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Comcast Confessions: A Response to “The Recorded Call”

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After shit hit the fan when Ryan Block’s recorded Comcast customer service call went viral, The Verge responded with a series of interviews, here’s an excerpt:

[The rep who spoke to Block] was placed on leave, pending investigation. His desk is still set up, which means he still works for us. Yes, he is a good salesperson. I mean if you don’t have stellar numbers, you get fired. One of the issues with [the recorded call] is he actually did his job, just went WAY overboard with it. According to our retention handbook, he did not violate any of the things that can end your employment.

-Retention supervisor, 2012-present, Colorado

For more shocking stories from the Comcast Customer Service trenches, read the full article over at the Verge

3 replies on “Comcast Confessions: A Response to “The Recorded Call””

This was from earlier this week: I’ve been so patient with Comcast, so patient. I’ve been promised things that have not been delivered, my phone isn’t ringing, I can’t call in for messages, we had to upgrade to get decent internet–to the tune of way too much money and without true “Business Delux ” customer treatment. It gets worse…The new number forwards messages to some place I cannot retrieve them. I’ve been on the phone for more than two hours. I finally cried when relaying how I missed the calls about Woody’s dad’s death and then the agent called in a supervisor on his own volition. He was not very helpful and I am still going through the various departments to try to untangle this snarly web with nothing getting resolved. Each person tells me something different and it is a complete farce! Apparently, a ticket was open for “Tier 2 team” to contact me and they never did.

UpdatedI waited 2 full days and no one called to follow-up from the care team or this tier 2 team. in fact, the so-called “care” team is not even allowed to make outgoing calls to customers. I am trying again right now—It’s been more than an hour again and 6 different departments. The first person said he would go ahead and make the order for remote call forwarding, but he saw no record of the comp that was promised me for the $5 monthly fee to do so. Thus, the transfers began. I am not so patient now to find out, after 6 transfers and one cut-off, that Ike didn’t actually do what he said and there is no order for the call forwarding. I’ve been telling the past few reps that this was the make it or break it conversation–that the problem needs to be resolved, that i need all the info documented, and that if it does not happen this time, that we are leaving CC after more than a dozen years as loyal customers. I will never be loyal to such a monstrosity!

This is a living nightmare, a farce in poor taste, and is absolutely incredulous. I’ve never, ever been through such tumult and contradicting messages and incompetence in all my life! What has become of CC is sad and it needs to be stopped by higher authorities. I will be reporting them on as many sites and to the BBB as well.

Fucking Shitcast. This monopoly needs to end. They lobby as much money as oil companies or more. All these corrupt fuckers can get corona, aids, and ebola of the fucking ass. My bill went up $15 for no good reason other than so ceo Dick Mcballs can hire more male prostitutes. Im sick of my bill going up every year when I barely have anything but pay 3x any other bill. I go without tv or internet if there’s a problem because it’s not worth my time to call their automated cunt system then talk to “carl” who’s real name is Osjkkkibinbnseringfsbjstrin and doesn’t know dick. Fuck you Shitcast! Burn in hell!

Comcrap gets my blood pressure to spike at least 3 times a year. The latest was finally dealing with ditching the double play rip off, and signing up for the seemingly reasonable flex internet service. The double play sat there draining my bank account and bothering me for far too long. Signing up for streaming did cut my bill in half, but killed the only two tv channels I watched – they knew what was good, and cut then away from us… so, I figured if I paid a little extra, as they suggested, I could get some good quality journalism. Not talking about Faux. After signing for their choice tv service, I found out that I STILL DIDN’T have my favorite channels. I now need to pay extra for a subscription. Shit. I called and told them I was essentially led up a path by paying for the new basic, and they agreed verbally to take it off no charge. BUT THEY DIDN”T. 2 weeks later I check on my bill and it is $60 more dollars than what I originally signed up for. It took 1 and a half hours to get that shit reversed! And of course their confirmation email goes to THEIR email, not the one you use. Fucking hate them. I nearly missed out on the chill. That’s another thing, Netflix is the only thing that comes close to being of value.

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