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Comcast is criminal

I can't even stream a show from their own damn site, even though I pay for 50 Mbps. I've taken notes of all speed tests and I'm averaging less than 3 Mbps at any time. Comcast doesn't give you what you pay for, and unfortunately where I live I have no other choices for my ISP. 1 star is too much.

by Ody Saf on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is a ripoff

We ordered Xfinity internet/phone 2 weeks ago and we had to cancel because our house is not wired for cable, and it would be too expensive to re-do the wiring. Like most companies in CA, Comcast has a 30-day money back guarantee. However, they still managed to charge us over $50 for 2 weeks even though the rate for the service was only $49.99/mo, and we never even used the service because it didn't work. These people are the worse. I will never use Comcast again.

by Pissed customer on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast are a bunch of cunts

These faggots need to fuck off already and drink some bleach, no not bleach. They need to drink WINDEX. That’s the shit these fuckers deserve.

by Comcan't Nofinity on Fuck You Comcast!
Yaaay for Google Fiber

Comcast is a huge pile of twice regurgitated dog shit. Upon submitting to these ass-clowns for internet, they decided to bill me in advance a full two months! After several years of shitty service, signal drops, outages, terrible tech support, and billing issues with Comcan't, Google Fiber swooped in and saved me like a damsel in distress. Google Fiber is honest, fast, experienced, generous, and I love their no bullshit approach to internet. They don't have hardware rental fees, install fees, or asshole tech support reps.. With any luck, Comcast will slink deep in a dark damp cave and disappear forever. Goooo Google Fiber!

by Steven on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Bites it

Without a doubt the worst Cable company. They want to charge me to send a Tech out to repair there equipment. Really Comcast your equipment fails and you want me to pay to have it repaired? Time to cut the cord!

by Mad Black Guy on Fuck You Comcast!
Over priced scams

I am paying $139 per month for internet and cable and that is too much for the bullshit content/channels that I receive. I want to downgrade to just internet and they still want $85 + $13 in taxes and fees! Unfucking real. So I may go with less channels and still get internet and that package is $69.99 + ..oh you will love this $25 worth of taxes and fees. Talk about bullshit and get raped with no lube! I need to look into Fios.

Fucking jewish company

I had a contract for a year with these idiots. Now they want me to pay double for the same service.i. In the area where I live there is only this fuckers comcast, fucking monopolists .i. They don't care about the quality, they don't care about the service, they care only about money.i. In their call center work only fucking Indians. $70 for 25Mbps WTF o_O ? In my country, we forgot what is this modem 20 years ago...

by LT Tuck Pendleton on Fuck You Comcast!
One of a kind

Let me tell you, this company has got to be one of the best around. Back when I was a young pup, no oldwr than 22 years old, I graduated hogh school and went on my way to the front doors of NASA. They told me they'll take me in if I can get them an extremely valuable document they have had their eye on. The declaration of independence. They were in luck too, for im sure you've seen the documentary "National Treasure", I have a very good friend named Nicolas Cage. Nick told me he'd take care of the job for me as he owed me a favor, as long as I could promise him that I'd give hime a ride in a space shuttle on of these days. Of course I can do that, but I need the document first. Nick called me back about 3 days later, all out of breath and saying "I got it, look up!". I looked up, and nothing, just a blue sky. Turns out, he blew up a car with a trampoline next to it, and jumped over the explosion in the wrong town, to make it worse, it was my wifes car! Great, now I need a new car, and I have no idea where Nick is. I sat down on the picnic table beside me. The man at the table slid over a suitcase and simply said "lifes a beach, cheer up." and he walked off. I unclipped the suitcase, and inside, was a coupon for 25% off on my first bill when I sign up for comcast. I dont even live in a town that supports comcast bit how could I pass up those savings! Thank you comcast for saving me money!

by MussSyke on Fuck You Comcast!
Would murder them all if I could

These cocksuckers are always trying to tell me I need a new modem; fuck Comcast extra for assuming I'm stupid. But now they have their shit popping up and interrupting my browsing experience. When is the Government going to put a stop to this monopoly on local providers?

But that's the worst part - the fact that they always condescend to me. I'm an EE that does IT for a living, for Chrissake! And some puke taking calls for Comcast acts like I'm a moron because I refuse to accept their bullshit as the word of God?!?! Fuck Comcast.

by Doug Reibold on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast ass raped me

I spent 5 years in prison with no cable or internet.I managed to not get ass raped.It took Comcast 14 days to fuck me with shitty service,bad billing practices,poor customer service,and my asshole has yet to recover.I need a crisis trauma counsellor now I think.Fuck you Comcast,if I wanted someone to lie to me and take my money I have this thing called an ex wife.

by Z McQ on Fuck You Comcast!
What am I paying for?!

If Net Neutrality being on their hit-list, the fact that they try to abuse the market by strong-arming any competition while short-shrifting their's bullshit. Rest assured, Google Fiber is coming to town, baby..and pretty soon your asses will be out the door. Then again, we'll have another monopoly on our hands...but one thing at a time! 😉

In short..fuck you, Comcast. I can't wait to give you the single-finger salute.

by Joe Gallo on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcasy ruining my busines

Since Comcast forced us to switch to Outlook 365 for our business we have no Outlook and now it seems no email at all, and all for $215 month. All their fixes are endless circle jerks. I would like them to send a technician here to actually get this thing working, instead it's hours on the phone with me and my wife with people who talk a good game but are mostly it seems incompetent. If it doesn't get fixed soon I'm lawyering up. We're a small business and this is killing us.

by Humungous Amongous on Fuck You Comcast!
Shitty internet is the new normal

If ZERO stars was an option, I'd leave it. Spotty service is putting it nicely.

by Fred From Acounting on Fuck You Comcast!
the name of this blog says it all

I can't give them negative stars? Over Priced turd flowers for trash level internet 100 blanking dollers a blanking month and those cromagnem man turd lickers run the Effed C C because Ajit Pai is Verizon, Verizon s the Cable Cartel, and Verizon has a pole shoved so far up up it's trash compactor for being told no. You can't be jerks and not have bad karma. many times since 1980. Think about that back in 1980 then pacbell got flattened, crushed and a boot to the head. a few laters it became Cingularity Internet Wich then became Verizon and yes we can here that you have held a grudge since then. We got the dick messege when you ranted to anyone that'd listen. They now own a large amount of time warner. Cox (West Coast who are a) and their mid west brand ComCast. What do you think will happen When Aji't Pai is given the chance to go postal? He will. He has. ComCast IS verizin Is the Cable Cartel and is pretty well complete flakey trash. 100 blanking dollar for 20 megabytes ONE WAY. Has anyone tried to upload a back up? Yeah that's about 40Kilobytes a second wich is litterally modem speeds range. 90's era Rockport modem would could easily get 56kilbytes a second. My ADSL modem is 10 megabytes each way. and half the cost. Let that sinc in. And the name of this webpage is 100% right. It's a few weeks from 2018. Most of of the rest of the globe is setting up unwired... reliable terabyte speeds by 2019. UAE, and Prussaia are testing PETAbyte speeds EACH WAY from a satalyte with realy sexy awesome CHEEP RELIABLE OFF THE SHELF wireless tech. I think it's being tested for the University of Mascow, and some school in Progue. 20Megabytes 1 way is terrible for the cost

Slower Than Dial Up !

It's the only show in town and a disgraceful one at that. Over priced under performing. I'd choose any other internet provider regardless of cost just to get rid of Comcast. Comcast blows wads.

by Donald J. Trump, US president on Fuck You Comcast!
I loooove comcast!

i absolutley love comcast! best Company ever ! High speed iternent=check ! great customer service= check! not even a SINgLE crAsh! GREAT SERVICE KEEP UP TE GOOD WURK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xfinity blows huge dicks

Wifi sucks ass hole sure it's fast; when you can actually use it. The cable lags to all hell cant press any damn button without a lag of 2-120 seconds. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH NEVER GET AHITCAST.

by da guy on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck comcast

comcast is a greedy machination

by Jack Nippleskin on Fuck You Comcast!
Dawg, fawk yaw

Wtf am i paying for, to have my shit work 1 day out of the week?!?! If i had. A choice between resubscribing to xfinity or licking the cheese off a 500 pound sweaty mans asshole, id take the latter a hundred times over!!!

Over payment refund nightmare

Overpaid Comcast using my online banking app. My mistake. Apparently I can't tell the difference between Chase and Comcast. I called on 12 November to get a refund. No problem, in fact the refund could go to the credit card I wanted to pay anyway. Never happened! I called twice on 26 November. The first representative would not transfer me to her supervisor and hung up. The second person, Mary Jane, promised a 24-48 hour refund to my credit card. Never happened! Today, 30 November, I reach Jay and his supervisor, Alvin, to follow up. A ticket for a check was created today and I should get my refund in 7-10 business days. What I couldn't get was a ticket number, an extension to call for follow up. Service this bad doesn't deserve a single star. I asked for a reduction on my next bill. NO, but we can give free movie vouchers. A big swing and a miss - I already get free movies!!!!!

by Julian on Fuck You Comcast!
1 Terabyte

Fuck Comcast, with there data cap. I hit the limit every month.

by comcast sucks on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast sucks

comcast sucks

pay for 50 mbps, consistently receive below 3 mbps. can't wait for google fiber

They suck beyond belief. I pay my bill every month and I don’t get the service I pay for.

Worst company ever. You pay your bill but you don’t get your service.

by David on Fuck You Comcast!

every other week, the WiFi crashes. it's like they teamed up with Ajit to make life worse. people rely on internet today but they don't care. I'm living with this shit of 500 kb/s for 3 years and the only thing that stops my family from getting a new provider is that Goddamn HBO deal. Can we make a boycott of no Comcast just so we could show them that their costumers mean shit, cause having no WiFi for a purpose is better than paying for no WiFi around 60 bucks a month


Don't we have something like half star?! Need I say more?

by Chuck Machenheimer on Fuck You Comcast!

Beautiful day in Atlanta, railways for the SEC Championship game. Except Comcast decided to do an “upgrade” today, so TV and Internet are totally off. Made a call and was told there is nothing they will(not can) do for me. They will credit the day of service , about 10 bucks. So long Comcast, hello Hulu or Apple aV.

by Lamont jackson on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Sucks

So terrible. So annoying. Sick of the Xfinity ads as well, cut your advertisement budget and maybe pass the savings along. Assholes. You really need commercials for on demand shows! Fuck you people

by Mason on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck this ridiculous company

Fuck them, their service has always been fucking shit

by Pissed off as usual with Xfinity on Fuck You Comcast!
THIS company is a thief!

Constantly having issues with every fiber of this Fuck hole that steels my money!

Ass wifi

Why the fuck am I 20 feet from the router and lagging every motherfucking day fuck you and your SHIT SERVICES

by Afraid to list on Fuck You Comcast!

BBs Bitches and Bastards...
After waiting 1/2 hour to pick up my equipment, they did not offer or give me a contract. Implied that I would receive 50GBS for $39.00 a month received contract in mail one week after service commenced. Internet streaming did not work consistently thru BluRay box. Unable to migrate data to a new computer. Their modem was big enough, and consumed enough power to supply data to the whole condominium. After waiting for twenty minutes when returning equipment after 27 days of frustration, store clerk notified me there would be a disconnect fee and it would go to collections. I never said I was not I sending to pay. The next day I called to negotiate bill and avoid late fees, and I M an idiot fees. I was told the bill was over $100 dollars, negotiated the bill to $70 on a switched recorded phone call. Reflecting... I cannot believe I paid $70 for all of their pre planned frustrations. FUCK.. now I have to pay ATT for their decievng unlimited plan. Trump is going to have to shut down every company associated with data flow, and turn the US into a commy state. Fuck fuck fuck, there is no fucking solution to the problem. FFFFFF, an now I have to select a box to confirm I am human. Comcast has me me a non -fucking human.

by Fed Up on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Sucks

Tired of their bs service. They absolutely suck and wish they are taken to court by the feds.

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

How the fuck do these retards get paid? How the fuck. My internet goes out multiple times a day for no reason with how much fucking money I pay these fucking morons for internet access. I am overpaying for a shitty speed that other first world countries would laugh at. Fuck all of comcast. Fucking goddamn overpaid morons at the top laughing their way to the bank I can only hope they get cancer and fucking die with their money so I can piss on their grave.

by Travon on Fuck You Comcast!
Inconsiderate Asses

They let me bill get to over $600 after i was out of work for a month and wont me set up a payment plan and i work from home...

by I work at Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
they are good

theyre good

no internets or slow. Comcast sucks!!

The internet sometimes became slow, or simply disconnected. It happened every day or every other day. Sucks!!

by shiiter on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck xfinity

fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity fuck xfinity

by Support net neutrality on Fuck You Comcast!
Im glad everyone hates comcast

It makes me happy that so many likeminded people are on this page and equally hate comcast. Truly one of the most poorly run companies in the US. The only thing they do right is advertising and sales. Guess why? They are basically a fucking monopoly. At my house i only have one choice for internet: CentruyLink 4 mb/s. Now they want to tell me that they can restrict what i search or what websites i make, and if i dont like it i can switch providers? Guess what? I CANT SWITCH PROVIDERS YOU SLIMY FUCKS.

by comcast fucker on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck u comcast

fuck you and your data plans u fucking cunts

Fuck comcast

Stupid bitches wanna send in a new box and apparently it's upgraded so the internet is twice as good but nope it's a lie this shit iis fucking worst -_-

Fuck Comcast and every spineless piece of shit that works for them

Fuck your data caps fuck your throttling fuck your customer service fuck your shareholders and most of all fuck each and everyone one of you that works for this company.

by ROn Weasley on Fuck You Comcast!
slow internet

WHY is it now that I have random crashes every FUCKING TIME? It was never like this before....thanks for messing up my fucking grades because I have lots of fuckn online assignments at school

Deleted wrong account

Worst fucking company every. Deleted my new account instead of my old one!!! FUCK YOU COMCAST!!!!!!!

by anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!

Shitty internet and no net neutrality

fucking incompetent mother fucking shit fucks

constantly trying to overcharge me, pulling shitty "sales" out of their asses, when I can clearly see cheaper deals on their website. When I click on that sale I do not get taken to the sale, instead I get taken to a more expensive "deal" and talking with customer service has not remedied this.

fucking garbage

by Eric Belt on Fuck You Comcast!

Damn, the Nazis at comcast blocked this site, fuck them.

by FUCK YOU COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!


by Moving on on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is shit

I pay extra monthly for HD, rent a movie SD and lose 12 inches on your screen. Fuck you Comcast.



by Randy K on Fuck You Comcast!
Poor product

Fuck you Comcast. Just like our local garbage company, Comcast holds the monopoly. Their prices suck, and the product ain't much better. Fuck you Comcast!!!

by Randy K on Fuck You Comcast!
Cost versus product

I hate this company with a white hot passion. $160.00 ish a month only to watch old Andy Griffith reruns. Over $200,00 a month to get some watchable TV.

by fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
fucking remote

Why does Comcast make changing batteries on their remotes such a nightmare? Getting the batteries out is ridiculously difficult. They obviously care more about appearance than function.



by ElDandy on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast wants to kill net neutrality

Just a heads up, Comcast is leading the charge to kill net neutrality...

by No Name on Fuck You Comcast!
Port Forwarding Fuck Up

I wanna know what retard thought that fucking with the port forwarding system on a router was a good thing cause thanks to theses jackasses I can't even my ports public anymore, bitching at them on Twitter will result in their shitty bot going "Hello, how can I fuck you over today?" I tell them to fuck off and they respond back with "Okay asshole I'll make sure to send to my leadership" well go ahead cause you mother fuckers can't do anything right. Customer Support is also a huge fucking let down, every time I have a problem and I have to chat online with a staff member the support is full of dumb minded people who don't know jack shit on what to do. Fire the idiots and hire much more smart people that know a thing or two not people who know how to type "hello" on a fucking keyboard. Comcast fix your shit you cunts.

by Pissedoff on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is shit internet

Well, judging from all the reviews, Im not alone is being irate and wanting to drag every single piece of shit at Comcast into the streets and beating them within an inch of their lives and reminding them that incompetence is unacceptable. I pay my fuckin bill on fuckin time every fuckin month, yet they give me this garbage internet that goes to shit constantly. I know its not the computer because I use other wifi spots that are not Comcast, and shit works just fine when I have full signal. Comcast? Well, it just cuts off for no reason often, and even when it says I have full signal, its a trickle of internet

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you Comcast

So we had a storm last night and a tree fell on some power lines causing a small blackout in the area. The power company had some guys with chainsaws and flashlights out at 5:30 this morning fixing the problem. Guess what else went out? Thats right - the fucking cable and Internet. Its 8am right now and we have the generic "were working dilegently on the problem and hope to have it fixed within the next 4 hrs". Oh fuck off! Ive heard this bullshit at least once a month for the past 2 fucking years. If a strat cat farts in the direction of the cable lines outside we lose the Internet for at least a day. If there were ANY other internet/cable company i would switch so fucking fast but Comcast is all we got. The cable and Internet go out all the fucking time, it normally isnt caused by a storm, so at least this time they have a decent reason gor it. I usually use all of my phone data each month not because of traveling but because its the only Internet i have. Comcast never tells me why the outages happen so frequently but they sure as hell wouldn't let me get away with "payment outages" would they? Motherfuckers.

by Pissed Off on Fuck You Comcast!
5 minuets at a time

for the last few weeks, my internet will only work for 5 minutes, then goes out and I have to do a hard reset to make it work at all, when I call, i get pass back and forth between reps for hours before someone who isnt retarded answers the phone. Then they give me the kind of options youd expect when talking to a doctor when you have terminal cancer

Comcast Xfinity Sucks

I changed my services, I choose no contract. Look at the bill today and the bait switched me to a 12 month contract. Fuck this SCAMMING POS company

by Screw Xfinity on Fuck You Comcast!

Shit company shit service

by loves2spluge on Fuck You Comcast!

This X1 platform truly fucking sucks. Thought it was cool at first but the piece of shit gets worse by the day. Freezes all the fucking time, sometimes while changing channels and sometimes just watching and it freezes. Slow to respond to remote commands sometimes just flat out ignores commands. Click on a channel and the POS gets confused and kicks back to a channel that was being watched 3 or 4 channels prior. And what the hell happened to being able to watch a channel in a small screen while scrolling the guide. The B button on the remote used to bring up a small screen in the guide, but now it takes me to Accessibility Settings and can no longer view the small screen in the guide. Complete utter bullshit trash. Fuck you Comcast ur X1 is a miserable pile of shit.

by Gavin Wainwright on Fuck You Comcast!
If the fucking wifi goes out one more fucking time im going to rape myself

comcast is the shittiest fucking wifi provider im ever gonna fucking deal with i literally want to rape myself because this wifi is being such a shit head dick head nigger ass faggot fuck me sideways now please bye oh yeah this isnt gonna fucking post because the wifi sucks so much ass its choking on its own dick bye

by Nikki on Fuck You Comcast!
I want to kill myself

Past 3 fucking months I've had reoccurring bullshit of 5+ days at a time where my internet is completely out or sucks ass. Yet when I fucking call them and they supposedly reset my shit it worked for 30 fucking minutes before I went to work and when I came back, GUESS FUCKING WHAT. 1 month of shitternet after that call I can't fucking deal with this my grades for my fucking classes are going down since Comcast can't seem to get their shit together.

by Incubus on Fuck You Comcast!
How Doth Thou Suck?...

...let me count the ways...Thou sucketh more than the most massive black hole in the universe, multiplied by Avogadro's Number raised to the Avogadro's Number. In other words, there is NOTHING in any of the known, or unknown, universes that could even come close to sucking as bad as you, you fucking useless, greed-driven coprorate (spelling intentional) pig, criminal pricks. How fucking dare you continue to remove channels from your already 99% fucked-up line-up of channels you offer customers, and then have the balls to raise fees on a regular basis. You now recently dropped what was, in all likelihood, THE most useful channel Shitcast has ever offered - Weatherscan. You piece-of-shit fucks - I hope you jerk-offs burn in fucking hell, where you all should have been - yesterday, in fact. I live for the day to witness your hunk of shit, mismanaged, incompetent, useless, greedy corporation sink faster than the Titanic. Satan himself shuns your sorry, pathetic asses, and is taking measures as we speak to keep you barred from entering Hell, concerned that you'll manage to fuck that up for everybody - and rightly so. everybody a fucking favor and just nuke yourselves now into oblivion. Fuck-heads.

Worst shit ever

Kinda sad there isn't a no start option. The worst fucking internet on the planet I had a 56% packet loss tonight! I can't even game most of the time because by the time I load in I'm already dead 56 times!!! Anyone that says they are going to get Comcast or like Comcast needs to be stopped immediately!!!! Stop anyone about to purchase Comcast to save them the costs of getting ibuprofen!

by Brian on Fuck You Comcast!
Wasted an hour of my life...

I talked to Anthony, the young man in Guadalajara for about 35 minutes - he cut my price and upgraded my speed from the 64.99 plan with 50mbps service to the 100mbps at 49.99 - incredible, right? Better service but FOR LESS!!! So he said as soon as we hang up, you'll be able to answer the text on your phone and approve the contract and we'll get you started...

Except the contract wasn't there. There was a message that said "Your documents have expired" I can't really get Anthony on the phone, so I use the chat function to talk with a DIFFERENT guy and he tells me "Yeah, about that plan...that doesn't exist...but we CAN get you the 100mbps service for an EXTRA $15 bucks..." I was like - whoa what? I thought...but...what about Anthony, the nice guy in Guadalajara...he went to school in South Carolina...he and his cousin were the only kids on his block...he hated SC because it was populated by blue-haired people over 70...what about the deal HE gave me...he gave me a GREAT deal...

Well, turns out...he didn't know what the fuck he was talking about. Or the chat guy didn't know...or they can't communicate or it's all just smoke and mirrors and lies and a pit of serpents and the seven rings of hell...

What a fucking colossal collection of douche canoes...I mean...for fuck sake people, get your shit do one thing - fucking internet... Physics is on your side...the signal travels down the fucking wire without your intervention...all you have to do it make sure it gets in the the little end that's connected to your equipment, make sure it's all powered on and it goes into MY's like fucking electricity...unless a tree tears it off the pole in a storm, all you gotta push a signal through a wire...but it's apparently VERY complicated to quote the complicated that these two half-wits couldn't get on the same god damned page...

So naturally, after telling me that the promises that were made were actually NOT promises because the items promised don't actually exist, guy #2, the guy on chat pivoted to the old we don't have what you actually want and we don't have what you were actually promised..."But we DO have a BUNDLE of useless fucking items like home shopping network and an extra $8 charge for regular TV channels that you can get for fucking FREE!!!! We've got THAT deal... you could get that horrible offer...that's available...and at the same were previously raped at..."

Fuck you, already wasted an hour of my time that I'll never get back lying about some bullshit plan that apparently doesn't even exist...why would engage with you again...this end of net neutrality is gong to be the beginning of the internet gang bang and we're gonna be on the receiving end...

Talking to Cumcast is like wrestling a fucking cactus after you just got done picking out all of the spines from wrestling the first cactus just before...It's like they make it so unpleasant, they KNOW you'll be like "Fuck it...I'll just accept the shitty service because dealing with them actually leaves you feeling ashamed and sad....

Fuck those cock suckers.

by Victor P. on Fuck You Comcast!
fuckign waste of my shitty time on this horrible peice of shit crap ass internet

fucking Garbage

by EYEcU420 on Fuck You Comcast!

I have got to say, I dont see why everyone hates on Comcast. It isnt like they dont try very hard to show they care. In fact, we all could apply comcasts values and policies in our own lives.

Bwahahahahahaahahahahahahaha. Joke of the year right here.



by Comcast Customer on Fuck You Comcast!
Constant lies and they put a data cap in the internet

There are some things in life you learn are always true. One of those is that if you're talking to someone from comcast then they're lying to you about something and most of the time it's going to be about how much your bill will be and how fast their internet service is. Also the company is so scummy that they capped the data usage of the internet here to try and squeeze some more money out of people who they charge ridiculous prices to begin with. I've heard people say that they clean up their act when Google fiber rolls into town and give unlimited data and drop prices, but I'll always remember how they've lied to me and cheated me over the years.

by Dave C on Fuck You Comcast!

We have a small business that has been without internet and phones for three days. Repeated calls to Comacast, repeated lies about scheduling a repair crew. Can't talk to a supervisor, can't do anything but accept the lies. Scum for nearly $400 per month. Dick heads

by Response to 'NotMad' dickhole... on Fuck You Comcast!
Suck a bag of dicks

ARE you kidding me! Listen up Mr. NotMad from a post earlier today... This is the WRONG Goddamn forum to be giving Comcast a 5 star review on--let me just start there. GO SUCK AN ENTIRE HEAVY DUTY TRASH BAG FULL OF DICKS AND BALLSACKS YOU VILE, VOMIT-EDUCING WASTE OF SPACE. I swear on Mary, Joseph and the Baby that if I could jump through this screen right now, I would. "...great information to help myself on their forum..."???' HELP YOURSELF', MOTHERFUCKER---THAT'S EXACTLY EVERYONE'S POINT HERE! Comcast couldn't give two shits about you and your service, but oh... GREAT! 'NotMad' found info to help his shitty self... Lovely day. "ComcastCares"??? That's like saying, Jumbo Shimp and not cracking a smile. I swear I HATE you, man. And PS... no one here is looking for 'actual assistance', dude, so don't share shit with my pissed-off ass. Karma's comin for you.

by Anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!
This is FN Insanity

My box is freezing all the fucking time. I am so tired of trying to watch something & then the tv goes out. Its so great when my kids are freaking late at night on weekends cuz they have no tv and internet. For as much as we pay for their Wonderful Bundle they supply us they should be able to actually supply service. And dont tell me to Unplug. The unplugging shit dont work. And of course its out again right now,wtf is wrong with them. They were great years ago but as they try to take over the world,lol, they get worse by the day. You call them they dont understand the language i speak (which is ENGLISH) you go to the store they want to come install security cameras before they can answer package questions. Fuck you im looking for someone new ASAP I wont put up with this all Winter

comcast really sucks

Comcast has the worst homepage. It takes forever to load . It keeps getting script errors and recover page errors. some hi speed internet . Huh! $154 dollars a month for errors everyday. Every time they change the home page it gets worse . some high speed internet .

by NotMad on Fuck You Comcast!
Real Help

So I have had my issues with Comcast in the past and trying to call and get support is not very helpful. However, I got great information to help myself on their forum, Also, their Facebook and Twitter support is top notch just use @ComcastCares and you get a response in about 30 minutes. Way better than calling in or using chat support. Just thought I would share for those looking for actual assistance.

Clearly you don't work there...

by Fuck u comcast on Fuck You Comcast!


Really pissed off

Why did I ever leave direct tv comcast sucks paying all this money and for what? My screen freezes even resetting it does not work sending a signal does not work now I am stuck with them fuck my life.

Tried to raise my rate

Tried to raise the rate at my business even though I'm under contract with them. They said they couldn't raise the cost of the service, but they could raise the cost of the equipment. I told them then I can cancel at anytime and they said yes, so I did.

by Sweetpea on Fuck You Comcast!


by Urmom on Fuck You Comcast!

You fucking suck ass comcast. Fix ur garbage service u peices of shit.

by Anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!
How fucking dare you

Comcast provides subpar terrible internet service. I pay for the 55mb/s plan so I should have roughly 6mbs download speeds if you divide the bits by 8 and round down? Nope. I've seen show me they aren't even giving me what I pay for, where it's been down to 10-14mbs on occasion. I live in the middle of a large city in an apartment complex. This is poor service.

by FuckComcast on Fuck You Comcast!
The Worst

Be me, comcast customer.
Account is my roommate name. Roommate moves out of state, and puts the account in my name.
Comcast continues to send bills under old roommate's name. Call and explain the situation, "customer service" representative assures me that the problem has been corrected.
Continue to receive bills under old room mate's name.
Receive pop-up on my screen informing me that our account has gone over a "1 terabyte usage cap".
Call Comcast to verify the problem. "Customer service" rep can't help me, needs to speak to the primary account holder: old room mate.
I explain that I AM the account holder. Customer rep says that previous holder needs to call and make me primary account holder.
Contact former room mate, now out of state.
Former room mate contacts Comcast and is told that he needs to come in to a store to switch the account holder.
Begrudgingly pay the fee overage fee for internet usage.
Room mate goes in to Comcast store and is told that he needs to close the old account and that I need to open a whole new one.
Comcast starts sending billing information to old room mate.
Comcast alerts old room mate of another overage.
MFW Century Link still doesn't have fiber optic internet in my area.

When is the FTC going to break up this obvious monopoly?

by Comcast Customer on Fuck You Comcast!
Doesn't Work

I just want what I'm paying for. I'm paying for 25MBps for 2 devices. I'm getting 2MBps on a good day. I live in Boston. How hard is it to get a decent internet speed to a city like Boston where your ads are on every bus and train? I've called twice and each time they say they will work on fixing it but nothing happens. I've waited on hold for an hour. Don't become a Comcast customer.

by Cayal on Fuck You Comcast!
Just kill me

Try to order service.
Forced to get a "pro install".
Call to order service.
Rep tries to upsell me to a $125/mo package.
Rep refuses to let me self install.
Order the "pro install".
Amazon delays modem, Comcast tech comes.
Ask tech to test line.
Tech says line is all good, and I can call Comcast to activate the modem when it comes.
Call Comcast to activate the modem, when it comes.
Comcast rep Josh refuses to activate the modem.
Rep tries to sell me a "pro install" again, saying the Verizon or RCN techs in my area probably cut the Comcast line since it was last installed (utter bullshit).
Modem is connected and pulling an IP.
Let Josh know how strange this is, and that I wish him the best but look forward to when America's least favorite company gets busted by municipal broadband.

He tells me Verizon is bleeding money, and Comcast will be king forever.

Thanks for telling me about RCN, Josh.

You fucking chode.

by Enrique on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast won't reimburse

I realized that Comcast have been charging for ' Home Automation' since September 2015 at a rate of $ 20 per month. Called customer service and they agreed they have not provided me with any Home Automation service since then. The CS representative agreed to cancel the service and reimburse $ 60 in three $ 20 installments . I told them that I was willing to forfeit the 2016 reimbursement but that it was reasonable to eimburse the 2017 charges. I was told that Comcast system does not allow the CS representative to reimburse more than 3 months. I asked for a supervisor that got on the line after 20 minutes . In summary the supervisor told me the same answer, plus gave me a lesson that his father taught him that he should review all his invoices. I told him that I trusted Comcast after 17 years of being a customer and I did not think that they would charge for a service not rendered. But if they did and it was discovered that it is reasonable business to eimburse the monies. In my opinion what Comcast is doing is stealing money when refusing to reimburse. Of the $ 480 that I paid , I was asking for this year reimbursement, less than half..
I think Comcast after 17 years is very disappointing Vendor.


So they took off weather scan which actually provided local weather with nice music and replaced it with the weather channel that doesn't even actually run weather in an easy format! so over Comcast - over paying for crap programming

by Knucklehead on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast website SUCKS

The last few days of logging in is a nightmare. I enter ID and PW and next screens wants PW again. A note on their homepage indicates that my account is 25% completed but no links to complete what ever it is they are saying is only 25%. Absolute WORST website ever designed. Paying more for their crappy service than I am for gas and electric bills. WTF? How is that possible? While I am at it, the PUC also sucks for allowing them to rip off consumers.

by Some angry loser on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Netgear wifi sucks donkey balls.

Alright, so a few days ago the internet seemed to be working (albeit shittily) like it usually did. I was browsing the web and playing Xbox to my hearts content. Chatting it up with my pals on Discord, I fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up to find that my Netgear connection wasn't working. I thought to myself "Okay, this happens sometimes. I probably forgot to pay my bill or something." so I disregard it. Then day two gets here with still no connection, so I'm forced to use the access point of 'xfinitywifi'. Then, I stumble upon something most disturbing when I logged on to my Facebook to see what was actually going. It was in the trending section where I read "Xfinity: What the Hell is up with your services? Service outages being experienced throughout the continental U.S."; it was even accompanied by a map showing where the service outages were occurring. Seeing this, I realized that I wasn't the only one experiencing this. Someone on Facebook even speculated that it was a DDOS attack ( I doubt it. I put my money on faulty/outdated equipment, sub-par server and customer service staff). Fact of the matter is that it's day 4, the internet is still out, I'm not the only one experiencing this issue and Xfinity is a major piece of shit for paying of major news outlets for not letting this story hit national news headlines and trying to sweep it under a rug like they always do. I mean, why else would the customer service reps act inept and ill-informed like nothing is going on and that services are still working? It's all just some elaborate ruse so that Comcast/Xfinity can pretend to act stupid in order to get out of trouble (Like they always do). And let me ask you this: How does service outage from Xfinity/Comcast make the Facebook trending headlines, but it doesn't make any news headlines on Google or any other major news media outlet? Because of corporate buy-out of major news media outlets (Both liberal and conservative), in this case from Xfinity/Comcast. Bottom line, Xfinity/Comcast is horrible and we need to come together as customers of this poor excuse for service and call forth a class-action lawsuit and involve the FCC and the FTC.

by Pissed fuck on Fuck You Comcast!
Here we go...

Got our modem in the mail today. Isn't working. Not surprised. Went with some $30/month deal online for only wifi. Went with the option to install it ourselves.

For nearly every other product on Earth - if you buy something, take it home, follow the instructions, and the product literally doesn't work at all.. you would get compensated. You would get a replacement that works. (I'm sure the modem would work fine after someone comes and does some dumb shit for $60 and even then won't work.) I knew it wouldn't work before the package even came. My parents have Comcast. It has always fucking sucked and it just keeps getting worse. Unbelievable. It is too bad I had to go with it because my apartment was already set up for Comcast. Wish I could have went with something else. Honestly going through the process to get something else set up would probably be worth it, but I don't even know if it is possible.
FUCK Comcast. Not looking forward to calling them about this.

by Maiasatara on Fuck You Comcast!

I've never seen anything like it. In the last week (November 2017) my screen freezes to the point of having to unplug the box TEN TO FIFTEEN TIMES A DAY. Really? Seriously? NO POSSIBLE RECOVERY using the remote or the remote app? I have physical challenges making it nearly impossible to manage an unplug reset. It's 20 minutes of dangerous, risk of falling and injury, physical effort every time. Sometimes it freezes 2 minutes into opening Netflix. Sometimes it freezes when I touch the remote after NOT touching the remote for a while. Or maybe at the end of playing something on DVR, or frankly whenever the f*ck it FEELS LIKE IT. Even a system refresh from another box won't fix the frozen box. How about Comcast sending a person to fix this for disabled customers every single time? You think it would still freeze a dozen times a day or you think they might actually FIX IT? Seriously, Comcast. I HATE you.

by driscoll on Fuck You Comcast!
recent event

Been a customer for years, went AT&T for a few months when the bill became obscenely high but took up Comcast again because we caught a deal an the family liked the TV set up. Guess what, our internet has been crashing for the past 4 weeks without resolve and our internet speeds have been between 2-11 download and about the same loading. For absolutely ridiculous costs i'm getting service that calls themselves premium with no consistency and charges and outrageous amount because they think they can get away with it. Now with all these new adaptions like Amazon firestick Comcast is going to find themselves on the losing end of this deal. Hope it was nice while it lasted Comcast. You'll never see your service in my home again and no services related to you will ever take my money.

by Chris on Fuck You Comcast!
Absolute Garbage

Service is intermittent. Getting worse by the week. What's your backbone run on, NetGear? Fuck you Comcast!

by Steve on Fuck You Comcast!
Eat shit and die

Fuck you comcast, and fuck all the incompetent fucktards that you call employees.

Loyal customer

I’ve been with Comcast for 5 years, not because they’re awesome, but because they are my only option! I hate you Comcast! You suck! On hold for over 30 minutes to be hung up on, gee thanks!

by ERROR on Fuck You Comcast!
no internet

ZERO STARS! Someone regulate this shitty company already

by ThisIsFine on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast makes me want to kms

comcast needs to stop shitting itself

Bitches disconnect internet

Paying for high speed internet yet shit goes down every week

by C.R. Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks

Ninety three dollars a month for a "contract package" and I watch 5% of the trash Comcast serves up. Want to watch a movie? Try 6 minutes of movie interrupted on the dot by ads. You can't even keep up with the movie. And every so often there incremental price increases. Never ever again, I'm out for keeps when this contract expires. There are plenty of alternatives to Comcast.
Greedy Comcast SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Carol on Fuck You Comcast!

All the same channels but only new customers get a lower price. They need to be sued for overcharging customers. This is one company that dont care about customers, just money. Why do we pay for broadcasting fee and some sports things? They really suck anymore. And their customer service is horrendous.

Why do I pay you fucking people

Service goes out for no reason on a Saturday night, I do all the normal steps to solve the problem to no avail, so I call customer support who tells me they not only have no idea what the problem is but can't get a technician here until wednesday in the middle of the fucking day. So you cant solve my issue and expect me to what call off work for some clumsy prick to wander through my house trying to fix a service that I pay these "people" good money for and yet somehow never seems to work.... fuck you

by Trashcast BLOWS on Fuck You Comcast!
Absolute Trash


250mbps/$99 a month
"Gigabit"/$105 a month

Not real gigabit and only 35mbps/upload. Fios has actual fiber connections and 960/down 840/up, for 79.99/month WITH NO CONTRACT for a year, then it goes up $10 the next year. You also get TV and Phone, and whether you're going to use them or not, it blows ANYTHING Cumcast offers out of the friggin' water.

On top of this, after CONFIRMING with multiple reps that I could either purchase my own DOCSIS3.1 modem or rent on of theirs, I decided to just rent for now and see if any new DOCSIS3.1 modems release soon.

I'm told to go to the store by TWO reps and exchange my old modem for the new gigabit one, cool, sounds easy! Besides when you get to the store and 5 college age losers surround you crying "oh you can't exchange that here, we don't have gigabit, you need to have that installed by a professional because it's so different". ABSOLUTEY CLUELESS DOLTS!!!

Call customer service AGAIN only to be told "Oh, well, you can't install gigabit yourself, it's $100 fee. This is because it's a "new" service and that's our policy. Even if you buy your own, a tech needs to come out and plug it in for $100."

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? They are raping people in fees over not allowing self install of something that is NO DIFFERENT. There is no magic to installing this modem, it hooks up the same. They really think they can fuck EVERYONE and ANYONE in their path.

I wasn't on a contract so I called to cancel, and after 10 minutes of telling a "retention" specialist that their service and support are utter trash, I'm finally able to cancel. Everyone had a different answer, even the 2 supervisors I spoke to had no idea what was going on. USELESS!

Yes, all major ISPs suck. But Cumcast is in a league all it's own. They don't offer any packages now, and their gigabit is TRASH and miles behind any real gigabit connection. Fios has a better connection for way less money that is on actual fiber, and the website actually WORKS.

My favorite part of being a Cumcast customer the past year was never being able to pay my bill online through my account. You get a "SOAP" error every time, which in short means their system is broken. Google how long this has been a problem and you'll see posts on their forums as far back as 2012. Absolute joke and absolute trash.

Kicker? I do contract work for Cumcast and they are just as shitty internally. Absolute joke and I hope the libtards at Cumcast and NBC go away much sooner than later.

Scam artists

Your tech support is borderline mentally ill. I know more than the highest level tech supports and all I fucking wanted was a fucking refresh signal jesus christ.

by Trey Moore on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Fuck Comcast for trying to roll back Net Neutrality.

The time is coming, dear Comcast, when we will all kick you to the curb.

Can't wait for your piece of shit company to go out of business.

by Piccled Ricc on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Comcast is the scum of the earth. Also, bill is clearly a shill for comcast. Piccled Ricc out.

by Fucking Pissed on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you fucking faggots

Comcast is full of fucking retards. Stupid fucking inbreds. I was completely fine for years until all of a sudden my internet started lagging. Not just average lag. FUCKING SUPER LAG. Fucking retard tech support told me "clear your cookies" or pay for a more expensive package. The one i have right now is 50 mbps. Its fucking 15 mbps constant and fucking disconnects so much. Fucking retard company.

by Asscast on Fuck You Comcast!

They’re service is intermittent and not consistent, they need to better install and maintaine their infrastructure, I am thinking of switching to satellite internet they are so hard to deal with, as they are the only provider in my area.

by garbage on Fuck You Comcast!

absoloute garbage.

by ComcastLickBalls on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck You Comcast! Fuck You Right in the Ass!

And also you can lick my balls. And not the freshly shaved balls. You can lick the 3 day stubble balls. You ass face.

Fuck you guys

Comcast is great. It looks like all of the shitty ex comcast customers come here. Have fun sucking dick guys!!!

I'm confused Bill. So you suck the dicks of companies after your fire them? That's weird Bill.

by IH8 Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Shoud be called crapcast

the shittiest customer service i have ever seen, the world's fuckin shit service available

by Fist me again please! on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast fucks up and I have to fix it

Changed my service, but not in a material way, and had to spend 2 hours with customer service to get the service that they contracted with me for, because the system did not reset properly. 2 frustration drenched hours with clueless support due to comcast’s grossly negligent and incompetent systems and support. Anytime I call Comcast, it’s like getting fisted by Caligula.

by ANY ISP > trashcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Horrible in every aspect

1 start rating? Piece of shit company doesnt even deserve that. They no call no show technician appointments, scam/charge extra money, and nobody that answers their phones can speak english. The internet is trash and goes out everyday. RIPPED OFF BY FALSE ADVERTISEMENT

by Tom H on Fuck You Comcast!
How is your site so BAD

You spent the time to make a godamn website that streams, to compete with multi billion dollar companies and you still fuck it up. Comcast sucks at nearly everything, and now we can add streaming. I had to search for 15 minutes after logging into your site, just to stream an episode of a show I like. Fire the entire board of directors, the CEO, CFO, and anyone else that is responsible for these good awful decisions.



by Anthony on Fuck You Comcast!
High Speed Suck

Fucking Comcast charges me for 100MB up and down "high speed internet". It's malarky. That's assuming the internet is even working at all. I wound up just dropping it to the $49.99 internet deal since i only get 22 working days a month then added $20 for this 3rd party app which gives me HBO, pay per view, and everything else Comcast tried to shove down your God damn throat for $278 dollars and fees - for nothing but $20.I'm going - just copy and paste it in google its the first deal that comes up that says "set tv apk". try it free see for yourself and tell Comcast eat shit and die.

by anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!
Website is dumb

my comcast website always goes to dumb my xfinity wifi... cant even see my bills or any thing related to my account

by jesus god on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast can suck my big fat balls

cum cast is a piece of fucking shit company with slow ass internet speeds my friends tmobile service is much much better. fuck you comcast

by Duke Smith on Fuck You Comcast!
I hate comcast

Every time I turn around, Comcast is raising the price. When I complain they say "you have a good deal."
Right. What is a good deal? As soon as I am out of this miserable contract it will be NEVER AGAIN. 150 channels and only a half dozen are worth watching; meanwhile they jack the price up and up and continue up.
Want to discuss it? Then you had better speak a foreign language and hope it's the one the support person also speaks.
NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Michelle on Fuck You Comcast!
Expensive as shit!

I hate comcast. I fucking hate them. Horrible service. Expensive as shit. Feel like they rule the fucking world and have me by the balls (and I'm a woman). When I see their commercials I want to throw something at the TV. I'm unable to get AT&T where I live. I'm tired of the expense and their attitude. I hate calling them when there is an issue because NOTHING gets fixed/done. Okay, I could go on and on ... just needed to vent. DON'T GET COMCAST. They suck. They are motherfuckers. I hate them.

by jerry on Fuck You Comcast!

don't you love how thay make you pay for something that doesn't work? well that my friend is communism 100% communism


Trying to watch the world series but the delay is terrible. comcast is terrible

by Disgruntled Employee on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast... you need to do better

I've been working for Comcast technical support for about 10 months now and never in my life have I witnessed such shitty customer service and service in general. Half of the departments here in Comcast don't do their jobs. They constantly transfer customers for no reason in order to avoid calls. Half of the technical support reps, no scratch that, about 90% of the tech support reps have absolutely NO IDEA what the fuck they are doing. I cannot even follow simple steps that are written out for them in order to resolve a customer's issue. Half of the tools that we are given to resolve issues and do our jobs don't work. The system constantly drops calls or just completely crashes which I'm sure pisses off the customers to no end because then they have to call back and go through the entire process all over again. Besides MY issues as an agent there are tons of other issues with their service in general.

The equipment Comcast gives their customers is shit. The wireless gateways are a fucking joke. Comcast claims to have the "fastest speeds" but their modems are so restricted that they cannot provide the speeds most of you are paying for and if you call in for issues and a technician needs to come out there's a possibility YOU THE CUSTOMER will be charged for that visit. SO not only do you NOT have internet or slow speeds or intermittent connectivity but in order to fix it you MAY get charged $60 or more. And don't get my started on the Field Techs. The field techs are a fucking joke. Half of them have no idea WTF they are doing. They don't even know how to configure a Wireless Gateway correctly so the customer ends up having to call back in and either HOPE TO GOD that we can fix the issue over the phone are have yet ANOTHER fucking technician come out who won't do a fucking thing. So it's a vicious cycle if you have issues.

The policies for us agents are absolutely ridiculous. I don't follow half of them for the sake of your sanity and my sanity. I REFUSE to ask you for your email and send you some stupid article about apps and products Comcast offers that don't fucking work. I refuse to try and sell you an upgraded speed package or anything that is going to cost you more of your hard earned money especially when it's not going to make one bit of a difference with your service.

Don't get me started on the fucking pay.... worst pay in a call center I have ever seen. The benefits are "alright" I suppose but us agents have ZERO chance of ever getting a raise and we're stuck in a dead end job. The upper management here is an absolute fucking joke. Just so everyone knows, when you request a supervisor half of the time we are frantically trying to get a hold of one and our requests go ignored. That's why it 1.) takes so fucking long and 2.) we tell you that a supervisor will call you. Any time we are stuck on an issue and need assistance we are ignored or given the wrong information.

SO, after reading all of that a lot of you are probably wondering "then why in the fuck are you working there bitch"? Well, it's a job and for the moment it partially pays my bills. Trust when I say I am seeking employment elsewhere. I cannot just up and quit. I don't have that luxury. Unfortunately, I am stuck in this god damn hell hole until something better comes along.

In closing I would just like to say, I really do feel for you customers. Comcast absolutely does have shitty service and shitty customer service. You dread calling in for support, I dread clocking in to provide support. I must say, some of the customers I talk to are pretty fucking awesome.. but there are some who are just plain fucking assholes. Just to let you all know, if you call in and get me as an agent and you are rude to me for no fucking reason about an issue that I cannot control I will be rude right back to you. I don't get paid enough to deal with bitchiness or rudeness.

by Matthew Dinse on Fuck You Comcast!
So Fucking Stupid

Im moving but they keep on disconnecting my fucking service before me move date!!!!! Fuck this fucking company!!!!!!




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Xfinity Help

Anyone know how to contact the customer solutions Department in Harrisburg? I am one month and over eight hours on the phone with Comcast trying to get my $2079 dollars refunded. The supervisor promised to call back by Friday and if not I should call today and ask for her after one hour on the phone today they tell me they can't transfer me. This is systematic customer abuse

by Business on Fuck You Comcast!

Unbelievable! I'm a business customer and have been for over 15 years. We recently had a new cable modem installed. Pretty exciting to get the newest technology - UNTIL WE DISCOVERED - that by default the new Comcast business modems have the public Wi-Fi hot spot feature turned on by default. The installer never informed us of the new feature and we were not aware of it since we had never had that in the past. To make things worse, Comcast publishes a map of all available hot spots WITH YOUR NAME, COMPLETE ADDRESS, AND EVEN DRIVING DIRECTIONS! COMPLETE ASSHOLES WITH NO REGUARD FOR BUSINESS PRIVACY, SECURITY OR STOLEN BAND WIDTH. Please God, make an alternative to Comcast available in our area ASAP. Even at triple the price, we will switch in a heart beat.

by Unhappy on Fuck You Comcast!
Awful cust service

Serivice has been down since end of August. Replaced modem. Still down. Placed new modem on cable at box on side of house. Still down. Asked comcast to send tec to inspect their piece from POP to house. Comcast refused without homeowner present and I'm far away working hurricane Harvey recovery. Comcast has monopoly on cable service in my town so stuck with their bs. Neighbor can't be used. Comcast still charging me for issue that is clearly theirs.

by Shit service on Fuck You Comcast!
You have got to be kidding me

I was told by comcast that set up with my own modem/router would be easy and would take twenty minutes. three days later, 4 hours in phone calls, and several different clueless representatives I am told that I can't set it up myself. I have to wait for a comcast rep to show up. This was frustrating and idiotic. I wasted hours that I can't get back. FUCK YOU COMCAST

by Db Kick on Fuck You Comcast!
In the ass!

Fuck you comcast, right in the flappy ass.

by Patrick on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast blows

At least once a week the shitty X1 platform goes down because it can't keep up with my search through the guide. It makes me sick - tonight I missed about 10 minutes of MNF because of this.

try to cancel an account

My business started a contract with comcast. the contract had many mistakes and the rep told me to just sign and they would be fixed. I said No not until they are fixed. when they were I signed. they came to install but failed to have me sign a port order to transfer my numbers to the comcast account. I did not know about this part of the contract. the installers came and said they needed to finish the install before they could do anything. Wrong. it was going to take 10 business day to have the numbers transferred. meanwhile I would have to pay my former phone company and comcast. contract states 30 days cancel free if not satified with the service. I did this per phone call. however, they did not have me sign the cancellation form. I did not know this. It has taken me 3 months to fight with them. and in the mean time they sent me to collections without billing me. When I called the service billing department they were glad to wipe out the bill. Told me it should not have gone to collections. Bad for me they fucked up my credit. and they told me they cant sent a letter to explain. Sales department sucks. dont ever do a contract with out the person sitting in front of you. when ever you call you get someone different. when they get the contract they dump you and you will never hear from them again. be aware.

by James on Fuck You Comcast!
I cant watch games i pay for

i pay enough to be able to watch NFL games when I'm not at home. WTF Comcast? U cant wait to go back to dish when I'm out of my contract.

No starz app

Eventjough i pay for Starz, shitty comcast is the ONLY provider that wont let ms use the Starz APP....i HATE comcast....

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
I dont get what i pay for

I pay ~$60 to get 75 mbps download and 10 mbps upload. I get the download but my upload is almost always under 1 mbps. Fuck you guys I have called 10 million times and have had you cavemen employee come and try to fix it but I get nothing out of it. After everything I can now stand assure that it is Comcast throttling my internet.

by Seabass on Fuck You Comcast!
So dissapointed

I am so disappointed that Comcast is putting out commercials that celebrate a supposed LGBTQ pride month. This is offensive to me as a white Christian straight male because it negates a lot of values that I hold very closely. Being a sinner is nothing to be proud of and should not be celebrated and promoted by such a large corporation of which most of its customers agree with me.

by Witty on Fuck You Comcast!
Petition for a Comcast lawsuit

Time to make a Petition for a Comcast lawsuit. Not only is there service shit they force you into using there modem. I read in a forums that talked about the built in hotspot in your modem they supply. They slowed me down to nothing and said my owned modem is not working and I need theirs. I found if you search available wifi you will see an additional xfinity ssid besides your own. I read this is because there modems have two separate channels built in, the unsecured xfinity you see is a hotspot running off your electric and data without your consent which I am pretty sure is so illegal. They figure if every customer has a hotspot attached to their modem then eventually they can offer hotspots everywhere at our expense. Pretty sure this is what is slowing our speeds down. Tonight I had a 2..52 DL and 3.67 UL speed. At $63 a month this is totally unacceptable. It is time for someone to set up a Petition for every unhappy customer to sign so we can get a lawsuit agents Comcast. Everyone should be compensated for what they are paying for. Bottom Line: The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Hurt them in there wallet and they have to make changes. Or we can continue to get shit on at our own expense.... I'm sick of paying hard earned money to companies with contracts and them not offering what they say.

by M Bass on Fuck You Comcast!

I have to struggle with Comcast EVERY.FRICKEN.DAY. Every day it has periods where I cannot get on to check my email or it moves at a glacier's pace in letting me in. What the hell am I paying for?! CRAP unreliable service.

by Z money on Fuck You Comcast!
Xfinity TV

The only reason I pay for the Xfinity TV app is so I can watch live TV on the go as advertised; what do I get, fucking every channel is in home. If I'm in home, I could watch it on my fucking TV. Fuck Xfinity.

by Ted1340 on Fuck You Comcast!
What a RIPOFF!!

The X1 platform sucks and keeps getting worse. Drops recordings, boots unexpectedly, freezes up, disconnects repeatedly, etc., etc. Aggravates me every day. And the net has gotten slower and slower. Some days it's barely useable, and they say it's faster than what I ordered. Unfortunately I can't get satellite. Comcast sucks! Stay away!

by Daniel Tang on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuckkkkk Comcast

Just finishing our first month of non service with this scam artist, worse mistake ever taking them on their great offer, should have known, had a feeling in my gut i should have sent them the hell on. When their tech ( i had to pay 60 bucks for this honor) shows up looking and sounding like snoop dog, tells me “damn you coming from Uverse to Comcast” i responded, im hoping you guys are way better, his responce “well good luck to you” Google fiber optic cant get here fast enough, fuck you comcast and fuck you snoop dog.

by Juanita on Fuck You Comcast!

Looking forward to the day another cable company comes along and knocks Comcast of its high horse!

by Minimalbos on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast should burn

I upgraded my service do to the fact mine was to slow Comcast madmen update my modem and now it is slower then ever I have called stalked to 15 different reps they all tell me it my equipment which has been charged three different times in a week. I also get no channels which where included with package. Not to mention the sports fee and broadcast fee that is added to my bill each month when I have no sports package also every time I talk to a rep they ask me to reset my modem to reset my equipment and it is Mike equipment’s fault Comcast does not take responsibility for their actions or their own equipment it is always someone else’s fault I’m so tired of heat I understand what your going though and I sorry we can’t fix it If this is the kind of business that Comcast is running it should just set it self on fire

by David Mason on Fuck You Comcast!


by Richard on Fuck You Comcast!
Stay away from net neutrality, Comcast!!!!!

The internet is the printing press of our time. Net neutrality is what makes it that way. Net neutrality must be preserved!!!!!!

by New Customer on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Comcast couldn't even be bothered to help get my internet working correctly for a week+ ! Fuck any company that starts out a new relationship with a customer like this.

by Fuckcomcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck comcast

Spent an hour on the phone trying to explain how my network perfomance is clearly tied to the load on their network. Unfortunately, the person with whom i spoke is too daft to understand what that means.

They suggested i get a technician out to check my equipment. Motherfuckers, how is a technician going to diagnose a network issue that has nothing to do with my equipment?

Fuck you and i hope google fiber ends you.

by Dave F on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast is late

NO JOKE 6 MONTHS AGO I CALLED COMCAST N TOLD THEM BOX WASNT WORKING ON 1 TV AND THEY SAID THEY BE OUT IN 3 DAYS (then they tried to sell me another plan and I didnt go for it) and wanted them come out in 3 days as they promised and WELL IT'S BEEN 6 MONTHS NOW joke and I ACTUALLY TOLD THEM I NEEDED THE TV FOR LIGHT TO SEE IN THE DARK FOR USING A WHEEL CHAIR about cruelty to the handicapped ..THANKS COMCAST FOR BEING THE WORSE CABLE COMPANY EVER

by comcast sucks on Fuck You Comcast!

doesnt work. would not recommend

by Louis on Fuck You Comcast!
3G cellphone better than comcast

I have Comcast. I have to tether off my 3G cellphone most of the time it's faster than Comcast. Comcast is the biggest piece of shot scam I have ever seen. All the different levels of internet all suck and speed test out much slower than they claim. When they say up to whatever speed. That up to happened one time at one persons place. This company is a joke. Save your money or go with Verizon or cox

by Comcast Cocksuckers on Fuck You Comcast!
Injected Advertisements

Comcast hijacks your browser and injects its own popup ads over the sites you are browsing! What a bunch of pricks, I know you're spying on me, but do you have to make it so blatant?!

by Kallie Daniels on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck You Comcast

These Uneducated Fucking Dumb Ass Monkey,s That Work For Comcast Has a Block On My Address For Someone Else,s Debt I Did Everything To Create a New Account And The Block is Still There I'm Not The Person Who Created The Fucking Debt and I Hope That Everyone Reads This Review and Never Order Comcast These Fools Are Full of Shit and For The CEO of Comcast Suck a Fat Dick Choke On it and Die I Cant Believe The Workers Get Paid To Deny Honest People Cable Service For Other People Dishonesty So I Hope All of You Who Work For Comcast Burn in Hell and I Told All My Freinds To Cancel Your Fucking Service and Buy The Fire Stick it Cheaper Than Your Dumb Ass Service!

by Another Comcast victim on Fuck You Comcast!
Another Comcast victim

I was supposed to get 150 mbps. Always get less then 50 mbps. And there are outages all the time. Why is one company allowed to have monopoly over an area? This is horrible.

They suck

'We can't guarantee you will get those speeds.' How about kiss my ass. I pay for those speeds if I don't give you that extra money you'll cut me off. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Fuck you Comcast.

by Gov should regulate internet companies on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast is absolute shit

by Duncan on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Says I have connection, but can't actually connect to anything. Promised 50Mbps connection, I get unreliable 5Mbps that fluctuates to less than 1kbps at times and I get connection 7 hours a day at best. FUCK comcast. There's no other provider in my area either because comcast pays off congress to pass laws for them. FUCKING FUCK Comcast. FUCK them. Fuck Ajit Pai too, the smug little bitch.

by FUVKq on Fuck You Comcast!


Fuck you comcast!

I have has 10%-50% packet loss since hurricane irma. That is over a month ago and it didn't even hit here!! I work out of my house and can't get anything done since pages don't load emails fail to deliver this is the most frustrating shit ever. But hey keep raising my bill and make it so i go out of business.

by Daniel Park on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you.

My desktop has not been able to connect to the internet for 5 days because of your shitty service and your crappy customer service that tells me my router is offline. MY ROUTER IS OFFLINE?!?! WOW I HAD NO IDEA! Thanks to Comcast, I've had to turn in a 10 page essay in late. Thanks for also fucking over my education

no more comcast

no more comcast


one star is tooooo much!

by Darren on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Didn't Show For Installation Appt.

They really don't deserve any stars. I made a reservation to have Comcast 'install' internet in my apartment. It isn't clear to me why couldn't have connected the modem myself but that's beside the point. Waited for my scheduled time. They didn't show. I called and they tried to tell me that they did show and they called but couldn't find the place. I stood outside to make sure they could find the place. No missed calls. No voice message. No heads up that they would call rather than just show up. If their plan is that they will 'get-close' to your house and then call why don't they tell you that ahead of time when they're making your appointment. "Oh by the way, we don't plan on showing up we just plan on driving past the neighborhood and calling and if you don't pick up then, oh well". Their solution when I called them, oh we'll just reschedule for another two weeks out. How does that sound? Will 2-6pm work for you on a work day? What? You can't take four hours off work to wait for us again?

Hate Comcast.

by Lazamataz on Fuck You Comcast!

I am work-at-home. The frequent outages were so untenable, I had to install AT&T as a backup. AT&T has been so reliable, I am seriously considering cutting Comcast. I have a 2 year contract but if they try to fee me for leaving, I will take them to court for failing to deliver on their side.

ComCast should be renamed CircusCast.

by jim green on Fuck You Comcast!

horrible customer service

by Person on Fuck You Comcast!

If something other than comcast was available in my area I'd get it immediately. Reset my modem at least once a day. Havn't had the internet sped I'm supposed to have for months. Calling them on the phone is hard to talk to an actual person, anymore. Always changing prices and adding costs. Rented a modem to my mother who paid so much more than just buying one, they take advantage of people who don't know.

They know they suck. They hate everyone. Monopoly pricks

by Stephen B on Fuck You Comcast!

I bought a new modem, because they told me that the surf board model I have is obsolete. I called to have them switch the MAC ID. 45 FUCKING MINUTES of the stupid sub human scumsucker on the other line trying to upsell me on FUCKING TV I won't watch. Finally he proceeded to change my MAC address, for another HOUR! Fuck these fuck sticks and all of their shit!

600+ ping constantly

comcast is ass

by David on Fuck You Comcast!

I have the best comcast package. Internet is still shit but finally playable, can't do anything about it because they have a monopoly over my area


id rate it a zero if i could. do you have to do maintenance every single fucking day?

Upgrade of High def boxes

Afew months ago ireceived mailers and messages on my system that if ididn't update my high def boxes, that certain programming issues will ensue. Well, like many others imade the upgrade. Since then, audio quality has dropped. Many of the high def stations are scratchy. The audio drops out frequently. The guide seems to take forever to buffer, etc.
An upgrade is supposed to be better, not get worse.
Oh, btw, I've tried all of the so called fixes for this.
It is very frustrating.

by Another paying fool on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks

If I could give less than 1 star I would. Customers should be billed like a utility bill for the amount of time that cable/internet actually works rather then a set monthly fee. Or maybe think about getting AT&T as a back up...then possibly we could all have consistent service.

Your stupid politocal add!

Is there ANY reason Comcast needs to broadcast their political views, forcing it down theor subscribers throats?? LGBT awareness month???. Before all you trolls respond otherwise... I wonder how comcast or the left (same difference) would like it if Trump ran adds on all Network stations...for the entire month of October... stating... "Celebrate LIFE...Think of all the great humans that were never born.....celebrate the unborn ...dont dissect it!" Im sure all you lefty totalitarians would be all over sponsors and networks boycottong them of they Keep your politics to yourself Comcast! Im not paying over $220 per month for a utility to "sponsor" your political biases... unless OCTOBER IS LGBT MONTH is followed by NOVEMBER IS STRAIGHT HETEROSEXUAL MONTH! B Jeees!

by Roy Correll on Fuck You Comcast!
suck a cuck

y'all suck, you're a monopoly, you're gonna rot in hell

Fuck Comcast

Shitty ass internet that works for like the first month after installation, then does nothing but suck massive dick. Like I cannot believe we actually pay money for this shit. My internet literally shits itself if more than one device is using the internet at a time. Fuck you. Your customer service sucks, your equipment we rent sucks and your internet sucks. I had to type this on my phone using my mobile data because that's how much your internet sucks.

by BouncinOnMyBoysD on Fuck You Comcast!
gaping butthole

comcast is worse than the gaping butthole of a rhino with the bad shits.

Fantastic Internet Service

I have been a Comcast customer for 2 years now and never had an issue. Not sure what all the commotion is about!

Commotion is that you are very clearly in the minority.

by JasonH on Fuck You Comcast!
Every freaking day!

Every day the connection drops and I mean every day! Not just once though. It goes down around three times a day. If I call tech support they let me know they cant connect to my router. NO SHIT... I HAVE NO CONNECTION! The people on the phone really can't do much but this shit is getting old.

by Big Red on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is too political

Report the news...not pick sides.

by Can I rate lower than 1 star on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck You Comcast!

Agreed to some home security system as part of their package for a measly 10 dollar increase. Should've known something was up. What kind of fuckwit home security system is hooked up through your internet connection? On top of that, we've had an unstable network with frequent disconnections happening every couple minutes ever since the technician installed the system, and he broke several window blinds in the process. And if you're scummy enough to be watching your customer activity on top of that... well good. Fuck You Comcast.

by angerman on Fuck You Comcast!
dystopian bureaucratic nightmare

I have four accounts with comcast.
Account #1 is my original account they swore I could never use again in a new apt. OK.
Account #2 is the one they made me create for a new apartment. However this account is completely unused.
Account #3 is the account they made me create when they accidentally cut my internet services 3 weeks ago. This account still is "live" and linked to my old address.
Today I made my 4th (!!!) account with them because I called to try to make some sense of this and also "to do the right thing" and pay them because I had internet at my new place but none of my accounts was reflecting that.
Also weird: My forth account they made is only for cable television for some reason even though I did not request cable or even own a television.
SO--they have restored my internet, yet I still am unable to discern which account (if any) is actually going to my house. And since all the accounts are weird, I cannot pay them.

Crashes and Packet Loss

Burn in hell

by AreoSky on Fuck You Comcast!
What a waste of time

Comcast ..... you're trash. Accept your defeat. you got pirates, Hulu, Netflix just stop. And then you customer service is treating me like trash. please you're so stupid.

go home

please 🙁

by Fuck you on Fuck You Comcast!
FUCK YOU!!!!!!

14hr outage due to "Scheduled Maintenance," they failed to warn anybody about. Leaving over 35K residents and businesses without any Internet. At least warn us next time. ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!

Why the fuck is my internet off

How the hell is it possible that I got my internet back 7 days after the hurricane just to have a random power outage that caused your shitty network to collapse until Monday what kind of fucking slipshod shitty ass work has your company been doing I understand the 7 days to get it back after the hurricane but there is no conceivable reason that one power outage should crash your shorty system and keep it down till Monday I have midterms this week and know I have to study using my phone you worthless motherfuckers

by Taylor on Fuck You Comcast!


by Steve on Fuck You Comcast!

They have shitty overpriced service and ignorant CEOs who don't give a flying fuck about the consumer I barely get any channels and I'm paying close to 80 bucks dear Comcast burn in FUCKING hell you greedy DIRTY fuckers btw your internet suck donkey cock too

Really Comcast

I have 150 mbs blast internet. I go to comcasts speed test and oh look 50mbs. I go to a random online speedtest, and its at 10. I try to watch a video or play a game and half the time it disconnects.. I literally can't do anything online even with one of their 'best' packages.

by Tithead on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast can SUCK MY BALLS

Wow, just WOW.... every motherf***ing day there's a new problem with this worthless X1 system. I just can't believe that THIS is the product Comcast is putting out to people in 2017. Comcast X1 can EAT A FAT DICK

by Scott S. on Fuck You Comcast!
They don't give a rat fuck about customers

So the service works MOST of the time. But every time I have had to change out equipment all I get is crap. One time I had to drive over 45 mintues on 3 different occasions to get a box that worked. 3rd time is a charm... AND for my trouble here is HBO for a month. WTF thats $20 and I spent that in gas on the first trip.

NOW they kept sending me messages on the TV to upgrade to X1 and when I did the bullshit was on. After 3 hours of being on the phone they told me that I had to have a tech come out. The tech said he found the problem and fixed it. After he left 1 of my TVs not longer works at all. I called within a couple of minutes of him leaving and spent 30 minutes playing games on the phone. Then they told be it would be tomorrow.

COMCAST SUCKS. The tech support is in some other country and they dont give a rats ass about the customer.

by Andrew on Fuck You Comcast!
Stupid Wifi lock

Fucking comcast with your dumb fucking commercials about a WiFi turn off festure on their app. This is goin to fuck over ao many young people and take some of the freedom of the internet away. Just because people who dont get technology or the internet or want "family time" fuck that. If your kids respect you theyll listen if they dont listen then fucking learn to parent. People try to control their kids lives too much this won't help

Overall, Pretty Happy

I have had Comcast for about 6 months and overall I can't complain. Decent service and when I was mistakenly charged for an install fee, the customer service agent removed the fee and even gave me three free months of HBO. Thanks Comcast!

by Andy Cool on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you you fucking fucks at Comcast

Comcast at my office goes down almost every day. At home, I need to restart my wireless router frequently. Their customer service is worse than their actual service. It is like being dipped in acid feet first to put out the flames that they lit you on fire with. My ex-wife treats me better and she threatened to cut my junk off and throw it in a blender.

FUCK YOU COMCAST I hope your evil empire collapses as soon as possible.


What kind of a company closes its office from 12-1 as a device company that's nuts they have the worst service of all service companies even in good times forget during hurricanes donesnt really deserves even one star

by Pissed Off on Fuck You Comcast!
Charghed me for Hurricane damage

WTF? Hurricane blew down the cable lines along with the electric lines. Comcast comes along after 8 friggin days and puts the lines back up but apparently didn't put the cwrong kind of cable back in it's place (per final technician) because the TV only worked half assed ad the internet didnt work at all. They decided to make it work with some kind of booster that plus in inside my house. Now I have internet and TV but still no on demand. I checked my bill and they have charged ME a $50 fee for having to install the booster in my home! WTF? I went round and round with some damn foreigner before they finally removed the fee. Comast sux! I wish I had another option.

by Highly Unsatisfied on Fuck You Comcast!
Net Neutrality my ass

Comcast is an evil organization.

Everything they do is for their own benefit

I work in IT and have my own router and for blast 150 mbps internet...typically get 5mbps because I am not paying them monthly to rent their shitty equipment.


No internet seance sep10

by Another Paying Sucker on Fuck You Comcast!
Dial Up Bound

Comcast, your worthless asses need to go jump in a fucking landfill because your "service" is absolute trash. NEWSFLASH: PAYING CUSTOMERS ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF YOUR BUSINESS. One of these days, people are going to get so fed up with your shitty "service" that they will finally decide to return to Dial Up or not bother having Internet at all if they can't find another high speed provider. For the amount that is paid and what we get, we'd be better off going backward because WE'RE DOING THAT ANYWAY WITH YOU. How would you like that for a "hard reset", ya twat stains? You don't deserve anyone's hard earned money and the day WILL come when you won't be able to con and rob us anymore. Advertising services, taking payment, and not delivering amounts to THEFT. You should be locked up. Fucking white collar psychopaths.

by Enough on Fuck You Comcast!
Is Enough

If it were possible, zero stars would be given.
Have had it for ten years, and I still can't download SHIT. Especially after the reboot to the system after Irma. I have shit to do Comcast, and it doesn't involve waiting for HOURS just to UPLOAD ONE 46 KB file for work!

They suck

Talk about outages, there so called customer service LMAO they have no idea, what customer service is. At least once a month service goes out for some reason what a freaking joke

by comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

fuck no.


Fuck Comcast and fuck their management. Their dog shit internet shuts off every ten goddamn seconds, sub human greedy sacks of shit

by Amish Shah on Fuck You Comcast!

Scheduled comcast for a new install / new home. They verified I was good to go. Tech got there. Not Tap couldn't instal. The tech said someone would be over the next day to instal the tap. Two weeks later they show up to install. Guy disnt know he needed a tap. Couldn't install. Now scheduled for a later one. Spent 1 hr 45 with comcast after the first issue. They guaranteed everything was all set. Still no cable or internet. Unbelievable!!

by Finally Had It on Fuck You Comcast!
Prorated bill is the same as the full month!!!

After 20 plus years with Comcast and the companies it gobbled up to get my account, I finally pulled the trigger and dumped them for Verizon Fios this week. I turned my boxes into the Comcast office and just got off the phone where they told me even though I terminated my service on the 20th of the month, my bill is exactly the same as it would be if I kept service on the whole month!!! So happy to finally be free of the worst Customer Service organization in history

by Bluemusic4us on Fuck You Comcast!
Down again!!

It's down again. They are really screwing up. I wonder how you bring a class action lawsuit against them for not delivering the service they promise. I just got a mailing. They want me to spend more money to get faster speeds. But they don't even come close to delivering the 25 gb I'm paying for. Can you say extortion

by on Fuck You Comcast!
They truly do blow chunks

I'm so sick of them raising my rates and bleeding me dry. Done.. with... them. AMAZON prime and stick here i come. I would even stop watching TV to get away from this butt rash corporation.

by HadEnough on Fuck You Comcast!
Burn in Hell, Comcast 🙂

Our wifi was fine after Irma. Then Comcast cut the line.

by fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck comcast

fuck comcast

by Annon on Fuck You Comcast!

Ok been 6 months internet is spotty and rarely works on demand never work more than 6 techs sent out. They still won't fix it!!!!!! Comcast blows!

by Sheila Foley on Fuck You Comcast!
So glad I pay taxes to keep

the FCC going, who in turn keep Comcast going by ensuring they have a monopoly. I pay a fortune for their lousy services that are programmed by people in India who never program well, but are cheap. You know the old adage you get what you pay for??? EXCEPT they've got a government agency in their back pocket that ensures they don't have to compete.

I want a choice of providers! No point in keeping the FCC going just to ensure a corrupt business.

by beaten down on Fuck You Comcast!
beaten down

My internet has sucked for YEARS . Sometimes it works well and sometimes
it sucks . They know , they have been here many,many times to fix it and it has never been fixed. I'll bet this site is sponsered by them just to defuse angry customers and give them a small form of satisfaction. They beat you down untill you just settle for whatever they give you. WTF . Comcast Sucks , they have all this new crap they offerbut they dont provide what I pay for. Why am I bothering to write this , they are so big they dont have to care.What can I do ?? ? ! ! !

by Sensible Consumer on Fuck You Comcast!
Sick of your shit.

Would give 0 stars if possible. Comcast constantly shuts off my internet during weekends and sometimes weekdays. Tried to get it fixed and got relocated to an Indian who claimed there was nothing wrong. Please actually give a shit instead of rolling in your dirty money.

Always in and out

Can't even play online games because it always disconnects. Really a horrible company that should go out of business.

by LIL FACTORY on Fuck You Comcast!
Words cannot describe how shitty this fucking company is in its entirety

I hope I run into your CEO in a dark alley.

by Ex Employee on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast hates everyone

Management are a bunch of dumbasses. I had an injury and a supervisor (who accused me indirectly of embellishing past illnesses despite doctors notes and FMLA) insisted to take me to a medical facility. Walked in with injury, walked out with paperwork confirming injury (along with a brace). Never asked about workmans comp, my boss insisted that I stay home (my job required particular limbs that were injured). I came back when allowed and my boss wanted to discuss "questionable absences". Fortunately (because of past speculation) I kept a book of my doctors reports. Oddly enough she asked about the VERY same injury that she took me to get addressed. I told her that she knew about that one, the dumb bitch drove me to the clinic. At that point I reported her (as expected nothing came of it) I heard rumors about her exit shortly after I retired but I cannot prove any relevance (they are unlikely related other than the fact that she has a history). Any how, to get ahead at Comcast, what you know doesn't mean shit, I am not trying to imply that I know everything but as a recluse it seems that employees moving upward are the ones who socialize after hours (I just go home). For comparison of their idiocy, a supervisor told his team if you want to get the "scoop", hang out at the smokers corner (I don't smoke and though I had other health issues more direct for me to worry about than 2nd hand smoke, just couldn't miss the irony on that one.

by Give Me A Break ! on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Sucks Huge

Days with downtime. No internet. No TV.... No relief on the bill. Does not deserve 1 Star. It SUCKS.

by SCOtt on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucking cock sucker

THese nasty mother fuckers can suck my ass. $3600.00 for shit service and sub human customer service. Yea bundle everything you own with these cock suckers and kiss your money and balls good bye because they now own them. Worst fucken company in this entire country. Fuck these nasty pices of shit. I rather stick my dick in a light socket than deal with these mother fuckers. Too bad the planes did hit that shot hole building. Would have done the world a favor. Fuck you!!!!!

Disabled Auto-pay Switching Bundle

After my 2 year promotional TV-internet bundle expired I removed TV to save a couple bucks. Without my permission Comcast turned off my auto-pay feature and billed me a late fee.
What a bunch of crooks!

by mouth breather on Fuck You Comcast!
worst fucking internet ever

Definitely the WORST company ever existed on this universe. Internet is unstable, outages are my breakfast lunch and dinner. When I play online video games, it has nearly the worst connection even in the US server. I play LoL battlegrounds often and it getting spikes in every single minute of the game. It's like a monopoly in the area I live, every single building is binded and made deal with this fucking shit service and there is no other choice of internet and cable services avaliable. I am a huge NBA fan and I HAVE TO PURCHASE the cable bundle and it wraps up with a 150 dollars per month with the shittest service I could possibily get. I don't know they whether have engineers in their company or just some college dropout kids writing programms or shit, cuz this data and speed is not something suitable for the year 2k17. it's like old days when you have only 1MB/ sec internet speed but costs you 100 dollars for it. We are living in 21st century and this is how Comcast and Xfinity treat their customers. If there are negative stars i would rate the lowest without one eye blinking.

by Parker on Fuck You Comcast!
COMCAST is horrible

I can't stand Comcast - they are the worst company ever. I recently called to get my bill under control - I thought I got it manageable - but what the person neglected to tell me about was about all the equipment fees would be on top of the plan. I guess they sent me an email explained this - now I am locked in to a 2 year agreement. I really feel hood-winked

Customer Service

This is the worst company I have every dealt with

by Jorge on Fuck You Comcast!
7 minutes to get a customer service agent

I called Comcast today to get one simple question answered. It took me seven minutes to get though the automated message service to get to a live agent. Had they answered the phone call with a live agent, it would have taken the live agent another 10 seconds to get my account number and identify me. Instead they cost me 7 minutes. And by the time I finally got a customer service rep I was so angry that I had to vent to the customer service rep for a good minute, so their automated system actually cost them money. This company is horrible. They don't value their customers and they don't deserve my business.

by FUCK COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!

I hate these fuckers. These monopolizing shitbags can't even meet demand. I see that many others also work from home, and have nothing but UNRELIABLE SHIT SERVICE. I work off peak hours to try to combat internet traffic BUT IT DOESN'T SEEM TO MATTER. Not only this but we pay ridiculous amounts of money FOR NOTHING. Their website's links are broken and re-direct to nothing.
Trust me I would not be using these maggots anymore if I had another option available to me. Fuck you Comcast. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE STEAL YOUR PRECIOUS SHOWS. BECAUSE YOU JACKASSES CAN'T PROVIDE EVEN WHEN WE SHOVE MONEY IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU COMCAST!

by Paying customer on Fuck You Comcast!
This is a fucking business?

How many fucking times do i need outages? They call themselves a fucking business? This is the most garbage dogshit ive ever experienced. Try to call? Youre relocated to habeeb in fucking columbia. Literal cancer

by Pissed on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks ass!

Absolute worst internet and cable company!! There's no other choice in my area for high speed so I'm stuck!! AT&T please get high speed in Braselton GA! I'll switch along with another few thousand!

Worst customer support ever

Just unbelievable. They are soooooo bad. Wish there was a different provider in my area.

by Bryson Williams on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you comcast

Fuck you comcast

-1/5 stars

by fuck you comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

Would give less stars if possible

by Angry customer on Fuck You Comcast!

I've had 4 outages in the past 3 days. Usually only an hour inbetween then. Cannot wait to cancel my service #fuckcomcast

by Eat shit and die on Fuck You Comcast!
Go fuck yourself

How many of these motherfuckers are named jasmine? This is the most amazing shit to me, that a company can even exist that's as terrible as these fuckers.

by go fuck yourself comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

fuck you

by Cal w on Fuck You Comcast!

5 days and 6 hours on the phone 10 different calls and being hung up on and disconnected and lied to . Comcast sucks

Many promises were promised and they're all broken .Comcast takes no responsibility of what their representative promise One thing to review their notes on a previous call, those notes suddenly disappeared from the system . I pay $60 a month to Comcast now And they wanted another $60 for me to get 10 more channels that I wanted .I'm going to streaming screw Comcast

by Levan on Fuck You Comcast!

An professional costumer service

by My Policy on Fuck You Comcast!
We all can make up policies

Comcast you sanctimonious tools. Here's my policy. If I need to run to your shit service center to replace your broken shit, then I charge 100.00 per trip. I canceled your worthless service and when you called me to pay the last bill, I told you of my policy. You said it needs to be in writing, so I said where's your written policy that states I need to come to you to replace broken equipment. When you show me your written policy, I'll show you mine. Fuck Off Comcast. YOu suck!

by Comcast sucks the D on Fuck You Comcast!
What. The. Frig.

Outrageous cost for an internet with slow speed that kicks you off of Xbox live every hour.... What the hell?

by John Crosetto on Fuck You Comcast!
Long term customer dissed

These rat prick fucks raised my bill after an agreed rate of $59/month to $70 for a shitty 25mbps, I'm switching to AT&T today at $40/month - 50mbps.

by The Enemy on Fuck You Comcast!
No More Pain

This is gold. I work for AT&T who wants to switch over??? Lol let me help you out email me

impossible to cancel xfinity service

I will give zero star if I can. They make it so difficult to cancel the service when the customer does not need it anymore. They keep transferring you to different departments and make mistakes every time I call them. I have to call them again and again to cancel the service.

Norton Antivirus -- free!!

Got caught in the Kafkaesque netherworld between Comcast and their partner corporation, Norton. Free antivirus my ass. They wanted me to jump through both corporations' hoops and give more personal information before I got a PIN. Suck my dick both of you.

by m ongo on Fuck You Comcast!

I pay for 75 Mbps service. Tests on different tests site show me getting less than half of that; some tests came out at 5 Mbps!
Can't stream any of ESPN3 games.
I pay extra for this?

Changing today.

by Andy D. on Fuck You Comcast!
Tried to Move House..

I tried to call comcast's moving line in order to transfer service from the apartment I was living in at the time to the house I was about to move into, and after the 10+ minutes of fighting with the robot answering machine, I got it to transfer me to the "moving hotline", only to have the machine hang up on me. I managed to find a direct number for the hotline online, and yeah, it just picked up and hung up. Unbelievable. Ended up having to drive to the comcast office two towns over to cancel the service in person.

Stuck in Overpriced Contract

Comcast is TERRIBLE! Slow speed and constant interruptions (especially at night). Customer Service @comcast has been trained to placate the customer instead of solving the problem. They suckered me into moving from residential service @ $60/month to around $200/month for business class. There was no improvement whatsoever! So we have overpaid for months and now they are holding us to a contract! If anyone is in breach of contract it is Comcast! They did not deliver on their promise but they sure took our hard earned $$$. Please share this with everybody on Facebook. There is good reason why Comcast is one of the most hated companies in the world. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH Comcast. I just called my attorney today to resolve this issue with the Comcast extortionists. I guess they would rather fight than do the right thing. They have already overcharged me and given nothing in return.

by Yanaar Lee on Fuck You Comcast!
business account

I have been told one thing by one agent, the opposite by another agent, and still they don't have my address correct which sends repairpeople to a transformer in the next block.

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast are greedy

Paying for shitty wifi dropping internet, i already paid them $50, but they fucking overpaid me an extra $100. Fuck Comcast, i hope their company gets fucked in the ass, I cant wait when Google Fiber comes to my area so i can ditch their sorry ass.

by Former employee on Fuck You Comcast!
Over 20 years for nothing

I worked for Comcast for over 20 years. When I started I was a customer service rep. Now, if you can't sale things to customers that they don't want, they will fire you. My heart breaks for the elderly. They are being sold internet when they don't have a computer.
In the time I worked for them, I turned them in for everything I could and it didn't make any difference. Unethical sales practices, the HR person would be transferred to another state to avoid any action being taken. I endured sexual harassment by another woman and noting was done.
They DO NOT care about their employees nor do they care about their customers. All they care about is the all mighty dollar.
I fucking hate Comcast.

by Austin on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck you comcast

comcast blows so your so fucking dumb. every single day EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. i get on my game and what does it say??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah connect to the internet. i pay 130 bucks a month for this? ill fucking kill you!

Watch south parks take on comcast

I will keep a long story short. New modem on comasts list yet it still takes 3 business day to connect. They were indian and didnt give a shit...

by Chrys on Fuck You Comcast!
Eat a bag of dicks, Comcast

I lost 3 matches tonight because my shit-tastic wifi kept dropping... Now it's just gone all together. 3.5 hours we've been watching those stupid ass lights blink on the modem, hoping for them to turn blue. AND I just about broke a toe trying to reset the damned thing. It's complete horse shit that people pay insane amounts of money for the "best" internet, only to end up so angry they almost have a nervous breakdown because they have to write a shouty review ON THEIR SUCKY PHONE because they can't use THEIR LAPTOP to do it because THEIR INTERNET IS DOWN! Fuck you, Comcast!

Comcast sucks

My gawd.
If I ran my business like this I'd be closed. They are the worst utility I've seen.

by Roseland67 on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast product/service

Problems started in May, 2017,
Many Dozens of calls and 5 service tech visits later
I still Despise Comcast with every fiber
of my existence.
Got so bad, Actually switched to Layer 3 TV
about 6 Months ago,
tried to cancel Comcast TV and keep internet
That took and act of congress and 6 managers
And an incorrect bill for 3 months.
As soon as our contract is over I will switch to another
Another internet provider.
I hate Comcast

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Fuck Comcast. Terrible company. Don't give them a cent, if you can help it.


Comcast modem sucks. Very bad service you c#@ks###ing bloodsucking monopoly.! Lets see what ypi donate to Harvey victims.

by Robbie on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

I like Comcast I'm just here for the drama fuck you comcast

by Tom L on Fuck You Comcast!
Flat rates, not so flat.

Fuck you comcast for upping my bill on flat rate terms. Maybe if you educated your staff they would know what a flat rate means. For a billion dollar monopoly, youre all shit.

And yes, i am human.

by Fucking comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

I fucking hate this company and can't switch
Paying for 100mbs getting .2-5 unreal
Suck a fat dick Comcast I hate your bullshit

by David Wendkos on Fuck You Comcast!
Do the A$$wipes at Comcast sit around and brainstorm ways to aggravate customers?

I'll save the stupid-long story about how I came to be trying to call in to a specific
Com$hit store today, and just leave it that I had to call the national number, go through all of the phone tree crap, and when I finally got someone in India and told them I was trying to reach a specific store to speak to a specific person regarding a specific appointment I'd set up previously, I was told there is no way to be connected directly to individual stores. When I asked why a company that is supposed to provide communication services couldn't even communicate within its own organization, I was told it was because if people could call the local stores directly, then they would all call there with their problems instead of calling the customer support line. WTF???

by Brian on Fuck You Comcast!
Absolutely the shittiest service ever

Why do I have to give them one star? They deserve zero stars. Charge me 200 plus a month with tons of hidden bullshit fees and this shit doesn't even work. I had to call Comcast 8 times this month and 4 service calls and each service call cost me 3 hours of work and each phone call roughly 1 hours....almost a full day spent dealing with these fucktards. The worst is having to deal with the Indians...they are arrogant and lie on your notes. When you finally get an American the notes are so fucked it's not even worth arguing. These fucking Indins tried to tell me I set up my service calls for 3 weeks after my cable and internet went out, fuck them. That's the stupidest shit I have ever heard, meanwhile you can hear them sarcastically confirming dates with you. Well guess what Denzel and Mary Sue from India I hope they lower your wages from 5 dollars a day to 3 and I will laugh my ass to the bank while your eating your curry and the fat cats at Comcast headquarters lose their jobs to streaming systems like roku, sling, Apple TV etc.
Fuck Comcast! You all can suck a dick

by Suck my dick Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Xfinity sucks balls

Fucking assholes. 3 days without service? When are you going to fix this shit?

by Kristin on Fuck You Comcast!

Tried to call them for techical support during answer. Called back immediately and ask for termination and spoke to Anthony. Enough said. Still without!!!! Email Truly sucks

As it says their Email absolutely sucks! Always has and probably always will :O)

You charge outrapest rates for piss poor service

Comcast-you suck!! You charge outrageous rate and your service is crap. When I called for help I had to take on an additional charge for your service call. You came out and said it's my connection and said you fixed it. Next day doing the same crap. Week later you came out and checked you line and found it needed replacing. ON YOUR SIDE. so your welcome for me having to pay for your poor service. Also watch out for the add ons of service to your bill. They will up your service without asking. I guess that's how they roil.
One day soon ATT will be in our neighborhood, and you can kiss my ass goodby.
And a rating is required so you got 1 star. This is three stars too many since your ratings are negative.



by Gk5921 on Fuck You Comcast!
Just Fuck Comcast

Fuck you Comcast can't do shit on my computer I almost got fired cause of your fucking broken internet that always crashes fuck you I hope your corporation burns and everything you worked for goes to hell take better care of your customers who pay shit loads of money


Comcast > human shit maggots

by Jo Ann Tom on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you Sam Pierce

Hate hate hate Comcast.. worker came to my fenced and locked property and jumped my fence when I was not home for starters.. the no English speaking worker took up my driveway pavers and broke the cement and cut the rebar holding my $35,000 driveway together.. I am furious.. a complaint was filed zjuly 14 and was given to Sam Fucking Pierce.. who is he? He has not called or tried to contact me to correct this issue.. every time I call they say it was escalated to Adam Pierce.. the elusive Sam Pierce.. I called again same answer.. so now I bitch more and they say they will reassign it because he hasn't called me yet.. Comcast I am not giving up on this.. you damaged and trespassed..not acceptable!!! I won't go away that easy..
now as far as the X1 platform FUCK YOU COMCAST.. problems problems and more problems since its inception.. big fuck you! But what do you care Comcast? You could give a flying fuck..

by Comcast Contrator on Fuck You Comcast!
unpaid worker

ok, you fucking douche bags. I am/was a customer. When your shit breaks it's not my responsibility to run to you to bring in faulty equipment and then call CS to reinstall. That's your job. Also, you brought this stuff to me to install so when I cancel you need to come get it. Once again, it's not my job to run to you. I know your SC is in some dark part of India but that's your fucking problem, not mine.

by Derek on Fuck You Comcast!
The Nightmare of X1

We have had ongoing issues with the X1 platform since we got the new boxes to replace our older Legacy series ones. Constant signal issues, from pixilation and audio cutting in and out, to the infamous "one moment please" messages and missing channels. Error codes galore: RDK-03033 and RDK-1000. And the latest issue is a delayed start each morning where I'm staring at a black screen for a minute and a half or longer with "one moment" up in the right hand corner. Today it wouldn't start at all and I had to pull the power cord on the back of the X1 command box to restart the system. Each box box experiences their own issues and the only solution is to pull the power cord and force a restart (which is every 2 to 3 days on average). Netflix runs for 20 minutes then locks up, and then the entire X1 system crashes and restarts. Comcast techs have been out to out house so many times in recent months that we're practically on a first name basis. No one has been able to remedy the problems or find a cause, as each tech simply shows up and looks at their little hand-held device and tells me our signal is fine. I've requested an amplifier numerous times and the techs flatly refuse to install one. The last tech that was here on Monday said he doesn't snake cable lines through ceilings when I asked him to replace a couple older lines. We have (1) X1 DVR command box with (3) smaller "slave" booxes, and also an older DVR, along with internet and voice. We're paying very close to $300 a month for a service that is never working properly and the people you expect to help you don't want to put much effort at all into remedying the situation. Very, very aggravating. But who do we have to turn to? FiOS? Direct TV? They all suck. It's all comes down to finding the one that sucks the least.

by I hate comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast can suck one

This is not internet. This is just a device to make me hate my life


I contacted Comcast re: an ongoing problem, got an apology and was told we'd receive a $70 credit during the next billing cycle. I wrote this down a the time and I also told my spouse. A month later? Nothing. Called Comcast again, got the usual recorded crap ("Would you like to hear about a new blah blah blah?") finally connected to a rep India and was put on hold while "Maria" checked her "resources" (meaning: ask manager what to do). Here's how it went:

Maria: "Oh yes, the rep who helped you didn't process the credit correctly (giggle), so sorry for the trouble, I can help you with this but, er...the credit was for TWENTY DOLLARS!
Me: "Uh, no, it was for $70."
Her: "Please hold again while I check my resources."
Her: "Hello? I am back. My resources and records (her boss) still insist that the amount is $20. I am so sorry for the inconvenience!"
Me: "You're sorry? Look, this is wrong, I know what I was told."
Her: "Sir, because of your bad feelings, I will raise the amount of your credit to
(insert drum roll)

Seriously? Twenty four dollars and eighty four cents??? Based on WHAT???? I mean, this isn't the $70 credit that was promised, but who the heck tacks "84 cents" onto a credit for a crappy Comcast experience? This isn't our first bad Comcast experience either. Sadly, we live in a city where Comcast is the only show in town. We were LIED TO Comcast! I direct this comment to you because I suspect that you have minions who look at sites like this to gauge public opinion. Your individual reps and technicians can be really nice people, but as a corporation you have no SOUL. We pay THROUGH THE NOSE to get a gazillion channels that we don't want plus those we do, and you give is "84 cents".

by Taylor Sloat on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Comcast began messing with me starting in September 1939. They kept babbling on about how they wanted a "corridor to the sea" and "liebenstraum."
Within a year Comcast had set up it's stores all across Europe and begun the extermination of more than 12 million people. The death toll would continue to climb well into the months of 1944, only to be halted when Comcast centers were discovered in the heart of Germany.

by Comcraps on me! on Fuck You Comcast!
Government sponsored monopoly

I called Comcrap to change my service and remove TV, as I only wanted Internet service. Comcast representative lowered my bill from $90 to $70 and said I can still keep my television service and my Internet would remain The same. That was fine until the sales representative wasted 30 minutes of my time and purged my modem from their system. After being transferred to technical support to have my modem reconnected, I was informed that a technician would need to come to my home. Let's get one thing straight, my Internet service was fine before I called to lower my bill. Comcrap was unable to provide any additional service until a technician could come to my home IN 5 DAYS!! I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes on the phone just to End up canceling the service permanently. Dear Comcrap you're a horrible company, a protected monopoly utilizing public right away's at the publics expense. I can't wait for the day that the competition crushes you. Or better yet, I can't wait for the day a astroid destroys your corporate headquarters.

Just Fuck Comcast.


by Jacob on Fuck You Comcast!
Thunder storm

We just had a thunderstorm and they said we won't have internet for 12 hours since 9:00pm and they said it will be up at 9:00 am and I don't feel like waiting 12 hours for a service I pay for.

by dog shit on Fuck You Comcast!

throttles, and when it does, locks the whole house to 10% of what it is capable of. keeps doing it after dozens of net neutrality violations and zero rating claims

by Comcast Sucks on Fuck You Comcast!
Lets start an Anti-Comcast movement

My bill (without notice) went up by 75% in a single month. This; on top of the constant shit/slow service, and having to reset my cable box at least 4-5 times a week. I called to cancel my service, and they literally could not direct me to the proper department. Kept getting bounced around for 25 minutes. Finally, I hung up, took my cable box, and went to the Comcast Store and canceled there without a single problem. Moral of the story: IF YOU WANT TO CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT, GO TO A COMCAST STORE. IT IS MUCH EASIER.

by timBo on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast is cancer

by Fuck you Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

FUCKIN paying for 300mbs connection and I cant download a single gigabyte file within 30 mins. What the fuck is this shitty company

by memphis on Fuck You Comcast!
poor service and quality

turned on the tv. tv comes on. cable box comes on. no picture. no audio.
checked all tv's in the house. same problem.
called comcast.
instructions were to "unplug cable boxes and plug them back in"
solution worked, but
what a pita comcast and their technology is...
this same crap keeps happening over and over again.
while the price keeps going up
fees that you can do nothing about keep going up

There is no real alternative.

There is no real competition.

Kind of like the US Government, nothing ever changes. It just keeps getting more expensive and sinking into hell.

by Fuck you on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you xfinity/Comcast

I play PS4 and constantly have internet problems constantly get kick of wifi and I'm suppose to have 50 Mbps and get 9 Mbps fuck xfinity you can go suck a dick I call and report and put a ticket in no response no help nothing fuck you id rather waist my money in a casino if would have better wifi

Comcast scam

Comcast put a filter on my line at utility post to reduce my signal and cause problems with service and only removed it after I agreed to two year contract and up grade to triple play. I have been customer of Comcast for over 15 years. In March 2017 , I started getting calls from Comcast wanting to come to my house, at the time no problem with service, except every couple of months I had to call and get a refresh or reset signal sent to boxes because of loss of on demand access. At the time only services I was purchasing where TV and internet. Then they started calling me and wanting to send out a technician, I could not see the need when all that was needed was for them to send reset signal. One day I came home and there was a tag on my door that they where there to service my Comcast but I had no appointment and there was no reason for them to be there (I was not home when they were there), they could not have access to my house. I noticed that after that visit my on demand was not working and my TV service was staticky, as well as my wifi was in and out. (I own my own router) I called for reset signal but they refused to send. Because they claimed I was "leaking signal " stated they would not send until a technician came out to check out problem. This was in May 2017, they came out and stated it was a signal problem, I explained what was going on to technician, I had already checked lines in house and it was with Comcast. Not much he argue with my facts. I watch him check lines and it was clearly a problem with Comcast lines. If I had not been on top of him he may have tried to say it was inside. He then went outside. Checked signal comming into house and reported we needed new line to house waited a 5 or 6 weeks for process and completion. During this time crappy service as stated above with no on demand and all other problems related to weak signal from filter that Comcast had applied at utility pole. Also I was using vontage phone service (runs over internet) and after the filter was applied my phone service went to crap, every other word started cutting out, phone conversations where useless. This continued until August 4th 2017 when I completed agreement and installation of new boxes and 2 year contract for triple play. A technician came out to my house for problems after installation of new boxes due to "no signal" he stated new boxes required more signal than old boxes he then went to utility pole and removed filter that Comcast had placed in May of 2017. After removal of filter all services worked again, now have triple play and have to rent their router when mine worked fine. Also I have to call them every week to turn of exfinity hot spot that they keep turning back on from the router I have to rent from them. Clearly the filter was the problem from the start and removal was all that was needed to restore service, but only done after changes to service and plan, by the what happened to "leaking signal " just went away after exfinity triple play service and 2 year contract. Scam, Scam, the FCC should be addressing this scam.

by ByronComcastUser on Fuck You Comcast!
$300 a month

We pay $300 a month for the comcast internet and TV service.

We lose internet for a week..
Call Comcast.
Guess what? It's the router! Of course!
Send a tech.
Tech arrives nowhere near the time window we were given.
Replaces router.
Checks TV cables.
Internet is okay for about 12 hours.
Situation repeats itself.

This has happened 4 different times. The last time the tech only "fixed" the router and hey! Woke up thismorning to even MOREOVER spotty internet. I can't stay on more than 10 mins. $300 a month?

by Herb Carter on Fuck You Comcast!
Dropped , nearly finished letters

Comcast email has just dropped yet another long letter that I was about to
sign and send. Boom--it disappeared.Again. This is an ongoing problem. I'm
leaving for gmail. Poor or zero customer service.

by sartorial on Fuck You Comcast!
internet & tech support suck

the tech support people are constantly making changes to deal with the deficiencies of their service and that slows down the connection speed.....what a ripoff ---- there should a negative rating scale

by UnhappyCustomer on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Internet makes me want to kill myself

Disconects every day of the week, streaming videos take years, and horrible 3000+ lag for online games. Paying for 25+mbps and getting less than 2mbps on average according to Sometimes the service will go down conpletely for days on end and they'll send you nothing but a short email notice (and a much longer paragraph about paying your bills). No apology or compensation whatsoever. Their advertised rates are also dishonest, and the price always goes up after a while, year after year. You'd think a filthy rich company like comcast would try spending a little bit on improving their services but NO, they just have to get a monopoly on the internet market and shut out competitors. If ANY other internet service was availible in my area, I would immediately give comcast the finger and walk of, but as a student I'm stuck with their abuse until I graduate and move.

by Jtodaeff on Fuck You Comcast!

I use the remote, say Seahawks pre season, it takes me to NFL network, miss kickoff. I say KYRO, there is an error.... so I go to a bar with direct TV. Fuck these douches.

by Art Favinger on Fuck You Comcast!
What's your two hours worth?

It's an annual battle. First they jack their price. Surprise! Then when I can finally carve out the necessary time to deal with them, always more than an hour whether you go in person or call, it's like squeezing blood from a stone to just get a basic package. They seem surprised that I don't actually want to spend more money and buy new channels every year. Last year they even added a channel I never asked for or even heard of. Once I caught it and requested a credit, it was a big "favor" to get the credit. After refusing to wait in line 45 minutes at the store today, I opted for the hour long phone call. When they refused to credit the price increase I asked to speak to a supervisor. After 20 minutes of "on hold" music, they said they would have to call me back. I hate Comcast.

by Griff on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast ruins everything

Can't even finish any game on Xbox. I disconnect from games where I play for a rank and every time I am disconnected, I lose much more rank than if I just lose the match. It happens to me every night, I wish I could just switch off this stupid shit.

ive been sitting at

by ChicagoComcastUser on Fuck You Comcast!
Are You Fucking Kidding?

I read about 30-40 of these reviews so I'm simply adding fuel to the fire. Needless to say, I've also been dicked over by Comcast. My bill went from $109 to $279 within the last three months.

I notified Comcast several times about the price increase and suggested I either cancel or switch to another package. I then drove to a Comcast store to change my package. I returned an extra cable box that's no longer needed, which should've given me a discount and I removed the home phone service since they never activated the home phone.

Notwithstanding the fact that I was paying for a home phone, sports channels and a package that all the sudden doubled in price, the three channels I actually watch were "migrated" and there's nothing they could do about the lineup.

Now, I have a shit service, I've called about a dozen times, wasted countless hours of my life dicking around with incompetent fucks from all over the world and on top of all of that bullshit, they've switched me to paperless billing and again increased my rate.

I'm not going to say every single employee was terrible to deal with but I think the company as a whole is a complete joke. Either way, I'm on board with the whole "Fuck Comcast Movement" and hopefully someone at the company reads these threads. I'll be cancelling my service tomorrow.

One piece of advice: Make sure you pay the extra $10 a month so you can cancel at anytime. Also, if you cancel, they'll usually call back with a better offer since most people just bite the bullet and keep paying.

literally no connection what so ever

They promised good internet connection, but whenever I want to go onto anything online, it takes a good 2 minutes (about) on average just for anything to load. I can't play anything online because the ping is so tremendously high that I can't even connect to a server without timing out immediately. I actually had to open 5 tabs just to view this page (1 succeeded, the other four are still trying to load it).

by Spencer O'Boyle on Fuck You Comcast!
Suck it Comcast!

Comcast WIFI sucks balls 24/7. They suckered me into a 'sweet deal' and now I'm stuck with shit ass WIFI that totally sucks balls, drops connection consistently! In fact, the only thing consistent about ball sucking Comcast WIFI is that it consistently sucks balls!!! Did I mention that Comcast WIFI sucks balls?

So, in conclusion....FUCK YOU COMCAST!!!!

I fucking hate Comcast/Xfinity with a fiery passion! There aren't words strong enough to even discribe my level of hate for them! My dream is the day the fucking fcc slaps them down with a huge fine, new enforced regulations, & some monetary retribution to all of us that have been cheated by their excessive over taxing, scams, & breach of verbal contracts (and for all the hours we've lost having to deal with their horribly inept agents)!!



Doesn't give uploads speeds

really? 120 Mb down BUT 5 Mb UP WTF, TAKES ME A FUCKING HOUR TO UPLOAD A 3 MIN VIDEO, they say on their website that faster internet means better gaming right, NO FUCK THAT DOESNT MATTER HOW FAST YOUR DOWNLOAD IS, IF YOU DONT HAVE A GOOD UPLOAD ITS SHITTY

Straight up lied to me!

I recently upgraded my package through a promotion and I was told I would be getting channels in the economy package plus hbo/showtime and 25mbps internet for just ten dollars more.

But I never got those channels and the channels I DID get I previously got for free via antenna!!!!!!

I hope everyone associated with Comcast (except for the customers, not including those who are also employees in this exception) dies of cancer.

by fuckoff on Fuck You Comcast!

Worst connection I've every had in my entire life. Can't even get through a single show. Fuck I hope we can antitrust them into bankruptcy and implement municipal internet as utility. Fuck you Comcast, fuck you

Fuck Comcast

Stupid ass cuckcast. Every day my internet goes out. Everyday I try to play overwatch I'll be fine for a little, then out of nowhere I'm 4000 ping. Comcast sucks. The customer service is hell spawn. Indian bitch or some fucker. Who can't speak every time. FUCK YOU SO MUCH

by I HATE COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!

I HATE COMCAST its stupid and the employees suck. They always make everything so complicated.


These cunts are throttling SlingTV. Do they really think I'll subscribe to their crappy tv service? FUCK YOU, COMCUNTS!


When I call Comcast I feel like I'm part of a Jerky boys episode The people living in the apartment upstairs must think I'm a lunatic
Been a slave to Comcast for 10 months. Right from the get go billing issues.
Last week I received a letter saying I had not paid this months fee.
But I'm on paperless billing and they debit my credit card.
So I phone and get through to Wong ! Oh thank you you for your patience Mr Gary. You know the drill. I explain I'm paperless billing and they say I'm not then how am I getting a credit card statement...And why am I getting a late fee and not getting the poxy discount because I'm paperless. Wong wouldn't have nothing of it and explained they had changed their system and I was nolonger paperless. Despite the fact my Visa card was being charged,
Then yesterday I was disconnected.
Suffice it to say I was on the phone to some other Asian guy for 15 minutes and he still couldn't help. I lost it and he told me he didn't like my profanity ! I told him to bad Fuck you.

by Laura on Fuck You Comcast!

I'm selling my house and won't be in the new house for about 6 weeks. Comcast gave me two options:
1: Pay $700 disconnect fee
2: Have someone else take over the service.
W.T.F??? 😡😡😡😡
This after they just got done telling me what a wonderful customer I have been.
My new house is going to be fully wired and secured so my $250 a month bill was about to go over $350...NOT ANYMORE! At least not with Comcast. And the best takes 24 - 48 hours for a manager to call me back. Apparently the entire call center of minimum wage teenagers and housewives is on autopilot because every manager in the entire company is in a meeting.
I have two words for Comcast "buh-bye" 🖕🏼

by John S on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst company ever

It's amazing they are able to stay in business!! Customer service is a complete joke - " I want to reboot your router".. really, I hadn't thought of that. Equipment is garbage, packet loss is insane and it's almost useless to call them for help. I would take anybody...anybody but these useless jokers. How about this, send every customer $1 for every packet loss incident. They would go out of business in 24 hours due to all the money that would get sent out. Seriously, this company needs competition because a monopoly from a pathetic company like this is beyond frustrating. FU Comcast!

by SNOWBIRD_HELL on Fuck You Comcast!

I am a Canadian that owns property in Florida. I come down two to three times a year for a month at a time. I love Florida - beautiful state. I bought in a private community that has a lot of "included amenities" since I am not always here. Cable TV is one of those amenities - via what is called a "Bulk-Plan". A basic cable package with the bare essentials is more than enough for me - I don't come down here to watch TV - I come down to go deep sea fishing, or exploring new areas, visiting new towns, or heck even going to spend a few days with my pal Mickey...

Comcast is the worst company to deal with - I've been trying to get one of their technicians to come fix an ongoing problem... for a WEEK! Three tickets later and the techs always claim they came and no one was home. Today... I sat out front on a lawn chair during my window. I got 5 damn calls leading up to the appointment in 24 hours (SO annoying Comcast - is that REALLY necessary?) and then one call saying "your technician is there - please greet them"... I sat and waited... and waited... 10 minutes later I got a call saying "Sorry we missed you today. We hope your problem is resolved. If not, please call us for another appointment


I am tired of them - no wonder so many people are going in swarms to illegal IPTV services using the Kodi's of the world. It's the cable company's own fault...

Stupid call centers.

And WHY do you have to outsource to another country? Service levels go down. And people like me cancel their services. I used to pay over $200 a month. Now - I only pay wants included in my condo fees. If I could I would cancel that all together too.

I wish the top-level execs at Comcast would read this website - it would go so far in making them a better company. But I don't think they care enough to...

Comcast - unreliable shit show

Fucking bullshit at least once a week the internet starts lagging to literally fucking 1 mb upload speed and this lasts hours. Super shit service not worth anyones time or effort to set up.

by Comcast is SHIT on Fuck You Comcast!
I can't stand this house anymore

I thought it was bad enough living in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do in a new school of people I don't know. The internet was practically my only escape from reality. But Comcast and their giant fucking cock hungry mouths has to fuck it up for me. Please die Comcast CEO.

by cheryl on Fuck You Comcast!

I have never paid so much to a company to be so miss treated. The worst experience ever wait now 5 days for as tech to repair my 90 year old mother phone system. still they are not there. every time I call I get automated hell. when I finally got through to someone I asked for a supervisor she said fine will transfer and was left on hold for two do the keep getting away with this.

by A person on Fuck You Comcast!
If you thought residential Comcast was bad...

Comcast business, and in particular Business Voice Edge, are THE WORST. What's worse than having customer service reps who you can't understand/can't understand you due to a language barrier, are customer service reps who speak perfect English but refuse to try to help you and won't deviate from a canned, "this is our policy" answer to any questions being asked. Yes it was a mistake to over pay my bill, because your online bill paying website looks like it was created in 1992 and previous payments are not posted anywhere, but refusing to refund the overpayment is severely bad customer service. You all suck and I hate you, and especially the snarky bitch who questioned my position with the company that I oversee. Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

You fucking suck

This company is useless. Our regulators don't give a damn about antitrust and we get this shit company as a result. My internet crashes 4x an hour on a good day. What a worthless company. They likely spend all of their god damned money on advertising because they don't put it in their service

by Aggravated Customer on Fuck You Comcast!
Problem/s every day!

Comcast can suck my balls! Not one fucking day goes by without having issues with the Internet and or TV. I have Comcast's best package with pretty much everything and I pay dearly for it but it is a total fucking piece of shit! From early in the morning till late in the night I constantly have issues with TVs freezing up, no response from the remote control - how many fucking times do I need to press enter before the stupid thing does something! Half the time the stupid mobile App says things are connected when they're not, then other times it says they aren't connected when they fucking are! I see stupid fucking messages all the time saying this box doesn't support that function when it just fucking did the last time I used it or other unknown fucking errors when the screen either blacks out momentarily or just freezes. The piece of shit modem goes down and reboots itself every now and then which of course just fucking kills everything for the next 10 goddamn minutes. I have to reset the fucking modem or the unplug the fucking DVR box or one or another of 4 fucking TV boxes every other goddamn day to try to get things working again! What a piece of shit, I hate this fucking junk! I'd like to smash the shit out of every fucking piece of Comcast gear.
I have logged numerous support calls over the years even though it's quite a painful waste of fucking time to call and wait on fucking hold for an eternity and then talk with some clueless clown who's knows absolutely nothing! Would you like me to send a refresh signal? No you dumb shit I've already fucking done that 15 fucking times this week! How about you send someone out here that actually knows something about this worthless piece of shit system and bring some fucking new equipment that fucking works! I've actually had three trucks in front of my house on one call where 3 Techs swapped out the fucking DVR three times before they could get it to work and then it still didn't work correctly after they left! Unfuckingbelievable, what a piece of shit this X1 system is total fucking junk!
Try doing a few speed tests and the fucking numbers are all over the place, totally inconsistent and way less than I am supposedly paying for. I am so fucking pissed off and losing my mind dealing with this garbage, I seriously doubt it will ever work as Comcast says it should. The whole fucking system is a totally frustrating piece of shit!

Punish the Faithful

After over 20+ years of being a faithful customer of Comcast, I call to transfer service. They don't serve the area I am moving to. So what do they do? They charge me over $400 for early termination after adding the security features 6 months earlier. To manage/offset this cost in line with the new service I pay for from Spectrum, I have budgeted about $38 a month to pay this off. What do they do? Because they didn't get the full amount? They send me to collections. I don't have time to explore the legal implications of this, but it seems to me if they are getting the money in small increments every month, they should simply back off!!! So as long as there are other options in this world, Comcast will never be my service provider again. Keep it up Comcast, burn those bridges.

by cliff on Fuck You Comcast!

over priced crap internet is nothing to write home about either nothing but stupid ads

by fuck you on Fuck You Comcast!
shut the fuck up

i fucking hate you. I hope you fucking burn in this fucking shit world you call earth and watch all your loved ones die before you fucking get your toes extracted and see all your family burn in agony asking for your help but you cant do shit

by ComcastH8r on Fuck You Comcast!
Goddamn piece of shit nothing ever fucking works right!

Comcast can suck my balls! Not one fucking day goes by without having issues with the Internet and or TV. I have Comcast's best package with pretty much everything and I pay dearly for it but it is a total fucking piece of shit! From early in the morning till late in the night I constantly have issues with TVs freezing up, no response from the remote control - how many fucking times do I need to press enter before the stupid thing does something! Half the time the stupid mobile App says things are connected when they're not, then other times it says they aren't connected when they fucking are! I see stupid fucking messages all the time saying this box doesn't support that function when it just fucking did the last time I used it or other unknown fucking errors when the screen either blacks out momentarily or just freezes. The piece of shit modem goes down and reboots itself every now and then which of course just fucking kills everything for the next 10 goddamn minutes. I have to reset the fucking modem or the unplug the fucking DVR box or one or another of 4 fucking TV boxes every other goddamn day to try to get things working again! What a piece of shit, I hate this fucking junk! I'd like to smash the shit out of every fucking piece of Comcast gear.
I have logged numerous support calls over the years even though it's quite a painful waste of fucking time to call and wait on fucking hold for an eternity and then talk with some clueless clown who's knows absolutely nothing! Would you like me to send a refresh signal? No you dumb shit I've already fucking done that 15 fucking times this week! How about you send someone out here that actually knows something about this worthless piece of shit system and bring some fucking new equipment that fucking works! I've actually had three trucks in front of my house on one call where 3 Techs swapped out the fucking DVR three times before they could get it to work and then it still didn't work correctly after they left! Unfuckingbelievable, what a piece of shit this X1 system is total fucking junk!
Try doing a few speed tests and the fucking numbers are all over the place, totally inconsistent and way less than I am supposedly paying for. I am so fucking pissed off and losing my mind dealing with this garbage, I seriously doubt it will ever work as Comcast says it should. The whole fucking system is a totally frustrating piece of shit!

Fucking Gargbage

I fucking hate how every night my internet goes out for no fucking reason. Sometimes even during the day!!


Paying for 100 down and 50 up. New modem. Packet loss every day. It's ridiculous. My PHONE had better results than my Comcast internet.

I call bullshit on this review. There is NO speed package available that provides you with a 50mbps upload speed. Packet loss can occur for so many reasons and it's not always an ISP's problem. I'm not saying Comcast is the greatest but some of their customers are absolutely ridiculous just like some of these reviews.

by RIPPED OFF on Fuck You Comcast!
xfinity moblie SUCKS

The Xfinity network has no voice wi fi, so no coverage in verizion dead zones. The xfinity customer service lacks customer service. The claims of customer satisfaction are lies. DO NOT BUY XFINITY MOBLIE

I hate you comcast.

My service goes out too often. Sometimes rebooting the system works, but other times channels don't work (USA, TNT, FOX). I Try to do online chat and all it does is keep reloading the same fucking page over and fucking over again. All I want is for them to fucking send a goddamn reset signal to my mother fucking modem and I can't even get that done. I'm so glad someone launched this website cause I fucking hate comcast. Oh and BTW they sell a fucking piece of shit modem at Bestbuy. Probably because they just want you to rent theirs. Then if you do rent their's and there is a hardware issue they want to charge you for the house call. What a fucking joke. I fucking hate you comcast.

A bunch of liars

Comcast are liars. They will say anything and tell you anything to get an account. The bandwidth they offer for internet is a blatant lie. If you check your bandwidth with ANY of the free speed-tests ( etc.) they will give you an accurate readout, but if you use Comcast's speed test it is 30-40 times lower! Blatant, outright liars.

by Derek on Fuck You Comcast!
I'm now xenophobic

I hate to say it but your people that answer the calls in other countries do not understand American culture. Zero empathy and Zero Fucks given when they, not me, somehow updated me to autopay. All the CEO cares about is money and getting a yacht.

Me me

I fucking loath comcast. You motherfuckers have stolen from me so many times. I cut the cord years ago but then my dumb ass got married and installed verizon since she absolutely had to watch HGTV and Bravo = $150/mon. FUCK VERIZON - they are amateur coorks as compared to comcast but their tech is the worst!
Now Im back sucking comcast dick becuse of the Real Housewives. Fuck comcast, fuck verizon. Fuck all you motherfuckers. i hope all your remaining jobs get outsourced.

Slime sucking pigs

Cannot even get internet without having their damn TV shoved down our throats. We didn't want streaming crap. I abhor this entity from hell called Comcast. They make me sick.


Paying for 100 down and 50 up. New modem. Packet loss every day. It's ridiculous. My PHONE had better results than my Comcast internet.

by none of your business on Fuck You Comcast!
F you Comast

Yeah, comcast sucks. Like we don't give you enough money. What really gets me is the "in home only" bull. I pay you so much so I can't watch my favorite programs on the go. It is no wonder you're one of the greedy corporations that wants away with net neutrality. Sure, we don't pay you enough, let's see if we can make you even more. Screw you. No one likes you anymore. It's my only hope you lose all business Comcast. Suck it.

How the fuck do I buy just Internet

I just want to buy internet. But the fucking site doesn't let me see the deals. Even if I put someone else's address I can't fucking see just internet. Comcast sucks ass

by WHYCOMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!
$49.99 a month for 1.3 MBPS?

By far the worst internet experience I have ever dealt with, I pay 50 bucks a month for a supposed max MBPS of 25 but I have never gone higher than 1.3mbps??? Complete fucking bullshit! I live with 4 people and if one person is watching netflix no one else in the house is able to do anything like gaming, or just going on a internet browser. I don't understand why you would advertise something as such and then give your customer 5% of what you told them you where going to get? Thats like getting a pizza and then charging you for a whole pizza and getting crusts. FUCK YOU COMCAST FUCKS!

by Bait n switch victim on Fuck You Comcast!
No, you never had unlimited service...

...we were just being nice by not enforcing our limitations until now.

by FuckComcastKid100 on Fuck You Comcast!
holy fucking shit I am gonna kill myself after purging everyone who works at comcast

Sometimes I wake up and think "I'm a good person, I wouldn't do anything bad" but Then xfinity/comcast comes along and I relize, how much i fuckinghdfbkhefguhjn hate the internet service providers in the land of free, US. I fucking want to murder people who work there, they need to be executed slowly, including the family, thank you dad. THANK YOU FOR LEAVING ME FOR XFGINTYININTY. I will admit their good shows

by Fucku on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck u xfinity

Xfinity security is a joke! App never works, cameras never connect and best of all security is easy to hack! Neighbors hacked mine just to prove a point!!!
xfinity voice activated remotes r not compatible to converter boxes, another joke
Really wish a class action lawsuit would ensue

by Pissed off customer on Fuck You Comcast!

I come to you today via my cellular device using my LTE data just so I can emphasize exactly how much complete dog shit Comcast is. I decided to finally get back to a normal sleeping schedule after sleeping till two o'clock every day... biggest mistake of my life.
I thought "hey, I'll turn on the old play box and hop on and watch some YouTube while I enjoy my McDonald's egg Mcmuffin" well I thought wrong. Not even 60 seconds into my Dashie video and it begins to buffer. Already at this point I'm contemplating the fact of suicide or even mass genocide, I already knew as soon as it began to buffer this was gonna be a long non-productive day of complete horse cockery. After the internet went out I knew the best way to help my frustrations would be to masturbate and a find a website where I can write a review on the shittiest internet/cable provider of all time. I have found this website after finishing to my extreme gay midget porn which I have just used all my data on, that'll be fun explaining to my mother... I am now using makeshift data from a antenna and toaster oven just to write this review. Comcast is one of the biggest fraudulent companies of all time. They push out this shitty agenda that they are the most superior internet provider of all time but not even 4% of the time it actually works. I will say that when it's working I do get a very good ping on Rainbow 6, but at 3 AM when it decides to shit it's pants and kick me out a ranked match I am almost to the point of going to the nearest daycare and just opening fire. If today on the news I heard that the CEO of Comcast tragically died in a house fire or caught cancer and aids all in one I would genuinely be the happiest apache attack helicopter across all the lands... I leave with a message to Comcast, you can only bend so many people over and fuck them until one day you bend some one over and they turn around and you find out that they are a centaur reptilian sent from the depths of hell just to completely skull fuck you and make you feel all of the pain that your customers have, thank you.

by fckoff on Fuck You Comcast!

Hey remember how I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment and yet I can barely get internet in the bathroom for some reason? And lately nothing fucking loads, no movies or anything? Lick my ass, you greedy motherfuckers.

Can't wait to do it to them

90 min of hell spread across 3 people, and mostly dead air (aka, crappy music/recordings) and the worse I could do to them, while not totally screwing myself, was $50/mo with no tv. I'm tired of bending over and grabbing my ankles but think I just did again. Praying for a little Karma. Their @comcastcares management should come here for survey feedback. ARGHHHH!!!!!

by Fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
I fucking hate comcast

Fucking Comcast wifi fucking sucks. It literally never loads ever. I have seen 98% for Netflix for about an hour now. Also why the fuck is it so hard to turn on the tv with their confusing ass remotes. You have to hit like 16 buttons all at the same time before the fucking cable box even comes on.

by NoneOfYourGodDamnBusiness on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucking ads

Seriously they fucking add a 10 minute long advertisement on a fucking 20 minute long show. Are they that fucking desperate for money? Man, fuck them.

by Curt Piper on Fuck You Comcast!
I actually have ZERO problems with them

Understand that I've been online since the 80's, paying long distance fees to access Delphi, CompuServe, and Bulletin Boards with my 2400 baud modem. I had over 15 years with Deutsche Telokom, topping out at 16MB/s before I returned to the US. When I moved into my apartment in Oregon my rent included a basic Comcast service which caused me no issues. I transferred that account when I moved into my house, sped up the connection, added a few channels, and home security. About the only thing I didn't get from Comcast was hard-wired phone service. Now, I did buy my own cable router, which meant that Comcast had to provide a special router for the alarm, but I now have no reason to ever need them to come to my house. If something fails I'll take it to them. I happen to like their service - they offer to come on my schedule - including after hours and on Sundays. I pay a reasonable fee for the fastest internet speed offered to consumers in Portland. Everything works like it should. I have no reason to provide any negatives. I'm sorry that there are those who are so dissatisfied that they created a webpage dedicated to "dissing" the company, but not everyone has the same experiences.

by fuck comcast6969 on Fuck You Comcast!
Throttling internet in early AM

These shitters think they can get away with everything, I have the best service package they offer with the fastest speed, pay them 100$ a month and still get constantly disconnected and speed slow down in the early AM hours. Fucking useless, I pray to god everyday that google fiber comes to my state.

they are crap

always out 20 out of 24 hours
i hate them
stuck in contract and shitty service


First of all this is my favorite site cause comcast fucking sucks. Seriously the worst internet provider i've ever experienced, and yes monopoly 100%. The fact they get away with it is beyond me. They are like 99% of a monopoly and do all they can to slow google fiber down so they can keep milking people while making them eat goat shit. If i could make a company not exist it would be comcast. If i could give them negative stars i would.

by kelvin mach on Fuck You Comcast!
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Let's just say, Monopoly. Their is no other broadband provider I can go to and they freaking know it. So what incentive do they have to provide a good product or god customer service?They have zero competition. It's like dealing with the Devil. Except the Devil doesn't even have this bad of a reputation. I wanted to rate it minus∞stars.

by Exhausted on Fuck You Comcast!

These idiots are getting away with being a monopoly. Judge Stephens broke up the AT&T monopoly back in the 80s, someone needs rkstepbup and kick Comcast out. They send untrained 1099 contractors who are likely high school dropout or parolees into your home, then provide no customer service, require like 5 different passwords for access your account and then have blotchy inconsistent internet. Time to break them up.

by XFriggin Incompetent on Fuck You Comcast!
Same as the Rest

I am waiting for Com cast to mail me the access code so that I can I reset my password. Talked to three reps, repeated my name, service address and account number to all of them and spent about 40 minutes on the phone to find out that because I did not have a Comcast landline the "only way" they could help me was to send me my reset code was via the US Mail. The good thing is that the only reason I wanted to access my account was to see what my data usage is so that I purchase the right package from my new internet and cable provider. The "customer service" provided by Comcast is so bad that all you really can do is laugh.

It's pretty okay


by comcast&verizon both suck on Fuck You Comcast!
they are stealing our $

Seems like intermittant service is a common complaint with comcast and verizon.
They brag about new stuff but cant deliver constant internet service.
I wouldnt be suprised if they sponser this site to let people vent , they wear you out till you give up. THEY JUST DONT CARE AND NEITHER DO OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS

by Sucker on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast sucks

Intermittent service for years. Repair people come and dont fix the problem.
Sometimes cant stream a youtube video. Email really sucks.
Comcast shouldnt be bragging about anything when they cant provide
the service I'm paying dearly for. I think I should be telling this to the A . G. office
I'm not getting what I am paying for and no one cares at Comcast.

by hugh mann on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast is a cow handed chicken hearted dullard of a company

i hate comcast due to he wifi problems and the prices

by Helga Monslinky on Fuck You Comcast!

1TB data cap, WTF is Comcast even thinking!? I goddamn well know it costs the same amount to send 1GB as it does to send 500GB. This is a scam, pure and simple. "50 dollars a month for unlimited data", suck my fucking fuckstick you capitalist pigs, eat my dick 8===================D~~~~~

by KellyAnne on Fuck You Comcast!
Retention Dept

CONDESCENDING!!! Seriously, no need for the attitude. You're a COMCAST EMPLOYEE!

Big brother BS

Hey assholes: What I download, look at, or go on the web is NONE of your fucking business, eat a bag of dicks and keep your giant Jew noses outta my traffic information.

by Bryson on Fuck You Comcast!
'American' company

Fucking lie of a isp service. I hope all your employees get aids for stooping so low as to support your money-grabbing business

by Getting Nothing Done on Fuck You Comcast!
with this shit internet

Internet has been spotty for almost a fucking month with dog shit speeds. Xfinity wants to send out a technician in two days. But unless this dickweed can lay new lines he is not going to change shit. Comcast's whole system must be trash. My whole neighborhood has crap service from them. Fucking done for real this time. Hope at&t can at least beat the blazing speed of 0.25 MBPS I got from Comcast.


I don't even pay for the service and I hate it.

by Comcast can eat andre the giants big ass hairy testicles those fucking criminal pieces of fucking shit on Fuck You Comcast!

im afraid i don't have the words. fuck you comcast

by itsme on Fuck You Comcast!
Less than ideal

we pay comcast $500/mo for "business internet" that is apparently far worse than a free open hot spot

by Comcast Sux on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast! Greedy mofo's

Comcast has sucked for years and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse....last week, it did. Internet keeps cutting out during movies etc. this comes weeks after Comcast says "we are increasing your internet speeds for FREE@. Well thank you Comecast! (You bunch of spooge sucking criminals)

by MemeLord Dylan on Fuck You Comcast!
Track wifi

Xfinity get your shit together. I play competive games on overwatch with my Xbox and this shit wifi will kick me from games and the internet will go down for like 5 hours a day, plz....just.....go....fuck.....yourselfs


I'd rather shoot myself then have Comcast as my provider. My Internet and Television went out late last night, and came back on around 5 or 4 in the morning. It's 2:00 and it's out again! Apparently they are "working on fixing it" and it'll be back around 5:40. Wow. Losers. Definitely switching to TiVo.

Business sucksss!

Took a week to schedule appointment are you freaking kidding me???!?!?!?!?!?!?!

by Alexander on Fuck You Comcast!
Beware the bill...

Comcast is bogus! Our bill is skyrocketed! We used to pay $190 for Cable, internet, and home phone. That does not include equipment. We had a modem and 2 additional boxes! $240! We then dropped home phone and the bill was about $150! Then after deciding to cut the cable witch was basic tv! our bill was $125.00 for very shitty speeds. After dropping to only internet... we begun to receive fees for going over data limits? We typically use 1,094 GB per month. I work from home doing Tech Support and ecommerce stores. Once we hit that 1,000 GB mark you get fined $150! making our bill $200 per month! Bye Bye Comcast!

by Comtrash on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucking hell of an inconvenience

New router coming in tomorrow because comcast is filled with incompetent tards that were born with the equivalent of a down syndrome indian child.

by SlowinSeattle on Fuck You Comcast!
Thanks Comcast

Super love watching Game of Thrones in little 30 second increments, with 5 minutes in between, to ya know... pick my nose and contemplate all the violent ways I would love to murder just about everyone that works there... service sucks, customer service is a joke, unless you are bi-lingual, speed sucks, the BS xfinity wifi is a pain in my ass, I live in a fucking CITY with tens of thousands if not more, pay an overpriced bullshit price for bullshit service that is unreliable... FUCK YOU Comcast, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! I fucking hate you...

by Shitoncomcast on Fuck You Comcast!
New router is the same

These pieces of shit at comcast sent me a "new" router/modem and it's the exact same thing i already have! But since they are so determined to make me use the new one they cut my Internet off until i installed it. Now i have to drive across town to drop the old one off with ups!!! I fucking hate comcast from the bottom of my heart and since i don't have the money to sue them i found a small victory in wiping my asshole all over their equipment before sending it back!

Worst company in the history of humanity

I can't even begin to write a review. This company and its employees are so disgusting it makes me want to vomit in my mouth. They are worse than scum between my toes. Cancelling my service with Comcast, the less customers they have the less power they have. It's time to kill these Evelin corporations and vote with your dollar. They treat customers like shit because they can? They know you'll still pay. Suckers!

by I love my TiVo on Fuck You Comcast!
No HBO GO on Tivo? Fuck Off

I wanted to activate HBO GO on my TiVO Bolt, so I could watch Game of Thrones in 4k, but I guess Comcast thinks that TiVo is going to take all of they business away from the Comcast DVR. Well, with an attitude like this, TiVo will win! Fuck you, Comcast for not supporting HBO GO on TiVo. You suck. If I had an alternative to your monopoly, I would certainly choose it! Oh yeah, and Net Neutrality too.

by PissedOffFlorida7 on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck This Company

Seriously?! WTF is going on with this organization. I just had a phone call where the "service" agent pretty much said you are going to have to live with intermittent internet and "there's nothing they can do" I'm a graduate student with all of my school stuff is ONLINE! This is not ok! How is this ok? Seriously Comcast, your "customer service" is a piece of shit, so is your god damned internet. Ugh! Your call center needs an upgrade, I get that it's in a different country (nothing wrong with that) but seriously the language barrier is so extreme!

by FUCKCOMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!

honestly would rather shoot myself. fuck comcast

by Jonathan on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck your mother

Comcast.....i hope your entire business gets fucking hit by a fucking zombie virus.


No internet,thanks for fucking date night up.

Go fist yourself

2am, tried watching a movie via internet and wifi / internet goes out. Wtf your service sucks more dicks then a 2$ whore. You motherfuckers are run by retards, and also when i call and get a mothet fucker who speaks little to no english is fucking annoying.

by Benjamin on Fuck You Comcast!

I FUCKING HATE COMCAST!!!! I've had over 8 technicians come to my house and these fucking idiots cannot figure it out!!!!!!!!!!

by thekiddd on Fuck You Comcast!


by VirtuousHeretic on Fuck You Comcast!
Can't even pay my bill

I just want to pay my bill and in every browser, it doesn't display my account stuff. No ad blocker, no anti-virus on, nothing.

Fuck you comcast.

by DinoLover1999999 on Fuck You Comcast!
Die Comcast

We don't want you ruining the internet and trying for us to buy more to make it better, you greedy shitpile of crap. Hopefully you all die, and your business fails someday. All we want is peace, but you decide to shit up the internet. Die

by Comcast is a monopoly on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is a monopoly

Comcast SUCKS A$$!!
The government broke up Bell Telephone because they said it was a Monopoly. These guys are 100 times worse and no one is doing anything about it!!! The rich keep getting richer and the middle class have to take it in the ass without lubrication !! It's FUKN BULLSHIT!!

by Roger on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you comcast


by William maus on Fuck You Comcast!
Concastswifi sucks

Xfinity wifi is a fuckin joke in york pa..
Constanstly repeatedly all the time 24/7.
Drops an loads your connection. .
Your company is a monoply fraudulent bunch of cons out to rip off the world.
You will sell your mothers soul to the devil if you think you will find a way to get a dollar.
You conned me but your not rver goin to see the fuckin 300 you think I owe you for some rep conning me. Then get bill.
Find out its all lies to get me in a package.

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Bunch of Thugs. Garbage quality of service. Overprice pile of trash

Motherfuckers try to charge me $180/mo for having a TV with just ESPN and internet that experience outage once every 2 weeks (for +8 hours) over the past year or two. As a loyal customers of 5 years, this garbage never deliver. On top of that, the customer supports can suck my dick. Chat supports can only copy and paste response from SOP; phone support is outsourced to India who doesn't even know how fucking ridiculous Comcast service is. None of those people can help. When I was determined to disconnect ALL service, they made promised that did not deliver. They try to lower my bill by removing packages that I need (i.e. ESPN) and dump in HBO (that idgaf). WTF is this? Why TF do I have to pay close to $70/mo for STARTER PACKAGE? BASIC, LOCAL channels for $70? 30 channels? Are you fucking kidding me? Those fucking channels are supposed to be fucking free. This is straight up bullshit. If I have to pay all these money for subscription, I can easily afford Roku and do other subscription for way lower price.


by Fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
IDiot company comcast

Comcast is shit, it needs to be replaced asap

by Fuck you Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you Comcast

Fuck you Time Warner, fuck you comcast, and fuck you xfinity

Your internet sucks. Can't even talk to my dying grandmother over skype

by Anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!
Net Neutrality

Comcast, you are what the web never wanted. No one wants your shiternet, but when you only have one local provider (even if they and what they stand for is terrible), what can you do. No one is buying your "net neutrality ruins ISPs and we're poor" shit, cause your rich, and net neutrality is just stoping you from manipulating a large portion of the US's access to information. All you stand for is money and you know it. The only ones who may be buying your shit story is the FCC Chairman and Verizon's bitch Ajit Pai (he probably is just putting up an act, or maybe he's just incompetent). See See for companies who support an open internet and net neutrality.

by Fucking Capitalists on Fuck You Comcast!
Don't have fucking internet

So Comcast buys out entire fucking LAND MASSES so they can't take their business elsewhere. And then, because they know that, they think they're basically free to give us shitty coverage. Those fucking BUREAUCRATS!

by Kid who just wants to play some ESO on Fuck You Comcast!
I just wanna play some ESO

I got Elder Scrolls Online today and its fun right up until the part where the motem shits the bed and I have to restart it. These 10 min intervals of waiting for the latest model of motem to start up has really given me the time to appreciate the game as a charish every moment I can actually play.

by cantgetbundle on Fuck You Comcast!
Tri-Fuckta rebundle nightmare

zero stars first off. Ok so my 2 year bundle agreement came up in May....a month early which has risen by $20 per month without notice. So I call in to get rebundled because I wasn't going to pay $202 a month for 2 product service. First rep tosses me a quote, not what I was hoping for but better than $202. I log into my account and the numbers didn't add up, there was an $18 dollar discrepancy. So I callll(snooze on hold) back and ask for customer solutions. He was rude and acted annoyed that he was discussing a bill with a customer and rolls me into a bundle that was suppose to be around $192 for the same services. I log back into my account only to fins out it was $192 before equipment, fees, charges, and taxes equaling $256. Now I am pissed, not only cause you were rude but lied and put me in a package that was 56 more than a non package. So I call back and the best customer care could do was 190 for preffered with blast for 190.. really? I loose all my premium channels and only save 10 a month. I log into my account again to check the details and blast is set up as a 13 extra. Wow service is so bad that even retention is lying just to get people off the phone.

by andre on Fuck You Comcast!

Have had 10+ outages a day for the last 6 months the moronS in Comcast Tech support keep blaming my setup...Brand l new house / with Cat6 wiring / new Nighthawk modem, they are so stupid a worm would be more helpful..really sucks feels like a compliment FUK Comcast and the jackass that own it..i run wireshark and the problems always are at the Comcast DC..

by Fuck you cancer comcast on Fuck You Comcast!

this piece of shit company treats its customers like cancer it should be shut down imo and the ceo and his family should be hunted

by COMCAST IS AWEFUL on Fuck You Comcast!


by Miigator on Fuck You Comcast!
Port forwarding is actual hell

Port forwarding is a joke on the router Xfinity gave us; it legit doesn't work and I'm fairly sure it just ignores anything sent to it

by lawrence on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast worse then cancer

This pice of shit company tries everything under the sun to rip off its costomers. Servive is not the goal...proffits are...i gues profits would not be a bad thing, , but lets face it, they worked hard to make a monopoly and do this shit now. Fees, shity service and lousy costomer service from american ousorced jobs..fuck comcast.. and fuck all companies that monopolize only to get rich..this company is a perfect example of the cancer that uncontrolled capatalizum.. where are my choices,, when they have no compeditors so the price and service would be at any price they chose...the government should bake this turd apart...but if that happens how would rich people and politicians line there in my opinion fuck everyone including myself..we just complain and sit back while we are robed daily by the evil pricks who only care about money not serve. Serves us right, 99 percent of our society if they had a chance would do what comcast is doing now... and dont pretend its not true..

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Fuck All Greedy ass Service Providers

You see where I live I don't have the fucking option for Comcast because I have an internet provider that is just as fucking shitty. Fuck Century Link and fuck Comcast. Just a bunch of greedy motherfuckers. I'm sitting here right now wasting my fucking data typing this pointless as fucking paragraph trying to pretend it's going to make my ass of an internet service work but I'm really just wasting my fucking time. While the owners of these motherfuckers are probably sitting in there fuckin recliners watching 4K porn with their fuckin fiber optic connection. Fuck you CenturyLink

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Bite me a good one

Comcast's so-called "packages" are a gouge from Hell. Every movie is interrupted for several commercials every 6-9 minutes, which makes them worthless to anyone save those with the patience of a Buddhist Monk.
And then Comcast tacks on fees, and some mysterious gouge they call "Other charges and credits," which is some sort of add-on folder where Comcast can gouge you behind a curtain when you least expect it.
After this so-called "package deal" I'm going to stick with NetFlix at $10 a month and Comcast can stick it.

Fuck comcast

When you pay for 200Mbps internet but you can't even get over 5 mbps. Fuck comcast.

by Yet another sucker on Fuck You Comcast!
DVR doesn't exist

Tried to record the rugby as it was shown at 2:30 am and not repeated. Set up very thing with the X1, all looked good, confirm recording etc. Next day there is nothing and I suspect no DVR. Instead of saying " no DVR" it just says " I got this bro I'll record it" then goes back to smoking weed and does nothing.

by hiramarchibald on Fuck You Comcast!
55 Mb/s = 2.3 Mb/s

The title says it all. Comcast can't math. But that's okay, when I go to the store and pay $8 for milk and get an empty carton, I also see nothing unusual with that. I'm getting exactly what is normal, service and products that I legally paid for. Next time I go to work, I think I'll sleep on the job and take full pay, because that's how commerce works, right?

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I have seen many horrors...

Thanks to Comcast shitty nightmare internet hell, I learned enough about networking that I now work as a network administrator for several businesses. Seriously. By the way, when the send "technicians" to your home to "fix" things, they aren't actually doing anything and I had one dude straight up tell me he didn't know anything about repairing bad coax connections. He just drives around with a multimeter and an empty toolbag and calls "some lady" to "turn the internet back on". Not fucking kidding. Can't wait till google fiber fucks you in the ass. Turned off my vpn just so they can see I'm writing this. Thanks for nothing fuck heads.

by FUCK YOU, COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!

Your bitch of a phone representative yelled at me that I was under contract for 2 years when I WASN'T. I asked her to confirm she had proof of acceptance of contract from 1 and 2 years ago. "HMMM NOPE WE DON'T HAVE SHIT - MUST HAVE BEEN DELETED" BITCH PLEASE - THAT SHIT NEVER EXISTED. I specifically remained contract-free. You kept my billing records for 2 years but "deleted" proof of contract? HAH. Go suck a dick.

by Texas on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck comcast

Fuck this shitty ass company that can't maintain promosed speeds and then just disconnects you every other hour every god damn day. Stupid bitch that scheduled a technician for today NEVER FILED THE PAPER WORK, NOW I HAVE TO WAIT A WEEK AS IF IT WAS MY FUCKING FAULT.

by cable hater on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast blows

screen freezes for 10 seconds every 30 seconds impossible to watch this shit. Assholes have come out 4 times to not fix it because they are stupid. If the screen freezes on all tv's. it's not one box causing it! Man,they hire incompetent fucks. Guess we'll never watch tv.

by FUCK COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!


by Another random user on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you comcast

You never knows when it will go down again it will randomly goes down in any second of the day. I can't even play any fucking online games or do any fucking online tests cuz in their eyes my games and other things are shit and this internet is BULLSHIT

by Random user on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst internet ever

I wish I can give it a 0 star cuz it is sooo bad that in the pass 10 days it was down for like 8 days. I failed my online test because of this STUPID internet and I can't even go on to the FKING YouTube. PLEASE STOP FUCKING WITH ME COMCAST

by Who knows on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast fees suck

How high do these Comcast fees have to get before everyone switches there service. Its not breech of Contract to keep raising fees because they are fees and your service rates stays the same. FUCK COMCAST, CANT WAIT FOR YOUR COMPANY TO TANK. Might I add my friend just poured concrete for Comcast owners daughters million dollar summer home in Naples Wtf

by The worst on Fuck You Comcast!
The worst service ever

I wish I can rate 0 star.
I was moving from out of town.
Wanted to have an internet up and running as soon as I move, so I stopped on my way to my new home to pick up a modem, because if not, you need to wait for another week.
I hook it up, not working.
Called the company, just to find out the person who gave me he modem didn't scan the right barcode, so I can't get it to work nor they can. I had to wait over the weekend since they were all closed.
I go in again on Monday, and get them to scan the modem and told it should work as soon as I hook it up.
Still not giving me the solid online light.
I call again, she makes me carrying the modem to every freaking rooms in the house to see if any of the outlets would work.
30 minutes of trying, she says she can send someone to fix it for me, because there's nothing she can do. Sure!
Then she tells me I need to wait for another 2 days to have someone come and look at it.
I ask if I can get a credit or something since I've made 2 trips and am going without internet for almost a week, she says she is not working at the billing department, so she can't. So I ask if I should call the billing people and complain to them. She says if I want to I can.
I did not as for your permission, lady.
And please, don't hire people who has a thick accent to work over the phone.
Worst company ever.

by Customer on Fuck You Comcast!
We All Already Know that Comcast Sucks

This company is laughable. Comcast is a criminal, I am embarrassed for them.

by Another comcast costumer on Fuck You Comcast!

I used to have old comcast hardware that actaully worked but was still limiting to 20mbps. Now i had to buy all of their new shit and now i cant play any fucking games cause i have a strict nat type now. I tired all thier shit like port forwarding, configuring a dmz and all that bs and it still doesnt work. I SHOULDNT HAVE TO HAVE A DEGREE IN IT NETWORKING TO PLAY FUCKING XBOX COMCAST. AND NOW MY INTERNET IS EVEN SLOWER WITH EVERY NEW GATEWAY I GET. FUCK YOU AND YOUR OVERPRICED SHIT INTERNET. at least the cable is ok tho BUT FUCK. YOUR. INTERNET.

by Pissed on Fuck You Comcast!
Down again

Comcast is down again, and last 10 days I've been down sporadically at least five days. So frustrating I canceled cable because they suck but I have no choice with internet because there's no other Internet provider in my area

by K hardy on Fuck You Comcast!
Socialist far left crap..

Comcast is anti American BS...look at the crappy companies associated with Comcast..NBC, MSNBC pure crap...pure anti American trash.. Not to mention I paid nearly 100.00 a month just for internet and it's slow bogged down crap..I have never gotten over 45MBPS...and most the time it's around 30....all hype all lies all trash...

by Ashit on Fuck You Comcast!

Why the fuck does a series suddenly go to "in home only" out of nowhere?


by Really Fucking Pissed on Fuck You Comcast!
God fucking damn you cuntcast

I'm mildly disappointed in your services today.

by Sky Lim on Fuck You Comcast!

Fuck Comcast

by Miserable Employee on Fuck You Comcast!
Terrible place to work as well

For 8 years now I have been torturing myself by working as a technician for this extremely incompetent company. They promote the biggest idiots on earth, hence the reason the company runs like shit. I honestly am confused on how they make a profit. I finally have reached my breaking point and currently looking for another employer. I hope to wake up one day and see on the news that this company goes bankrupt somehow from some type of scam or something. All the corporate robots care about is the stock price going up. I am here to tell you 100% fact that they do not care about the consumer. Eat a dick Comcast.

by comcastsucks on Fuck You Comcast!

I give zero stars to Comcast they are horrible company they have monopolized the cable lines in my town to where I cannot get any other cable company on them because Comcast has passed a law that says no other cable company can use their lines. They have horrible service it takes me 3 to 5 hours to get something fixed anytime I do if they fix it at all the people all act like they don't know what they're talking about don't know what they're doing they connect you to the wrong places you have to verify your account five times automated teller is a bunch of b*******it don't work like we're the s*** all it wants to do is reset your modem when you're trying to get to a representative Comcast is the worst internet provider there is I had to ethernet in because my wife I no longer is strong enough just dream even though I pay for 75 mags

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Comcast

Fuck Comcast Fuck Comcast forever and ever
Whenever I play, my favorite game
Comcast fucks me because it's so gay
Fuck you oh fuck you because you're so lame
You fuck up my internet every single fucking day


by Brandon on Fuck You Comcast!
Screw you comcast.

The best day of my year was finally switching from Comcast. Comcast sucks so bad. Horrible service, regular service drop outs. And they always tried to blame it on me, wjen in the emd, it was always them. Even though i had my own modem, they shipped me one and tried to bill me for it 7 times. I had to hand deliver back to the store everytime. And pick a freaking price. "Introductory rates" are BS. Dont get me started on their customer "service". Customer "fuck you" is more like it. Im at the point that i literally hope everyone working for that crap company gets a tapeworm and a raging genital infection. Sorry, but Ive concluded you have to be a horrible person to work for comcast. And either desperate (no other options...thank you corrupt government) or an idiot to stay with them cause there are much better options in a lot of places. Screw you Comcast. I hope you die.

by Connor on Fuck You Comcast!
They play you!

Fucking 10th time I have called they all act dumb. If I pay for 200mbps I better get that speed not 50mbps. Bullshit. Fuck your company. Fuck you comcast.

by GAMBIT on Fuck You Comcast!

crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap

by M Elizabeth on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast does suck!!!!!!!'nn

If we could assign negative numbers I would. I have been an unfortunate customer for 1 month. Since that time, I have spent more than 10 hours trying to get my internet only service to provide me what I pay them for. I realize their SCAM is for me to upgrade to cable TV. Yet my neighbors who have cable & internet report their internet is fine, but their cable goes out frequently & they are told to upgrade their cable package. I've submitted more than 6 online complaints, and with all 6 I receive a follow up phone call 5 days post complaint and always with a return phone number provided by Comcast a number you cannot call back. There have been no digital responses yet. Since they are the only internet provider in my area, there is a legal monopoly. File complaints withFCC & Better Business Bureau. They at least have to read & respond to each & every complaint filed. Also, since they do receive money from each of us, yet fail to provide the service, this is theft. Some municipalities are accepting criminal police reports & if yours does, please do so. Otherwise, breech of contract occurs; call them at least twice per month and explain the reason why you WILL be issued a credit by them. Expect to need to go through their automated phone system and hit 0 more than 100 times to get out of the computer phone loop. You really can do it! The more of us that fight this horrible non/customer oriented telecom and cable service provider regulated by each state, the better. FU Comcast!!!!

by Literally every customer on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast wifi is absolute shit

Comcast wifi is complete and utter garbage. At my computer from at most 15 meters away from the router/mode, I am only able to connect to the wifi about 60% of the time. I wanted to give less than 1 star, but since I can't, I suppose I will have to be incredibly generous and give them a star.

by Devin Fleming on Fuck You Comcast!
Internet disconnects at the worst times!

As a rising youtuber, I rely on consistent internet to upload my content; however, whenever I upload large files-- anywhere, email etc. not just YouTube-- it always crashes my internet and the upload gets cancelled.

by Landon on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast has great internet... WHEN IT FUCKING WORKS.

I work every day. I'm 18 just graduated. I'm taking a year to work before college. I work 7 days a week until 8pm every day. I like to end my
Nights by playing a game on my computer or watching a show...
Tonight, I sit down at the computer at 12am to play a game on steam and guess what- MY INTERNET IS FUCKING DOWN. Of course it might be my problem, so I call Comcast and wait 30 FUCKING MINUTES TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON. Then that person makes me wait 10 more god damn minutes to do a "scan" of my network. After 45 FUCKING MINUTES, I FINALLY FIND OUT THAT THE INTERNET IS DOWN.


by Dylan on Fuck You Comcast!

What a bunch of fucking hypocrites Comcast Xfinty are. I just saw a commercial saying that they had the best "In home Wi-Fi Experince" I laughed so hard I almost cracked a rib.... THE FUCK THEY DO..... all they do is fucking shit on the internet.... I ALWAYS have some sort of connection problem. It's the worst when I'm playing either Battlefield of BO3 because of the fuicking 1 bar lag. I hope you end up firing one of your employees and they end up burning down the fucking headquarters of your shitty company.... FUCK YOU COMCAST

Over it

THIS i s a rip off. THERE is a reason i pay for your high speed internet to meet all the needs i have the Internet for business and videos. I am over it. I dont want your stupid bundled packages. I need to send emails and do research. My service should not be slow or down just because my neighbors are off at home using their Internet too. Thats why i got my own fast service. Get ready for a break up when we move.

Everything is poor

Costumer service is worst I have ever seen from ANY company.
Every day I experience slowdowns on browsing simple web pages. They seem to have many DNS issues.
Outages are common place.
Hate them.

by Nobody you need to know on Fuck You Comcast!

The Xfinity router is a faulty piece of shit and keeps turning off. I just payed the internet bill yesterday. One more crash and I am taking the fucking thing on a helicopter with me, and dropping it into an active volcano.

by Sandra on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast is horrible... I'll rather do without everything before considering going back to comcast over pricing Ass!!! FUCK YOU COMCAST!!!

Crappy ass service

If i could give then negative stars i would. Never had a problem with att internet, or cox communications. Switched to try and save some money. Worst decision in my life. I cant even watch netflix half the time, and we all know that doesnt really require much. Gosh forbid i need to some online work on my computer, you can forget that 3/4 of the time. Youtube, dont even think about it. The internet we signed up for is suppose to give 75mps, which even if we had all 3 tvs, the computer and the ipad, should have no problem. I only had 12 mps with att but NEVER had a problem lik this, even when i had 2 room mates who were online gamers. I cant wait for our year to be up. At this point im thinkng on saying to hell with it and just pay the cancellation fee. In our area there is only one other company (wow!) and i dont know too much about them. Att i know is coming soon to the area, and i will be switching for sure.

by F U COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!
Company that only cares about money

I am sick and tired of these monkeys that only cares about money. Down with the monopolistic piece of garbage.

by Andrew on Fuck You Comcast!
I pay for good internet but I get actual shit

I pay for roughly 50-100 Mbps upload and download speeds. And my internet connection is usually 10-20 Mbps download but.... here's the great part. Upload speeds range anywhere from 0 Mbps to 5 Mbps. The upload speed is never ever faster than that. Sometimes it it literally 0 Mbps

Fuck comcast

Fuck Comcast cause they kicked me from a game where you need internet to play and I got deranked and a 7 day ban cause they were doing maintaince I pay 400 a month to play games do I have good internet not to get fucked by assholes who don't care if you have internet or not

by frankie on Fuck You Comcast!
it will be the same.FUCKYOUCOMCAST!!!!!!!

Extremally disappointed!!!! YOUEEMAILSUCKS!!!

Comcast Sucks

Comcast sucks and we all know it.

by Dr. Marcie Zinn on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast bullshit again and again

I had to terminate my business so I have to terminate comcast services. However, they are saying I changed my mind? Are they fucking crazy? Of course they are, but they are portraying me shutting down my business as a choice. Well, fuck them and their psychopathic, sociopatic viewpoints. I have been a customer for 3 decades, and they are calling me on my "incomplete contract," though I cannot pay their damn demands. They are pretending to understand that small businesses go out of business all the time.

by Secretsquirrel on Fuck You Comcast!
Monopoly Panzi Bullshit scheme

Internet drops at the same time EVERYDAY for the past 2 years, call and they claim it's on our end. Since I work in IT I know for a fact it's not my end. Not to mention with their new "phone service" backdooring their way into people's wifi it's safe to say Comcast is a complete pile of shit. Fuck you Comcast. Thanks for blocking Google Fiber too, knowing damn well you would lose all of your customers in a heartbeat to their superior service, speed, and price. Once again, fuck you Comcast

by Comcast killer on Fuck You Comcast!
Scam them

Comcast is such a scam, found out from a representive that all I need to do is buy my own modem and THat will reduce my bill ten dollars, that's not it. What I found out is the bundles are scam and are actually more money heck even if the bundles are $10 more money I rather do single promotions which will save me $10. Look all you have to to do is say you want one promotion regardless if you want internet only they have the promotion. Don't believe the lies they tell you it is cheaper to do a bundle because it isnt. All you have to do is say you want one promtion then call back or come back to the store another day even after an hour of waiting so the systems can catch up, you can do it. Example if you want cable and internet you can do it by adding cable first. Then adding internet as a separate promtion which in turn is cheaper and there is no contract so you can cx any time you want. I recommend doing cable first then whatever promtion you want next like internet or whatever, all of it is cheaper here are the single promotions for Comcast video starter package is 49.99, preferred is 59.99, the the premier package 69.99 (which now doesn't include red zone you have to add the sports entertainment package to red zone 9.99). Internet prices which are a scam if you buy your own modem, I recommend getting performance internet which is sufficient enough for my family of five (I have four tvs, 2 tablets and 2 iPads, and small other internet things but he performance internet can handle it all even with all the devices streaming so don't get a internet speed higher than performance. But I'll break down the prices performance internet is 29.99, then they have blast which is 39.99 then if you don't have blast it is a 14 dollar upgrade which you don't really need. Their home security sucks (the sensors fall off the door and window eventually or they are plastered to your wall so if you cx your home security and take off the sensors the paint or wood will be coming along, some time the alarm trips for no reason and some times even if you cx your home security the touch screen still works, Comcast is watching what is going on even after your system is disconnected because everything still works, I cx the home security' and the touch screen and the sensors (that were still left not from falling off) still went off if I open and closed the doors and windows to my house and oh btw if you got a free camera which you should and not buy more than one the camera still works even through the touch screen. Don't buy any cameras from Comcast it is a scam which you can still keep if you cx your home security. And pay nothing extra they don't have serial numbers either. Don't get the home security, it is a scam and remember buy your own modem and do single promotions. I hate Comcast is a Monopoly. If you want cable and internet do cable first then wait then do the internet which you only need the performance. I hope this helps. Don't do triple play unless you need a phone but you can do separate promotions to make it cheaper, also if your existing customer and they won't with you cx and come back in a day or calll back after you cx

by Comcast killer on Fuck You Comcast!
Scam so scam them back

Comcast is such a scam, found out from a representive that all I need to do is buy my own modem and THat will reduce my bill ten dollars, that's not it. What I found out is the bundles are scam and are actually more money heck even if the bundles are $10 more money I rather do single promotions which will save me $10. Look all you have to to do is say you want one promotion regardless if you want internet only they have the promotion. Don't believe the lies they tell you it is cheaper to do a bundle because it isnt. All you have to do is say you want one promtion then call back or come back to the store another day even after an hour of waiting so the systems can catch up, you can do it. Example if you want cable and internet you can do it by adding cable first. Then adding internet as a separate promtion which in turn is cheaper and there is no contract so you can cx any time you want. I recommend doing cable first then whatever promtion you want next like internet or whatever, all of it is cheaper here are the single promotions for Comcast video starter package is 49.99, preferred is 59.99, the the premier package 69.99 (which now doesn't include red zone you have to add the sports entertainment package to red zone 9.99). Internet prices which are a scam if you buy your own modem, I recommend getting performance internet which is sufficient enough for my family of five (I have four tvs, 2 tablets and 2 iPads, and small other internet things but he performance internet can handle it all even with all the devices streaming so don't get a internet speed higher than performance. But I'll break down the prices performance internet is 29.99, then they have blast which is 39.99 then if you don't have blast it is a 14 dollar upgrade which you don't really need. Their home security sucks (the sensors fall off the door and window eventually or they are plastered to your wall so if you cx your home security and take off the sensors the paint or wood will be coming along, some time the alarm trips for no reason and some times even if you cx your home security the touch screen still works, Comcast is watching what is going on even after your system is disconnected because everything still works, I cx the home security' and the touch screen and the sensors (that were still left not from falling off) still went off if I open and closed the doors and windows to my house and oh btw if you got a free camera which you should and not buy more than one the camera still works even through the touch screen. Don't buy any cameras from Comcast it is a scam which you can still keep if you cx your home security. And pay nothing extra they don't have serial numbers either. Don't get the home security, it is a scam and remember buy your own modem and do single promotions. I hate Comcast is a Monopoly. If you want cable and internet do cable first then wait then do the internet which you only need the performance. I hope this helps. Don't do triple play unless you need a phone but you can do separate promotions to make it cheaper.

by Barry on Fuck You Comcast!

comcast everyday is shit

Phuk Comcast/Xfinity

Not a week goes by where I don't have some sort of connection problem, At $240 a month I pay I should be getting better service. TV has been out since yesterday morning, reported it, they always blame something in the house. Guess what jackasses, I used to be in the electronics service business for over 30 years, I know my way around cable setups. Not only that but last year I rewired my whole house, and they changed the drop service from the utility pole also so I know I don't have a problem. You call them up and the indians just go by their script, they can't even tell you if there is an outage anymore, always tell you to "reset the box". Then the next day I get a call from somebody in the states asking me dumb questions. I asked her point blank "Do you have an outage?" "no, we don't"..."Well honey according to the on-line system you do"..."Oh, oh, yes we do but we will dispatch a technician to your house to check the problem". WTF are they doing? Just fix the darned problem and stop calling me and trying to make me feel better, it doesn't work, just fix it and get it over with.

Monopolies are all the same and ATT is really no competition until they bring the fiber optics to my door.

by Comcast sucks ass on Fuck You Comcast!
I found this site to cuss comcast

COMCAST IS LITERAL GARBAGE. FIRST my wifi goes out at LEAST once every 30 min- hour. THEN they schedule a time to come out, never show, then say I made it up and that they'll be out after another 8 days. This is a fucking JOKE of a wifi service. If I had another choice I would take it.

fuck comcast

i ordered the service two weeks ago and they agreeed to install the service for me two days later, and they offered the hotspot service for free to cover the gap. The technician came over and did nothing by just saying need help from the other technician. I called back the next day and the customer service said will send the new technician But nobody comes by. I called again (Thursday), they saod they made the mistake, will arrange another technician next Friday. I waited for another week, and the technician came on Friday and said need the post wire, then he booked the post wire , that will be on next Thursday. I was really pissed off, but they promised me they will not charge me and provide the free hotspot. But they cut off the hotspot on Monday and said my account was inactive, and they cannot do anything or even reactivate the account. I just asked them to close the account and ordered the Verizon Fios instead.

app suite sucks

email crashes all the time.... I'd like to take their "502 Proxy error " and shove up their CEOs ass. Who ever designed their appsuite email should be fired and who ever hired them should as well.

why one star is lowest you can go in a rating Is beyond me.. I'd give zero.

by Tupac on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucking insane

I have to use my fucking data to write this fuckig review because my fucking Comcast internet doesn't fucking work what the fuck you fucking idiots!

by YesBoy on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Service in Houston is Terrible

Been a customer for at least a decade. Internet connection drops every minute. I knew I couldn't be the only one who has been let down by comcast and then I started doing online searches for Comcast and discovered that millions feel the same way about comcast as I do. Itś just horrible service from this company! God bless you all, why don't those lawyers I see on TV sue Comcast for lying and letting down their customers. We need something done NOW because comcast is just a horrible company that needs to be gone.

by d blazuk on Fuck You Comcast!

please put it back to the old way i payed direct tv 440.00 dollars to get out of my contract only to get ba k to comcast now i live with a paper on my lape to see what cannels i want its hard for the old folks who new where every thing was


fucking hate comcast and their bullshit internet!!!! such garbage!!!!

by Comcast is Trash on Fuck You Comcast!
Rather a shame

It is rather a shame how in our world today, one of the most developed countries still have to put up with shitty technology such as this. Pretty sure with all the necessary resources I can set up a fucking toaster that is at least 10 times the speed of Comcast. Most unstable wifi I have ever used, and I can't even cancel it because of the shitty costumer service. Unbelievable.

by THIS SITE IS AMAZING on Fuck You Comcast!

UP: 7B/S

by I HATE THIS WEB on Fuck You Comcast!


by Ethan on Fuck You Comcast!
Disconnect City

Fuck this stupid shit, I can't stay on the internet for 5 damn minutes. They send me a new fucking box and it makes it worse. Stupid fucks.

by Sabrina on Fuck You Comcast!

Was promised a special deal by 2 reps. That confirmation is on their phone call recordings. Numerous errors on my bill later, many "We will call you back in the next couple of hours/20 mins/tomorrow at noon", being disconnected, finding impossible to get through to the right department/person, ignoring my calls, and being told different things by different people, I am at a loss as to what to do. I have never dealt with such bad customer service. A Big F you to them.

by //Endgame on Fuck You Comcast!
I pay too much to get nothing.

You know the service can actually be good.... when it isn't down for hours on end.

by jenfromsc on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is a disease

I moved here from South Carolina a few weeks ago. I noticed immediately that the internet in my apartment is terrible. I asked the property manager about it and he was surprised. He says it's business speed and that is great. Well he doesn't game! Comcast is throttling the f*** out of me. I miss Charter. We need competition here right now! And if these slimy companies don't want to compete with each other? It's time for the city to compete and put them all out of business.

comcast sucks

comcast is the very example why monopolies are bad.....they could not care less if you are happy or not, why would they? you dont have a choice in many markets. trying to get to speak to someone that can actually help you put is impossible and normally some foreign guy that cares even less.......

Comcast sucks, doesnt care about you, will make it so difficult to try to correct their lie or "error" that you just give up and go away. screw you comcast

by Dani D on Fuck You Comcast!
WTF Comcast!!

The new Comcast set up is HORRIBLE. Why are they trying to look like Verizon? Where are the categories when you go to demand? I click on Starz & all the movies are clumped together. I have to speak into a remote control to get action , kids, etc.. category. Whoever thought this up needs to be replaced!!!

by Andy J on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is gay

Comcast likes big pee pee. I have proof. I can only load gay porn on comcast

by bryan on Fuck You Comcast!

The only way I think we the people can hurt them is to go to google and search for Xfinity or Comcast. Then make sure you click on the ad for them. Each time that you click it cost them over $1. Every morning with your cup of coffee make sure you do this. If millions did this, they might actually listen.


Fuck this shit.

"We know there's a problem"

7 Techs out 4 maintenance calls since February and the tech yesterday has the fucking audacity to say "well we know there's a problem somewhere"


by Christine on Fuck You Comcast!
Pissed !!!

I have never been Sooooo pissed! Fuck you Comcast!!And I don't talk that way!

by Christine Johnson on Fuck You Comcast!

I Have never ever ever been so pissed with a company EVER! I'm afraid to write more because I will probably be arrested!! They just made me give a star just to post! ohhh I am so pissed!!

by Uncle Fester on Fuck You Comcast!
Tricked by phone Support

The phone support person told me they can add Syfy channel for $5 a month. Thanks! Gave them a great review. 2 days later no Syfy. Call again. Sorry that's not possible. To get Syfy channel you have to pay $129 per month.

sunshine and rainbows

They lie a lot and double charged me. They took advantage of my gullible male brain and my girlfriend had to call them back to set shit straight.

by Danielle on Fuck You Comcast!


by Comcast Hater on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is the worst thing to ever happen

Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Slavery, WW1 and WW2, The Great Depression. All beat this fucking cancer of an internet service. I can't even fucking play a simple game on the internet. And how much I'm I paying these mother fuckers? Too damn much money. They can blow me, my mom, sister, dad, dog, fish, cat, and anything else. How much have a paid for this shitty potato with 2 wire internet. My dick has a better connection than this. FUCK YOU COMCAST!!!

by Chris Dey on Fuck You Comcast!
Cust service sucks

Worst customer service ever! Fuck Comcast. I can't wait to cancel my service. I'll pay 5 times as much if i have to just to get away from such a shitty company. Rsting is a 1 bc i can't give a negative.

by Stewart Reed on Fuck You Comcast!
Tony award shit

I pay all year, and can never watch the Superbowl or Tonys. What is your job Comcast? Below is my current FB post:

...also - Comcast SUCKS...SUCKS...SUCKS...SUCKS. What a hideous example of a company. Aren't they supposed to provide me with something in exchange for the money I pay them every month? WORST COMPANY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. I'd complain to them, but I can't. No one can.

by Chase on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is an incompetent cock sucker

I am typing this from my phone because Comcast is currently down. I have to reset my modem at least 5 times a day for my internet to work. Every time I call to get it fixed they stick their dicks in their own mouths and fuck themselves. They haven't even tried to fix this problem. I'm seconds away from using my own dick as a means for transportation. I hate Comcast. Hands down the worst company in the world. I never met a single person who likes them. Fuck you Comcast


Everyone needs to sue the living fuck out of them for false advertising, undilivered service, and theft. Till all of us do this they will continue to laugh at everyone and keep getting richer. Never will I recommend this piece of shit to anyone.

by Alex M on Fuck You Comcast!
Lost me as a customer on day one

Tried to actually sign up for service and the install tech pulled the whole "no one was home" bullshit. We were sitting in our living room with the fucking door open you moron! When we called to complain they said they couldn't send him back until next weekend! That's a real great way to win over new customers! FUCK YOU COMCAST!!

by Hate You Comcast!!!! on Fuck You Comcast!

Wanted to give this a trillion zero rating, but it would not allow!!!!Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my entire life!!! They lie and add extra charges on your bill for equipment and services that you don't even have!!! Tried over 6 times to hash it out over the phone with them, got confirmation numbers and operator ID numbers, and even went to their office to straighten it out!!! The woman I dealt with was a complete ignorant, arrogant moron!!! Asked to speak to a manager and she told me she was the manager!!!! Cancelled my services and told her #@ %@*& &%@#%%@@!!! Wondering how many elderly people they are ripping off they do not look at their billing!!!! They should be shut down!!!!!

by Melissa on Fuck You Comcast!


by Melissa on Fuck You Comcast!


by Chris cooper on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck u comcast

Comcast sucks in tallahassee

by roger on Fuck You Comcast!
tried everything THEY SUCK!!

The worst customer service in the world. Go with AT&T, go with DISH, go with ANYONE, but Comcast. Was a former loyal customer till a new install. After 4 supervisors, 3 install techs, they still can't figure out why the TV signal is pixilated, or why the internet goes down EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY. Worst company in the world.

by Nj Resident on Fuck You Comcast!
They try to own my modem

I bought my own modem 2 years ago and gave this company a call for new services(only internet provider in my area).
Everything seemed so so for 2 years ( i am not mentioning 3-4 times they inserted bogus charges within 2 years and i had to fight them to death)
Now they inserted fat 10$ fee for rental modem ( i bought mine from ebay -used comcast modem).

They want me to provide receipt otherwise they take ownership of my own shit. WHAT THE FUCK?


F U C K Y O U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@__@@

by Fuck comcsat on Fuck You Comcast!
Right in the mouth

My service is out again this week. 4days lsst week and now the same shit. Comcast can not tell the truth. One will tell you one thing and the next person will tell you something else. And the new media will not help. Lets put the way comcast treats costumers on the news. Come here see them in action. Comcast mess up the cable and i have to wait two days for tthem to come back and fix there fuck up. No service until the can schedule a tech to fix there fuck up.

by poor fuckwit on Fuck You Comcast!


It SAYS we're connected, but magically, there is a yellow sign hovering over everyone's internet connection saying we have nothing.

Thought it was us, our modem, ANYTHING but Comcast, but this happens everyday around the same hours, that is, NON-PEAK HOURS (1am-5am).



Worst customer service ever. I hope you rot and die, you worthless pigs!!! You are as crooked as your cable lines. You're nothing more then lying thieves. How and why you still exsist, I'll never know! These are the most complementary things I can come up with........."PRESS 1 FOR I NO SPEAK ENGLISH!" I will confirm that I am human, that's more then I can say for COMCAST"! You're a filthy company. SLIME if you will!


Xfinity wifi is literally the worst thing ever. They cancel your wifi so you buy a better router then they just keep doing the same shit. Advice to anyone getting wifi. Don't get xfinity Comcast!

by NJ Guy, moved to FL on Fuck You Comcast!
Pissed off cancelation fee

I signed up for a 2 year promotion, randomly got offered a better job in FL. Tried to explain the unforeseen event. Nobody I spoke to was able to help, including "supervisors". Sent a formal complaint and no response....FUCK YOU COMCAST XFINITY, shove the 190 bux up your ass

by Very N Gree on Fuck You Comcast!
I'd Rather Be...

...Com-castrated with a rust-encrusted potato peeler than have to lose yet another day of productivity due the inconsistent digital diarrhea they are billing me for; Bandwidth please, not bullshit.

Fuck Comcast

The sooner Google puts comcast out of business, the better. Fucking piece of shit company. Shit fucking service, shit fucking support, shit fucking product, shit fucking company. Can't wait until they die and we can all piss on their grave.

by Cody Moore on Fuck You Comcast!

I would rather have Gilbert Gottfried talk me though masturbation than to use this ass service you call internet. If i had to rate its assness, its very ass. 0/10 but force to use it because its my only fucking option.

by CCastRefuge on Fuck You Comcast!

Worst company I have ever dealt with in my whole life. Business ethics suck. They qouted my one price but billed me for another (higher).

by Larry on Fuck You Comcast!

Nothing but problems with Comcast !!
There service and equipment has to be the worst I've ever experienced in my life and I'm 65 years old. Wish the FCC would do something with this American rip off company. A class action lawsuit would be a blessing to us all.

by Amber on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast is currently stalking my every move online. First they used a company to hide their identity but once I complained to the company the IP address started registering as comcast. FUCK YOU STALKER ASSES! ANd if you are planning on framing me for some bullshit, think again, everyone already knows you have access to my computer.

Dial up worked better

I pay for a month's worth of "high speed" internet each month. I get around thirty minutes minutes of good, fast internet service per month. I miss my old dial- up modem, it may have been slower, but at least it functioned.

fucking shit

these monkeys lie to your face when you complain about low speeds. all a bunch of fuck ass

by Victim on Fuck You Comcast!
Throttle My Speeds more Daddy

Fuck you seriously. You say my internet is fast as fuck on speedtest but when I try to watch youtube videos you throttle it down? Fuck you and Article 4. Fuck you and your Lobbies and your fucking FCC fuck bois

by Aaron on Fuck You Comcast!

I hate this company


Worst company to do business with.

by Bob Arones on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast can suck my infected cock.

by H. A. on Fuck You Comcast!
The absolute worst

Negative 5 stars.
Comcast is literally one of the worst organizations in america. They are an aging.bloated dinosaur of a corporation that continues to exist by virtue of their excessive market share, the largest media lobbyist force in washington, and of course their strangehold on innumerable municipalities across the nation. They collude with other media conglomerates to undermine free market environment and natural healthy capitalist competition (because NO ONE would use comcast by choice) by forcing consumers to purchase cable subscriptions (by "bundling" it with internet service, thanks you cocksuckers) and throttling customer bandwidth when the customer uses said bandwidth to enjoy a competing media service like netflix or amy other streaming service. In the city where i live (500,000 ppl counting suburb areas) comcast pays an annual fee (something like $8) per household to retain exclusive access to the fiber optic network in the city - which gives them a literal (and effective) monopoly in the area -- no other company is allowed to offer internet service vis fiber optic cables. City does care cause theyre getting paid and comcast SURE doesnt give a fuck. These people are the WORST thing to happen to technology yet, if you are an American and like the idea of having a choice of where to buy services from and what streaming media services to use, you do NOT want this company to exist -- if they had it their way, theyd be the only ISP, cable tv, DVR etc provider in the nation, theyd shape laws to suit them (they already are -google comcast lobbyist), and theyll charge you thru the roof for a shitty ad ridden service you dont really like.
Also, its out ALLLL THE GOD DAMN TIME. Literally, im typing this from my phone (thanks for not being totally worthless verizon) cause comcast is down right now - its 87 degrees outside AND FUCKING SUNNY GOD DAMNIT.

Comcast is trash

Setup installation for Comcast mistake one, waited for my technician in the hours stated on my confirmation mistake two. used there chat after a no show from technician only to be told they cannot find any information on my scheduled setup.....what the hell........believing Comcast even cared, priceless. This is just the most recent issue with them. never have had a good experience with them, just complete trash.

by Comcast sucks cocks on Fuck You Comcast!
Cocksucking cumcast

EVERY fucking day there are internet issues

AND they want to increase the bill amount

Go fuck yourself comcast fucking piece of shit scum

by Die Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Die Comcast

Die Comcast you suck

by Comcast hate r on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks

I hate Comcast they are greedy AND they suck !!!!!!!!!!

by FCC is in bed with comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
FCC is in bed with comcast

we all know Comcast sucks ass. you know it went on their website has this time clown it says we care about the customers well any company that has to say they care about the customers means they don't give a rat's ass about the customers or you wouldn't have to say it the customers wouldn't know already. all we can do is right our Congress people and the FCC complain to them until something happens the odds of that happening are pretty slim though being as they're all in bed with Comcast but we have a better chance doing that than just telling Comcast they suck cuz I already know it

by Quintessential American Consumer on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast's DNS servers are garbage and their executives are astroturfing scumbags. I would rather have a privacy-wrecking company like Google at the top than these fraudulent fucks.

by Monica Tan on Fuck You Comcast!

I cancelled Xfinity after a year of fading audio on my 4K TV. In addition, a brand new modem that I bought at Walmart stopped working. Xfinity said it's not
them ( WHATEVER).

Now I'm trying to get a refund from my last bill. 2 months and still waiting. Like roach motel, never step into Comcast.

by Eat Shit Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck your shit service

And fuck you for stealing my money for your shit service.

by Anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!

No internet, no support for streaming apps.


Too much. Tonight I decided that I wanted to look for scary movies with "witchcraft" as the theme. I pressed the voice button on my TV remote, clearly said "witchcraft", and got "which craft". I repeated "witchcraft" and got, "I'm sorry, I don't search using language like that." Seriously? Then I tried repeated requests using the word "occult", which got me "account", "apple", etc. Not the first time that Comcast's voice search system - which seems to have a vocabulary of ten words - has accused me of using obscene language. Totally nuts. I then jokingly verbally requested, "disable Comcast account" and got as a result: the Happy Gilmore movie.



by GetPoopStuffed on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you. It took 37 seconds to load this website

Good news everybody, there is a terabyte budget for your monthly wifi! That means if you have a family of 4 you can go over EVERY calendar month, making you pay extra for the already spotty and shitty wifi! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Once you inevitably go over, they throttle the ever living shit out of you! Want to switch services? haHAA got your ass, the only services in your area are AT&T and Comcast, so you will continue to get fucked until the monopoly somehow ends.

by Helmut on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast has terrible service

I chose 1 star because 0 is not an option, they offer the worst possible wifi, service, et cetera.

by Peter on Fuck You Comcast!
Bite me

I live in ocean county NJ. In our town the only cable tv/internet service available is ComfuckinCast. I lived here for thirty years and the comcast wires have never been maintainanced.
I spend more time crawling under the table reseting the box than watching tv. And x1 on demand is is the biggest pos ever conceived.
I'd love to get an appointment with the CEO so i could piss on his desk.......
They SUCK,NO THEY REALLY SUCK ,( do you hear me ComfuckinCast .)
Come on, these rich (J) executives dont give a crap how many times we complain ,
Because we cant go else where.
I fought for this country, maybe its time we indentify the real enemy.......

by Customer on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is literal horseshit

Internet is incredibly slow and inconsistent. Fucking pure garbage

by Robert h on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast sucks donkey balls

I am cancelling everything i have with comcast. Waited twice for an appontment never showed. Their response. "Oh well". Well now its my turn "oh well fuck you". Lose 2 accounts at $220 every month. "Oh well. Fuck you"

by Some Guy on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast rips people off

by Steve on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst Service in History

Comcast is by far the worst Internet, Television and Phone service. Carrier pigeons are a more effective means of communication than Comcast. Comcast is very reliable: you can count on Comcast to go down and stay down each day. The second point is that you can be assured that Comcast customer service will be unhelpful, incompetent, rude and hostile every time you communicate with them.

by I Fucking Hate Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Is Complete Garbage

I've never been as mad as now at a major distributor before as to write a review on a website like 'Fuck Comcast', but I genuinely hope that the company falls short and ends up destroying itself with it's greediness and completely shit customer service, with no care towards what they put out. I don't think I've ever seen one day where my internet hasn't been over 800 ping, and crashed at LEAST 4 to 5 times. Trash service, trash support, trash everything! FUCK COMCAST.

by George Goobertsen on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast? More like COMASS

When I paid 230 per month for comcast. Okay I have to be honest, I still fucking pay that amount per day because im tied to their sorry contract asses.


I love comcast

Comcast is the best of all time.

Legal Lobbying to Prevent the Freedom of Information

Comcast has spent billions lobbying in an attempt to restrict the freedom of information on the internet. FUCK COMCAST


you lucky u have a choice, I don't, it's either comcast or DSL thru verision, however I agree with you "FUCK COMCAST"

who Knows

I mistakenly started a chat with comcast, I had a simple issue, I purchase National Geographic’s directly thru them, but when I try to access it by way of laptop or Roku Box I am directed to comcast login, because I only have basic I can't view it. So I started a chat to resolve the issue, and all I received was the second line of their training manual:
"Confuse the customer, convince them the issue is not their fault, but could be resolved by upgrading their service.”
My daughter worked for comcast for 15 years, and part of their training manual states exactly what I posted in far less incriminating phrasing. These people are the new legal gangster’s with government support.
And by the way reading a book is not such a bad idea.

by Burn In Hell on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck Off And Die

May Comcast die in a fiery car accident. Charbroiled. Fucking cunts.

by fuck comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck comcast

fuck comcast beyond belief

by Sucker on Fuck You Comcast!
I'm a sucker for believing it

Why have 5 stars to rate with Comcast can suck it never ever have I had so many problems rain = no Comcast, sun = no Comcast, butterfly farts = no Comcast... what am I supposed to do read a book?!? No get on my VERIZION PHONE AND GET VERIZON... obviously Comcast just doesn't care!!! I have never had a full weeks service!!! Almost every morning I have to reset at least one box... I'm tired... Comcast bite my hairy ball sac


Look this review and subtract 4 stars. Yup that bad. Comcast has decided that unless you are willing to pay $70 a month you are not worth their time. When you cancel they continue sending bills.

by Bradley on Fuck You Comcast!
Data Cap

Not once was a data cap discussed nor was it in any of the info i could find online or in my paperwork nonetheless i got a popup warning me i was nearing my limit and when i talked to customer "support" the prick asked if i knew how to read.

by Somebody on Fuck You Comcast!
Poor connection quality

Ever since switching to Comcast my family has has nonstop issues with the connection cutting out. We're switching back to Verizon Fios today!


by Conor Bliss on Fuck You Comcast!
This is hellish.

Comcast has a monopoly on baltimore, leading to it being the only option here. We are stuck with a service that cuts out every twenty minutes and takes five minutes to restart, and when it is on it's tremendously slow ninety percent of the time. We pay hundreds of dollars per year for a service that gives us nowhere near what we pay for. And once again, we have no choice but to feed them money for scraps of internet. And what's lovely is they turn your routers into public hotspots. Ever notice that "xfinitywifi" thing? That's your router. A second network. Free for the public. It brings your power bill up and often causes issues if the internet goes out and your devices try to connect to it. It forces us to let other people take our internet and power. It's bullshit, but the story isn't bullshit, because a quick google search reveals that this is absolutely true, and not some stupid conspiracy. So comcast forces us to use it, doesn't give us anything near what we pay for, and then forces us to let other people take our internet and power. Fuck this shit.


Comcast is a monopoly created by rich bitches with connections to the US government. They provide poor service, overcharge for it and have monopolistic protection from the US government. Welcome to Russia.....Comcast sucks and I hope Google comes soon.

Cutting your connection on purpose

They are cutting your connection on purpose. Do a continuous traceroute on the comcast gateway you are connected to. They do this to all residential customers because when their network is overloaded, they have to drop packets and guess
who's on the low end of the totem pole. After all, they have to prioritize the connections for bussiness (who pay much more) and for netflix (who also pay them more).

by Cindy Olsen on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast suckd

Have you ever needed to talk to a person at Comcast?? Your out of luck unless you speak Indian. Then when you try again, you may get someone who speaks understandable English, but they're as dum as a pile of rocks. Good luck getting a supervisor!!!!

by Anonymous Moe on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast has advertised a speed of 25mbps, yet we're receiving .6mbps without any reports of technical issues.

Worst ISP in the business

To sum it up.
Lag spikes
Internet chooses when it feels like being on or off (mostly off or lagging)
Internet is pretty much unusable for most of the day.

BIG fuck you to Comcast, going to FiOS.

by Fuck em on Fuck You Comcast!
Suck a dick

wish i could get zero stars...
the get what you pay for thing is bullshit, and they dont solve problems, ive had 4 different techs out in the last 2 month, still doesnt work...
ive replaced all my equipment 4 tmes, still doesnt work...
only reason for staying is, the only other in town is century link, who charges double or triple...depending

by TWake on Fuck You Comcast!
Wi-fi neva wrks

Wi-fi down again, cable boxes stuck again, unplugged boxes agin and waiting for Xfinity to load again. WTF!!! $200 a month for spotty service and it's just getting worse

by F.Y.Choumkast on Fuck You Comcast!


by ddubocq on Fuck You Comcast!
comcast means bend over and prepare to get reamed

i've been fucked every way possible by cumcast -and just when you think it's safe to get on the internet or use your phone or dvr -look out -hear cums comcast with their dick out ready to fuck you again-- mean lean fucking machines--no grease no lube -just straight for your butt--squeal says the tech- squeal like the pig you are. well , ya know what cumcast-FUCK YOU AND YOUR LOUSY FUCKING SERVICE

by bearded clam on Fuck You Comcast!
a stench worse than fresh manure= Comast

Day after Day - Night after Night it's either I get kicked off my WiFi or it's a 0.45 download speed or a loss of phone service. New equipment that doesn't work . Hours on the phone for just to have the same crap to happen the next day. 0.35 upload speed and visits by techs that solve nothing. DVR service that is messed up on a regular basis- loss of recorded shows and voice command that does not function- IT'S ONE FUCKING THING OR ANOTHER -DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY- Comcast Service SUCKS-I am so sick from the stench of it I'm gonna PUKE

I worked for them now a victim

I worked for Comcast and saw how corrupt they were. For example- we put a "tax" on customers bills and were told never to bring it up to the customer unless they asked.. When they asked we were suppose to lie and say all companies were doing it. Secondly, we were suppose to let customers know that we were a for profit business and this wasn't food or water so if you couldn't pay your bill.. Oh well. Next- our job was to sell you a phone that you'd never use with your package that way in a year your bill would go up insanely for that phone you never use- always always keep receipts for returned equipment.. Comcast will come back 8 years later saying you didn't return it.. We will then do equipment research which leads to you being sent to collections. Comcast is the devil

by Fuck u on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck u

U suck just like ur Internet, every day, The Internet Go off a few times, two or One hours per a time, and it coSt almost a hundred dollar, ur Internet is almost as slow as my grandma, so Fuck u, its like nothing, i give u a One star because i Have To, or else u R getting a zero

by what the fuck comcast` on Fuck You Comcast!
Wifi is so freakin slow and my dad wont even let us chage fucking wifi

At&T is much better seriously I waited for 10 minutes till internet to load What the fuck?!

by A Tarhan on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast SUCKS

Terrrible service.... internet goes back and forth every hour. I hate comcast and will get rid of their sorry asses soon

by Comcast's Bitch on Fuck You Comcast!

I don't have any more energy or time to post everything. Comcast's fang s have sucked all of it out. It's a waste of our time Comcast is so huge do you really think they give a shit if we bitch. But here it goes your company is full of a bunch of bottom line blow monkeys who clearly don't give the level of service for what you charge. And no I also DO NOT have another option for service in my area. It is so fucked up that it always comes down to money. Companies charging whatever they feel is fair bullshit and the customer getting stuck choking on it. Oh BTW I posted this on my LTE wireless because my home network provided by you bozo's wouldn't last the few minutes needed. Thanks for the finger up my ass. Too funny upon hitting submit a rating is required so i give one bag of rotting road kill.

what a bunch of garbage

at home we do not use cable internet and comcast does not even service our town, we have other options...BUT.... stayed elsewhere and now i see how shit xfinity internet service is. Seriously, screw that company. i would NEVER pay monthly for such trash.

I dont even have comcast.

But these fucking assholes keep parking in the streets when they are hooking up / disconnecting lines. for fucks sakes assholes. pull to the curb or park in a driveway.

by Seriously disillusioned on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst service ever

If I could give less than one star, I would. I am moving and apparently moving out of their "footprint" and cannot complete my contract because they cannot provide service to that area so I'm being charged a disconnection fee. How ridiculous!! If you can't provide service then cancel the contract. When I was signing up for Comcast when I first moved here, I was told if this exact situation happened, the contract would be canceled because they can't provide service and fulfill their end of the contract. Total lie. Just got off the phone with Gary Palmer (supervisor) and was told that since they would not be able to provide service to my new residence, that I would be charged a disconnection fee. How are they allowed to get away this?! Charging customers because they cannot provide service. Time to look into other options!!

by M Robinson on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is straight GARBAGE!!!!


by FUCK YOU on Fuck You Comcast!


by Done with comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
0 stars not 1

I pay 85 a month for supposedly the best internet service and this month they added a random fee of $20 that has never showed up on my bills. I waste two hours a month minimum on the phone because of constant outages and I work from home. All they can say is ma'am I understand and they give you $0 credit or $2 credits which is insulting. Why pay for a service when they give you shit. Their customer service has the same lines scripted for them because they aren't even in the states and it pisses me off I hear the same thing from every person that answers and still get no resolve. I have d written letters to corporate and still nothing. I'm not sure how such a big company that charges so much is so horrible at providing you what you pay for. Anyone recommend U-verse or any other service in Sourh Florida.

by David on Fuck You Comcast!
More like CumCocks


by FUCK YOU COMCAST on Fuck You Comcast!


by ZingerNutz on Fuck You Comcast!
Is what it is.

Like the old telephone monopoly, AT&T, Comcast is dying a slow and ugly death as we know it. I think the agents for internet are far better than they used to be. But the technology is abysmal. The updated TV on Demand looks flashy but is sluggish, considering Netflix's smooth menus for much less money. Talk-to remote? What a waste of time to develop that! The new email app is very, very bad. Slow as molasses in February. Sadly, Comcast employs a lot of people but does not invest heavily enough on the tech side.

by DCMorrison on Fuck You Comcast!
Internet down yet again.

Like everyone else on here I loath Comcast. Internet drops frequently. If I'm lucky it's an "outage in your area." If I am not the customer service drone will give me a service window for a problem that turns out to have been their outage all along.


Worst fucking company. I'm in a area where they are the only provider. In thinking about moving

by Scammed on Fuck You Comcast!
Shittiest Service

Seriously cannot keep a connection for more than five minutes without it going back down. This has been going on for years, and they keep you locked in with this contract bullshit. These scum need to burn to the ground.

by M Shoots on Fuck You Comcast!
price gouging

Every once in a while when I feel like being depressed I call up Comcast to find out new and interesting ways for them to screw me over. Today I called them to ask why it costs me $120 a month for 75MB internet service. Apparently I could save a whole $5 if I canceled the cable TV I have never used and only got in a package because it was cheaper. Alternatively I could downgrade my package to 25MB and only pay $110 a month, oh what a savings. In the end I took a $10 a month loyalty discount, because I was just too fed up with their price gouging practices to care anymore.

by C Koch on Fuck You Comcast!
Overcharge and underperform

Can't I just give them a 0? We wanted to ditch them last year when their monthly charge for the most basic internet reached $80, but they talked us into a "bundle" that includes internet and digital channels (believe it or not we did not have that before). Cost was supposed to be about $100/month.

All was okay for a while, even though the TV package did not include some key channels (like TBS and TNT). Well last few months, the price has been increasing by about $50 a month, every month. Two weeks ago, we had an outage. Along with having no way to report it, since then, the digital signal has SUCKED and the show directory is unreadable.

Straw that broke the camel's back came today when we got a friendly letter telling us they were going to increase our bill EVEN MORE!!

Get what we pay for? I think not! $140/month for an abysmal channel selection and crummy digital picture is not a good value.

by angry customer on Fuck You Comcast!
sucks shit

Internet cuts in and out constantly. Within the span of 5 minutes, I'll have internet and then it'll drop. Repeat every 5 minutes. Some websites load, others don't. The websites that aren't loading probably aren't paying comcast enough to prioritize their site

Wasted Time

I can't count the hours wasted on the phone and waiting for that didn't show within the "guaranteed" window of time. Same bullshit phone process every time, no institutional memory. Terrible company and I'll just do Netflix.

by Trash!!!!!!! on Fuck You Comcast!
Shit heads

Wifi is the most garbage thing on earth...I get internet services like two hours total in a day...goes of for like 30 mins, works for another 5seconds, goes off again for another 30-45 mins repeatedly for the whole week and months keep changing modems but nope 👎🏿...their intery really sucks

by Moonbeam on Fuck You Comcast!
Imoral Business

Overt overcharging and opening lying. I cancelled my service immediately and told them to eat my greasy ass!

by What??? on Fuck You Comcast!
Stop complaining

Never had an issue. You get what you pay for. Quit your bitching.

by Kenny on Fuck You Comcast!
Oh boy

They are great and never had a problem they couldn't solve!

Home Security?

My home security system has a faulty sensor. Per the rep I just chatted with, there is no way to shut off the annoying alert that goes off every few hours until a technician can come out and fix it. Had the following conversation:

At this time, only the chimes can be silenced and we hope to implement this to "alerts" in the future
So are you telling me once an alarm is installed it can never, ever be shut off or cancelled?
Jennifer, that's system automated, and even if the service is suspended, that does that shut off the altert sound from the touchscreen
So people who get this and stop paying for it just get it for free since it cant be shut off? That is fantastic news, that is what I would like to do please.

She ended the chat with me!!! Great customer service! Now I have an alarm that goes off for no reason and can never be shut off!!!

by Blank on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast is worse then the mobsters

Seems like the longer you use Comcast, the more they fuck you. If you are a new customer, they treat you like gold. Kind of like a crack dealer giving out free crack to get you hooked, then you have to pay the highest prices they have. Great way to treat a customer t hat has been with them for 10 years. They are fucking horrible and they know it. They don't pay their workers shit either. Which is bullshit since they make billions! I guess that is the American/Corporate way now. They are just the WalMart of the internet/TV world. Sad company. Hope they go bankrupt!

A company so fucking shitty, and they know it, that they wont publish their direct contact information.

by Mark Alpern on Fuck You Comcast!
Does Comcast suck?

YES! Thgose fucking dickheads... I tried to install Spybot on my Windows 7 PC earlier and it failed to install, so... I got rid of it. Immediately after my IE11 wouldn't connect to the internet. I could send and receive e-mail so I knew I was connected, but IE refused to work. I kept getting a message about "unable to connect to the proxy server" and "your something or other refused to accept your connection". So I didn't know what was up and called Comcast because they are my ISP. Needless to say every second I was speaking with the mental midget at Crapcast I got more frustrated. The guy in teck support had zero clue how to help me. He sounded like a modern version of "Spicole" from Fast Times at Ridgemont High... what a loser. They made a service call for TOMORROW... how does that help me today. So, I went on you-tube and found the fix to "The Proxy Server Isn't Responsing" it's easy if you have the problem... just do a search and the amswer comes right up. Took me 3 minutes to fix it. Fuck Comcast and their dumb tech support fuks!

by Ed Brach on Fuck You Comcast!
Worst Company Ever

One star is too much. Everything about this company is terrible. We get internet for maybe two hours per day. They claim the problem is the modem. Replaced modem, no change. They claim it's still the modem. Replaced modem again, still no internet. Three different modems, obviously the problem is the line coming in to the house, but they won't change it. Took one of the modems to a friend's house. Works great at his house. They say they can only offer us a FOURTH modem, and even they admit that will probably not fix anything.
Long story short, switched to fiber-optics, no more problems.
Fuck Comcast.

by FUcomcast on Fuck You Comcast!

It's such a joy that the employees just blatantly lie about prices and packaging and then all of a sudden - BAM! You're expected to pay damn near double than what was told would be charged. Oh, yea, and then they lock some in a contract based on the FALSE information received. Thanks so much you assholes!

by V Neilson on Fuck You Comcast!

The only thing worse than their predatory rates is the rage-inducing ineptitude of their automated system, much less--heaven forbid--their 'representatives' in any country, it seems, except the USA. I object to the misguided critique of capitalism. This is not capitalism, this is a perverse socialism-induced, hegemonistic monopoly, and it is the reason that Comcast is more reviled than than the monster that is Monsanto Company (a feat hard to accomplish). Please file a report about Monstercast to, if you are in the continental United States, and do your part to reclaim freedom.

by Parker on Fuck You Comcast!
The Embodiment of Capitalism

I hate all corporations, but holy fuck Comcast is so much fucking worse than the rest. Suck a fat dick you bourgeois fucks.

by Comcast discriminates on Fuck You Comcast!
If you are married or have kids comcast is the wrong company for you!!!!

Not a family oriented company, nor do they respect others religious beliefs.. don't get me started on how they don't support marriages but yet they will jump to Family responsibilities discrimination, also called caregiver discrimination, is discrimination in the workplace based on an employee's responsibility, real or perceived, to care for family members. Employers may discriminate based on family responsibilities when they deny employment or promotions, harass, pay less, or otherwise take negative employment action against an employee because of the employee's family responsibilities.Family responsibilities can include caring for a spouse, child, or parent, being pregnant, or even the chance of becoming pregnant, caring for a disabled child, or sibling or caring for an aging parent. Family responsibilities discrimination can affect almost any employee. Family responsibilities discrimination may also co-exist with marital status or family status discrimination, when unmarried and married couples are treated differently.

What are some types of discrimination that qualify as family responsibilities discrimination?

- Giving parents work schedules that they cannot meet for childcare reasons while giving nonparents flexible schedules;
- Fabricating work infractions or performance deficiencies to justify dismissal of employees with family responsibilities;
- Penalizing workers who have legally taken time off to care for aging parents; or
- Promoting single men over engaged or married women for fear that they will become pregnant.

The EEOC recently published reports that highlight the ever-growing issue of employment discrimination facing family caregivers Seventy percent of U.S. households with children have all adults participating in the labor force.

- Women make up 46% of the U.S. labor force, and most (81%) of women in the United States have children.
- 25% of families take care of aging relatives.
- 10% of employees are taking care of both children and aging parents.

With these statistics, it is clear that a large number of employees are either currently or potentially affected by employers who discriminate due to an employee's family responsibilities.
Increasingly, men face family responsibilities discrimination in the workplace when they seek to actively care for their children or other family members. FDR against men can take a variety of forms, for example some employers have denied male employee's requests for leave for childcare purposes even while granting female employee's requests.
Patricia, a recent business school graduate, was interviewed for a position during one of Comcast Open house. The interview, J (we will call her J) the manager of the department with the vacancy being filled, noticed Patricia's wedding ring and asked, "How many kids do you have?" Patricia told J that she had no children yet but that she planned to once she and her husband had gotten their careers underway. J explained that the duties of a marketing assistant are very demanding, and rather than discuss Patricia's qualifications, She asked how she would balance work and childcare responsibilities when the need arose. Patricia explained that she would share childcare responsibilities with her husband, but J responded that men are not reliable caregivers. J later told his secretary that she was concerned about hiring a young married woman - she thought she might have kids, and she didn't believe that being a mother was compatible with a fast-paced business environment. A week after the interview, Patricia was notified that she was not hired

- applicant that she had chosen an unmarried, childless male candidate because he would be more "available" and dedicated, and she did not think patricia could handle both her family responsibilities and the demands.
The divorce rate is shockingly high in the comcast company, wonder way they do not support or give Health insurance for marriage counceling only for individual hardship. This company prides on money and the kind of people who pride of money.

by MoonRiver on Fuck You Comcast!
asshole comcast ISP

They really are a bunch of little shits that I want to kill, FUCK THIS SLOW PIECE OF SHIT INTERNET!!!! GOD DAMN IT!!!

by Kwon Jae-hyun on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast is the only option in my area, I have no other choice.
they charged me $120 / month

Data Caps

Data caps are monopolistic practices meant to make people's lives miserable! NOBODY but Comcast benefits at all from a internet that you can't freely use. I'll be glad to watch them burn to the ground in bankruptcy. The moment another company is able to come in their customers will be gone.

by Alex Pierce on Fuck You Comcast!
xfinity tv sucks

I'm a software developer. I've written code to stream video over the web. Xfinity appears to be falling into the same trap most self hosted online video streaming companies do, where they spend a lot of money on look and feel, under-fund infrastructure upgrades and deliver a slow, feature poor product. The first months after the ACA release come to my mind. Is marketing running your design, because it sure looks like engineers are not. Hey Comcast, update your infrastructure, and invest more in development because your current product sucks!

by Connor on Fuck You Comcast!



Three months ago I closed my Comcast account and paid off all we owed, which was almost $400 for a month of crappy Comcast. The next month they charged me $248. We called Comcast, they admitted their mistake, but didn't fix the charge. I contacted Comcast a month later, but they refused to fix it because they could not find our account. If corporations really were people, I could call the cops. I was robbed.

by Chris on Fuck You Comcast!
Rate Changes

I have finally had it with Comcast. It is really nice to have other options for TV and Internet services. I have spent years having to fight the "promotion" war. I sign a commitment for two years, clearly asking if my rate will fluctuate. They say no. But what they fail to tell you is, this "no" does not apply to "taxes and ""fees"". When I started the promotion, my bill was $136 within a year I am up to over $150. It amazes me as to how this company can getting away with "baiting" customers into signing contracts. And then they can turn around and increase rates, while continuing to have you screwed by a contract. I will never consider using Comcast again. They are are the worst company to do business with. When asking what my rate would be without the contract, they responded with $159.00 for basic cable, basic Internet (at best) and home phone service I don't even use. But if you don't get the phone service, your bill would be even higher.

by BRUCE on Fuck You Comcast!




Xfinity Live TV has NOT worked for the past 1/2 hour.... just when I wanted to watch something special. BULLSHIT>>>>>>>>> and the assholes keep raising the fees for this crap????? WTF...I would drop this crap faster than a speeding train if I had a choice.

by Jason on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast is soooooo fucked up. Living in an apartment that partners with Comcast. So at first my roommate and I were trying to talk to the management office, they just sat there and said well, we cannot speak on behalf of Comcast, so fine we would call Comcast. There were a modem and a router in the apartment that were left by previous residents, but they just got them off so we needed to install the internet connection again. So far not too bad.
So then we tried to set it up by ourselves and we failed, not a surprise. Then I called Comcast and waited about 10 minutes, finally a representative picked up. She said she needed serial number and another whatever number, and I read the numbers on the modem and router for her, then she said ok we will call back in half an hour. So we waited for a day and there were no calls. Then we again called Comcast, another person picked up and said the same thing, so we did the same thing again. After 20 minutes, they actually called us and said they could not find the numbers. WTF! These two things belong to your company. And then the person just hung up the phone immediately. So we again called another representative and she said she found the number and let us wait on the phone. After 20 more minutes, the connection was hung up again. Never call back. Never care about customers. And after my roommate bought a new set of devices and then called Comcast, they set up the account within 5 minutes. So, they just want you to buy a new one and so they can make a profit. They intend to say they cannot find the number because they want to push you to buy a new one. They hung up the call because they just don't want to waster their time.

by Ed Holdgate on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast E-mail is the WORST, most UNRELIABLE paid service I have seen in 20+ years. No sense complaining here -- they have a monopoly in my town and so they do not care. Hundreds of people have already complained on their very own "customer service" blog, and nothing ever improves. I think they brag about having e-mail included to get new naive customers, but decided long ago they do not want us to use their service because it generates too many support questions / calls so it's a fiscal drain on them. In short, they are ripping us off.

by Been without internet before on Fuck You Comcast!
For like a year

Bought Comcast because there's no other option, and I need internet access for school, which I also pay for. Bought our own router and run "5GH." Still too unreliable to complete assignments on time. Which is the real point. The school has free wifi that is always reliable. I bet they run some super expensive version of Comcast, but since they pay for it with my tuition, I feel I shouldn't have to pay twice. I've been without home internet before for over a year, and I had a lot more time for things I enjoy more than raging at Comcast. There's so much free wifi available, I'm going to talk with my boyfriend about what else we could spend our $1000 a year on.

by Broke Ass Bitch on Fuck You Comcast!
How is it even legal?!

How is it even legal for Comcast to be the ONLY internet service provider in my area and choose to charge me whatever the fuck it wants?!

I already cancelled my tv service because, fuck you, i have netflix and hulu. Now i threatened to cancel my $95 internet service and THEY ACTUALLY CANCELLED IT!

Can't a girl make a threat without actually following through. WTF. All i wanted was a fucking discount. I want decent internet at a decent price, no Comcast bullshit.

I am so upset.

by Jean DArc on Fuck You Comcast!

Worst company on the face of the planet. That's saying something w/the likes of Verizon, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Elizabethtown Gas, and the countless other necessary evils out there. I hope to live to see the day when these jerk o**'s cease to exist.

Fuck you

I can't wait for another company to come into this shitty town so I can cancel.


by Jayro on Fuck You Comcast!
I pay for good service...

...and I get it delivered. Most people have issues with Comcast/Xfinity because of the "Gateway" router/modem combo they give you. It seems fine at first, but then issues keep cropping up left and right. I finally bought my own modem AND router, and never have issues. My router is a dual-band Wireless AC with Gigabit Ethernet ports. My modem is a white Motorola surfboard that was around $79 at Walmart. Using my own modem shaves off $10 in hardware rental fees each month, and has paid for itself time and time again. I p[ay these fuckers $90/mo for 230Mb down and 15Mb up. My only gripe is the shitty upload speeds as I am a content creator and have to upload several GB every 6 months.

by Comcast doesnt care on Fuck You Comcast!
Screw loyal customers

Comcast charges loyal paying customers $200 a month new jump around customers not loyal pay $89.00. I would love every comcrap customer call up and cancel there service all on the same day.

by crewcut229 on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast NBC Liberal BUllshit

I dumped Comcast bitch ass and got Netdlix and Hulu. I dont want to watch the fuckin QVC channel! I dont need Trinity broadcasting and fucking HGTV! What the Fuck is wrong with these companies in 2017? If you dont give us what we want you will go extinct! look at Kmart, Sears, Macy's and all the other lame ass fucks who have fucked us for years! We should be able to pick the channels we fuckin want! And all of these bullshit fuckin 10 dollar charges here and there?? Fuck you Comcast!! The Comcast CEO sucks fuckin dicks!

Horrible New Sales Service

Comcast/Xfinity's ability to change services from a current carrier to theirs is cumbersome, and I've had not so helpful, nor friendly reps attend to my inquiries. The mailer averts are totally misleading and false. I had to provide a rating - but it would be zero or below,

by Anonymous on Fuck You Comcast!
Your shit sucks

Your shit sucks then my Shit works perfect all the time and I pay 1/3 of what you pay and I have more stuff

Buh Bye

Upsold me on so called no-cost first year xfunity home security package. Said there would be no change in my rates for the first year and the equipment is free. LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES. So i am having them remove the equipment that they drilled into my new construction!!! Bottom line, i am dumping them and moving to streaming technology. I've been researching all morning how to cut my ties with these crooks. They are crooks. Fuck you Comcast. OBTW , that's MY ass in YOUR face! Lol.

by Jeff Bolton on Fuck You Comcast!
Xfinety/Comcast/Viacom blows ass

Their ratings should be less than 1 star!!!!!!! They are the worst of the worst and less than SHIT!!!! I'm fine with Capitalism, making money and success is great!!!! Bottom line, make and offer a great product first, unless you're total Deutsche bag ie; Comcast,etc... Horrible service, bad prices and worst of all, skilled liars throughout the company! once you finally get a representative, after all the transfers from reps, to reps, to a so called supervisor, where as we all know, they then tell us the endless lies. I wrote down every promise they made, every tiny possible bit of information down, even from each rep's ID#, the time,date and the way the air smelled, to make good for their constant errors I, got them to agree to a real and fair $$$dollar amount, and most of all that they'd follow through and i'd never have to call back about this issue again. They promised they had it done, totally done and it's taken care of. But of course it was not, sound familiar? after calling over and over again, no matter how meticulous your records are, they still find a way to screw you over again and again and again until you give up! The nickel and diming never ends and that is just their game! Join me in a Class Action lawsuit against these lying bastards! Hell, lets fix the unwanted and undesired reboots when we repeatedly set the most desirable time! Fuck these lying sacks of shit! Make them pay and pay back what we were promised! This is the only language that they understand! The only way they will learn!Sue them into honesty!!!!!

by Ano Nomous on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck comcast

I could go into more details, but what's the point?


Would give zero stars if I could

Fucking criminals. Never ever ever ever do business with this company. They will fuck you coming and going.

by Larry on Fuck You Comcast!
I ain't paying.

Tomorrow I'm going to my credit union and canceling all future payments to Comcast. They'll find out eventually and cancel my service. Or maybe not. Maybe they'll keep racking up charges. I don't care. Send me to collections? So what. Fuck em. They fuck me out of internet service 2, 3 times a week. They raise my rate. More than double it in a year without telling me. Fuck em. They're criminal, unconscionable. They know what they're doing. They're making money. Just not enough. Never enough. Lying? So what. Manipulating? So what. Some of their asshole employees get on here and say what a great company they are. Ignorant fucks. I know, I know. Need the money. It's a good paying job. Ignorant fucks.
Welcome to the corporatocracy. (The machine.). Fuck you Comcast.

WIFI is garbage.

WTF Comcast, how come your trash WiFi on your shit modems stop working for no fucking reason?I Iam sick in tired of this shit I literally have to fight this shit to get it to connect that's bullshit I pay for this shit service and can't get a consistent you suck and your company is trash. fuck Comcast as a staff, Internet service provider, and as a motherfucking crew and if just working there fuck you too.

by Greg Hutchisin on Fuck You Comcast!
They lie to sign you uo

Went for a 2 year contract on the promise with sports package I would get all FS2 fights. I asked specifically about getting all non pay per view UFC bouts and was told I absolutely would. After signing the 2 year FS2 was dropped and I don't get to see many fights at all. A total misrepresentation and complete ripoff. As soon as my contact is done, I am done with Comcast!

by Dominic de Fiesta on Fuck You Comcast!
A day in life using comcast

Alright, ill have my one minute of internet before it stops working, oh look, it stopped early

time to switch to xfinitywifi, for one minute

oh look, it stopped working, time to switch to my wifi

Alright, ill have my one minute of internet before it stops working, oh look, it stopped early

time to switch to xfinitywifi, for one minute

oh look, it stopped working, time to switch to my wifi

Alright, ill have my one minute of internet before it stops working, oh look, it stopped early

time to switch to xfinitywifi, for one minute

oh look, it stopped working, time to switch to my wifi

-infinite loop-

Don't sign up

This company not only overcharges and has extra hidden fees but then they throw your ass into collections even when you're trying to make payments it's ridiculous how much money it cost me for two months of the worst service ever over $300 buyer beware beware of Comcast don't do it don't do it

by cliff on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast worst ,over priced cable, xfinity is even worse.extremly slow to get on line.if able to get online at all.




by Dave H on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast Email

Their email-since the format change last year-is frustrating at best. Time to make a change!

by zack wallin on Fuck You Comcast!
fucking sucks ass

your shit fucking sucks ass. the wifi doesn't ever load and even when i am home alone the wifi is still slow as shit. i play the ps4 and i can't even finish one little game w/o disconnecting over and over and over again i'm fucking done with ur gay shit.

by Jordan on Fuck You Comcast!
Forced to pay other's account

I let my brother live with me while he was going to court and later he would go to prison. He wanted to upgrade service while he was there. I didn't trust his finances so I refused to upgrade. He talked to Comcast and they said they would forgive hundreds of dollars of his last account to put my account in his name. They told me this wouldn't make me be at risk.

After he went to prison they wouldn't let me cancel his services, I couldn't access them, and set up a new account. Then I kept getting calls stating that they would turn off my internet until I paid his account. They did shut it off without warning.
I had to pay the ransom so that I could continue my masters education. I paid my bill and then the internet went down again. They said that I had to pay it again, and they cannot tell me why because I am not authorized on the account.

A week of Spotty/bad Internet when I needed to shop for a new dishwasher and fridge

I'm really sick of the service and would have to agree with everything everyone else is saying. Last week topped it for me. I was on vacation where my #1 priority was to get my leaky fridge and broken dishwasher fixed. Service company I called to fix them were jerks so I ended up shopping for new appliances on the internet... at least that is what I tried to do. Instead I called Comcast 5x during the last week and reset the modem so many times I can't tell you. Finally it ended with me cutting my Easter short with my Mom to meet Comcast from 3-5 at my home. Guy tells me it's the yellow cable gone bad and puts a new one on. I'm ecstatic after a week of garbage. Then tonight I'm back to same issue. Comcast sucks and still no Fridge or dishwasher. Spotty service with intermittent good or bad service - gee how long do you think I can click on the same thing with nothing happening before I want to throw my computer out the window?

by Pissed off on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck those fucking fuck

Besides overpaying for years,. And bill fluctuating all the time,. I have had several ignorant fucks at Comcast here over the past month to fix my freezing picture,. Been told 4 dif techs scheduled to come out and replace cables,. And every time.... Someone comes and not knowing what is going on... And cables not replaced. I'm over these useless fucks.

by Jimmy on Fuck You Comcast!
It's uncommon when the wifi works

I've heard people talk shit about Comcast for years now; however, I have never had to deal with them, until recently. First got internet service about 4-5 months ago. 3 of the bills have been wrong. They keep randomly changing prices, and when i call about it, they aren't always able to tell me why they charged me a different amount. The wifi doesn't work probably more than it does work. I don't really seem to have any option to switch because while their service is awful and product is less than sub-par, their pricing is better than anywhere else I could get internet from, as long as they don't fuck up my bill again. They definitely seem to have a pretty tight grasp on the market and fuck people over knowing that they can't do anything about it

by James on Fuck You Comcast!


This is the fourth time in a row that I call you to solve a problem with the services I pay you for. This time I got a really nice guy in the Philippines who genuinely wanted to help me. He started troubleshooting my problem, and we finally got to the point where he needed my account number.

I don't keep. My fucking account number. On hand. At all times.

I can tell you my address, my social security number, my phone number, my mother's maiden name, the highschool I went to, my first car, where I lost my virginity, the first time I got a promotion, my dog's name, my first dog's name;

I can tell you every fucking thing about my account, too.
Just not my account number.


by Petrusha on Fuck You Comcast!
North Korean type of service

They are the most pathetic company in the United States.
This is what monopoly does. This is what socialism looks like.
Every one of you, who wakes up in the morning , looks in the mirror and sees a Comcast employee, may God have a mercy on your weak lifeless soul.

by comcast employee on Fuck You Comcast!

best company ever

by KindredSpirit on Fuck You Comcast!
Really Comcast

Guys, there's something illegal happening. Anyone who's in the tech industry and smart, specifically those in cyber security, need to listen up. Before the executive order was signed, Comcast had already been selling our personal information to a third-party conglomerate under their umbrella, but has no actual connection to Comcast. You'll get robot calls saying you stayed at one of their resorts in the past and they want to offer you a free vacation. They've gotten pretty smart and do it several different ways. They are basically trying to get you to say "yes" or ask you a question that prompts you to state "that you agree." It's usually not even a real person, they're just recording your voice to upgrade unwanted services without your permission. It's dirty and shiesty, the FBI is going to have a field day with this if they can even prove it. Hopefully someone who is smart can copy the metadata and blow the whistle on this monopoly who claims "the customer's happiness is their #1 goal"
It gets worse...I was offered a free upgrade to HD and faster internet with many more channels for under $115 a month with no contract. So I get a one time charge for the stuff shipped to my house, (voice activated remote, new box, etc). I was also told I wouldn't have to pay the $10 HD upgrade fee or for the HD box. I only had one TV, Cool no problem. So I get my first bill, and it's $180 fucking dollars. I see I'm being charged for the HD box, the HAD upgrade fee, and another $19 in random fucking taxes. They also signed me up for a two year contract and I called them up and was like, "do you lie to all of your customers?" I told them what I was promised, they remove the HD fee and the HD box, but said they couldn't remove the regional sports fee, and the other broadcast fees, whatever. They told me that I would only be charged $115 before taxes. So a week later I'm watching TV, and they fucking removed my HD service. I was like, "are you fucking kidding" and their support is only normal business hours. No 24/7 support, really!? A company this size who claims your customer's happiness is your number one priority? Anyways, stuck with shitty quality for the Academy Awards, and Monday I called and gave them a piece of my mind, they re instate the HD. I get my bill a month later and I'm up to $165 dollars, are you fucking kidding? All charges are there on the bill, minus the cable box. I call again and told them I was being charged for HD after I was promised it for free. They get a shift manager to remove the charge and said "I shouldn't have any problems. I also explained what happened the time before and they're like "no it won't happen this time" I said "ok" end of conversation. Sure enough a week later my HD service goes out again. After I am riddled with rage and ready to kill someone, I take a deep breath and swallow a few pints to calm my nerves. The next day I call them calmly and I tell them everything that's happened, but this time when the rep picked up, I said, " I need to speak to the top senior manager on shift" and she was like "sir, what's the problem?" I calmly stated that "I'm tired of being fucked, and I need to talk to someone who knows what they're doing. She said that she would fix my problems, I said "alright, let's see what you can do" she got me all fixed up supposedly. I have my HD service, but I currently owe $356.78 and I could just strangle someone. I'll let you know what my bill is next month, and we'll go from there. My patience is gone.

by fuck off on Fuck You Comcast!
Kill yourselves

So i get like 60 mbps? Hmm seems ok i guess, streaming video after a year of loading?! hmm doesn't seem like 60 mpbs now does it. More importantly is the fact that yes Comcast has fast internet, when its actually fucking working. Recently on like 4/2/17 i upgraded my modem to comcasts new model which was mandatory because they cut off connection to my regualr modem which workied like a fucking charm, 41 ms on league of legends, now i cant even load up the fucking client or play steam games without DISCONNECT DISCONNECT. Comcast dont fucking charge fortunes for unreliable and random fucking garbage internet, thank god verizon is unlimited now so i can stream youtube without killing the bank, FUCK COMCAST

by Kevin on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck you comcast

even your employees say you suck!

oh and just for lutz fuck you Citibank Mortage

Comcast is organized crime

I fucking hate Comcast. They are a Geo monopoly that is supported by our government like the Russian companies that are run by Russian oligarchs. The U.s. government protects their monopoly pricing power for a piece of shit service and had made it worse by the recent legislation granting then access to the personal data of their customers for free. I'm actively looking for a replacement and once I find it... I'm gone.

by Sam Edsall on Fuck You Comcast!
My Story - (It's a horror story!)

On February 20, we lost our cable signal and called Comcast support. Now, before you talk to the friendly people at Comcast, you have to talk to the lady robot. She, or it, will try to lead you into a rabbit hole where the only way out is to hang up and start all over. If you are lucky, you will eventually talk to a real person after listening to nauseating bad and loud jazz or blues or something. Maybe it’s the lady robot playing

Tech support asked the usual questions, like if the problem is with one television or all of them. I told them we had two TVs and we had no signal in either of them. They recommended we reset one of the cable boxes. I asked what the point was since both sets had the same problem. They didn’t have an answer for that, but I had to reset a cable box anyway. Waited a half hour for the box to reset. Still broke. Who knew? So, I had to ask…
“When can you have a crew come out and fix the problem?”
“We can have a crew there on March 12th.”
“That’s three weeks away.”
“We’re sorry for the inconvenience…”

I got a call a few days later from a Comcast technical assistance person. They were going to see what they could do on their end to fix my problem. Their answer? Reset the cable box. Again, I explained that we had two TVs with the same lack of signal problem and had reset a box already. No matter. I reset the box again. Waited another half hour. Incredibly that fixed both TVs! Just kidding. Of course, this made no difference. I politely expressed my displeasure at the inexpedient repair of our cable.

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

Called again March 20th to see if we could get a truck sooner. (We have Comcast trucks in our development every day.) We were promised to have someone check our cable on the 23rd. Much to our surprise a truck did show up.

“So, what seems to be the problem?”
“Nobody told you? We don’t have a cable signal.”
“In one TV or all of them?”
“We have two TVs and there is no signal in either of them.”
“Did you try resetting the cable box?” (They really said this.)

They disappeared for about a half hour then reappeared.

“The problem is not inside your home.” (You figured that out yourself?) “You cable has been cut somewhere between the cable hub and your home.”
“Can you fix the problem?”
“We need to bury a new cable.”
“…but we don’t do that.”
“You need to call Comcast and they will schedule someone to come out and run a new cable to your home.”

So, I called Comcast again, explained the situation and reminded them that it had been over two weeks since we had cable service.
“We’re sorry for the inconvenience. I totally understand your frustration.”
“So, when can you come?”
“April 2.”

April 2 came and went. No truck, no cable, no surprise.

I had the idea to call our HOA, explain our problem, and see what they could do. Well, they can’t do anything, but they did say that when the cable is cut, Comcast runs a temporary cable until they can bury another.

Called Comcast again and scheduled to have someone come out and run a temporary cable. (They were sorry for the inconvenience, by the way.) I was given a date and time frame when they were coming and received no fewer than three phone calls verifying that I still had the problem and that I was home. The truck did arrive.

“What’s wrong with your cable?”
“No one told you? Our cable is line is cut, so we need to run a temporary line
between a cable hub and our home.”

In thirty minutes, we had cable service restored with an orange cable running along the ground and across our driveway. Not the prettiest lawn decoration, but hey, the cable was back.

Two days later we had another truck stop by unannounced. The two guys, one who spoke Spanish and the other who spoke Spanglish, asked what the cable problem was. I told them that the cable had been temporarily restored, as they could see by the lovely orange cable running across our drive. I asked them if they were here to bury the cable.
“We don’t do that.”

I asked them if they could call their boss and set up an appointment to have the cable buried. They told me that someone was coming tomorrow.

That day came and went.

It’s now April 12 and I have called Comcast four more times, been given three dates when the crew will bury the cable, and have yet to see anyone. Looking at my ‘Recent Activity’ Xfinity page online, I have called Comcast 19 times.

I have been promised that a crew is coming tomorrow. They totally understand my frustration and… you guessed it.
“We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

by Anthony on Fuck You Comcast!

We are web company.
WE need internet. Our phones are all VOIP.

Every other day - I have internet issues !!
Dropped calls!

Even when nobody else is here, it's slow.
They tried selling me on bandwidth?
Then they upgraded me without telling me!

Then they gave me "free tech support" coupons, and billed me $100 extra each time!

I cannot stand the issues with comcast =/

by COMpletelypissed on Fuck You Comcast!

What a fucking scam. A company that generates so much righteous anger and yet still profits so much. They've discovered a bullet-proof biz model I guess... Like the irs, franchise tax board and dmv... Xfinity is such a fucking joke it's unbelievable that they get us to pay anything for it, let alone the exorbitant amounts they charge for a product that rates 3rd world for functionality and service that doesn't even rate that. Un-fucking-believable how much suck one company can have and give no fucks at all about the clientele and still continue to thrive. Symbolic of what's gone wrong in our world. Xfinity if a fucking joke of a product. I can't believe a product so not even ready for beta is already being force fed to your customers. Truly..... FUCK YOU COMCAST!

by Xfinity HQ should be nuked on Fuck You Comcast!

I play some online games, namely Overwatch, and always on the lowest settings offered. Recently my ping has averaged at around 300 and regularly jumped to the 1000s. For those who don't know what this means, basically the game looks like a slideshow and plays like Koga's gym with random warping. What am I even paying for?

by Yesse on Fuck You Comcast!
Suck My Ass

I'm seeing people paying $100, $120, $150. Lol I pay $170/mo. for the best cable and internet possible. NEVER once has it worked. Comcast and their employees can eat my ass hole. They're liars and thieves. I hope this company collapses within itself like a dying star and implodes taking everyone associated with them along with it. Fuck Comcast as a record label, staff, and as a mother fucking crew, and if you want to be down with Comcast fuck you too.



by Mommy & Daddy on Fuck You Comcast!

This cable company has no words. IT SUCKS DICK

by Fuck You Xfinity on Fuck You Comcast!
Lick My Nuts

Eat my god damn balls. I pay 130 a month for internet that barely works and if Uoi don't call them up every fucking month to ask them what's up, they'll keep fucking you dee. I've bought new equipment I've upgraded my plan and they still fuck me. They're robbing you because they can.

by Andre on Fuck You Comcast!

Paying for >5mbs, haven't seen a speed test rating >5mbs. Can't stream shit, can't download shit, can only post on sites like this. I miss Cox

by Michael on Fuck You Comcast!
Wake up comcast

I can't think of anything good to say about Comcast. It's a ripoff. The programming has nothing to watch that's that good. I'm trying on demand. Normally I watch Netflix. Comcast on demand mostly costs extra for each movie and finding anything is terrable. No pictures. No description. No choices.
Comcast, how does it feel to be the most hated company on the planet?

Worst of the worst service

When I first moved to Quinton NJ I found comcast was the only internet provider . their starting rste was only $29. a month. The service frequently had problems months later they increased my bill to $39 a month. I replaced their router with one from Walmart and my bill went back to $$29 a month.

By the way I only wanted internet because all major stationd like. ABC. CBS.NBC etc allowed everyone to watch BROADCAST TV SHOWS FREE on the internet which was all I watched. Comcsst and othet provideres bribed or threatened TV Stations who caved inand began demanding payment to watch their shows online. I stopped watching TV all together.

HOWEVER. immediately after I stopped watchingTV onlinei
More outages slower internet and a price increase back to$39 folloed about 2 months later to $49 then $69 esch time reducing speed and service.

They also closed their store that was less than. 1/4 mile frommy home.

I called. and quitteir service IF you can call it that. and told them to pick up their box. They told me to drive 30-35 miles to their nearest store to teturn it. FUCK NO! It's almost 1.5 years now and its still here. They demanded bogus charges against me so i told them and mailed them notice of charges of $20 a day for indoor storage of their equipment. Theyre up to about $900 in debt to me now

I went back to Juno dial up internet and its faster than comcast and far far more reliable. Never had any problems since switching

Commiecast deserves a negative 10 minus star rating. They completely suck dog crapò

by Fuck Comcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Shitty unreliable internet

fucking bullshit ruining online games because half the time it cant fucking work

by Casey on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck comcrap

Eat a dick comcast. And when you're done, get your fucking line out of my driveway and yard. Those poles extend up into the air for a reason.

by Alyssa on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you comcast!

I have literally had this service for 3 months now and it's constantly going out! My husband and I have called 12 times since we got it and they just keep pushing us around. No help and act like it's our fault that the equipment they have is is faulty. Fuck you! As soooon as I can I'm getting the fuck away from this company neverrrrrrr to use them again! Don't use their service it's shit. Oh and I also pay for 250 mbp. Buts it's more like 5

by comcastblows on Fuck You Comcast!
8 Hours Late

After numerous hours-long tech support calls (usually with people who barely speak English) they finally send a human to fix the problem. He was supposed to show up between 8-10am. He showed up at 4pm.

by Dick tip on Fuck You Comcast!
Internet put for hours at a time, 2 days in a row

Just like the title says. Comcast jacks up my prices and gives me a "speedboost" at the very end of every year, forcing me to call and ask them to return it to the normal speed. Then they always say the same two things: "unfortunately that plan only comes with a yearly contract so you would have to sign up for another year" and "unfortunately we will have to charge you for the days you used the boosted internet". Eat a dick, you bunch of clits.

by Christiana on Fuck You Comcast!
I hate comcast

Hey guy my name is Christiana I was once a victim of Comcast before I got a call from this young lady dee that works with direct tv. Since I left Comcast and started using direct tv my bill has been very low and affordable. Now I pay 89.99 for my cable internet and phone and my bill has remain the same for 2 years now. You guyz can call her @4048604077. Pls while you do that refer me. You also don't need to pay anything or put down your social. Let's join hands together and kick Comcast out.

Emergency alert drill over Rachel Maddow

So, now Comcast is displaying their political bent by interrupting Rachel Maddow with emergency alert announcements. There is no excuse for this. I wonder how often they interrupt Fox News?

by Heather on Fuck You Comcast!
xfinity ripping off

Let me trll you all something. I singed up with xfinity at a local walmart. Double play with a $200 visa carf free.
Getting main tv and two other tv boxes plus modem. 4 items.
This was on a Friday anf i was told i would be getting the stuff by mail. $15 self installation fee for shipping. I was tilf id be getting it by Monday. Sunday night i setup my account as i got an email to do so. Monday morning i get an email that the iyems shipped and will be to me on Wed. Strike #1
So wed. comes and aroubd 11:46am ups shiws up with a box. I open the box to find the main tv box and one of the other tv boxes. I check the box to see if i should have gotten two boxes and nope 1 of 1. Strike #2
So I call and say excuse me but how can I hook up my own service if I don't have a modem. The guy apologized and said he would send out the modem and my other TV box Next Day Air no fees to me. I switched my job hours with someone so i could be here to sign for the package the next day period because you cannot have it just delivered you have to sign for it.
Thursday comes and around 11:30am ups shows up with a box. I open the box and the modem is the only thing in it. I am still missing anothrr tv box. Strike #3
At this point I refused to connect my service until I have all the equipment period I call Comcast. The guy tells me he sending it next day air no fee to me. So I had to cancel my appointment for Friday so that I could be here for another UPS delivery I had to sign for.
Friday comes ups shows and finally have everything. I cant hook up anytging yet because i need to go to work. So Sat. afternoon i start to hook up. Guess what comcast has no sercice coming into my house so now they have to come out. That cost $60. The soonest is Wed. Fine! so Tuesday i get a message that my bill is $197.76 ummm for what i font even have it setup yet. Plus its way higher. I was told $114. 99.
So i call and im told they will take off 6 days but i wont see it until next bill. Signed up in the 24th bill due the next month on the 17th. when i asked what date i am being billed from she replied the 31st. Now im not a math wiz but thats only 17 days. plus im not hooked up yet hiw am i being charged!
Taking off 6 days wtf. the guy isnt coming until the 5th. So from the 5th until the 17th is onlu 12 days of service. so 30 days take away 12 is 18. So they are changing me 18 days of service i didnt ecen have. Needless to say i am not happu so i call again and i ask for my bill details. I am signed up for triple play. ummm no! so now im being told i wint get my visa if i change my account. WTF.
SO the cable guy is coming tomorrow and he is going to take all tgis stuff. I am done with xfinity! I bet ill be billed for service i never had. Yeah i will be going to court. This is bullshit.

Comcast / Xfinity victom

These guys are thieves! I need high speed could not see paying $150 plus for internet and TV, so I canceled my cable and put up an antenna, works great by the way! Now I have FRee TV. Still needed Internet, so I got the fast 200 for 49.99 for 12 months. Then they jacked it up to $120 almost what I was paying for interent and tV almost 3 times the offer rate. So I called and lowered my speed to 100. Still cost 59.00, if i took a new box that would give me HBO. But assured me there would be no extra charges for it. Of course my bill comes and not it is 72. due to box fees and taxes. We need FREE Internet in this information age.


Shit balls of customer service. They are really rude and suck balls. The internet from comcast should be called the intermittent. It really suck ass. It's funny they tell you to use their own speed test site, which magically has a higher result than every other available speed test site. Just another scam if you pay extra for faster internet. Someone else said they should be sued for false advertising, and I agree. They need to study other companies for best practices cuz they practice suck ass. It really is a shame how a company like this is the only option for some people. Oh and when the modem decides to randomly resync itself, the network drop off, EXCEPT the public xfinitywifi network hosted from the same modem resyncing. Somehow that always stays available. Disgusting dirty scam this company is.

by FUck coMcast on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucksing Retareds

I hate fucking comcast. They are so fucking cancerous it hurts. 3 appointments, 4 modems, and probably 8 hours on the phone later, I'm still pulling 1mbps down. I pay for 85. 1 of 85. That's disgusting. It's almost inhuman. Comcast is quite possibly the biggest disappointment of my life. I have no option but to keep using comcast for now because my daughter is taking tests, but at the end of the week I will never, ever, ever, ever, pay those mongoloidal motherfucking shitstains ever again. I hope they all burn in hell.

by Scott on Fuck You Comcast!

Comcast had the nerve of putting a past due on my credit report. It then drop by 30 points .... I have not had Comcast for over 3 years. Assholes !!!

by Nathan, the fuck you Comcast guy on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck You Comcast, Fuck you buddy

A couple months ago I signed a 2 year contract for internet service through Comcast. They were offering unlimited internet and 150 - 200 mbs download. It was a way better plan than the 1 other competitor.
One month after I signed they changed the agreement and lowered my data plan to 1tb and 25 mbs. I ran out of data at the end of the month and they wanted to charge me extra money. They only had one other plan I could switch to with more data a month and it's $50 more a month. It puts me back to the original plan they had me sign.
I can't get out of the contract without paying a shit ton more money.
So now the plan is way worse than their competitor and I'm stuck for the next year and a half.

Fuck you Comcast. Fuck you buddy!


SO IM AT THIS PLACE CALLED COMCAST RIGHT?! AND I ORDER A SIMPLE FUCKING SALAD AND YA KNOW WHAT THE GUY SAYS TO ME??? "Sir, I'm sorry I don't understand, can you repeat that?" AND I FUCKING GO "Yes, sorry, can I please order the salad." AND HE FUCKING GOES "I'm sorry, sir. This isn't a restaurant, this is a cable company." AND I FUCKING GO "Oh my god, I'm an idiot, I'm sorry I'll leave." AND THEN THIS MOTHERFUCKER HAS THE AUDACITY TO SAY "Oh don't worry about, it's completely fine, but if you ever need cable, call us up.". SO I FUCKING GET MY AMAZING SALAD AT AN OLIVE GARDEN, THEN I FUCKING CALL THEM UP, as I do need a cable subscription, AND THEY SET ME UP WITH ONE OF THEIR BEST DEALS, AND I'VE FUCKING LOVED IT EVER SINCE.


NO STAR!!! I paid $130 for internet and TV and they just increased my bill for April (today is March 31st)...and i tried to talk with someone on chat, they told me to call customer service. After 20 mins, I was told there is nothing she can do. JUST PAY your bill!!!!!!!!how can they charge so much and nobody can do anything???

by sarah on Fuck You Comcast!

Ugh. this new email interface IS THE WORST!!! I get it. Some people don't have access to clean water. to food. to shelter. Keeping it in perspective I think not having good access to internet/email is #4 right behind 'shelter.' The new email interface is UNGODLY slow and kicks me out all. the. time. Trying to run a business and now I have to switch over email address. Stupid effing comcast.

by Anonymoud on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you Xfinity.

Enough said.

by IhateComcast on Fuck You Comcast!
I Hate Comcast

Every few months our whole neighborhood will experience internet outages and massive slow downs. They sell the gullible packages to rewire their homes and constantly change their modems, and yet the problem never goes away. When you call, they only know how to tell you how to turn on your computer and run a speed test, but have no idea what is actually occurring but will try to sell you on repair services that do not address the problem of their oversold grid, poor traffic management, and outside equipment failures. I'm thinking of just going off of the grid and working at the library. That means I cancel Amazon Prime, Netflix, don't use Google, and a slew of other internet services, so why don't they take more of a stand against these practices?

by Devon Hackwell on Fuck You Comcast!
CONcast ripoff

Less than a star if I could. Comcast has consistently increase price annually, abusing terminology like 'promotional' to notch up billing for the same speed and tacking on crap I don't need or want. I find their customer support terrible, bloated with outsourced idiots following a tree chart. Fuck you, Comcast.

by Fuckboy McCree on Fuck You Comcast!
wtf is this limit garbage

Hey look liet's limit the fucking internet. Oh I didn't do anything fucking different this month and somehow we're close. Also I'm 90% sure y'all fucks at comcast track this garbage since privacy just doesn't fucking exist anymore, so fuck you all. I'm gonna go down drink some bleach.

by Derek Stiles on Fuck You Comcast!
I'm Proud to be Taking my Company off of Comcast

Mine's real simple: We've had outages EVERY DAY for a month. When I get their Indian helpdesk, they read from a script like it's their shitty home service. If you have ANY equipment beyond their modem, they have no idea how to troubleshoot, and immediately blame the other equipment.

So, of course we pull the logs over several days, just to get these cocksuckers to even roll a truck and fix their BUSINESS Service.

Our phones are down daily. Our internet. Our email. They cost us countless thousands a day, and act like it's no big deal.

Dear Comcast: It's a fucking big deal. You shouldn't be in the business service arena. You suck at it, and ruin businesses, not help them.

No wonder you spend so much lobbying Congress. I would too if I couldn't get my shit together.


Your former business customer at Noble1

by Techtwan on Fuck You Comcast!
Oooops Comcast, not Cox

Sorry Cox, ment comcast.

by Techtwan on Fuck You Comcast!
Cox Cable Internet Service

After being stuck with the cox monoploy for 7 years I have the following observations 1) slower than advertized internet connection speeds. 2) connection to internet site delays 3) service drops at random times.

by rhammer94 on Fuck You Comcast!

limit data and poor service

highest priced worst service

I wish I could give them a tenth on one star. At every turn they have given me extremely poor service. Their cable price is five times the cost of Sling. New customers get great introductory rates while they screw current customers on all their fees and prices. I'm dropping off the equipment this week and keeping the internet. As soon as google builds where I live I'm dumping comcrap forever if possible--knowing them they'll try to buy Google.

by mercy on Fuck You Comcast!

i just moved to my new house and wanted to get comcast again i was an old customer to comcast and comcast is terrible i called them and told them my children like these two channels because you have to subscribe and they lied to me saying yes and they didn't do it but then when i wanted to put it nick jr for my children it said subscription required my children were so sad and they lie about payments i had to pay them 251 dollars and they moved it to 451 dollars and everything you have to pay for but this month no ii am not paying them a single PENNY i getting roku and putting it on my tv

by dipshit on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck you comcast

just got bill; up another $3...almost $15 in the last year and I don't even subscribe to cable (that's a whole 'nether effing disaster story). Internet service was better for about a month but is now on and off, slow as hell, inconsistent, stops and starts...Have been using Con-cast for over 10 years! What a dipshit. I've looked into switching, but reviews on other providers are just as bad. They must be proud to cover the market on the slimiest business model ever.

by Long time customer on Fuck You Comcast!
The new updated modem

There not fing for this review because i never a new but you comcast decide to change it randomly with the updated service the fucking is trash like i have use a router for insurance. Each time im on the modem the garbage shit drop or its really really slow. All this the same day i got the modem. Keep yall garbage modem like shit man!!!!!

by the worst on Fuck You Comcast!

Services and support are horrific. Never subscribe to Comcast services.

by Suxfinity on Fuck You Comcast!
Comcast fucking sucks

Comcast is the biggest monopoly company when they charge more and more every month than your bill is supposed to be for the shittiest cable that's why I've been with direct tv . Direct tv has way more channels and way more hd and come to find out all of Comcast hd channels are upconverted hd it's not even true hd. They are a joke and tired of talking to damn Syrian refugee on the fucking phone. They never can understand English or speak English for one. There service sucks there X1 is an epic failure doesn't even come close to direct tv genie. There customer service sucks they are not worth it at all!!!!!!!!! Overpriced cable for not even a descent amount of channels. Rip off monopoly mother fuckers. If you read they have lobbyied with corrupt politicians end Comcast end them now I wish they would go bankrupt!!!!!!!

by Fucked Again on Fuck You Comcast!
Stupid Fucker that I am... I tried them again.

I am not giving even one star. Here I sit, at 1:39am on a Tuesday morning and I'm doing research on how long I have left to live since I just found out my Cancer is back. And, it's the same fucking shit that always happens between 1am and 8am- the internet is so off and on, I can not get ONE internet search done, that's as in ONE FUCKING page to come up on my fucking computer screen- not downloading, not doing all this other shit people do with their internet. I have ONE internet connection for ME. My dog does not surf the net. This was one of my primary concerns with Comcast/Xfinity. I have canceled service three different times promising myself I would not put myself through this again. And, yet, they promised and promised and had me connected to fucking fifth level support and it still took over six weeks to figure out what was wrong last time. I don't know that we ever really did figure it out, I moved and paid off the account (always on time, and in accordance with my account agreement) and resigned up with the agreement they would pay me a lot of money if four months if I signed a 24 month agreement. I probably won't live that long- and I wouldn't put it past them to find me in the afterlife.... I'm not sure which direction I'm going, but I'm sure their bills will forward.

You guys are right. This service sucks. OH, and I'm kind of a night owl now that I feel like shit most of the time and like watching tv- shoot me, I don't really care what people feel about watching tv all night. I like it. Except when the fucking supplier of my television shuts down several times a night and I call Pakistan or wherever the hell their most recent call center build is at and talk to someone who can't speak or understand English well enough to even know what the word 'fuck-you' means. What is the point of calling customer service in the middle of the night if you can't tell someone off?

fuck fuck fuck!!!!!!!!!!

by Brandon on Fuck You Comcast!
I wish for anything else

Doubt this review matters for anything. I am forced to have xfinity because my new apartment does not allow anything else. I am paying $160/mo for just TV and internet when I was quoted $110/mo and was told specifically it would be $118.43 each month after all taxes. The TV gets stuck on channels if you leave it on 1 thing for over an hour. The X1 remote will stop working several times a day and cannot be fixed until you restart everything. The TV also interrupts for a WEEKLY emergency test, but it does this daily and 2-3 times each day. The DVR can only pause for 30 min and half the time when you press play it jumps to live TV with no ability to rewind, so what is the point of pause if I can't see anything but live tv anyway... Same thing when you press record, you can't rewind and record something, if you press record it starts at live only.

The internet disconnects and reconnects 4-10 times each and every hour giving you a new IP each time and logging you out of things like school when that is the last thing you need to happen in the middle of a quiz.

I came from satellite which people say is so unreliable, yet i could actually depend on satellite unless there was an extreme storm. At least with satellite there was a reason for it and it was extremely rare (maybe lost satellite 4-5 times each year in the stormy southeastern US.) Xfinity goes out of me around 4-5 times every single day.

Comcast is way over priced

They pad bills month after month and always tell you the next months payment with what's due and they are swindlers who sucks money out of our pockets

by margaret on Fuck You Comcast!

In Feb after receiving our bill and it had a notice that fees were going up. I called to change my plan. No cheaper plans available, but if I bought my own router I could save Ten dollars a month. Well even though that is not much I decided to do it. Called to let them know. Went to the comcast office which is 15 mins away, waited 15 mins to turn in my old box.. Now it is late March I get my bill and there is not a credit for the box. I call comcast. When I give here the last for didgits of my husbands social (he is the name on acct.) She tells me that it is not in the right place in their system. And I need to have my husband go to the office and bring his ID or the next time we call they will not be able to help us. I am pissed. We have been a customer for 35 years in the same location. He does not really have the time to do this. I am sure he will not be able to do this now. So when we need help on a weekend tuff shit. I ask well lets put the account in my name. Well in order to do that I have to go to the office with my husband. So again he has to take time from work. Now they have the social have had it for 35 years, she can find it when I talk to her, but tells me it is not in the right place WTF? Now if I was someone who did not check out all my bills I would be paying for a box that I turned in.. Even though I called and went to the office they did not issue the credit I was due. Had it in the system that it had been returned but now credit. How many people are paying for something they don't have. This is the worst company in America. I feel for the girl I spoke, even though I was very nice to her and she me. What she must have to deal with every day because they are such a sucky company. I just hope they pay their people enough to deal with all that shit. this site ask for a rating and I gave one onyl because it would not let me say BIG FAT ZERO

by Comcrap SuXfinity is the worst on Fuck You Comcast!
Info button now provides no info

Just noticed today that when you press the INFO button on your remote, instead of getting a fairly detailed account of the program or movie you are watching, plus, when you scroll down, a list of actors, producers and directors with photos, you now get a brief blurb and a list of "Other movies you might like" or "Other programs on this network." All the IMDB-esque info is now gone. But I'm sure Comcast SuXfinity will tell us it's for our own good, we'll like it much better this way... and raise our bills again.

by Pissedofcustomer on Fuck You Comcast!

I have been a customer of Comcast for over ten year. It is not bad enough that their prices are ridiculous and keep going up every year , they have the rudest customer service reps. My phone had not been working for two weeks at least, they so kindly after me calling everyday , spending who knows how long each day trying to resolve over the phone and two service calls agreed that a $14 credit was sufficient. What a JOKE!! I would give no stars if I could. Time to switch

by Lone Jew on Fuck You Comcast!
autopay bullshit

even though I only receive basic internet with no TV which they advertised to be 40 dollars, my monthly bill ends up actually being 65. However, that's not the worst part. When I go to the xfinity website and sign up for the autopay feature so I don't have to remember every fucking time, it ends up not doing the automatic payment anyway, despite me now going through this process three fucking times, where every time i conveniently have to pay late fees.

by You know who on Fuck You Comcast!
Another review

I feel the same way as everyone else. Comcast sucks. They are the lowest of the low of interent providers. Right now, they are still trying to figure out how anyone could have come up with the wheel, for they have no idea how to make it anyways. They are too busy increasing their quantity of customers they forget that their quality is shit. The entire set up, the wires and modem, the Wi-Fi itself is basically made from the crust of their asses and sold to us. I don't even think the employees enjoy or fucking like working there. They get as much enjoyment out of selling us their own crap as they will get eating their own crap. But hey it's just a jump to them. They're not the ones making the rules there only enforcing them following them. They get so many complaints per day that it is impossible to think that Comcast has actually progressed at all. He'll this website exist because half of half bad Comcast is. You could be having a fucking meeting a Skype chat or some conference call with the president of the United States with the fucking world leader with God himself and because you have Comcast as your internet provider it would cut out halfway through. But here's the thing with all these wrongs and horrible things happening with the company and nothing changing, it just shows that the CEOs and all the people at the very top of the chain of command don't actually give a fuck. They run the company just the way that their fathers did and their forefathers and how they think is correct in the world could blow the fuck up because of them and they still would not change. Their children could gets shot in the head their children's children could get shot in the head their wife could get beaten and killed all because of how they run their company and they still would not change the way that they run their company. All because it is more important to have as many customers as possible instead of having good quality sell to your customers. I'm not going to go look back through this review all and to even check to see that it makes sense right now I'm using voice command for all this all I want to say is that Comcast fucking sucks ass I'm amazed we haven't changed over yet we don't have them lunch money cuz Comcast is pretty much for us cheapest God damn hell hell Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. If I could create my own internet I mean even the programming all the kind of shit for my own house lol starting up my own business fucking kick Comcast ass by increasing the amount of customers we get plus the quality of the products. And hell I'm only 20 years old. We were supposed to get a new router several months ago. Before that we had someone come out and check our wires and he found out that those had already been torn and scratch and I had to go to replace all of those. And now I get at most 5 megabytes per second for download and upload. Right now my mom is crying because she was in a call with her best friend just not seen in years and the call cut out because of our crappy as modem. They're many reasons into why she's crying but that's the basic and simplest reason an explanation. Whenever I am on my PS4 at most like I said I get 5 megabytes per second. Whenever my mom decides to go get on her phone to check Facebook it instantly drops down to 120 kilobytes per second. The fact that something this stupid can happen with a modem is ridiculous unprofessional we should actually sue the company for not keeping up to date with all their customers. Overall Comcast sucks and I bet you if the corporate and CEOs were to go and see this website they still wouldn't change the way they go and run their company.



by Tony Edwards on Fuck You Comcast!
How about a Class action suite

I see from the posts that these issues seem to be clustered around a central theme(s). It appears to me it's time for one or more class action suites against Comcast. Unfortunately, if you saw my last post, I'm about to loose my Internet connection due to my ongoing issues with Comcast but I would very interested in pursuing this! If you are interested in participating in or representing a group of individuals harmed by the actions of Comcast, please contact me at;

Yes, Comcast sucks

I called Comcast to cancel cable tv and phone tonight, but keep internet, they told me it would be $100/month for my 200 mrgeabyte service, I protested that I have never received that level Odom service; she put me me on hold; while on hold I did a speed test, I got 15 mgb download n 11 MBA upload speed so I was a
Eady paying for 10 times what I was getting. Her only trsponse was to have tech support connect me. I told her this is the same group that lied to me for over a week; not interested. She forwarded me I callled back and got the most incredible 'ITCH' that I decides to cancel ALL my Comcast services. I originally was calling to cancel tv and phone. I am not no longer a Comcast customer. I'm hoping my service doesn't end before I post this. COMCAST SUCK BEYONG BELIEVF. Dumb Ass Trump, if you're listening, internet service providers and cable companies need to be treated as utilities, government regulated....and don't give me that GOP crap about free rip off.

by jeff kiger on Fuck You Comcast!
fuck the cocksuckers

eat my shit you worthless cocksuckers

by Jeff Kiger on Fuck You Comcast!
Cocksucking piece of shit

Every time I try to hook up to youtube you start this ssid bullshit. I am sick of your fucked up bull shit. I am back to antena tv. Fuck you worthless monopoly pieces of shit.

by Natalie on Fuck You Comcast!
Stupid new comcast email look

If there is 0 star. I will get it to them. The new stupid email look waste my time :-(. Stupid new feature, slow, never could see original to reply to sender.


by LynCan on Fuck You Comcast!

I had an appointment today between 10:00 and 12:00 for someone to fix my intermittent internet issues. Guy shows up in his truck around 12:10. By the time I get to the front door, he was gone. GONE! I called Comcast. According to them, he came into my house and "fixed a defective wire." BULL! They are now telling me that they can't come back out today because they don't have a technician. Looking for new internet service provider now. These people are the worst, period. Bye, Comcast.


Fuck u comcast, i had my own router and modem and kept on having lag issues. So i call the fuck tarts and they say my stuff is end of life and not compatible with their "new and faster" internet. So i update my shit by spend 300 on new shit. And yup you can guess what happened, still lag issues. So i decided to rent one of comcast modem/router combo....yup still have issues and no one knows why. All they can say is take the modem back u have faulty one

by Smurff on Fuck You Comcast!
New Email Interface SUCKS!!!

Wait for it! Fucking Concast has a new email interface. If you don't have it now, you will soon! Slower than the second coming of Christ and is the worst upgrade I have seen since BotoPhucket did theirs.

Why do fucking engineers have to change what works well? If anyone from X-fucking-finity reads this, bring back the Zimbra email and dump the fucking shitty appsuite!!!


Service on the phone is terrible. Timing on arrival dates is also disturbing. Been a customer since 1983 at three locations, you would expect better service, and better pricing for people who have been loyal. Exploring other options.

by SUCK MY BALLS COMCAST!!! on Fuck You Comcast!


by Todd Moler on Fuck You Comcast!
Government sucks and so does Comcast

The only way a shitty company like this can survive in a free market, is with an equally shitty governmet that supports it. Theyre both fuckimg the same people over!

by Comcast4never on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck you doesn't start to say what I feel

There is literally nobody there who knows what the fuck they are doing. No fucking body. How the hell does one company manage to hire such a group of stellar incompetents when there's such a demand from other places like Verizon? Must be paying them well
And since when is leaving people on hold for an hour or more OK.
Fuuuuuuuuuck you!

by CONcastsuxass on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuck em

I am BEYOND over this service. I have it in my office and my home. My office package is limited to Internet, so when i found out that ROKU came out with a comcast app, i was throlled as i have a ROKU tv in my office. I download it, put in all my necessary personal log in info from the service i pay for at home, and it wont connect me?!?!?! I can only be logged in and use the service if at home?? Connected to my home router??? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS??? WHY AM I PAYING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH FOR LESS THAN HALF AN ASS SERVICE IF I CANT EVEN TAKE THE MOBILE APP ON THE FUCKING GO???!?!?!? Isnt that what the FUCK i pay for? I cant get over this shit. They act lile I am the one in the wrong! What do u mean u pay for a service that doesnt work? I dont see the problem. I do! They need to have their ENTIRE company shut down. For negligence and fraud. Not to mention false advertising.

by Stuck on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucking awful

Can I give them zero stars? If the internet actually works, it's slow as shit. Too slow to use. I use my cell hotspot feature more than my wifi at home. Its just about always faster and less of a fucking headache. And to have them fix it they give you a 2 hour window that is completely inconvenient, and are never there in that window, so you end up wasting more time than you thought you would. And the tech asks questions like "well what version do you have? Do you have the most up to date equipment?" Idk you stupid fuck, it's your job to look and tell me isnt it? And to go into their office or call them on the phone? Holy fuck. Grab a couple drinks first. And they cant hire anyone that speaks English. Or if they do speak English, they're so stupid that it makes you wonder if they got through elementary school. This is easily the worst company and biggest waste of money possible.

by Grayson on Fuck You Comcast!
Fucking PRICKS