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Fuck You Comcast!
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by Michael on Fuck You Comcast!
Refunding me when i have a balance?
Location: Minnesota

I canceled months ago and was told I'm good and I'm gonna get refunded for the month i didnt get full use of. Got woken up at 8am today to be told i owe 50 bucks still. Lady was an absolute cunt to me and pulled scam tactics, trying to scare me by saying she knows my personal info like last four of my ss and my birth date. Apparently being unable to pay is the same as refusing, even though she said she can notate i cant pay instead. I'm a broke college student. How can I pay??

After talking a bunch i figured out that the chagre is for the next month i didnt have service for. So they literally are a scamming company.

by tattas on Fuck You Comcast!
suck fat hairy gorilla balls

LOVE IT WHEN I FUCKING PLAY A GAME WHERE LEAVER PENALTY EXISTS AND GETS WORSE EVERY TIME YOU DISCONNECT WHILE ALSO HAVING THE ABSOLUTE DOGSHIT SERVICE OF AN ISP KNOW AS COMSHIT AND HAVING THAT ALMOST GET ME PERMABANNED, YEP!!! FUCKING PERMABANNED BECAUSE THESE CUNTS CANT DO THERE FUCKING JOB CORRECTLY. its like they fucking hire anyone they see off the fucking piss ridden streets of new york, like ????? are you serious, fuck this greedy ass, shady ass garbage shitpile of a company. they legit charge you soooo much and FOR WHAT? 20 MB OF SPEED? ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME? anyway fuck comcast

by Aaron on Fuck You Comcast!
Fuuuuuck Yoooou Comcast!
Location: Denver

I pay for 250 mbps, I get 45 unless there’s an outage then I get none. It’s nearly impossible to find customer service. The automated chat gets you nowhere but in circles. This bullshit monopoly and rebranding scheme (xfinity) is awful. All the time I’ve put in dealing with this terrible company hurts my soul. Fuuuuck Yooouu Comcast!!

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