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My Comcast review (and subsequently this website) were a long time coming.

Obviously not in terms of design or content, but the manifestation..  I never planned to build this website – and generally, I’m not a vindictive person.

Even after purchasing the domain in a fit of rage immediately following a routine interaction with a terrible Comcast customer service rep… But after talking with people from all over the country… lots of people, it was clear it must be done.

My final day as a Comcast Customer

It started off like any other day as a Comcast customer; On Demand wasn’t working properly, the internet was piss-poor, and I was on hold, for a very long time. But something was a bit different… Not the frustration, mind you, that is standard operating procedure for Comcast, so no surprises there. The difference was after the 3rd or 4th ‘hard reset’ to my cable box and modem – nothing was now working.

Sorry Sir, we will have to send someone out. Our next available time a technician can make it out to you is next Thursday between 10 and 2.

It was a Tuesday evening, I really wanted to watch the most recent episode of Boardwalk Empire, and wasn’t keen on the idea of “sorry your shit’s broke, wait a week and we will inconvenience you further to fix it.” So I thanked the rep for her time, and said no that won’t work for me, I need to go now, thanks. And hung up.

Then I called back

Another 20 minutes or so punching through menu’s, entering in my customer number, talking to a rep, being put on hold, transferred, another rep, hold again, and finally – a technical service rep.

And back through the motions again:

Let’s try resetting your DVR box, the rep offered.

But I just did that… I’d rather not do it again, it didn’t work last time and the titles and guide still haven’t re-populated.

OK, let’s try a ‘hard reset.’

At this point I’m getting frustrated, but I concede – maybe, just maybe, this time it will work, and I’ll get to watch some gangster Steve Buscemi like I planned.

Another reset, no luck.

At this point it’s 9:20PM on Tuesday night, and I’m back on hold.

After roughly 20 minutes the another rep (whom I have been transferred to) picks up and starts the scheduling process for a tech to come out to investigate the problem.

I’m quick to stop her, saying that I have a day job and cannot come home for 4 hours in the middle of the day. She cops an attitude.

Yeah, seriously…

I keep my calm and ask for the next available weekend date or anytime later in the afternoon or evening.

Sorry Sir, there’s nothing available. 

What do you mean there’s nothing? I ask, 2 weeks, a month from now, nothing?

She keeps at it; well, if you want to go that far out?

I don’t, I reply, but what option do I have?

Well I can get someone there sooner if you can accept a time during the day.

At this point I’m annoyed.

I’m sorry but I cannot justify taking off from work to fix my cable, and honestly for the nearly $200 per month you charge me… I’d think you would have more available technicians in my area.

She didn’t like that.

Please hold she squawks at me and the top 40 pop music resumes…

another 15 minutes later I hear this message:

Thank you for calling Comcast, home of Xfinity, our offices are now closed. Please call back between the hours of 9am and 10pm eastern to speak with a customer service representative, CLICK.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I’m pissed. Being in the internet world I quickly pull up GoDaddy and start running through a list of domains. You can figure out which one I ended up with.

But it gets better..

The following Tuesday I’m in a meeting at work just after lunch, it’s roughly quarter to 2 in the afternoon. My cell phone rings and I silence it so as not to be rude to the people in the meeting.

I chirps that I have a new voicemail, I think nothing of it, and will listen later.

The phone rings again. Then again.

I still don’t answer – I’m at work.

I get back into my office and listen to the voicemail, it’s a Comcast technician standing at my door. Calling me to let him in for my “scheduled” tech visit.

The customer service rep had scheduled the initial time she suggested, that I declined, and now I had a disgruntled technician standing out side of my house, no doubt ringing my doorbell and banging on my door.

So I call back

Yeah, hey this is Marty from Xfinity I’m here to take look at your DVR box.

Hey Marty, I’m sorry but I actually never scheduled this service call. There must have been a mistake.

Well since I was here on time and you are a no show there is going to be a fee on your next bill.

Absolutely not. That is unacceptable. I need to speak with your manager.

Well you’ll have to call the customer service line to do that.

Ok, what’s the number and who am I asking for?

I don’t have it on me right now, and I need to make it to my next appointment. Good luck, CLICK.

I call 1-800-COMCAST, but not to complain about the mix up, or the fact that I have not had working ON DEMAND services (that I pay a king’s ransom for each month) for nearly a month.

They apologize, and then immediately explain that there will be no credit given. The best they can do is not charge me for the tech visit snafu.

Really? Really!


I canceled all services, I’m done with this shit fucking company and there shit service.

Fuck you Comcast!

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Fuck you Comcast. Die! Die a horrible, protracted, painful death. All of you. I hate you and your monopoly. Wish you were all dead.


comcast sucks a giant dick. they currently have a crane on my property IN my driveway for the second time this week. I DON’T EVEN HAVE SERVICE WITH THEM. Even if they have easement rights they should be telling me what they are doing like seriously his is PRIVATE PROPERTY DICKHEADS.

They made fun of my moms accent and called her an illegal immigrant. She is very much legal. She’s been speaking english for over 14 years. She knows more words than you, she knows more languages than you, she’s made more friends than you, she’s succeeded more than you, she’s worked harder than you, and she has always been better than you. Please remember who you’re talking to on the phone Shitcast.

Dont take it in a per$onal way, but what an awful $ystem, no phone call$ they won’t an$wer…they let you talk to a recording for 20+ minute$ and want more customer$ to take for a ride.Take Take Take, Bill Bill Bill Rai$e Rai$e Rai$e !$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I tried to order two mobile phones and internet with Xfinity. I tried signing up online but I was denied because it said I had seven lines on account and it said to call support. I called support and they said I didn’t have any lines and that was a glitch in the system. It was supposed to say I was eligible for seven lines. At this point I should have run away , but I stayed for two hours on the phone and we got it ordered. I paid for the first month of internet and paid the taxes on the phone. They said phone would ship out in two business days. I waited three days and logged into my account to see if I could get tracking number or update. The website said phones hadn’t shipped. I called support and they said my order was under review. They said I hadn’t confirmed order through email. I said I paid for the taxes on the phone I don’t know why I would pay taxes on an order I didn’t authorize. I asked why the order was under review, and they could not tell me. I said you checked my credit, I verified email address and phone number, I paid for the first month internet and the taxes. What could possibly be under review? Answer- I don’t know When will my phone’s ship out? Answer- I don’t know your order is under review. I decided to cancel the order. I am already having this much trouble and I am not even using the phones yet. They wasted a whole day of mine!

several months went by as “bob” dealt with his slow and unreliable speeds of the internet from his ISP. He had recently bundled up and added home security for safe measure. after a few months, he tried to downgrade his service to internet and home security. The problem with dropping home security is the 1100 dollar contract cancel fee(are you kidding me?) after three months of repeated calling and abusing the reps immediately, I received a voicemail at 9 am telling me that I needed to bring equipment back in to downgrade service. It took this long? Really? “Bob” now has his service downgraded, but Comcast refuses to pro-rate his charges correctly for the past three months, of which he had been way overcharged for things he no longer used. In short, “bob” is glad he found this site, so he can say. FUCK YOU COMCAST . He will shortly find some other cheap service. He feels that bitching at a cheap service once a month is better than being stressed out every other morning from random Comcast calls. Comcast automated systems call you, then proceed to put you on hold immediately, after waking you up at ridiculous hours in the morning.


Holy freaking cow! I had no idea they had an ELEVEN-HUNDRED DOLLAR cancellation fee??

Thanks for sharing Bob.

COMCAST/ XFINITY have their head so far up their ass and they’re just raking in the dough. They don’t care about you. There fucked up programming is epic. To get one channel you have to buy a bunch of other channels that you don’t need. Like country music television. CMT well you have to buy the sports package for that. Sense when is country music television a sport? I guess that when you’re fucking your Best friends dog out bird hunting or fishing singing a little country ditty. That would be a sport. For fucks sake give me a break. I thought our great President Obama was supposed to fix all this television networking BS. Well just another thing he didn’t accomplish. Someone needs to come in and start a new network of cable television for the people. Well sorry about the explosion of words had to vent It’s better than having an aneurysm over cable TV

same thing with Turner Classic Movies, they put it in the sports package…..FN ridiculous shit…..what do classic movies have to do with sports? just another example of how greedy and FN grimey this bloated company has become…

something must be done ab comcast and our failed judiciary and corporate owned legislature will not lift a finger to help people at the mercy of a monopoly. i am *not* calling for violence (tho tbh i dont care in the least what happens to comcast executives and corporate property) but something must be done to bring out of control predatory corporations to heel. their bottomless greed is poisonous to a free market and the progress of a free society. burn comcast to the ground or chop it up like ma bell.

These Mother fuckers suck donkey dick. I don’t know how they can live with themselves. Hope they rot In hell. As there business practices suck. I have lost my job and am paying but a little slow. I was one month behind and they shut me off. They charge 8.99 late fee, 5.99 reactivation for each service (two for me), and that’s not enough for the greedy bastards they charge another 5.99 to post date a check. Then get this if you want to downgrade your service to get caught up you can but there’s a fee for that. GREEDY FUCKERS Karma is BITCH!

That sucks big time. This is what happens when a quasi monopoly controls Broadband. This the same company that owns NBC, who wants to merge with Time Warner, who hires ex-FCC honcho’s and is in the telephone and wireless biz on up of everything else.Who raises rates constantly and finally who’s choke points are the real problem. the sooner they are broken up the better off this country will be. Lastly many other countries get 3 times the speed for 1/3 the cost.

I completely agree that this has far-reaching and very scary implications. Thanks for your thoughts.

Corporatism is the next rung down from Fascism. All the successful fascists handed over the means of production to cherry picked corporations and used the military police state to remove the competition. Hitler, and later Mussolini, targeted Jews for their community’s wealth. International corporations saw this model and said, “Hey, we want this, but we’ll have to wave a flag, fan the flames of patriotism, and do it in the name of something noble (Freedom and Democracy sounded good) so the idiot masses will buy it.” The masses are STOOPUD!

Awesome review! You really tried.. you gave them the benefit of the doubt that they might actually be human beings but as you ultimately found out, they are far from it.

Canceliing COMCAST HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Account: ….. and …..
Please HELP
Sharon Kelly
I am reaching out to you once again as I am moving out of the current location at the end of this month. I have been attempting for months since the end of my past 2 year contract ended . I have been month to month and need to cancel all services at this address or any associated with my name or my business, Ultra Hair STudio. The following is an attempt that I made earlier tonight.
Thank you for any help in resolving/ canceling this service.
Sharon Kelly/ owner Ultra Hair Studio, LLC
ultrahairstudio, LLC
ChatStatus Session closed
user HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA has entered room
analyst Angelyn has entered room
Angelyn: Hello HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Angelyn. Please give me one moment to review your information.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: My Issue: I had a SMALL BUSINESS account only under the name of ultra hair studio, llc under 2 contract for 2 years at this address. The contract is over and I have been continuing month to month since then.
Angelyn: Glad to have you on chat! Hope you did not wait long to be assisted.
Angelyn: How are you doing today?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I am moving and need to cancel all service at this location.and have been trying to resolve this for months. I am video taping this on my computer. I just want the service shut off now and a final bill be sent to my private email address not a Comcast one.
Angelyn: From my end, I only handle residential accounts and I can only make changes for them. What I can do for you is to refer you to our business department for they can assist you better on your concern
Angelyn: Rest assured that I will properly notate your account regarding your concern.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Balance due $290.98 Pay now Set up automatic payments Minimum amount due now. Please pay at least $290.98 now to avoid service interruptions. View or print full bill (pdf) Bill details This is an itemized list of charges included in your present bill. Payment for these charges is due on the date shown. for service from Apr. 23 through May. 22 Previous Balance $244.71 Payments ($50.00) Comcast High-Speed Internet $29.95 Comcast Digital Voice $47.88 Other Charges & Credits $13.38 Taxes, Surcharges & Fees $5.06 Statement balance$290.98 View or print full bill (pdf) View call details Payments and credits These are payments and credits that have been made on your account. Please be aware, it may take up to 3 days for a payment to process. None$0.00 Balance due This is the current amount due on your account. Payment for these charges is due on the date shown. Total balance due on May 08, 2015$290.98 Recent activity These are changes and credits that have accrued since the end of your last
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: My bills were always around $ 65.00 until changes, unauthorized by me, were made.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Adjudst this bill then. I have a phone and limited net. My equipment was changed as well and now I have some giant new modem providing Xfinity hotspot to the neighborhood and blocking my own sinal.
Angelyn: From my end, I only handle residential accounts and I can only make changes for them. What I can do for you is to refer you to our business department for they can assist you better on your concern. Rest assured that I will properly notate your account regarding your concern. You can call our business department at the number 1-800-391-3000.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I NEVER signed up for Xfinity residential. Why can you not verify my service, correct the bill, if you can’t cancel the account. I an going into my local Comcast service center with a copy of this communication. This is not my account.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: This seems to be a residential account even tho it lists my business’s name. Run the account number please and verify it
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I was referred to this department when attempting to contact the business depart meant.
Angelyn: I understand that, what I mean is that I only handle residential accounts and I can’t do any changes with your business account.
Angelyn: I have your account pulled up.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Why can you not validate the type of account thru the account number that I provide?
Angelyn: You have contacted the billing department, only I handle the residential accounts and not the business ones.
Angelyn: I see here that your account is indeed a business account.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I was routed to whatever department this is. Since you are the billing department can you tell me what I am currently being billed for
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Why is my bill so high?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Why do I have messages saying my parental controls have changed on my TV?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Do I, N 24th St Phila Pa 19130 have any accounts registered? That is my old address.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Any other accounts connected to this one
Angelyn: Ok, let me check what account I can pull up.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: What is the email of the department you suggest I contact with the prior mentioned concerns?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Can you send me the disconnect forms again> Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: business phone / cell
Angelyn: You can only contact the number 1-800-391-3000 regarding your concern.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: for security
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Did you find any more accounts linked to me or my business?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Send me the disconnect forms for any accounts you have p[lease at my yahoo address.
Angelyn: As much as I want to send it to you, I don’t have access to the forms that you need for cancelling business accounts since we only handle residential accounts.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I have no residential accounts with you?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Is there an email for obtaining the disconnect forms? I have had them sent many times before thru this link and have filled them out. yet I am still being billed and there service is active as if I did nothing to disconnect.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I appreciate your limited help in fielding my request at disconnecting. I will copy this and prior communication and take them with me to my local Comcast Service Center.
Angelyn: Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
Angelyn: Rest assured that after calling the correct department your request to cancel the account will be taken cared of.
Angelyn: I understand the urgency and the need to cancel the account as soon as possible.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Maybe i should post this on Comcast’s face book page and they could advise me. What is ” the correct department please?”
Angelyn: That is why I have provided you the correct department that caters business accounts.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Do you have Comcast service yourself?
Angelyn: Business department 1-800-391-3000.
Angelyn: Yes, I do have a residential account with Comcast.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I’ve called that number many times. I asked for an email address because I can’t log into any account but this one and you told me this is not the correct dept. Please provide an email where I can address my business concerns.
Angelyn: Just to clarify Sharon, you can not log in to your Comcast account online, is this correct?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I need this closed and addressed asap. Why is my bill so high and can you make any adjustments
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: This is the ONLY account I can log into
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: I need the email of the business department
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Hello? This is taking long time with no resolution.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Has the analist left the chat room?
Angelyn: I am here Sharon.
Angelyn: The only way to contact business department is to call them.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: What, if anything, can you do for me?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: No business department email?
Angelyn: NO, just through phone call Sharon.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Why was I referred to you, a residential analyst, thru what you have confirmed is a business account? If I am currently logined into my business account as you have told me then why am I not cutting with a business analyst?
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: How was I directed to a residential analist? What a waste of both of our time.
Angelyn: I will document the account regarding the cancellation request so there will be no need for you to explain the issue again when contacting the correct department.
HAIR STUDIO,ULTRA: Some business account. I thank you for the documentation and your help. I am documenting this as well.
Angelyn: There is no chat support yet for business account.
Angelyn: Thank you for your patience, Sharon.
The analyst has left and your issue has been closed.
Angelyn: Thank you for choosing us! We love our customers and we want you to love your XFINITY. Bringing you amazing entertainment is our #1 goal. We also offer you peace of mind by standing by our XFINITY products with our Guarantee.

Oh I finally got the right person and it was ALL wiped out when I threatened a lawsuit for ” breech of contract”. That is the one thing they can’t beat. It is one of the very few ways to hold them accountable. I would rather pay 200 bucks in civil court then 500 to Comcast. Oh they shut it down immediately when I told them my business attorney was helping me to close the business. Immediately. Good Luck peeps. Never again.

I’m fucking sick and tiered of
1) Losing my internet connection every time I get a phone call
2) Losing my internet connection whenever I am doing something critical
3) Getting 5mb/s out of my 100mb/s advertised speed
4) Being unable to my use $2,000 worth of networking gear including my $500 router
5) Having my website go down every 10 minutes
6) Having to deal with the worst fucking customer service on earth

They have the complete monopoly in Tennessee, but they wont even provide service to our house without us paying them boatloads of money because its a too hard for them to dig through some stone. FUCK THEM!!!!

Took away my watchlist!! And now the shows I have to search for only part of them are online to watch…and part in home only. How in the hell is that right, I relied on this since I travel so much…..fuck them

We have been without internet and TV for three days. Sure there was a hurricane, but our area has been fine for three days. Saw the Xfinity truck in the neighborhood at 1:00 and we were promised service by 2:30…..5 hours later nothing. In comparison, our power was back on within 10 hours. I have Direct TV coming tomorrow.

Why am I spending all of this money to have pieces of shit used equipment that some other customer returned because it was not working, that I have to go through the entire reset process every god damn night before I can watch tv? Why do the assholes at Comcast block my 6 ABC local channel every night?

They are a Sh!thole company in the DC area. Bill cheaters, bad speeds. We need more competition to put these SOBs out of business.

Every time I try to watch a show that tells me that I’m already signed on , congrats to me!!! What a joke ! I hate you comcast!!

As i rent and i cannot choose who i go through, xfinity is horrible and expensive, i wish did not have to use them, i will consider moving just to not use them. Expensive, internet cuts in and out, on demand is 50/50 at best. Tired of restarting boxes and modems

Comcast hijacks elderly and disabled into two year contracts. $158 monthly from $1200 or less monthly is poverty level money. Also Comcast does not honor HUD Comcast afreement to provide low income internet to elderly disabled even though we are paying $158 monthly which means we cannot buy necessities. Comcast says we have to not do biz with Comcast for 90 days and then apply! So they are ripping off millions of elderly daily. We have no recourse because our building does not allow any satellite dishes. Fick Comcast!

Fun new Comcast game. Start a movie on a channel you pay for. 20 min in cable goes out. Starts up again 30 minutes later, movie is only available to rent or buy. Xfinity Denver sucks!!!

You are my HERO- thank you for sharing out-loud about this. Too many companies like this get away with MAJOR BULLSHIT & nobody says a word- so it goes on.

I feel all of your pain, FUCK THESE CUNTS. I’ve tried being nice and I’m a patient guy, but really. Fuck Comcast.

Quite literally the same thing happened to me, except the person in my household in charge of the internet was acting like one of the Comcast reps and didn’t want to resolve the issue (i can see why but they should’ve just gotten a different isp) and made me feel like i needed to punch them REALLY hard. All this hate is mostly coming from the fact that Comcast was the first to sign up for no net neutrality, so they keep throttling everyone just to save a couple bucks that they don’t need because we pay them it. My solution: just don’t get comcast, then they will eventually die out and will either go back to net neutrality or give in and let better services take over.

My story is irrelevant. The fact that you made this website brings me so much joy. If I had a dragon, I’d ride it topless to burn down their headquarters.

MONOPOLIST F-KEN Comcast/X-final days X-finity bastards !!!Get straight to HELL with your stupid illogical AH company. You are garbage !!! Read people opinions you fricken bastards!

Also shit is way to expensive here in Oakland to have some rich people telling me I’m not financially sound enough to live in this century anymore.

I get the same exact same shit script read to me every damn time I call these bastards. They never notate that I call on my account when when the knuckle dagger on the other end cant fix my problem they just dump the call and I have to call back or give the fuck up and fix it myself by dragging their piece of shit modem to their office.


Every night a fucking update, really! Time to get rid of comcast bullshit and update to a real service, like Dish network where you never get that kind of bullshit! Seriously, I have it where I live and I don’t have near the fucking bullshit I’ve seen with xfinity, no sense in capitalizing a worthless network, especially if it’s a piece of crap! Unfortunately my girlfriend is kinda stuck with their bullshit garbage and I think it’s time to change to a better system. So I will even pay for her to very much upgrade to a better system!!!

Xfinity is a piece of shit! In this day and age can’t technology keep up? New box, new modem, I paused my show for 20 minutes. Came back all glichy and couldn’t finish it. Thanks Comcast! Xfinity! Whatever you are for taking my money for shitty service!

As unbelievably shocking as that experience was, if it’s the worst you got from them, then count urself lucky.
I have been bent over, biting my tongue ,with my hands white knuckled around my ankles more times than I can count while the corporate gangster had their way. zOur town has a deal with Comcast and no other cable company services this area because of it. So Im stuck with them. I have tried every known way to avoid them. Including going without out cable and home internet. (no hime internet didn’t go well)
I thought monopolies where illegalbut no surprise comcast found a work around. I loath this compant and all it stands for. I would feel safer purchasing cable from the Bloods,Crips, or Latin Kings. Corporate thugs. 3 piece suit wearing criminals. I have been ripped off,lied too,insulted, and worst of all THROTTLED DOWN 3 fays before my bills due date. I seriously have to call them atleast once a month with so.e issue or another. I have cable,internet,and mobile phone services. The cable I was told was the only way to get the i internet speed I wanted. Which,as you said. is piss poor. As is the mobile service. Some of my friends now call me The Call Drop Kid. I really really hate that. I found this web sight because I got off the phone with comcast and groaned out loud ” I fucking hate comcast” and Bixby pulled you up in azad search. Even the cell phone I bought from them gets it. Thanks for reminding me I am not crazy. That Company is just that bad!

The retarded fucks are always interrupting my tv every damn morning with some stupid fucking update Very inconvenient I’ve never dealt with this from any other cable company Come on Get with the times dumb asses

Constant issues with techs and phone reps. They recently stopped sending me a bill and want me to pay the late fees … Only service provider in my area with ok service. Have dealt with phone for over 4 hours before for no help. Went into Xfinity center to be told to call the phone again.

The only fuck you comcast moment is , how the hell are you allowed to watch channel 2 4 but not wxyz channel 7 Detroit away from home???? Fucking annoying!

I had to call the BPU (New Jersey Board of public utilities) to get them to do their job for degraded cable lines. honestly, calling your states regulatory commission after Comcast doesn’t come thru, which generally they do not… is the only thing they listen to. Another time I actually discovered Comcast dug into 120Volt street lights and we’re front their cable coax causing fire damage to an entire underground network. Comcast lied to everyone saying the power company has”a bad neutral” and it’s their fault. completely noon possible lie. actually the power company found they did into the street light wiring and was good enough to denergise the lights because of the deadly results from Comcast incompetence. (installed in the 1970’s, Comcast just installed new fiber to coax underground hitting the lights). I am an electrical engineer by trade, and had to do their job for them for safety of an entire community.

just to recap. first build your case of your issue with the cable company and document everything – hopefully that simple step helps solve your issue and you can go on with life. document the issue, when you called first time – results. when you called second time – results. when you called third time – results. after this you have now given Comcast a reasonable chance to rectify the issue, either find a problem with your house wiring, or their wires. then.. you contact your states regulatory commission with the documented information. when Comcast stonewall’s, it’s the only way. another tip, as per national electric safety code Cable and power neutral must be bonded at the pole/box and at your house. when there is current (Comcast says voltage incorrectly in my area) on their cable line it os a high probability it is because a bond is broken and current is circulating at your residence, and not at the pole as designed. its basic ohms law and is not taught to Comcast technicians. Bond at house connection, bond at the pole, and have bonds every so many poles (4 is a good rule of thumb – however inaccurate…. i forget the exact distance off hand). bonds are broken, you will induce circulating current at the house, it’s Ohm’s law….

Fuck xnfinity. Fucking slow. Fucking annoying. I hope everyone that works at fucking Comcast dies.

Same. Cancelled on demand twice in the past. ( I was a fool for ever trying a second time). Now pay too much for just the Internet and monthly ‘modem rental fee’, which is complete bullshit since I also work a day job M-F and when I AM home? I can’t seem to get a movie on Netflix or HBO now to play more than 10-15 min before I lose wifi (usually any time after 7:30 pm)… you know? The time when working people are actually at home and want to watch a fucking movie? Excellent monopoly they have. I’m sure they’d be happy to supply the rope if a person threatened suicide and perhaps even offer to weight your ankles with some of their older, unusable modems… for a fee, of course. Yes… FUCK Comcast !

I honestly wish someone would do something very very bad to these people, and they would truly deserve it, I am convinced not a single decent person works at Comcast. They are straight up thieves. We pay good money for a service and they don’t deliver what they promise, not even fucking close. They are thieves, criminals, scum sucking maggots and honestly deserve to die.

Comcast and Xfinity are fucking worthless!! I pay $150 a month for supposedly great service but it’s shit!! Don’t ever go through Xfinity unless you want shit service!

The comcast speed is not as fast as you expect for the price of fvcking $49.95/month. It is actually fvcking slow.

I too despise Comcast. Service is poor. Did I mention that they send me junk mail offering half the price that I, a loyal customer of 20 years, have to pay. I could write 7 pages but need to save space for other disgruntled customers.

Fucking Comcast. I hate them so much. Poetic justice would be making their fucking CEO use his own shitty internet service.



1st – you want my money – which is an ass-raping amount – read the fine print

2nd – your fucking equipment is archaic and NEARLY impossible to do what I need

3rd – you what ? Throw me in collections ?



Verizon is just as fucking awful. Every single day at 3 am on or 5 am on the dot in the cable box’s stupid little mind it thinks it has to kill itself and turn off for a 2 fucking hours. 3 people came out and said the problem was our Wi-Fi wasn’t working at “100% capacity” even though we pay the for the best package. They “fixed” and the same shit happens except it’s every other day instead of every day.

comcast xfinity, whatever they want to call themselves, is THE WORST FUCKING COMPANY EVER! Their techs sit in their fucking trucks all day long doing nothing. customer service is basically non exisistant. the last tech “andrew” hung up on me..looking for satilite services.

Thank you for sharing this! I had an eerily identical experience with this company. Comcast is a joke. They’ve got a fuck ton of karma coming their way.

There should be laws against this shit. Telco’s and ISPs are fucking horrible. Fuck TCP/IP and fuck cable. Let’s make a new standard and leave this shit behind.

Check or cables check or connection blaa blaa all the time when they are ones with crap equipment or no signal wake up the next day and it’s fine for a day

I despise Comcast with every fiber in my body, bone deep to the marrow and beyond. Can’t even get an answer out of the troglodytes—-if you don’t sign onto something for more money the call taker gives you the runaround, and I mean the RUNAROUND. Get ready for long holding times and a wagon load of excuses.

My ass could barely load this page I bet there is better internet in the middle of nowhere, I damn near need to be on my roof with my computer to get even the shittiest connection. Comcast is like internet explorer, nobody wants to use it, but sometimes it’s your only choice. truthfully I’d rather suffocate a cactus with my asshole then pay for this but fuck it I got school.


Comcast, could you please stop being a dick and actually provide good service to your customers? We know you like to rip people off and charge high ass rates for some dogshit wifi that disconnects soooooo many times in a single day. Oh, you got a problem with your modem? You should make sure the cables are connected properly. Hey retard guess what, I play video games and I know my way around a computer. I know when I need to check my cables. When I screw something using a screwdriver, I always screw the thing as fucking tight as I can without breaking it. I would already checked this shit before looking at possible solutions. I don’t make much so I have your Internet Essentials plan. 10 bucks a month for your promised 25 mbps down. Look, I know I’m not paying you much for wifi but seriously, there is way soooooo many people who pay 200 of their hard working dollars and getting shittier service. We know you guys are trying to make a profit, but RIPPING OFF THE ELDERELY? GUYS, DIDNT YOUR PARENTS TELL YOU TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS. Unacceptable and I really hope you change your policies (which is 99.9999999% not gonna happen). Fuck comcast and your shitty service. And again, I realize I’m paying wayyyyyy less than others but seriously even preying on the low income people is ridiculous. I fucking wonder how many excuses you guys have to make when the answer is plain simple. YOU GUYS MADE A MISTAKE. ADMIT TO IT FIX IT AND THIS WILL KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY. This logic is literally basic business practices. Make people happy get more money.

My husband and I are senior citizens and if I told you what happened to us today you wouldn’t even believe it. Well maybe you would. Updated our package. Told we had to drive the 30 miles to an Xfinity store because they closed our local office. Gave us an appointment. With a date, a time and a confirmation number. We get there and the Xfinity store is closed. After waiting an hour in our car during which time somebody actually hit us while trying to park, they explained to us that they’re scheduling department in Philadelphia has issues. I Now we are struggling to hook up the equipment. What a mess. Would’ve gladly paid for professional installation which I’m sure is what they would like us to do! Their phone support sucks. Well let me backpedal…The people selling you upgraded packages and services are nice after that you are on your own.

The entire company has issues.
It all boils down to squeezing money out of you. That is what they do. It is a war of attrition. People don’t 9 hours a day for this shit. Oh, but Joe “The Carcass” Biden signed an executive order to rein them in, which means nothing until he changes the leadership in the agencies that regulate and determine policy in such industries. Another empty gesture by politicians. What a joke this one-party Shithole Country is. What a joke, indeed. Biden takes contributions and kickbacks and stock options in this industry to turn a blind eye. This is why, I, a lifelong Democrat (on the fence because I am actually a cradle socialist) did not vote for either candidate.

I fucking hate comcast because they refuse to send me a bill to my mailing address which differs from my service address. Every month they charge me a late fee even though I tell them again and again that i WAS NEVER FUCKING BILLED IN THE FIRST PLACE. It’s impossible to reach a human who speaks actual english and isn’t paid peanuts from India. Their customer service number runs in a fucking mindless automated loop that takes me 30 minutes to reach an actual incoherent human. I have to google in order to find secret codes online how to beat the automated system and find a real life living being to fucking talk to me.

Well it all started when Comcast fucked me real hard in the ass the FIRST time… ever since then they’ve been lubing up my asshole about 17 times a month. It’s been a thrilling experience having 500 kb/s download speed when paying for service that is supposed to be 600 mb/s (I guess Comcast just made a little oopsy mixing up kb and mb haha) I’ve never had more reliable service when gaming with some buds and then…. knock knock…. IT’S COMCAST HERE TO FUCK MY ASS haha lol. I know they’re just trying their best and I appreciate that their best is absolute dirty, stinky dog shit. 10/10 would pay for Comcast again!

I’m with you all capital cast or communist cast. Monopoly. Government doesn’t care. Every fuckin Republican is in their pocket. Stuip people in this country don’t get it. Sheep rather bitch about guns

I can’t even run Zombie Strike on Roblox, Not even a baseplate game! with the new Xfinity X1 internet, That was bought 1 or 2 weeks ago, it’s trash, I ran an internet speed test, and it fucking said 0.69 mbps download speed! Fuck you Comcast you piece of meaningless shit that has no reason to exist. Also to the creator, go fuck yourself, I hate you and I hate your dumbass company.

Modern Day monopolies. gotta lover their ability to make money off you and then treat you with horrible customer success. Are they worse than other companies? probably not, but its a money world…so once they have it…and you have it. wtf would they care??

The best way to end the opioid crisis is to give opioids free to anyone who wants them. BUT YOU HAVE TO CALL XFINITY CUSTOMER NO/CARE TO GET THEM. I’m paying for 250mps blast I’m receiving 50-72mps constant buffering constantly power off and on the gateway.
Stuck with someone else in the house who is to stupid to learn fios different channel numbers.

Fuck comcast, their executives should be exiled. Fuck the stupid ass network caps. Fuck their constant lies. Fuck their money laundering, tax money stealing utterly disgusting “business model”. Fuck you comcast

Comcast is terrible. They advertise that you can watch anything on the computer that you can watch on tv, but when you try to watch the same shows and movies on the computer that are free on tv you have to pay to watch! You shouldn’t have to pay extra to watch them on the computer! It’s the same service and the same package! Fuck you comcast!

Comcast decided to no longer include Norton as part of internet service, but they didn’t bother to notify you. I got a pop-up after it expired asking me to pay for it. I agree with most of the comments above.

this shit always cutting out for no fucking reason, whoever made this piece of shit box should kill yourself

I wish I could as well but unfortunately the piece of shit company Comcast is a monopoly in my town. I’ts fucking sick

I just moved into a new house and have now been waiting 3 days for them to “check my wiring” to be able to turn on the fucking boxes. That we have to do ourselves evidently. No answer, no person to talk to, just a recording telling me they will be there between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm. Lol. For 3 days this has been going on. You fucking assholes.

Aside from the fact that their support team is the shittiest thing in the world, I pay $200 per month for INTERNET alone. I am supposed to be getting a Gigabyte per second, and instead Im lucky if I get a kilobyte per fucking hour. Its 2021, can we not make decent fucking internet a human right? At least let me load fucking webkinz without dropping to .000000001 frames per second. Fuck comcast, I hope every person in this company gets paralyzed and thrown into a ditch

It is absolutely, beyond-all-belief absurd that this “telecommunications conglomerate” being well aware of these nagging issues, does not care in the least to invest any of the money which they over-charge for pricey package “deals” into the infrastructure so we can actually enjoy reliable service as customers. The money is there for crying out loud! I am even more disappointed in myself for not being able to find a viable alternative; all the while paying way too much for too little every single billing cycle. It’s pathetic and I can do absolutely nothing about it – just keep forking over the equivalent of several hours’ pay for a mediocre-at-best experience. You know they read this and every other post anywhere you can find them but they just sit there and come up with fancier excuses to avoid accountability. They are conditioning us into complacency along with all the other mega corporations and the worst part is, we pay them to do it! Comcast sucks but we are all hopelessly powerless against it and our words are just that! Does anyone know if there is really a way to win – can we do nothing at all?

Thank you and much appreciation for the outlet to the Author known as “FuckComcast”

P.S. This is the ballsiest website ever!

Comcast troubleshooting doesn’t troubleshoot anything. The system is totally automated and screws the customers. Even though I’ve had their internet service over 22 years the corporation obviously doesn’t care if it loses long-term customers. You get automated calls but the system is set so you can’t speak to a tech employee. The CEOs are obviously so greedy they don’t want to hire any. I’ll probably be dropping Comcast soon.

Comcast is the epitome of suck. There are an organized they steal your money they rip you off they say you owe money you don’t when you bring your equipment back to act like you didn’t and they put you on some kind of bad Santa list AKA credit report I hope they fucking go under they suck

I have spent literally–like actually–two days trying to get their shit service up. They keep cancelling my autopay and charging me for it. It is impossible to set up a modem I set up months ago with no problem, and their solution? We can send technician, but will have to charge you, and you will have to come in and ask the manager if he will refund the service. I want to ream the entire executive board with a 500 gallon propane tank. I have one in my yard, the one with the footlong grass I haven’t had a chance to mow because Xfinity, the Future of Corporate Fascism (same thing, btw) can’t find my modem, which both my Apple computer and iPhone have listed in my wifi. They do this so customers will just get sick and tired, or fired from work for being on the phone with their boyfriend, Comcast for 8 hours at work, and just cut their losses and pay. Oh, and the motherfuckers own 1/4 of the news media. MOTHER FUCKERS, I want them to die.

I wish my visio tv was my girlfriend because it sucks dick all night long !it shuts off whenever it wants and takes me about 20 tries to get it back on .visio smooches the throbbing purple helmet till it explodes and comes back for more every day dont buy a visio tv or any visio products they are made in china by illeagle child underaged and underpaid kids forced to work and taking jobs away from americans please everybody no more visio crap in the us.

I wish my visio tv. Was my girlfriend because it sucks dick all night long .it shuts off by itself and i need to turn it off and o by unplugging the wires for over 6 hours some days but it does this every day but what can we expect from a company that uses slave labor and uneducated unpaid children to build products this company sucks the throbbing purple helmet till it explodes daily .dont buy visio they suck and they take away american jobs .please you guys no more visio and no more chinease made bullshit in our country .buy american make our country great again the time is now save our country starve the virus making commie bastatds to death now while we can still do it .no more visio shit breaking and pissing us off we dont need it im done supporting virus making murdering assholes

I had comcast for a while, but I was moving to an area the services were not available. So I canceled. Pretty standard, right? Guy told me I will get a refund because I didn’t use the full month. I get cheap services cuz I’m a broke college student, so the refund was only 30 some odd bucks. This morning, barely on any rest, some lady called me up to tell me I owe 50 bucks for my comcast bill. Not only am I a broke college student, but this whole thing sounded wrong. Why would they refund me when I owed money? I called her out.
She was super rude and said I was refusing to pay when I told her I have no money. Threatened me with my personal data. I know that’s a typical strategy for scam companies so I held my ground. Told her I’ll confirm with comcast and she said you won’t get through to them so I’m notating your refusal to pay.

After our altercation, I call comcast. Took me half an hour to navigate their phone system. I had to say I’m a new customer before it kicked me to collections. The lady on the phone this time was way nicer and gave the option to dispute, but this confirms that I’m being scammed by its legitimately by comcast.

Go fuck yourself, comcast.

Comcast is such dogshit I live out in the sticks so it was my only option for years but once a local internet company moved in I swapped as soon as they could cover my area haven’t had a problem since

I pay over $200 a month for my Comcast service and I get terrible reception plus I can’t get local sports at all and when I do call for service I’m contacted to somebody who can’t even speak the language go to hell Comcast I’m getting fead up

Comcast has had a cable wire hanging on my shed and through my back yard since hurricane Ida tore through Louisiana. I have contacted them 5 times in 2 months to resolve this problem. It is a safety issue and I am concerned that my shed will burn down. I finally got an appointment with them to come to my house this past Saturday and no one showed up. I called and spoke to an idiot who said they tried to call me but I didn’t answer, so they canceled the appointment. I wasted my whole day waiting on these stupid, useless, pieces of shit after I contacted them 4 previous times. I spent an hour on the phone and got nothing but excuses. I yelled and hung up on them idiot and called back to speak with someone who spoke English and I didn’t have to spell everything out slowly for. He was helpful but he said someone would call me that day. They did not. So I’m still waiting with no resolution.

These people are the absolute worst.

Dude the monetize my wifi in the morning every morning I legit have to find a new carrier and I completely agree service reps are no help what so ever fuck you Comcast what am I paying for bunch of fucking idiots running a corporate company must be in Biden new plan.

I hate Comcast with the firey passion of a thousand suns. I’ve never even been a Comcast customer, but some miscreant who lives 1000 miles away set up a fraudulent Comcast account using my stolen identity – name, SSN, and even used my real phone number. Fast forward nearly five months later, and my “ID Theft Claim Packet” that I filed with Comcast has still not been resolved. I’ve sent 16 emails and probably at least 12 phone calls to their Godawful “customer service” center in the last several months. Every time it’s a different excuse as to why they won’t process my ID Theft Claim Packet – usually either claiming they have no record of my prior emails, or they keep claiming they require additional ‘proofs of residence’, even though I’ve already supplied five separate utility bills, bank statements, homeowner’s insurance policy statements, etc. It’s never enough. Funny how they didn’t apply this same stringent proof of residency to the fuckface who originally setup the fraudulent account in my name!

Every time I call back, I’m told my ticket is being “escalated” and I should hear from the Fraud Claim desk in 24-48 hours. Not once has that ever happened. I always have to call them first.
And to top it off, on the last call they told me the reason that I’m experiencing so many roadblocks with my ID Theft Claim is because the fraudulent account that was setup is STILL ACTIVE. They won’t even close the fake account, even though I filed my fraud claim months ago. And, of course, Comcast has now sent this fraudulent account to a debt collector who’s been calling me every few weeks. I’m beyond livid and if I could toss the whole fucking company into a giant meat grinder I’d do it….and I’d sleep like a baby that night.


Everything about Comcast sucks. Their attitude. Their labor violations. Their service. They have abused the Telecom Act of 1996 by morphing from a noxious local monopoly to part of a toxic national trust. This is a company that prepaid Al Sharpton’s National Action Network to offer a finding of no discrimination as they underpaid Black service techs.

On the service side, they throttle. You have single-digit megabytes for “high speed.” Run two Zoom calls and service collapses. The “regulatory fee” they collect is how they get consumers to pay for complying with regulations (and paying fines) that are part of their business practices.

Reps will give you fake employee numbers when they promise credits or discounts. When you call back there’s always “that’s not an actual employee number.” Add in the lobbyists and politicians who convince morons that “net neutrality” is a bad thing and you further empower a vertically integrated monopoly.

Comcast, you deserve your most-hated company status. You’ve earned it!

I hope comcast dies a fast merciful death. Because that’s more merciful than the frustration causing the slow painful death I’m currently experiencing having to deal with the incompetent and borderline retarded comcast reps I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with lately.

Shit fucking company. I’ve had a receiver and a modem for two weeks, 2 service appointments (a third tomorrow). BECAUSE I STILL DONT HAVE CABLE OR INTERNET! I cannot even verify my fucking email on my xfinity account so I can watch the cfb championship on my phone, but weirdly, I can pay my bill for services I still haven’t received

Called to cancel my wifi with 3 weeks notice. I was moving across the country and wanted all of this to be done before the move. Tech said they can’t cancel it ahead of time nor can they schedule cancellation. Received a cancellation confirmation for March 1. Now I’m being told by the automation service I owe for the month of March. The representative says “no you owe $20.58 because we only charged you for March 1 – 16” She sends me to payment. Payment is saying I owe $58. I try to get a representative back and the fucking thing hangs up on me after 20 minutes. FUCK YOU COMCAST. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. Stupid fucking automation just hung up on me for the 2nd time. I can’t get a representative because it says I should use the fucking app. FUCK YOU

I’m so happy you got this domain! Fuck Comcast’s mother. I’m too upset right now to even type what’s been going in, but I’ll be back soon with a FU and a story. These ignorant pricks are unbelievable. $300/month, what a Fuckin a joke!

Comcast is fucking bullshit, we only have internet no cable and half the time it didn’t even fucking work it disconnects all the f****** time and stays off for minutes/hours and a roommate pays the internet bill and they still charge him for the internet that we’re not even getting!



The only way I got any resolution w Comcast was to call a local news channel’s consumer helpline. They had so many viewers looking for resolution w Comcast that the news had a separate number and dedicated staff just for all of the issues. I did finally get a reimbursement. I swore off of them forever. They are the worst and they don’t care because they have a monopoly in most markets.

oohhhh don’t get me started with fucking comcast. I even worked there for how many years, but they butt fucked me when they closed down our station. they are so nice to their employees and their cable benefits is unbelievable. If they can give that kind of a price to their employees, I don’t know why they don’t extend that to the longtime customers. I had comcast way before I started working for them, but they are already been butt fucking me before. so i joined the butt fucks and got all their good benefits. they are only good to their employees, but they really butt fuck everybody else. They are even worst than ATT Direct TV. They are so nice to you on the phone but when they hang up, they laugh at your complaints. I seen this first hand when I was working there. I’m not an agent but worked in the warehouse side of the business. Since, I got butt fucked (layed off – ass they call it), I still kept their service, because i was stupid enough to believed their bullshit.

Comcast does not care about its customers service or anything that has to do with providing that service except for receiving payment. They’re automated system goes into a continual Loop hangs up on you. Down in Florida since the 28th of September when hurricane Ian hit we have had intermittent service ongoing electrics up water’s up everything else works except for effing Comcast and their customer service absolutely sucks

The ABSOLUTE WORST F*ING CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT IN THE GALAXY! They LIE, Corporate Customer Service Lies. They LIE to the FCC . . .Class Action Lawsuit Time!!!

They anger me to no end, honestly. They never have anyone to talk to they just send you on a wild goose chase with the automated system, and then when you do finally play the system so you can speak to a rep they always try and manipulate you. I have been trying for so long to get my internet bill down (that’s all I pay is wifi and internet, I have a smart TV and prefer YouTube anyway). They were charging me $150 for wifi and internet…no channels or phone or anything….I tried to get my bill down and one rep actually confused me into adding something to my package making it seem like my bill would go down (it obviously went up). So I was pissed. I finally got my bill down to $90 after months and months of bullshit and playing catch up and all this nonsense. Thennnnn I got a bill for $200. I was like fuck whatever I can’t even deal right now so I went to go pay the $200 regardless and then when I called I was told it was $320!!!! I’m like what???!!!! Fuck you Comcast. You greedy manipulative fucking piece of shit. Scamming young single women and a bunch of other people. Especillayni todays hard times. Go fuck yourself. Let’s all get together and start our own company! lol jk. But seriously fuck you Comcast. Fuck all the way off completely. Once my lease is up I’m going with someone else. Scammers.

You are correct in saying fuck them. I just did. Im not downloading an app on my phone that wants permission to access my contacts. I pay 300 a month and have (had) the best of everything. They can lick my ass…after i dont shower for a month.

At the begging of December Comcast took it upon themselves to pull the last $99.00 out of my account leaving me literally pennies for my son’s birthday and Christmas. Now I am not in denial that 99 bucks wouldn’t have got me far but it’s what I had and as a single mom I can stretch a penny.
This whole nightmare began when shortly after signing up for the internet I received a call from xfinity MOBILE offering me a new phone, service, and if I bundled it would only cost me an extra $15 over my current bill. (Lies lies lies) I can’t even begin the go into the endless hours I’ve spent on the phone with these idiots. With their very American names, and Asian accents apologizing for the inconvenience over and over and over. I hate them and long story short I even filed a dispute with CHIME for my $99 bucks and got denied, so the sneaky asshats got their money and ruined my month.

So, what choice do we have? Seeing as we have no anti-trust laws that work worth a shit anymore, and seeing as Comcast owns the internet “backbone” around here (New Mexico), what’s the alternative?

Firstly, I would just like to say the english skills of nearly everyone here are terrible.
If you want anybody at all to take you seriously–
Try not writing like disturbed elementary school children.
That said, fuck comcast. Like the others said:
I hope they all fucking die.

Imagine living in 2023 where some servers stay online practically eternally.
Yet comcast can’t provide stable internet for a single DAY?
Great, we’re officially regressive fucks who give money naively to capitalist corporate giants.
It’s our own fault as a majority for not standing up for the reality of things.
If you want change, try starting with 250 million signatures.
Not a website of degenerates who think they are as pissed off as I am.
Me, someone who works 2 remote programming jobs, AND runs a charity youtube channel with hundreds of professional musicians around the world.
Some of you dumb little bastards are crying over not getting to watch your porn and play your video games.
No wonder you all write like elementary fucking retards.
My anger with comcast has nearly depleted, as my ISP is replaceable.
My anger at humanity has increased tremendously, why?
Because you are all regressive fucking morons with shit for brains.
Enjoy the reality.

Fuck you infinity charging senior citizen $70 a month just to get local channels you fucked fucked I’m changing by phone service my Internet service and I’m changing whatever else I have with Xfinity shame on you

Bro they been calling me for an outstanding balance for 5 months but a) I haven’t had xfinity since 2019 b) when I call hotline and enter my phone number – the one they spam for payment- it says my number isn’t linked to any account and hangs up after offering I start a new user account…

Fuck that piece of shit company. Comcast is a horrible company. They lied to me about my plan cost. Comcast won’t exchange my shitty cable boxes that haven’t worked for days. Comcast won’t let me pick a cheaper plan. The technician showed up at my residence late. I caught him smoking a blunt on my property. Didn’t even offer me a hit or two. I am done with these assholes. Fuck u Comcast

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