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My Comcast review (and subsequently this website) were a long time coming.

Obviously not in terms of design or content, but the manifestation..  I never planned to build this website – and generally, I’m not a vindictive person.

Even after purchasing the domain in a fit of rage immediately following a routine interaction with a terrible Comcast customer service rep… But after talking with people from all over the country… lots of people, it was clear it must be done.

My final day as a Comcast Customer

It started off like any other day as a Comcast customer; On Demand wasn’t working properly, the internet was piss-poor, and I was on hold, for a very long time. But something was a bit different… Not the frustration, mind you, that is standard operating procedure for Comcast, so no surprises there. The difference was after the 3rd or 4th ‘hard reset’ to my cable box and modem – nothing was now working.

Sorry Sir, we will have to send someone out. Our next available time a technician can make it out to you is next Thursday between 10 and 2.

It was a Tuesday evening, I really wanted to watch the most recent episode of Boardwalk Empire, and wasn’t keen on the idea of “sorry your shit’s broke, wait a week and we will inconvenience you further to fix it.” So I thanked the rep for her time, and said no that won’t work for me, I need to go now, thanks. And hung up.

Then I called back

Another 20 minutes or so punching through menu’s, entering in my customer number, talking to a rep, being put on hold, transferred, another rep, hold again, and finally – a technical service rep.

And back through the motions again:

Let’s try resetting your DVR box, the rep offered.

But I just did that… I’d rather not do it again, it didn’t work last time and the titles and guide still haven’t re-populated.

OK, let’s try a ‘hard reset.’

At this point I’m getting frustrated, but I concede – maybe, just maybe, this time it will work, and I’ll get to watch some gangster Steve Buscemi like I planned.

Another reset, no luck.

At this point it’s 9:20PM on Tuesday night, and I’m back on hold.

After roughly 20 minutes the another rep (whom I have been transferred to) picks up and starts the scheduling process for a tech to come out to investigate the problem.

I’m quick to stop her, saying that I have a day job and cannot come home for 4 hours in the middle of the day. She cops an attitude.

Yeah, seriously…

I keep my calm and ask for the next available weekend date or anytime later in the afternoon or evening.

Sorry Sir, there’s nothing available. 

What do you mean there’s nothing? I ask, 2 weeks, a month from now, nothing?

She keeps at it; well, if you want to go that far out?

I don’t, I reply, but what option do I have?

Well I can get someone there sooner if you can accept a time during the day.

At this point I’m annoyed.

I’m sorry but I cannot justify taking off from work to fix my cable, and honestly for the nearly $200 per month you charge me… I’d think you would have more available technicians in my area.

She didn’t like that.

Please hold she squawks at me and the top 40 pop music resumes…

another 15 minutes later I hear this message:

Thank you for calling Comcast, home of Xfinity, our offices are now closed. Please call back between the hours of 9am and 10pm eastern to speak with a customer service representative, CLICK.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I’m pissed. Being in the internet world I quickly pull up GoDaddy and start running through a list of domains. You can figure out which one I ended up with.

But it gets better..

The following Tuesday I’m in a meeting at work just after lunch, it’s roughly quarter to 2 in the afternoon. My cell phone rings and I silence it so as not to be rude to the people in the meeting.

I chirps that I have a new voicemail, I think nothing of it, and will listen later.

The phone rings again. Then again.

I still don’t answer – I’m at work.

I get back into my office and listen to the voicemail, it’s a Comcast technician standing at my door. Calling me to let him in for my “scheduled” tech visit.

The customer service rep had scheduled the initial time she suggested, that I declined, and now I had a disgruntled technician standing out side of my house, no doubt ringing my doorbell and banging on my door.

So I call back

Yeah, hey this is Marty from Xfinity I’m here to take look at your DVR box.

Hey Marty, I’m sorry but I actually never scheduled this service call. There must have been a mistake.

Well since I was here on time and you are a no show there is going to be a fee on your next bill.

Absolutely not. That is unacceptable. I need to speak with your manager.

Well you’ll have to call the customer service line to do that.

Ok, what’s the number and who am I asking for?

I don’t have it on me right now, and I need to make it to my next appointment. Good luck, CLICK.

I call 1-800-COMCAST, but not to complain about the mix up, or the fact that I have not had working ON DEMAND services (that I pay a king’s ransom for each month) for nearly a month.

They apologize, and then immediately explain that there will be no credit given. The best they can do is not charge me for the tech visit snafu.

Really? Really!


I canceled all services, I’m done with this shit fucking company and there shit service.

Fuck you Comcast!

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56 thoughts on “My Comcast Review

  1. Fuck you Comcast. Die! Die a horrible, protracted, painful death. All of you. I hate you and your monopoly. Wish you were all dead.


  2. several months went by as “bob” dealt with his slow and unreliable speeds of the internet from his ISP. He had recently bundled up and added home security for safe measure. after a few months, he tried to downgrade his service to internet and home security. The problem with dropping home security is the 1100 dollar contract cancel fee(are you kidding me?) after three months of repeated calling and abusing the reps immediately, I received a voicemail at 9 am telling me that I needed to bring equipment back in to downgrade service. It took this long? Really? “Bob” now has his service downgraded, but Comcast refuses to pro-rate his charges correctly for the past three months, of which he had been way overcharged for things he no longer used. In short, “bob” is glad he found this site, so he can say. FUCK YOU COMCAST . He will shortly find some other cheap service. He feels that bitching at a cheap service once a month is better than being stressed out every other morning from random Comcast calls. Comcast automated systems call you, then proceed to put you on hold immediately, after waking you up at ridiculous hours in the morning.


    1. Holy freaking cow! I had no idea they had an ELEVEN-HUNDRED DOLLAR cancellation fee??

      Thanks for sharing Bob.

  3. These Mother fuckers suck donkey dick. I don’t know how they can live with themselves. Hope they rot In hell. As there business practices suck. I have lost my job and am paying but a little slow. I was one month behind and they shut me off. They charge 8.99 late fee, 5.99 reactivation for each service (two for me), and that’s not enough for the greedy bastards they charge another 5.99 to post date a check. Then get this if you want to downgrade your service to get caught up you can but there’s a fee for that. GREEDY FUCKERS Karma is BITCH!

  4. That sucks big time. This is what happens when a quasi monopoly controls Broadband. This the same company that owns NBC, who wants to merge with Time Warner, who hires ex-FCC honcho’s and is in the telephone and wireless biz on up of everything else.Who raises rates constantly and finally who’s choke points are the real problem. the sooner they are broken up the better off this country will be. Lastly many other countries get 3 times the speed for 1/3 the cost.

  5. Awesome review! You really tried.. you gave them the benefit of the doubt that they might actually be human beings but as you ultimately found out, they are far from it.

  6. Canceliing COMCAST HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Account: ….. and …..
    Please HELP
    Sharon Kelly
    I am reaching out to you once again as I am moving out of the current location at the end of this month. I have been attempting for months since the end of my past 2 year contract ended . I have been month to month and need to cancel all services at this address or any associated with my name or my business, Ultra Hair STudio. The following is an attempt that I made earlier tonight.
    Thank you for any help in resolving/ canceling this service.
    Sharon Kelly/ owner Ultra Hair Studio, LLC
    ultrahairstudio, LLC
    ChatStatus Session closed
    user HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA has entered room
    analyst Angelyn has entered room
    Angelyn: Hello HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Angelyn. Please give me one moment to review your information.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: My Issue: I had a SMALL BUSINESS account only under the name of ultra hair studio, llc under 2 contract for 2 years at this address. The contract is over and I have been continuing month to month since then.
    Angelyn: Glad to have you on chat! Hope you did not wait long to be assisted.
    Angelyn: How are you doing today?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I am moving and need to cancel all service at this location.and have been trying to resolve this for months. I am video taping this on my computer. I just want the service shut off now and a final bill be sent to my private email address not a Comcast one.
    Angelyn: From my end, I only handle residential accounts and I can only make changes for them. What I can do for you is to refer you to our business department for they can assist you better on your concern
    Angelyn: Rest assured that I will properly notate your account regarding your concern.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Balance due $290.98 Pay now Set up automatic payments Minimum amount due now. Please pay at least $290.98 now to avoid service interruptions. View or print full bill (pdf) Bill details This is an itemized list of charges included in your present bill. Payment for these charges is due on the date shown. for service from Apr. 23 through May. 22 Previous Balance $244.71 Payments ($50.00) Comcast High-Speed Internet $29.95 Comcast Digital Voice $47.88 Other Charges & Credits $13.38 Taxes, Surcharges & Fees $5.06 Statement balance$290.98 View or print full bill (pdf) View call details Payments and credits These are payments and credits that have been made on your account. Please be aware, it may take up to 3 days for a payment to process. None$0.00 Balance due This is the current amount due on your account. Payment for these charges is due on the date shown. Total balance due on May 08, 2015$290.98 Recent activity These are changes and credits that have accrued since the end of your last
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: My bills were always around $ 65.00 until changes, unauthorized by me, were made.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Adjudst this bill then. I have a phone and limited net. My equipment was changed as well and now I have some giant new modem providing Xfinity hotspot to the neighborhood and blocking my own sinal.
    Angelyn: From my end, I only handle residential accounts and I can only make changes for them. What I can do for you is to refer you to our business department for they can assist you better on your concern. Rest assured that I will properly notate your account regarding your concern. You can call our business department at the number 1-800-391-3000.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I NEVER signed up for Xfinity residential. Why can you not verify my service, correct the bill, if you can’t cancel the account. I an going into my local Comcast service center with a copy of this communication. This is not my account.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: This seems to be a residential account even tho it lists my business’s name. Run the account number please and verify it
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I was referred to this department when attempting to contact the business depart meant.
    Angelyn: I understand that, what I mean is that I only handle residential accounts and I can’t do any changes with your business account.
    Angelyn: I have your account pulled up.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Why can you not validate the type of account thru the account number that I provide?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Thank you.
    Angelyn: You have contacted the billing department, only I handle the residential accounts and not the business ones.
    Angelyn: I see here that your account is indeed a business account.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I was routed to whatever department this is. Since you are the billing department can you tell me what I am currently being billed for
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Why is my bill so high?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Why do I have messages saying my parental controls have changed on my TV?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Do I, N 24th St Phila Pa 19130 have any accounts registered? That is my old address.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Any other accounts connected to this one
    Angelyn: Ok, let me check what account I can pull up.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: What is the email of the department you suggest I contact with the prior mentioned concerns?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Can you send me the disconnect forms again> Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: business phone / cell
    Angelyn: You can only contact the number 1-800-391-3000 regarding your concern.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: for security
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Did you find any more accounts linked to me or my business?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Send me the disconnect forms for any accounts you have p[lease at my yahoo address.
    Angelyn: As much as I want to send it to you, I don’t have access to the forms that you need for cancelling business accounts since we only handle residential accounts.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I have no residential accounts with you?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Is there an email for obtaining the disconnect forms? I have had them sent many times before thru this link and have filled them out. yet I am still being billed and there service is active as if I did nothing to disconnect.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I appreciate your limited help in fielding my request at disconnecting. I will copy this and prior communication and take them with me to my local Comcast Service Center.
    Angelyn: Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
    Angelyn: Rest assured that after calling the correct department your request to cancel the account will be taken cared of.
    Angelyn: I understand the urgency and the need to cancel the account as soon as possible.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Maybe i should post this on Comcast’s face book page and they could advise me. What is ” the correct department please?”
    Angelyn: That is why I have provided you the correct department that caters business accounts.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Do you have Comcast service yourself?
    Angelyn: Business department 1-800-391-3000.
    Angelyn: Yes, I do have a residential account with Comcast.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I’ve called that number many times. I asked for an email address because I can’t log into any account but this one and you told me this is not the correct dept. Please provide an email where I can address my business concerns.
    Angelyn: Just to clarify Sharon, you can not log in to your Comcast account online, is this correct?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I need this closed and addressed asap. Why is my bill so high and can you make any adjustments
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: This is the ONLY account I can log into
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I need the email of the business department
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Hello? This is taking long time with no resolution.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Has the analist left the chat room?
    Angelyn: I am here Sharon.
    Angelyn: The only way to contact business department is to call them.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: What, if anything, can you do for me?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: No business department email?
    Angelyn: NO, just through phone call Sharon.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Why was I referred to you, a residential analyst, thru what you have confirmed is a business account? If I am currently logined into my business account as you have told me then why am I not cutting with a business analyst?
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: How was I directed to a residential analist? What a waste of both of our time.
    Angelyn: I will document the account regarding the cancellation request so there will be no need for you to explain the issue again when contacting the correct department.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Some business account. I thank you for the documentation and your help. I am documenting this as well.
    Angelyn: There is no chat support yet for business account.
    HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Good Evening
    Angelyn: Thank you for your patience, Sharon.
    The analyst has left and your issue has been closed.
    Angelyn: Thank you for choosing us! We love our customers and we want you to love your XFINITY. Bringing you amazing entertainment is our #1 goal. We also offer you peace of mind by standing by our XFINITY products with our Guarantee.

      1. Oh I finally got the right person and it was ALL wiped out when I threatened a lawsuit for ” breech of contract”. That is the one thing they can’t beat. It is one of the very few ways to hold them accountable. I would rather pay 200 bucks in civil court then 500 to Comcast. Oh they shut it down immediately when I told them my business attorney was helping me to close the business. Immediately. Good Luck peeps. Never again.

  7. I’m fucking sick and tiered of
    1) Losing my internet connection every time I get a phone call
    2) Losing my internet connection whenever I am doing something critical
    3) Getting 5mb/s out of my 100mb/s advertised speed
    4) Being unable to my use $2,000 worth of networking gear including my $500 router
    5) Having my website go down every 10 minutes
    6) Having to deal with the worst fucking customer service on earth

  8. They have the complete monopoly in Tennessee, but they wont even provide service to our house without us paying them boatloads of money because its a too hard for them to dig through some stone. FUCK THEM!!!!

  9. Took away my watchlist!! And now the shows I have to search for only part of them are online to watch…and part in home only. How in the hell is that right, I relied on this since I travel so much…..fuck them

  10. We have been without internet and TV for three days. Sure there was a hurricane, but our area has been fine for three days. Saw the Xfinity truck in the neighborhood at 1:00 and we were promised service by 2:30…..5 hours later nothing. In comparison, our power was back on within 10 hours. I have Direct TV coming tomorrow.

  11. Why am I spending all of this money to have pieces of shit used equipment that some other customer returned because it was not working, that I have to go through the entire reset process every god damn night before I can watch tv? Why do the assholes at Comcast block my 6 ABC local channel every night?

  12. They are a Sh!thole company in the DC area. Bill cheaters, bad speeds. We need more competition to put these SOBs out of business.

  13. Every time I try to watch a show that tells me that I’m already signed on , congrats to me!!! What a joke ! I hate you comcast!!

  14. As i rent and i cannot choose who i go through, xfinity is horrible and expensive, i wish did not have to use them, i will consider moving just to not use them. Expensive, internet cuts in and out, on demand is 50/50 at best. Tired of restarting boxes and modems

  15. Their internet works on an if it feels like it basis during the late night hours. Not like some of us are trying to use the service we pay for because we might be asleep.

  16. Comcast hijacks elderly and disabled into two year contracts. $158 monthly from $1200 or less monthly is poverty level money. Also Comcast does not honor HUD Comcast afreement to provide low income internet to elderly disabled even though we are paying $158 monthly which means we cannot buy necessities. Comcast says we have to not do biz with Comcast for 90 days and then apply! So they are ripping off millions of elderly daily. We have no recourse because our building does not allow any satellite dishes. Fick Comcast!

  17. Fun new Comcast game. Start a movie on a channel you pay for. 20 min in cable goes out. Starts up again 30 minutes later, movie is only available to rent or buy. Xfinity Denver sucks!!!

  18. You are my HERO- thank you for sharing out-loud about this. Too many companies like this get away with MAJOR BULLSHIT & nobody says a word- so it goes on.

  19. I feel all of your pain, FUCK THESE CUNTS. I’ve tried being nice and I’m a patient guy, but really. Fuck Comcast.

  20. Quite literally the same thing happened to me, except the person in my household in charge of the internet was acting like one of the Comcast reps and didn’t want to resolve the issue (i can see why but they should’ve just gotten a different isp) and made me feel like i needed to punch them REALLY hard. All this hate is mostly coming from the fact that Comcast was the first to sign up for no net neutrality, so they keep throttling everyone just to save a couple bucks that they don’t need because we pay them it. My solution: just don’t get comcast, then they will eventually die out and will either go back to net neutrality or give in and let better services take over.

  21. My story is irrelevant. The fact that you made this website brings me so much joy. If I had a dragon, I’d ride it topless to burn down their headquarters.

  22. MONOPOLIST F-KEN Comcast/X-final days X-finity bastards !!!Get straight to HELL with your stupid illogical AH company. You are garbage !!! Read people opinions you fricken bastards!

    1. Also shit is way to expensive here in Oakland to have some rich people telling me I’m not financially sound enough to live in this century anymore.

  23. I get the same exact same shit script read to me every damn time I call these bastards. They never notate that I call on my account when when the knuckle dagger on the other end cant fix my problem they just dump the call and I have to call back or give the fuck up and fix it myself by dragging their piece of shit modem to their office.


  24. Every night a fucking update, really! Time to get rid of comcast bullshit and update to a real service, like Dish network where you never get that kind of bullshit! Seriously, I have it where I live and I don’t have near the fucking bullshit I’ve seen with xfinity, no sense in capitalizing a worthless network, especially if it’s a piece of crap! Unfortunately my girlfriend is kinda stuck with their bullshit garbage and I think it’s time to change to a better system. So I will even pay for her to very much upgrade to a better system!!!

  25. Xfinity is a piece of shit! In this day and age can’t technology keep up? New box, new modem, I paused my show for 20 minutes. Came back all glichy and couldn’t finish it. Thanks Comcast! Xfinity! Whatever you are for taking my money for shitty service!

  26. As unbelievably shocking as that experience was, if it’s the worst you got from them, then count urself lucky.
    I have been bent over, biting my tongue ,with my hands white knuckled around my ankles more times than I can count while the corporate gangster had their way. zOur town has a deal with Comcast and no other cable company services this area because of it. So Im stuck with them. I have tried every known way to avoid them. Including going without out cable and home internet. (no hime internet didn’t go well)
    I thought monopolies where illegalbut no surprise comcast found a work around. I loath this compant and all it stands for. I would feel safer purchasing cable from the Bloods,Crips, or Latin Kings. Corporate thugs. 3 piece suit wearing criminals. I have been ripped off,lied too,insulted, and worst of all THROTTLED DOWN 3 fays before my bills due date. I seriously have to call them atleast once a month with so.e issue or another. I have cable,internet,and mobile phone services. The cable I was told was the only way to get the i internet speed I wanted. Which,as you said. is piss poor. As is the mobile service. Some of my friends now call me The Call Drop Kid. I really really hate that. I found this web sight because I got off the phone with comcast and groaned out loud ” I fucking hate comcast” and Bixby pulled you up in azad search. Even the cell phone I bought from them gets it. Thanks for reminding me I am not crazy. That Company is just that bad!

  27. The retarded fucks are always interrupting my tv every damn morning with some stupid fucking update Very inconvenient I’ve never dealt with this from any other cable company Come on Get with the times dumb asses

  28. Constant issues with techs and phone reps. They recently stopped sending me a bill and want me to pay the late fees … Only service provider in my area with ok service. Have dealt with phone for over 4 hours before for no help. Went into Xfinity center to be told to call the phone again.

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