Bernie Madoff could ever dream about. Follow the money.

by Xfinity mobile dick suckers on Fuck You Comcast!
Dick suckers

I wish this system gave the option to goad zero starts because Comcast aka xfinity sucks my fucking balls bunch of fucking cock suckers suckkkkkk myyyyy cockkkk!!

Fuck you you fucking fucks

After dropping cable service that was as much as a car payment and keeping my internet all my smart tvs won't connect to wifi. All other devices in the house work fine. Fucking scum bags

by Erich V. on Fuck You Comcast!
Corrupt Comcast Crooks

These guys are so corrupt, I've give them negative stars if I could.

We moved into a new house and planned to use Comcast. To get everything set up, we made an appointment and I provided by credit card. (More on that later.) The day of the appointment, the technician did not show up - despite having a massive four-hour window. On the second appointment, the technician showed up just barely inside the appointment window, but could not get installation completed. On the third appointment, the technician again failed to get the Internet service working. By the fourth appointment, we made the decision to switch to AT&T, and the technician took the equipment with him. This was a frustrating experience, but hardly criminal. But it gets much worse.

First of all - for full disclosure, I am an idiot. I have my credit card set up on auto pay so I never pay it late, and usually only audit it for large expenses (+200) and business expenses.

Comcast had my credit card on file, and despite the fact that the technician had failed to complete the installation and taken the equipment back with him, CONTINUED TO BILL ME! For a full year, despite not actually providing any service, Comcast faithfully charged my card. (Yes - I am an idiot.) Finally, when the expiration date on my card changed, the charge stopped going through. And then after two months of non-payment for non-service, Comcast sent me to collections.

This of course caused me to look into what happened. I called Comcast to see why I was being charged. Comcast said they (conveniently) had no records on my account because it was closed. They asked to prove I had returned the equipment - THAT HAD NEVER BEEN INSTALLED, and which their technician took. I asked them to prove that it had ever been installed or that any data whatsoever had ever been provided by them to me. They could not prove that they had ever given me any service. I said that rather than paying any more I should get a refund for the all the payments I had made.

They said that because I had paid, that proved there was no problem!! What? They could not prove anything about delivering service, and their argument as to why they could not refund was because I had paid. CRIMINAL.

I have escalated to their customer 'service,' a misnomer if ever there was one.

Regardless - I will never use them again and I warn all other to avoid these crooks. Completely corrupt!

Fuck this shit

I'm so sick of paying Comcast so much fucking money just for my internet to never fucking work. You'd think they'd know how to have working internet by now but no, of fucking course not. I have about 1% of the internet speed I should have. Fucking cunts.

by The Depressed Kid on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is Trash

Comcast is pure trash, I was paying $59.33 a month and now they would like for me to pay over $100.00 a month all because a poro ended, no way am I doing that. Comcast can suck my D.

Tell CEO to go Fuck himself

Can anyone pass on the CEO to go Fuck himself.


We pay for a service that is supposed to work 100% of the time. I seriously think we should be charged for the time it is actually working or what we use (like our utility bills) rather than the overpriced bills we all get. Outages are frequent. Cmon Comcast issue some credits or get your shit together.

by Bartholomew Fishcock on Fuck You Comcast!
This shit never fucking works!

I took the time to go to the Comcast store to replace the same TV cable box 3 times and then even had a Comcast Tech come to the house to replace it again, it still only works sporadically! Fucking JUNK!
I went to the store to replace the DVR twice, the first shitty replacement lasted only 1 week before total failure! The 2nd replacement works Ok but the power light is out, I cannot get it to turn on at all. What the fuck!
I decided to pay an extra $7 plus taxes to increase the Internet speed from 200Mbs to 400Mbs, now my speed has consistently dropped to below 200Mbs when it was occasionally measuring at slightly over 200Mbs, What a splendid fucking deal!
I spent 2 hours on the phone with Support trying to troubleshoot the issue without any luck. Support scheduled a Tech onsite who replaced the modem/router and I did measure 400Mbs once or twice on my laptop direct wire connection to the modem but WiFi which was measuring 200Mbs or more previously, now always measures less than 200Mbs. Just fucking terrific!
Additionally, after the Tech left, I still had many settings to restore to my liking with the cable box, DVR and with the modem!
The thing that really made me shake my head though was when initially speaking with Support, before they actually tried to do anything to address my concerns, they were good enough to notice that I do not have Comcast cellular service for my cell phone and wanted to tell me how much money I could save by switching from Verizon to Comcast. What a fucking clown! How about first trying to fix the shit I already pay for that never fucking works!
Comcast services are not cheap for such unreliable shit! And yeah, then they want you to take their stupid survey to tell them how great they are! Fuck you Comcast!

when did i sign up for limited bandwidth

OUt of the blue my bandwidth is limited to 1TB. I never had that before. I don't download or do anything extra ordinary. This is why I want Comcast to die. Oh OK there are other options, Sonic, ATT, etc.

Shove your data caps up your tight ass Xfinity

There isn’t a number negative enough to describe this deceitful shit ass hell hole company. Enjoy your margin increases and bonuses you fucking pindick moob bouncing dinosaurs. The market will speak, and you’ll be fucked. Everyone will remember how you waited about what? Until 12:01 with the NN change and stuck it to us in the bum with a hot poker. FUCK. YOU. Talk about a case study for utility regulation and gouging. Monopolistic fuckwads.

by Brandon on Fuck You Comcast!
Absolute crap

As I sit here writing this, I want to put my head inside of a garbage disposal. I have a 200 MB update I need downloaded and it's only 43% done in the past 2 and a half hours. I could wipe my ass and connect my router to the toilet paper and download it faster than using Comcast wifi. This company literally gives people cancer and brain aneurysms.

by Fuck You Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
How can they get away with this??

I provide service for my parents who have a language barrier. On two occasions their service has been out for months at a time and with my parents calling to request for service they're unable to connect them to someone who can speak their language. It's funny because when they open the account they said they found someone right away but now that I need help there's none to be found. I call Lynn to fix the first occasion which was a simple as bringing the box in which is also funny because my dad brought it in and they said he has to call in and request for service. This putting him in a loophole. When I called they also said that they would reimburse me for the month of service that was down. I got a confirmation from the billing and the technician saying they will take care of it. Two months later The service is down again for the same reason. Another month goes by I come home to visit I find the same thing. I call in again and this time noticed that the reimbursement did not go through they go on ahead and tell me that it's not noted and that they can't give me that reimbursement. Surprise? I'm not. For the second incident, the same exact thing. And part of me believes that they're doing this because they know my parents don't have any ground to stand on due to their language barrier. I am completely upset, not because they're doing this to my parents, but to all the families out there who also have language barriers and can't stand up for themselves. This is fucked up and I don't understand how they can get away with this. I can't wait for a new service provider to come along, I don't care if it's more expensive, I will switch in a heartbeat.

by thiefs on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast should be wearing a msk

They sent me a email saying my internet speeds will be faster at no extra charge, received my bill yesterday and it went up 40 fucking dollar... wtf

by lorie on Fuck You Comcast!

You lose service, get to listen to a recording and they have the audacity to ask if you would like to take a survey. What the hell. If you document your time lost in internet service they will give you a minimal refund. If you don't you are screwed. I pay Verizon monthly for a Jetpack just for these days, so I can at least work. I know I have to rate this. Should be zip.

by James on Fuck You Comcast!
Silver lining

Before i do the same ole same ole comcast rant i have a silver lining.

Yes service sux and has been worse,when speakin too customer service i have to for someone who can fleulinty speak english.i feel my problems are lost in translation.

I work outside in the city of beaver falls at a lumber yar and builder supply

I noticed they were stringin fiber optic cable thur the town. I asked those guys doin the work what was goin on and they told me they was string for a new internet company gonetspeed. i was like wtf no way,.. verison been promisin fiber since early 2000s . i go to their website,..and i read their propoginda. No rate increases ever! thats their promise.(read the terms of service) i think thats awesome,.. i research fiber,.. see its cuttin edge tech,.. ready if they increase speeds 1000 times,... same upload and download,...and straight fiber the whole way too premise.

i can finally shit in a bag and put it on comcasts porch!!!

Its about time someone else came in to break up yer orgamanopoly,and with the backhand we received from our new fcc doucher, re classing comcast as a non tele communications company was a joke.

and for your bundle crap camcast,.. i have a cell phone,... and i can watch sooooo much online, that yer days ARE done

If you want to save face you need "bundles" to be select,... we are tired of channels or services we DONT MOTHER FUCKIN NEED!!!!!!! i want you to burn but i dont want you to fail,.. cause we need compitition,.. thats capitalizism.

you guys have devided up the pie so much that you dont bumo heads,.. its bullshit.

want to save money,.. cut back on advertisements.

read yer customer base feedback!

and remember it takes money to make money!!

im out peace bitches!!!!!

by James Henry Zimmerman iv on Fuck You Comcast!
thank god

Before i do the same ole same ole comcast rant i have a silver lining.

Yes service sux and has been worse,when speakin too customer service i have to for someone who can fleulinty speak english.i feel my problems are lost in translation.

I work outside in the city of beaver falls at a lumber yar and builder supply

I noticed they were stringin fiber optic cable thur the town. I asked those guys doin the work what was goin on and they told me they was string for a new internet company gonetspeed. i was like wtf no way,.. verison been promisin fiber since early 2000s . i go to their website,..and i read their propoginda. No rate increases ever! thats their promise.(read the terms of service) i think thats awesome,.. i research fiber,.. see its cuttin edge tech,.. ready if they increase speeds 1000 times,... same upload and download,...and straight fiber the whole way too premise.

i can finally shit in a bag and put it on comcasts porch!!!

Its about time someone else came in to break up yer orgamanopoly,and with the backhand we received from our new fcc doucher, re classing comcast as a non tele communications company was a joke.

and for your bundle crap camcast,.. i have a cell phone,... and i can watch sooooo much online, that yer days ARE done

If you want to save face you need "bundles" to be select,... we are tired of channels or services we DONT MOTHER FUCKIN NEED!!!!!!! i want you to burn but i dont want you to fail,.. cause we need compitition,.. thats capitalizism.

you guys have devided up the pie so much that you dont bumo heads,.. its bullshit.

want to save money,.. cut back on advertisements.

read yer customer base feedback!

and remember it takes money to make money!!

im out peace bitches!!!!!

by Mcfuckyouton on Fuck You Comcast!

Worthless can cycle my internet on off during mulriple gaming sessions causing me to lose my battle. The fuck i pay for such ass crap

by EatADickCommunistCast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck me in the ass sideways

I was just fucking thinking about how pissed off comcast makes me. My damily barely makes it and having their internet is all we need for school. And these fucking cunt bags think that they can charge nearly $200 a month for that shit service. We had a problem with the tv because the whorebag lady put spanish channels and espn on their when we specifically didnt want any of that shit. Plus they cut out and have to restart every 10 bullshit seconds. Comcast. Sincerely. Fuck you.

by Like Everyone Else on Fuck You Comcast!
Mom with Dementia

We had to put my Mom in an assisted living home because she began having dementia. Her room was only 10' x 15', so she really had nothing else to do other than watch TV. She was on Social Security so needless to say, it took support from me and my sister just to make ends meet for her every month. Comcast were total assholes to us and pulled the same shit where they raise your monthly rate without notification. They count on customers not noticing until a month or two down the road. Even if the customer yells and screams at them and succeeds at getting their bill back to it's previous level, they still get a month or two of the raised rate. Multiply this times their customer base once a year, and it accounts for a huge amount of their yearly profit.

Anyway, they raised their rate. It took me a couple of months to notice. I got on the phone and the rep was a total asshole. I told them that it's for my Mom who has dementia, she's on a fixed income and they can see by the address that it's a nursing home. They didn't give a shit. They couldn't care less. After a couple of hours and a couple of more calls, I was able to reduce her service but keep the same monthly fee. I bought a digital antenna and added those channels to make up for Sitcast. I've had them off and on for 25 years. I hate these assholes.

I (unfortunately) moved recently from Longmont Colorado. The city of Longmont municipalized internet service a few years ago by passing a bond. They've run fiber to everyone's house. A couple of months before I left, they installed my fiber and gave me a free box. I had 975mb download and upload speed directly to my house! All for $49.99/month which was the same amount I was paying to BullshitCast for service which mysteriously cut out for 1/2 hour or so EVERY night. They're awesome. Great customer service.

What Longmont is doing is the way of the future. I hope more cities and towns use Longmont as a template to break the stranglehold of this fucking monopolistic monstrosity.

by Barney on Fuck You Comcast!

Don't worry folks, the Orange Man will lift any regulations that get in the way of corporations making more money. Then they'll do a much better job of regulating them selves. After all, it's Obama's fault!!

by network engineer on Fuck You Comcast!
lies and garbage

Comcast is the work ISP on the planet , They over sell their network , if they have 4 channels they will ad 40 or 400 more new customers , they don't care how bad their service is, so when they send a tech to your house they get perfect service because they are using a test line. They tell lie after lie, there are only a handfull of real NOC who actually know what they are doing , but they are at the 3rd level of escalation. I know this because I used to work for a company that cold data and voice to Comcast. every weekend was a fire to put out , and the lies they try to tell, they are a scam ... i hope technology puts this company out of business so i can short the stock.

Super shit

Internet never works for more than one day so I am on their support number for 3 hours and all they could do was restart my router 8 times if they think we are calling them to restart our router 80 times like wtf is wrong with this company

by Chris on Fuck You Comcast!

I called these tools to move my service and they said they could come to my new place the same day. The idiot on the phone transposed my new and old address. While I was waiting at my new place, after taking half a day off of work, the technician was at my old place. I next made the mistake of calling them and thinking that this situation could be resolved. Nope. After their shitty phone tree routed me to the wrong department I spent half an hour on the phone until I got someone that could string three words together and actually help me. Why did I think this would work?

by BobSaget on Fuck You Comcast!

FUCK YOU COMCAST! Everyday yes EVERYDAY for more than a week I have to reset my box. You offer no explanation or solution and are simply the worst company on the planet. People hate you more than Goldman Sachs . Eat my shit Comcast.

Yours Truly,

by hsg130 on Fuck You Comcast!
X1 platform is awful

If they did not have a virtual monopoly they would be bankrupt. They advertise like crazy but the product, X1, is so flawed and stops working so frequently that a decent company would be ashamed but comcast is not. i hate to give them even one star but there is no choice

by pissed user on Fuck You Comcast!
Pathetic support

All their tech support agents are from somewhere else, can barely understand them, and the only thing they can do is talk you through restarting your computer for the 8th time today like that is actually going to help, what happened to real tech support like troubleshooting an IP conflict that keeps happening every 5 minutes.

by Damon K on Fuck You Comcast!
Suck Suck Suck Company

No call back, 2.5 months for a business to get service. Still not complete. This company should be sued by a class action suit for being shit and having government approval.

by logic on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck comcast

Fuck comcast all the way

by Comcast Can Eat A Dick on Fuck You Comcast!
Heaping pile of hose shit of a company

This company can eat shit and die.

I have NEVER had the worst customer service and lack of professionalism in my life. I should have NEVER switched from DirecTV to Comcrap, but unfortunately DIrecTV apparently was not in my area...

There agent called @ Comcast Teds will delete comments and discussions on their Comcrap forums and boards that they do not want other people to see, and they routinely roll out the same hum drum answer of " we appreciate your business" bullshit. If you really appreciated my business, then you wouldn't repeatedly fuck me in the ass with your shitty, uneducated, bullshit answers and technicians you provide to help "fix/solve" the issues with your garbage equipment, and constant error messages?


by Marcus giavanni on Fuck You Comcast!

Their xfinity platform is bullshit. Their wireless is bulls hit. They manipulate signals, back and forth between your cell phone provider, and Comcast. If your watching a show. It freezes, and you have to unplug the box, to reboot, by then you missed 10 minutes of your show. You call and complain that tour internet is slow. And then they say okay. We can reset it her. Then it works, the next day your back on the phone. when you think of the corruption of NBC. And all the filth they represent. And their mission, and help with Hollywood, to take down a sitting president. You will notice. NBC, who owns Comcast. If your watching anything that is conservative basee programing, or especially the mews. They manipulate the signal so it drops. So everyone has to go to their website and wait for everything to be turned on again. And Comcast gets an unbelievable amount of traffic. So they stay up ahead of their competitors. for Google Rankings. Thee administrators think they are sly. Your Karma is going to get all of you. The probelem, they are so fcuking stupid. When things go wrong in their lives. They have no idea. It because of this. Just go asks those Comcast executives. Why all that shit in their lives. Because people fucking hate you! Just like they hate Network Solutions. Another scumbag corporation, overcharges, triple billing. They all do it. And they all of KARMA!

by tired on Fuck You Comcast!
i love reliving the era of monopolies in 2018! yes to corporate feudalism baby!!

what a garbage fucking piece of shit company. every time you look: an unreported (by them-- why admit how much you fucking suck if you feel like you don't have to, right?) outage. too windy? slow-to-no internet. too clear out? somehow, a fuck-up met with condescension by underpaid foreign call center workers. a mouse pisses on cotton? you bet that act will somehow trigger a chain of events that leads to their overpriced, monopolizing, shit excuse for "internet" to go down like the CEO's mother on margarita mondays. this entire company would benefit from a nice trip to the sun.

by Scott on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast/Xfinity Sucks

Comcast/Xfinity internet is so crappy. Always very slow. The cable TV also pixilates on some of their channels. Customer Service is non-existent. Nobody will assume accountability/responsibility for fixing an issue. They have gotten too big for their britches. Also, their system is unable to recognize a customer who has two different accounts. You can not have two accounts and use the same primary email address. Certainly they can figure a go-around for this without making the customer use different emails to login to see the accounts....

by Janelle Woiwor on Fuck You Comcast!
All you guys doIs complain

I work at Comcast and you people are so dumb. If you don’t like the service or prices get something else. All I get all Day is calls from you poor people that can’t afford our services. Damn! Poor people should be getting cable or internet, use your money to feed your damn kids. I got a high paying jobs here i and don’t need your poor people constantly complaining

by league of legends player on Fuck You Comcast!
the worst thing since satan

literally. the worst.

by Jay is pissed on Fuck You Comcast!
I fucking hate you

shitttiest fucking internet i've ever had in my life fuck thsee people i hope they all suck a cock and go fuck themselves


Dumbasses were notified of my Father-in-laws passing.. My wife told them when the estate is settled, the estate will pay all outstanding bills. It is a tedious process. 3 months after his passing they have sold the account to a collection agency. So, instead of getting paid, they'll get nothing and get the pleasure of ruining the credit of a person who has passed away (and doesn't need their dumbass cable).

Open letter to Comcast

Dearest Comcast,

I write to you today because I am experiencing (yet another) internet outage. Except this time, it was a scheduled maintenance. Scheduled. At 9:30am. Who approves this? When did you send a notification? It's silly that I'm asking questions... like I will actually get an answer.

I am an IT professional. I know outages occur. I get it. But a scheduled outage in the middle of the day? Absurd. This isn't even the first time.

Whoever agreed to allow this should be beaten and then fired and then beaten again by your management.

I write this completely enraged that I actually pay you. But, not this month... I'm not paying. I hope someday soon that you will be treated like a utility and actually be held accountable for your piss poor decisions. To date, in the years I have been your customer, I do not recall a single moment where I said to myself "wow, Comcast, they are great". I do recall the many dozens of times where I used all of my favorite adjectives to describe your complete ineptitude.

I would like to move on with some good news. My wife and I closed on our new house Friday. I will never use Comcast again. In fact, I am printing off your logos so that I can affix it to a roll of toilet paper so that I can wipe my ass with your company.

I think I will have to print this and attach it to a carrier pigeon or sled dog because they are more reliable than your shitty ass service. A bum’s dick cheese provides better internet access than you. Your service goes down more than a two-dollar hooker. You are the worst provider ever in history. I actually fucking hate you.

I hope you get some incurable venereal disease because of the amount of time I have wasted calling your customer support line... let's call it Comcastorria.

On the upside, after all the berating, I want to thank you. No, seriously. I really do. As the senior manager that oversees the Engineering team for a fortune 100 company I will never hire a Comcast employee based on my personal experience. So, you’re not just fucking me, you're fucking all the wannabe engineers that work for your shitty firm.

The level at your company sucks is unparrelled, and beyond recourse. You should fire everyone who has even the least bit of impact on your internet service and all the way to the seinor most management.

Hang this on your break room wall since clearly you lazy ass wannabes spend the most time there. Do not ever call your selvs Network Engineers. You make me sick that I share this field with a more incompetent group of panty waste. Your mothers should have aborted. Please do not carry on the gene pool and have children. I don't want to pay for their welfare since clearly you do not posess the inteliagence to do anything productive with their lives.

Fuck you very much.

I just cancelled today.

by fuck u on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck u

go suck a dick

by Years of Use on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is WORST ISP tied with Cox

The moment net neutrality ended my speeds plummeted. "We're upgrading your service!" my fucking ass. Comcast is nothing but lying snakes monopolizing while they can, knowing you have no choices in other ISPs. Easily one of the worst companies I've ever been forced to do business with (Cox being cut from the same shit-covered cloth).

by Fuckoff on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks balls

I fucking hate comcast. They suck balls. Internet is always cutting out. Customer service are a bunch of foriegn fucks who could give two shits about you or your problem. Fuck them all. I fucking hate, hate, hate this company.



by Felix on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast mobile app

The upgraded mobile app sucks. Takes 5 - 10 minutes to connect. Then you can get dropped and have to start over again. We're all switching to another carrier.
Whoever did the software upgrade for Comcast should be sued.

by pissed on Fuck You Comcast!
not even 1 star worthy

Been overpaying for internet with this assholes for far too long, but no other company offers the speed we need locally. Internet goes out every damn holiday for hours on end & when it rains for more than an hour we lose service too. yet no reps can fix the issues. This is all in itself bad enough, but now? Now I've had it with this company.

Now, 2 days ago I received 5 emails thanking me for my Xfinity Mobile orders. WTF? I did NOT order a damn phone, let alone 5. I get on the phone, wait 45 mins just to get through, to be told all would be fine. Just change my password & security questions. I'm asking over & over, well how were they purchased, through my account, were they billed to me? The rep couldn't answer a damn thing. These 5 Iphones (3 xs and 2 8s) were being shipped to some random ass address in Laurel Maryland. How in the hell does a company allow someone to create an account off of other account information & then ship the phones to somewhere other than the service address?

UGH, and I've called the fraud dept like half a dozen times, each time to wait on hold upwards of 45 mins. They won't give you any information aside from "48-72 hours you will get a call back updating you" and that the account would be "blacklisted and you won't owe anything" so why in the hell, when I called within an hour to stop the shipments, did you dumb cocksuckers ship the damn phones to these assholes anyway? I hope you included a glittery bag of dicks in the package & I hope the scammers choke on a dick & die

by Business Class Hospitality on Fuck You Comcast!
business class sucks too!

Yeah, comcast sucks... we've had problems from the get go. Set up... maint. repairs, tech service, sales support, cancelling... all processes are crap... all products and services are crap.

by Scoop on Fuck You Comcast!
A job half done is A-Okay in our book!!!

So Comcast sends a technician out to my house to set up the wiring as its a new build. He turns the "hot" on and starts to pack up, in which case I ask why he's leaving. He says that all he was told to do. Like, yeah I definitely want service turned on to the pole but definitely don't want said service to my, uh, house... So he looks at the order and is like, oh yeah I guess I gotta do that too.. Yeah, dude... He gets half way through the job and informs me that he has to leave for another job but he promises that he will come back before he goes home to finish... Uhhh, what?! After several phone calls with Comcast, which all said they would make sure the tech didn't leave. Long story short, the case gets escalated and the tech ends up leaving. So now I call Comcast to reschedule and they say, good news! Your service is showing active and were getting signal from your modem! Uhhh, no you're not. Theres no wiring to my house and my modem is unplugged, sitting on my kitchen counter top. So not only do they not finish the job, they don't think they need to send someone out to finish the job because they're showing the service active! So here I am, still trying to convince Comcast to finish the job, however if they can't I'll cancel and find other options. However I'm sure they will try to charge me a cancellation fee which will be a whole other set of conversations that will make me want to put my head through a brick wall....

by No, you're just full of shit on Fuck You Comcast!

I pay for 200mbps, I'm getting 3mbps LAN and .2mbps wifi. Everything was all well and good until we canceled cable and telephone and bought our own modem (which outperforms the bullshit modem they rent out.) Now they're telling me its an issue with my buildings wiring??? Really??? Now i have to wait 5 days for a tech to come out. Great, considering the last tech came out, parked his van across the street only to cancel my appointment without even getting out of his van, and sat there for an hour. We called comcast to file a complaint (as he was still parked across the street,) he denied it, and left only after they tracked his vans GPS to confirm where he was and how long he'd been sitting there. Fuck you comcast, you fucking pieces of shit.

by Ur moms chest hair on Fuck You Comcast!
Suck ur cock if u had one u dumb ugly accidents

Fuck fucking xfinity my tv won't fucking turn on for hours it's been randomly saying it's rebooting "connecting to your entertainment experience" we'll connect my dick to my entertainment experience bitch!!!! I'm sick and tired of this explosive shit my remote won't even work to turn off the damn tv and when I try and switch it to Apple TV so I can actually ENJOY MYSELF the fucking dumb cunt ass xfinity wifi won't even let me connect to fucking Netflix like damn I'm about to shove my fist so far up this companies ass I swear to god. I want this shit fixed NOW so my dad and I can watch rick and morty without wanting to end our fucking lives good lord

by Dedra on Fuck You Comcast!
Slow confusing people

I cringe when I have to call this company. Like I have to carve out a couple of hours of being on hold, explaining what help I need, and getting scheduled for a tech to come out. All I'm trying to do is transfer my service from the old house to the new house and in one month I had to make 4 calls, spoke to at least 10 people and hopefully the tech will be out to the house next week and HOPE he knows what he's doing. I really, really hate comcast.

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Bad business

Dear CEO of Comcast, I hope no one ever treats you as poorly as you treat your quiet I also think it be funny if you died and everyone found out about it and didn’t care. The amount of money we’ve spent paying your shitty company to do a shitty job is ridiculous! I feel bad for the people that have to call them self Comcast employees and have such poor leadership with such Hey screw you over backstabbing goal they would like all of their employees to follow. If anybody at the head of Comcast read this I want you to know directly that I hope you have a serious life-threatening family problem because that’s how you treat your clients!

by Ron Johnson on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast tells me NO

After 6+ letters to their Chairman and Senior VP's (all ignored), 2+ letters to the FCC and an on-line filed FCC complaint, AND contacts to the local TV Consumer Crusader, I have been deemed "Liable for payment."
This Fixed Income Senior has been illegally charged $320 for 2 months of 1.6 TB data services. I did not use that data but Comcast says "we have very accurate and expensive devices to measure the amount of data coming into our modems."
How nice for them! The FACT remains, I did not use that data and am being bullied into paying their charges since there is no alternative where I live.
Really unbelievable this can happen in this day and age....or is it?

fu comcast

you miserable pos

by Fedup on Fuck You Comcast!

My internet keeps cutting out and has been for 2 months now. I am on my third modem in 3 weeks, all my inside lines have been replaced. The issue must be an outside line , but getting them to do something about this is hard. I have no other internet provider choice in my area. If I ever get reliable service, I want to cut out their TV. Just found out that, if I do that, those services are considered a la carte. A la carte internet only phone is $45 a month (ridiculous, will investigate magic jack) and internet will be $90. Robbery for poor service

by Reality on Fuck You Comcast!
You guys are just dumb.

I've had my services for a little over a year and I love it. I pay for the extreme 150mbps, and I get 180mbps. When I had At&t, I paid for 55mbps and I got 12mbps. I do online gaming, soo you could guess I was lagging throughout every game. At&t told me "Nothings wrong, its your devices." Ok, I would believe that if it wasn't all of my devices(my pc, my ipad, my cell phone, my work phone, and my xbox1). Soo the internet is already 100x better than At&t. Also, switching from Uverse to X1 I have about 5k more movies on demand than what I did with Uverse. On top of all this, my services have NEVER went out. I'm betting you guys have old lines in your home and you refuse to pay the $60 install fee soo they can send a tech to make aure everything is hooked up properly. Sucks to suck. If you don't like Comcast, quit your whining and move on to a competetor. Uverse? Expensive outdated technology. Direct Tv, Dish? Hope you don't plan on watching tv in the rain, snow, sleet, wind, or just whenever a cloud gets in the right spot.Happy days friends :).

I'll take your ability to spell as an indicator of your intelligence. Sucks to suck.

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